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HOW TO: GROW YOUR HAIR 1 INCH( THE AFRICAN MEN WAY ) (Watch in HD it's 10x better) this video is how to grow your hair faster as an African man. as an African, i have extremely naturally course and tough hair. it has been extremely hard to grow my hair all my life. until recently I learned that it is actually extremely easy to grow your hair. FOLLOW MY STEPS AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED LOL Thanks for coming back for more Y'all! See Y'all tmrw! LIKE.SHARE.SUBSCRIBE ENJOY & SEE Y'ALL TMRW! Social Media Twitter-----(@prophetokello) https://twitter.com/prophetokello Insta-----(@prophetokello) https://www.instagram.com/prophetokello/ Snapchat-----(@oke11o) [email protected] Music by Retnik Beats: https://soundcloud.com/retnik / https://www.youtube.com/c/retnikbeatsbe/
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Text Comments (891)
Manda Sumra (1 year ago)
this guy has o be from tdot
aj Thanks heaps jak (2 months ago)
C a
Sagel filfil (3 months ago)
+Prophet ugly dumb die
Partick The destroyer (4 months ago)
for real, I picked up his accent as soon as the video started lol
Lih Skrilla (4 months ago)
Triple E temp fade
SquabbleZ (6 months ago)
TaeThaGod he’s a Brampton yute 😭😂
YouTube_Ju1en Z (18 hours ago)
My ugandan brother 😎
Mahmoud F. Suliman (1 day ago)
Ya feel me
Mari Jordan (4 days ago)
You feel me lol
LupyPlayz - RB (5 days ago)
I’m from Uganda 🇺🇬
SwaXz (12 days ago)
KungfuKenny TV. (17 days ago)
Now that you identified you're African🤣🤣
NARUTO 7 (20 days ago)
How to grow your hair: 1: wash your with conditioner everyday 2: use coconut oil on your hair 3: use vitamins on your hair done
Norf (18 days ago)
use coconut oil after spraying water?
CraccedUpCuhh (26 days ago)
Can the way you sleep on your hair affect its growth bc my hair is growing very slow especially on the top left and right where I lay down!?
TSMtoes BBBrendyn (26 days ago)
I’m Haitian
ツxYasumi (27 days ago)
🇲🇦 here aswell! 🤟🏽🌍
Zilla (29 days ago)
This really help u just got a new sub
Sherika Broyles (1 month ago)
thats a fake iphone x
Biomorph (1 month ago)
Does this count for african- americans?
Mike C (1 month ago)
U have to be from tdot
Malachi Muzoora (1 month ago)
Raah I’m Ugandan to but I was born in England
DressedInBlack (1 month ago)
My dad is 🇰🇪 Kenya and my mom is Ethiopian 🇪🇹
Roland Olajide (1 month ago)
U know when u said that thing I was actually gonna turn of my phone and pick my hair out MAD
Archxn Archxn (1 month ago)
Aye fam where’s the homeless joke at tho
Zinet Adem (1 month ago)
water,you feelme
Victor Oyolu (1 month ago)
If I wash my hair every 1-2 weeks, should I use a conditioner as a co-wash daily? If not daily,then how often? I use the Shea moisture strengthen & restore conditioner. Is that good? Please let me know fam. 🙏🏿
rohan kesh (1 month ago)
Tell me how to increase my height in african way
BH Willo (1 month ago)
My hair takes a year to grow it 1 inch what should I do? I'm African
John Paul (1 month ago)
I an black and it takes about a year to grow my hair out a in inch what do I do
Isaiah Bobb (2 months ago)
nate the great (2 months ago)
LV. Chungus (2 months ago)
Thank u🙏🏾
Sampson Essuman (2 months ago)
No I don't feel u😡😡😡😡
Victor Oyolu (2 months ago)
Bruh this man had savages only playing 🙌🏿🙌🏿 I fw that song heavy
O'mari Reid (2 months ago)
This man feels no no homo. Like my hair grows super slow and my hair is a little bit longer than his and he is so true abou the pick thing like I relate to this dude
im a bot at everything (2 months ago)
He keeps saying water and african in the same sentence.
Ojier Ojulu Othow (2 months ago)
Imagine (2 months ago)
But how much water should I drink? 8 glasses? 2.5 Liters? I be drinking 2.5 L and my piss be clear, is dis good enough 😂😂
Atomic Wreck (2 months ago)
How many times should I use shampoo in a week?
Atomic Wreck (2 months ago)
I need my hair bad my father gave me weird haircut
Andrew Kirwa (2 months ago)
Ugandan??bruuuh am kenyan,and that just shocked the shit out of me...visit your motherland
Nick Allen Plays (2 months ago)
Dis shit dissevers 50k likes I just had to drop a sub my man
Imported Supra (2 months ago)
Nigga im jamaican , British, and asian
Imported Supra (2 months ago)
Nigga naps
TJ Lowe (2 months ago)
My grandparents are Jamaican so do need to watch this
Joshua G (2 months ago)
Jaques _bama (2 months ago)
The African wayyy💯✊🏾😂
Speedy Zim (3 months ago)
My nigga 🤜🏾🤛🏾
Ismael Thiombiano (3 months ago)
Do you use a shower cap when you shower? My hair is mad dry when I wake up, should I just use the sponge or put something in there to moisturize it? I’m from the Ivory Coast
jessemugumya (3 months ago)
Am Ugandan too Fam!! just seeing this now
Alice gaitho (3 months ago)
Iam Kenyan.
stardust (3 months ago)
Do you know the way
ABGachaverseYT (3 months ago)
Im jamaican
Hlumelo Lamfiti (3 months ago)
Why has nobody commented
ABGachaverseYT (3 months ago)
Hlumelo Lamfiti ikr
Nicholas George Bulega (3 months ago)
I'm Ugandan 😂
Nicholas George Bulega (3 months ago)
Alex Karanja (3 months ago)
my parents are Kenyan so I understand
Eric Kariuki (3 months ago)
I’m Kenyan 🇰🇪 and I would pick my hair every day. So much hair would fall out and my hair was always dry as fuck should I just shampoo once a week but use conditioner everyday?
DJ Qwerpo fresh (3 months ago)
Nigeria for life fam by da way this is my second channel from eocrossover
DJ Qwerpo fresh (2 months ago)
+ABGachaverseYT k
ABGachaverseYT (3 months ago)
DJ Qwerpo fresh then make new vid
HOW21A GAMER (3 months ago)
I am from Ghana video bro...
BWC (3 months ago)
Am Mozambiquecan
Stratos Fair (3 months ago)
johan kropp (3 months ago)
Bruh you making me laugh
Abdullah Sangaray (4 months ago)
Im a african
Kaden Herbert (4 months ago)
im not african but i have this hair soo i needed this
Abinezer (4 months ago)
When you say put water on your hair before you put on olive oil how wet does your hair gotta be?
imanow (4 months ago)
Definitely hear the Toronto lingo
Jake Israel (4 months ago)
https://youtu.be/fD1IvOQ78rA. News flash the negros who were sent to this land as slaves were AND are the real Jews stop calling you self African we not them just because we both have dark skin Let me know when you watch dis it's something super more important than our blessed hair
Jake Israel (4 months ago)
WE NOT NO STANK ASS African hamites .... Remember they sold our ancestors as slaves read REV1:14-16 THE Hebrews had Woolly hair just like Jesus
ANTONIO'S CHANNEL # (4 months ago)
black firm !!
I'm American but still black with curly hair
Hams lambout Roadster (4 months ago)
I love you bro you’re legend. also you’re talking about me 😆🤟🏽 I’m african but I born in Europe 😉👌
Daniel Musherure (5 months ago)
So true, my hair grows soo slow Ugandan fam🇺🇬🇺🇬
Tik Tak (5 months ago)
Kinugu una boo
Christian Banks (5 months ago)
David Adeboye (5 months ago)
Bro I just got my haircut and now in bald so you know tomorrow at school people will 've calling me Michael jordan
supreme bleach (5 months ago)
i ant african im blacscan
OverZi HD (5 months ago)
I'm from Ghana will it work
Manu (5 months ago)
Just fucking leave bruhh
Random Gabriel (5 months ago)
King_Fb_ King_Fb_ (5 months ago)
I am from Africa Sudan
semi Maiba (5 months ago)
My hair Is short and all friend keep on talking about their long hair
semi Maiba (5 months ago)
Who wants long hair
semi Maiba (5 months ago)
phillipe Tanou (5 months ago)
Is this enough hair for dreads like yours I have the same amount
Amp GhostE (5 months ago)
I'm Caribbean does it work for me
Synx (5 months ago)
Ayy my g I'm Ugandan ass well🇺🇬🇺🇬
Carli Koko (5 months ago)
😂😂😂I have extremely course hair
BrokeBoi Beats (5 months ago)
So I need a sponge Olive oil Fitness Diet
El_Padrón_17 (5 months ago)
I'm half white and my hair is kinkier than most black people lmfao
Isaiah 87 (6 months ago)
How many times did he say fam
A K Falconer (6 months ago)
You know, i never actually thought about how my diet and drinking water effected hair growth. What an eye opener cheers bro. 👍🏾
Nathan Llafranc (6 months ago)
a white guy passing trought
Please enter a name (6 months ago)
Am I the only filipino that hate their hair growing too fast
Daniel b (6 months ago)
I was picking my hair while watching this 😂😂💀
JI5 (6 months ago)
who here because of a bad haircut
Bow Rio (2 days ago)
thirstpolice just whoever touches you slap them back in their damn mouth. You have every right
Woo Dd (17 days ago)
Me bruh they gimme that ugly aih fro n my shit low 😂😂😂 my shi needa grow
niangour kongor (23 days ago)
Rn my hair is like uneven
Zilla (29 days ago)
+thirstpolice big fax
Zilla (29 days ago)
James Larry (6 months ago)
Look this dood i know iam African you dumb
Candy Mcsandy (6 months ago)
Oof am i the only Malian 🇬🇳
ced banton (4 days ago)
Are u from timbuktu
ED4L (6 months ago)
Will it work for regular African amaericans?
Jay Kabembo Maishal (6 months ago)
I'm Congolese will this technique work ?
Mercy Tendai (6 months ago)
Fam kkkkk
chicken nugget (6 months ago)
I'm not african but I got coarse hair. Hopefully this works
Jamill Hakeem (7 months ago)
My guy, just like me. Ugandan but I was born in England. Shits jarring cah our hair is the hardest to grow.
B a n a n a (7 months ago)
I'm from Ohio. I'm mixed but mostly brownish I'm a girl..meh hair long
Wise Lubanda (7 months ago)
"i'm not directly Ugandan but my parents are Ugandan" c'mon man that's an ignorant ass comment
Craig Eezo (7 months ago)
This video cliq bait you feel me

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