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SNSD, 2AM, CNBLUE & V.A. - You Raise Me Up (Feb 19, 2010)

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# V.A. - You Raise Me Up - Girls Generation(SNSD), 2AM, CNBLUE, Kim Jong-Kook, Gavy NJ, Min Kyung-Hoon, Etc...
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Text Comments (81)
charminepalo barrera (2 months ago)
Jung Yong Hwa....😘😘
Dayana zahin (4 months ago)
Jong kuk the best
Cleydo mnp (1 year ago)
Babyyonggggggggggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
GOD EDWARD (2 years ago)
yonghwa is the best
DanshyGG (2 years ago)
God!!! Tae, Jess and Yonghwa <3
cyndi asih (3 years ago)
CNBLUE spirit always goes on successfully succeed in the job!
cyndi asih (3 years ago)
omg ,,,,,yonghw'a oppa& unnie taeyeon I always support you and I love you forever!very beautiful voice⭐👍👍👍😀♥
Yong xin LoveLove (3 years ago)
miss Jessica unnie
Carolina A. (3 years ago)
OMG! Yonghwa so perfect!!!
Ikki Dulkhadir (3 years ago)
kagi27 (4 years ago)
Jung yonghwa!! :3
Takayuki Dark (4 years ago)
seohyun atras tan linda >.<
yoong (5 years ago)
I think that Sica sang her line a bit late and that's why it sounded a bit "off". And with a lower key it probably would've sounded more suitable. Anyways, great job! ^^
hbgftyi (6 years ago)
Jong-Kook oppa <3 <3 <3
dHewan tara (6 years ago)
Bihah Razali (6 years ago)
arghh... taeyeon's voice melt my heart.... :)
VietYouNam (6 years ago)
Yonghwa and Taeyang was perfection. it like their from amercia!
meebandungalways (6 years ago)
oh, actually i think like that too. not that i hate her voice, it just didn't really match with the other.
anne c (6 years ago)
they are all fantastic except they dont seem to know how to sound the "s" on the end of the word
jessica (6 years ago)
jong kook the commander can sing?o:
kateukarit (6 years ago)
Tiffany and yuri so sad!
mebs nolasco (6 years ago)
jo kwon was a good start :) theyre all good.
Rai (7 years ago)
@taeng0903 I think so =.= Jessica's voice absolutely complet for Babie girl, but not for anysong like this
Bee Bee (7 years ago)
Really beautiful.
ladyfirst16 (7 years ago)
yonghwa is so great^^
(7 years ago)
I'm sorry but at the end Jessica ruined the whole song.
XxLOL9xX (7 years ago)
omg this is soooo sad....wwaaahhh
Riann Bala (7 years ago)
Dear K-Pop artists, Thank you so much for allowing me to witness such talent. Trinidad loves you all <3
kristina (7 years ago)
itsjordan (7 years ago)
@XoXiRaXoX Check the title =). February 19th, 2010.
XoXiRaXoX (7 years ago)
when did they perform this???
TwinsSaGill (7 years ago)
all their voices matchh so well
INFINITEInspirit95 (7 years ago)
@nueah i think i saw that clip. the girl was blind rite? but i remember she was disabled in a way
Shunumin (7 years ago)
SNSDxSNSD (7 years ago)
taeyeon`s part gave me goosebumps O: that was AWESOME seriously, seeing all those idols singing for a good cause is really touching <3
kyuhaesuju (7 years ago)
Jang Hee Young's voice is so good ...
nueah (7 years ago)
such a beautiful song . DBSK5 also sang this song with a talented but unfortunate girl. I love both versions :] such powerful voices
slacker2910 (7 years ago)
snsd look like kids! why does their Oh! outfits look lyk kindergarten uniform
Okie Dokie (7 years ago)
kim jong kook ♥
Okie Dokie (7 years ago)
they're all sounds amazing~
teddybun10 (7 years ago)
this is the song when I realize everyone but Jang Heeyoung was irrelevant ..... I'm too ashamed to even mention my fandom but seriously her voice is amazing. Thanks for the reup monmon! <3
fadhmin (7 years ago)
Kwon ah!
myIif3 (7 years ago)
Jang Hee Young and Gavy NJ are just so underrated. Glad people are finally recognizing their talents. Anyway, all of the singers did great. (:
rikkafrancesca (7 years ago)
Kid Leader Taengoo and Dorky Ice Princess
JCyyv2 (7 years ago)
@RedSnow4 Maybe you have seen it already but Jang Hee Young performed in Immortal Song 2 as well! You should check it out! :D
abbyelizabeth8 (7 years ago)
LOL at taengoo...oopps sorry taeyeon snsd ~ sica ended the song beautifully ~ <3
aeyeon (7 years ago)
jessica's voiceeee <3
im feeling good (7 years ago)
This is so sweet. Taeyeon and Jessica were better than I expected. And Yonghwa! You are damn amazing! I love how you can sing rock or pop so well and sing ballad even better. You are one talented, handsome and awesome guy. YongSeo! LOL. Its so nice to see all of them sing so touchingly. Even though Yonghwa is one of the latest debutantes among them, he can still lead them and have a good ending. Yonghwa Fighting!
JMei2210 (7 years ago)
The 2 people who disliked this has no heart at all
Yoo Hwang (7 years ago)
taenggo... ♥ >.< kyaaah~
dadilala (7 years ago)
Kim Joong Kook sings??? SPARTA has a nice voice~!!!!!!!
TheMsTenten (7 years ago)
Lambbee (7 years ago)
yonghwa is amazing.
firefly9x9 (7 years ago)
man and Sica's voice too *__* so good
ChibinatorAJ (7 years ago)
man i got goosebumps ^^
firefly9x9 (7 years ago)
Taeyeon's voice omgah *__*
Ghosty2292 (7 years ago)
Yonghwa's voice just killed me. WOW. And Taeyeon/Jessica did amazing as usual. They all did great! *cheers* Thanks for uploading. ^^
PeEr GoGuMa (7 years ago)
I Love Yonghwa I Love YongSeo
Carmen (7 years ago)
Dia looks really un-respectful when she's singing the song..........
Alyssa Nhel (7 years ago)
I love how it said "Taengoo...oh sorry! Taeyeon" xD
itsjordan (7 years ago)
This cover gives me goosebumps that aren't present when listening to the original song. Although I have Taeyeon was flawless in singing, emotions and pronounciation, she was still truly the best among them. That one female with the adlibs gave me mad goosebumps. Damn!
iClerishy (7 years ago)
Jessica ! <3
Taengoo! hahaha, I love you called her that, cuz I love her!! lol
TREE KU SONE (7 years ago)
menotyouahaa (7 years ago)
so beautiful i shall go cry now ;u; /sobbing
Debbie Lam (7 years ago)
we need one for japan!!
Debbie Lam (7 years ago)
we need on for japan!!
ShurpyOtoke (7 years ago)
Taeyeons voice makes me feel like i'm in heaven i get goosebumps everytime i hear her sing solos.
Kenny Vo (7 years ago)
Jang Hee Young was so good. I needa check out her groups music. Yonghwa and Taeyeon were terrific too
BlueHikari354 (7 years ago)
Tae Tae taengoo..aigooo so cute and heavenly :3
N N (7 years ago)
jokwon =')
korokaesu (7 years ago)
SParta Kook ^^
Nick Hang (7 years ago)
Sad songs like this.. give me goosebumps. It goes to show how much we can care, love and help one another.
Mona Rodriguez (7 years ago)
I remember watching this before. I think this is where Jung Yonghwa showed his best vocals. the "I am strong" part is just so beautiful and omg sparta kookie! lol
SnSd9Rules (7 years ago)
I love Taeyeon and Jessica's parts
faraadiggory (7 years ago)
jessica gives me goosebumps
korokaesu (7 years ago)
2AM are truely singers! <3
KyuhyunDonghae (7 years ago)
@StrawberryBlueberryP i think those are electric candles XD
Adrian Lim (7 years ago)
sica is just awesome adlibs
AgentZ (7 years ago)
Taeyeon's part had to be the best. Sounded so pure. haha
Carielle Chua (7 years ago)
Taeyeon beautiful <3 Also the rest, heheheheee, and is the back holding SPOONS? o-O Oh Candles, sorry my bad :P

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