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Drinking champagne with Cat Deeley - Gordon Ramsay

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Season 3 of Gordon Ramsay's The F Word Gordon Ramsay's BAFTA-nominated food show opens its doors for another night of mouth-watering food, with every dish something you can cook at home, plus recipe-based challenges and fast food that won't make you feel guilty. Cat Deeley pops Gordon's cork as he teaches her everything she needs to know about champagne.
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Text Comments (274)
notorio (4 months ago)
The non vintage wine will actually have older reserves in it than the vintage wine of the same release. Gordon doesn't know this yet runs a wine restaurant.
Muharem Redzic (1 year ago)
she's such a joy :D
ding? Dong!
there is very good sparkling wine, like premium sekt from Austria. you don't need to buy sparkling wine from the champagne.
no u (1 year ago)
Lol popping to the crowd
Joop Hogenes (1 year ago)
Fuk her right in the pusse
Inigo (2 years ago)
She can have my ding dong.
Erik Wait (2 years ago)
That is NOT a safe way to open a bottle of Champagne/Sparkling wine. You should have a firm grip over the cork & wire cage when you begin twisted the wire, pointing the bottle away from all persons (45 degree angle) and never let go of the cork & cage until the pressure has been released.
SuperLordpig (2 years ago)
Go away you sad git.
Jk Jensen (2 years ago)
Indeed indeed mhmhmhm..
Disinf3ctant (2 years ago)
Not ding dong
TyrantTitan (2 years ago)
wow she's beautiful, my penis twitched
Wine Jam (2 years ago)
i think everyone should test themselves like this !
Duhdog Dvg (2 years ago)
she ugly...
Duhdog Dvg yeah let's see your face basement boy
Patriotic Texan (2 years ago)
Duhdog Dvg stop it she's fucken hot
Phillip Davis (2 years ago)
"Ding dong!" 😂😂😂😂
esmeman :0 (2 years ago)
That mans accent is the greatest thing ever
Amir Iskandarani (2 years ago)
Julian White has a very nice voice!
deathbastardable (2 years ago)
"It's like Jim'll Fix It!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Julia Miles (2 years ago)
Tankaroonies (2 years ago)
Control freak!
JenkyBoom (2 years ago)
cat deelley. wow.
Tripti Thakur (2 years ago)
Cat Deeley is not only supermodel gorgeous but just one of THE warmest people around!!! She screams NICE without being fake, now that's called beauty. :)
Paper Champion (2 years ago)
she's pissed already
Daniel Schilling (2 years ago)
I wish people would just leave me with bottles of champagne and a sword. :(
Shalashaska 994 (2 years ago)
she broke the top of the bottle lol
A dead Girl (2 years ago)
love how he says complexity comes with age ;)
ungratefulmetalpansy (2 years ago)
I love her overbite and massive jaw, makes her cuter.
Vivek Sheokand (2 years ago)
they blew not just the cork but the entire rim off of the bottle :D
b00ned (2 years ago)
'It's like Jim will fix it!' Hello 2007... There's something you should know about Jim.
LueXiong10 (2 years ago)
Cat is just a vision of beauty. Her smile, laugh and just excitement are stunning.
Sith (2 years ago)
British women in general are the epitome of excitement, beauty and class.
shlomo shekelberg (2 years ago)
what a lovely lady
mysalival100 (2 years ago)
there is no such thing as a 'British' accent...
mysalival100 (2 years ago)
there is no such thing as a 'British' accent...
Sith (2 years ago)
+CrazyMunky84 Dude, do you even get women?
Mike M (2 years ago)
+Sith I guarantee you get cucked all the time.
serpentarius51 (2 years ago)
Nope. They talk too fast and they sound like my Cockatoo when she's doing a grumble ! Half the time you can't understand them....period !
Mr. JayScy (2 years ago)
They're giving Ramsey a freaking sword now--
yowza (2 years ago)
She's pretty much perfect. There are lots of pretty girls but pretty girls with great personalities are rare.
NapoleonBonaparte (2 years ago)
The first time in my life i have seen someone open a bottle of champagne normally
SmithsonianSamurai (3 years ago)
He's right Americans are so prudish about drinking and smoking...
Christopher Sheffield (2 years ago)
+VisualizeTheFun You sound so retarded trying to sound so smart. Kek.
VisualiseTheFun (2 years ago)
+Wemja You raise an interesting point and I thank you for that. However, I think you are generalising. There are many regions in the USA that are have quite 'open' and 'liberal' societies.
Wemja (2 years ago)
Its the same with sex before marriage and drugs. There is a taboo so people don't know how to be safe/seek help. That's why there are a lot of teen pregnancies even when anti-conception is free. People don't know/ are scared to get it.   Same with drug abuse problems, alcoholics etc. even when the law is very strict and help is available.
VisualiseTheFun (2 years ago)
+SmithsonianSamurai I am British and the truth is the truth.
Mike M (3 years ago)
English women are attractive until they open their mouth's and you hear their horrendous voices.
Mat Mclean (3 years ago)
I would glue her eyelids together with magic glue!
Ely Canaveral (3 years ago)
ask me why i watch f word,.. john baptiste it is
V K (3 years ago)
She is lovely!
Noah Hastings (3 years ago)
Me: Who is Cat De-shfjejxjejcjrjrjjsixjekxkkeckekfjsjxkekfjdn djdjenkzkalxallaalafjjddjejjcj I think im in love
Brian Campuzano (3 years ago)
Im here on my own left with bottles of shampagne and a sword. An average tuesday.
Nitron DSP (3 years ago)
imagine if gordon was given add or adhd medication
Anmar (2 years ago)
adhd is add. It has been for years. None uses "ADD" anymore
reece callow (2 years ago)
even worse... *shudders* BIRMINGHAM!!!
sweiland75 (2 years ago)
imagine if you were educated
veroman007 (3 years ago)
+Nitron DSP imagine a sous chef in liverpool
Morgan Bon Bogul (3 years ago)
Wish she would defecate on my face <3
Justro Ling (3 years ago)
So romantic
wildtwindad (3 years ago)
there is a reason why they dont do sabreings in dining rooms.
TheAvesMYSTR (3 years ago)
It's like Jim'll fix it, as he puts a blindfold on her... Yup. You heard it here. Cat was raped
Vdhdhd Ffsg (3 years ago)
She's used to getting on her knees!
Star.80 (6 months ago)
I was a true gent and gave her my pillow to kneel on.!
Sapientia (3 years ago)
this woman is cute and she is like standing jewelry
Chris Wilson (3 years ago)
Not sure who she is but she is adorable.
titaniumonkey (3 years ago)
How much fucking gold does she have round her neck
Jagr Melo (3 years ago)
more than you can afford lol
Tsst89 (3 years ago)
Wonder if Gordon ever cheated? If so he hadn't been caught yet!
YoungD3mon314 (3 years ago)
+Tsst89 I think he actually got caught a couple of times lmao I read about it
Beck Grayson (3 years ago)
do only hot middle aged women attend this restaurant ?
Mudig (3 years ago)
Am I supposed to know who this girl is?
Arch Angel (3 years ago)
Bang her like a screen door in a Tornado :P
steve wenger (2 years ago)
lol i can imaging him screaming and saying that pussy is rawww
Christopher Andrews (2 years ago)
more like a baby toe on the edge of a table. i can relate to that one
Alexsander Magalhães (2 years ago)
Guy Walls (2 years ago)
Clorox Bleach (3 years ago)
She is super hot
Shrumins (3 years ago)
so now you have glass shards in your wine...
Federigo de la zion (3 years ago)
they are gonna FUCKKKKKKK tonite
Handsome_Hero (3 years ago)
a lovely blowjob <3
Mike M (2 years ago)
I bet she gives horrible blowjobs. She's probably a dead lay too. Also you'll have to put up with her horrendous voice the whole time. Just jerk off and save yourself the pain.
Vicary Archangel (3 years ago)
0:05 I always wonder if the pen on his ear will one day poke someone at the face when kissing.
mistero2 (3 years ago)
I laughed so f hard!
MusicianAdam (3 years ago)
+Nora Dalmy It's a kiss, and some hardly even do that (Hover kiss). It's a fairly common greeting. In France it is known as faire la bise, so Ramsay most likely acquired it from his early life in France.
Nora Dalmy (3 years ago)
+AdamHH11 i'm not an American. why do yo think it's not creepy to imagine him making out w others?
MusicianAdam (3 years ago)
+Nora Dalmy To Americans, probably.
CrayeZ (3 years ago)
+Nora Dalmy Don't be a krepy hater.
minh quan Do (3 years ago)
only gordon could tell a women that she gained weight and not get smacked in the face lol.
WaRk1ll3r111 (3 years ago)
Did the neck of the bottle brake when the woman did it?
krombee (3 years ago)
+WaRk1ll3r111 It always does with this method
Friendly Druggo (3 years ago)
her smile and laugh can cure cancer.
+PassiveMenis But the accent gives you hearing problems
Sky Vins (3 years ago)
just take her in the cold room and fuck her in the ass m8
yanni ioanni (3 years ago)
I bet she does amazing blowjobs
JMMT7022801 (3 years ago)
I've had the Moet & Chandon Imperial and Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne. They're both quite good. Much better than that cheap Korbel Brut you get at the grocery store.
Hare Brahs (3 years ago)
hot lady huh, but she wears too much jewelry.
That Guy (3 years ago)
I love brittish
Charles Fuller (4 years ago)
She is adorable. I love her last words
Quyen Dang (4 years ago)
I just realized: if it's hard to tell the difference between a vintage and a non-vintage, what's the point of blowing a hundred or more bucks on a bottle?
TheFirstGuy (3 years ago)
+Quyen Dang Chefs normally advice you to buy the stuff you like to drink. There is no point in buying the 50 dollar bottle when you like the 10 dollar bottle way more.
Franticalmagic (3 years ago)
+chili24137 Plenty of expensive Champagnes are status indicators and not much else. Case in point: Cristal - it tastes like horse piss hence the tendency for club goers to mix it with red bull until it's actually potable.
georgebaggy (3 years ago)
+Quyen Dang to show off how rich you are
Tom (3 years ago)
+Quyen Dang Vintage uses grapes from only one season, whilst non-vintage will use grapes from multiple season.
chili24137 (3 years ago)
+Quyen Dang To impress, and a sophisticated taster can easily tell the differences I am to assume.
SirDickcheese (4 years ago)
Just to comment saying she's fucking sexy asf
Marc Stegan (4 years ago)
I would fucking take a month worth of shit talking from 3 Gordan Ramsey, just to ram that bitch.
Elvanance TN (3 years ago)
+Marc Stegan holy fuck you are a gent :P
+Marc Stegan stop drinking.
roloug95 (3 years ago)
+Marc Stegan charming
WOW (4 years ago)
She's so flirtacious.
Espen Alvær (4 years ago)
Nick Am (4 years ago)
He's such a playa!
JDParty72 (4 years ago)
No one drinks in California?! Fucking Napa Valley..
John C (3 years ago)
+Matthew Mitchell isn't LA in Cali I'm fucking lost with this one. I'm sure you must be to
Matthew (4 years ago)
+drummerhere They are talking about LA.
RCG FILMS (4 years ago)
My whole neighborhood is loud and drunk all the time. So cal man.
dragonsleeper31471 (4 years ago)
Cat is so cute
Sokratis Dalakas (4 years ago)
She's brilliant!
Taylor Anderson (4 years ago)
Austin Macaitis (4 years ago)
Her body language shows how attracted she is to Gordon the primping of her hair when he first shown up leaning forward to him and mimicking the hand on the chin like Gordon...she wants him...
Zawkins (4 years ago)
4:40 Crack kid strikes again
Theaches (2 years ago)
Good ears m8
TopGunPaintballer (4 years ago)
+monty554 Same. I freaked out.
N E (4 years ago)
"I'm left here on my own with bottles of champagne and a sword." Sounds like the perfect party, I'm in :D
Jean Guy (4 years ago)
damn its only housewives in that restaurant lol
Samsgarden (4 years ago)
Slagtheangry (4 years ago)
That's a pretty cool way to open champagne. I like the history too.
Kuba Górniak (4 years ago)
Brilliant :)
Andysparrow (4 years ago)
is she  on this planet or what
Dick Piano (4 years ago)
omg she is so adorable.
TopGunPaintballer (4 years ago)
+go fukurself 4:40 "YEAAAHH!"
Alexander (4 years ago)
so down to earth 
Pipiras Pipirenas (4 years ago)
Holy shit what a milf
Crankyhead (4 years ago)
I Like Julian White, he seems like a genuine gentleman
DementedDistraction (4 years ago)
She can service my sabre anytime.
djmocok (4 years ago)
Cat says she eats anything.... hmmm "anything"?
Chicken Man (3 years ago)
+salam jihad. ... Well, we can't really give you shit for this. We were all thinkin it, you just were the first to come out and say it
Superblyme139 (4 years ago)
Shes soo beautiful :)
John C (3 years ago)
+knifeforkandaspoon I highly beg to differ........
vaiouser (4 years ago)
+knifeforkandaspoon or some tissues. just do ur business and throw it down the toilet
knifeforkandaspoon (4 years ago)
+Jei Tianzhu Maybe some bandages would help with that problem.
Sum Ting Wong (4 years ago)
her tits got leaked
Si Little (4 years ago)
Pencil on is ear for what reason??
He is a chef a lot of chefs have pencil in there ear And I don't mean in macdonalds
lol jim'll fix it
trendkill84 (4 years ago)
scimg (4 years ago)
4:48 No Kat, Jim will not fix it.
tyler76111 (4 years ago)
Do you have any idea what an American would be capable of left with that much booze and a badass sword? You guys are missing out!
Rodjen Los (4 years ago)
Now, that's ironic. 
tyler76111 (4 years ago)
... You mean nationality right, dumbfuck? You sure do curse a lot on your comments, you should expand your vocabulary.
Rodjen Los (4 years ago)
What the serious fuck has ethnicity got to do with it? 
thatkindofguy234 (4 years ago)
Holy shit she is too hot
G GG (4 years ago)
Rochelle Walks (4 years ago)
I miss Kat Deeley so much, im just glad I got to grow up watching her on a Saturday morning... that bit at the end when she got down on one knee and got knighted was well funny I had to rewind it and I was literally LOL'ing! good for her that shes making more money in the USA I don't blame her !
mark rainford (4 years ago)
Yes Kat made Saturday mornings for me too, and I was 25 :)
adam brothwood (4 years ago)
Good thing he didn't call her fat after giving her the sword
trifio5242 (4 years ago)
She cut of the tip off!
RCG FILMS (4 years ago)
That's how it's supposed to be done.. Gordon did it that way also, look close!!!
Pwarrior89 (4 years ago)
stupid hore
goodolarchie (4 years ago)
4:36 looks like she is also versed in another french delicacy - the guillotine! 

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