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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - 'Smoke & Mirrors' Trailer

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From the makers of the 2012 Game of the Year: The Walking Dead, comes a gritty, violent and mature thriller based on the award-winning Fables comic books (DC Comics/Vertigo). As Bigby Wolf - THE big bad wolf - you will discover that a brutal, bloody murder is just a taste of things to come in a game series where your every decision can have enormous consequences. An evolution of Telltale's ground-breaking choice and consequence game mechanics will ensure the player learns that even as Bigby Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown, life in the big bad city is bloody, terrifying and dangerous. Website: http://www.telltalegames.com/thewolfa... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thewolfamongus Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/telltalegames
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Kiyana Cole (3 years ago)
naimk 12 (4 years ago)
This song reminds me of soundtracks from N64 goldeneye missions 
SOYRUSHER Y TU (4 years ago)
I can't wait a season two! Damnit!
Denzel Porte (4 years ago)
No wonder you guys are not popular. If you want to restrict your games, then.... Good luck getting fans Telltales.
ruvindap66 (4 years ago)
massive attack. nice.
Blackarm (4 years ago)
Hi there, I've uploaded a full walkthrough of the first two episodes of this game, can you take a look? Thank you so much if you do!
Peter Nagy (4 years ago)
God! I already want Episode 3! I love this game so much!
ManiaK (4 years ago)
Please tell me when episode 3 comes out i really want to know what happends next.., What happends to crane? why bigby has transformed? i need to know D:
Keysupersam798 (4 years ago)
So Kenny, Lee, and Clementine's voice actors are in this episode? AWESOME! And just when the next episode of the Walking Dead is coming out, hopefully soon... 
Bianca Vazquez (4 years ago)
Looks interesting
Maxwell (4 years ago)
why is this episode so short? I completed it in about hour
blupengu (4 years ago)
finished episode 2, and i already want episode 3 so bad… is telltale switching it up so we get 1 episode of wolf among us one month and 1 episode of walking dead the next? i hope not… ;-; 
MikeM16 (4 years ago)
I just hope they pump out 1 episode a month... at least one from the walking dead one month and one from this the next month
Hann •_• (4 years ago)
Actually love this. I have an obsession now! Actually love it amazing. Buzzing for the next one. Hopefully will be as good as this one. Congratulations Telltale. Thank you for making my life complete <3 xxx
WatchMyShortz (4 years ago)
Started playing this game today, I'm already hooked
Alex Nice Guy (4 years ago)
Xd this need's to be more than a simple game x) pleaz telltale do it end for this game so anyone just remember u art <3 peace ✌ love ya <3
Ben Waite (4 years ago)
my favorate series from telltale!
Bogdan Minchenko (4 years ago)
кончил! благодарю за трейлер.
xWolfDogg (4 years ago)
why did you kill toad and TJ
Bashfull Dragonborn (4 years ago)
Make a doctor who game already!
funafull1 (4 years ago)
It would be nice if the download actually worked.... Been waiting four months for this and now all xbox season holders have to wait another two days...
Shaun Milfler (4 years ago)
how its possible that all my choices in 1st and 2nd episode are 10-25% of all people made choices? Why everyone trying to be good ? It makes me sick knowing that 86.1% of people gave money to whore :( this world is corrupted ! we need BIGBY to fuck them up and smack their faces !
Axarii (4 years ago)
Just played this and I was shocked telltales sure know how to make a really good story keep up the good work
Accesserised (4 years ago)
Loved the first episode, can't wait!  Telltale Games are awesome, this and The Walking Dead ^^ 
Uh Oh Codyos (4 years ago)
Guys, Beast is the voice of the guy that played Kenny from The Walking Dead! Once he started yelling at me, I knew.
Devorantem (4 years ago)
TJ and Beauty are voiced by the woman who voices Clementine in The Walking Dead also (Melissa Hutchison).
Eliza Black (4 years ago)
MrBrockHeinz (4 years ago)
Too bad I can't play it because the season pass currently isn't working on Xbox Live, sigh.
B. Wolf (4 years ago)
Spoiler alert Read at your own risk I dont believe Crane is actually the killer, it's too soon. He may have been obsessed with Snow and hire the prostitutes and all that. But i believe he was incriminated and the killer may be someone who wanted to take his place, someone trying to gain power, Bluebeard maybe? And Crane, he ran away because well, his reputation was ruined and also because he is now a killer in the eyes of Fabletown so he got scared or something, he is a coward after all.
Romeo (4 years ago)
i own the season pass but can not get episode2 i fucking hate you telltale
I have ended the episode OMG so good just so so so good love you ttg games
Johnathon Upadhyay (4 years ago)
There seems to be major differences than the episode teaser at the end of part 1. Oh well, still was great.
Eda Nolan (4 years ago)
Where is the walking dead?!
Al Robin (4 years ago)
Telltale im an x box user who purchased the season pass but i can not download the latest DLC for the wolf among us without purchasing it even though i am a season pass holder plz fix this probleme.
Edward Magee (4 years ago)
my xbox season pass is not working when I go to download it says I have to pay 4 pound when it should be very is anybody else had the same problem
Dan pay (4 years ago)
That ending took me like 10 min to process in my head...
neubtuber (4 years ago)
i bought the season pass and episode 1 but can't download episode 2 :( it still costs...
XmdogmX (4 years ago)
almost none of the stuff that happened in the preview at the end of ep1 happened. I guess they scrapped most of ep2 and started over, that's why it took so long to come out.
Emily Zamora (4 years ago)
Bio eat i hate u why post spoilers u know it is kind of hard when your the the fucking comment
TheBioBeast (4 years ago)
Spoiler alert Crane is the killer. Shouldn't have pressed the "read more" button, should'ya?
Inga N (4 years ago)
+TheBioBeast A lot of people in this Game smoke- Dee, Dum(maybe),Bigby,BlueBeard. I didn't notice Crane smoking yet? Maybe one of them?
TheBioBeast (4 years ago)
+Inga Norkiene There is another thing that I've noticed as well; At the start of the game, during Bigby's questioning, he stumps his cigarette in the ash tray and leaves it there. Bigby is said to be the "only person who smokes that crap", it's the exact same brand that was found at the crime scene. Maybe someone is trying to plant evidence?
Inga N (4 years ago)
It's definitely not Crane, he's a cowardly weasel.. not the killer type at all.. definitely the stalker/sexual dark fetish closet kind of guy tho... he must have a serious kink for Snow... he probably did shag Lily glamored as Snow (I'm assuming that since he smashes the mirror at the end when he sees Bigby found the photo... also how he tried to keep Bigby from opening the little glam tube/box thing found on the body)... but the fact that the photo was at the crime scene should indicate that this is a frame-up... my thoughts are either Bluebeard is behind it all.. or someone we haven't met yet..                      Spoiler Alert!
TheBioBeast (4 years ago)
+Roost You're right about that. Could be another Fable, no?
Roost (4 years ago)
That's not necessarily true.
Vedran Njirić (4 years ago)
On xbox,can it be bought just one episode like this
kuwait chatters (4 years ago)
Snow is alive!!!!!
Beyond Your Reach (4 years ago)
Is it out yet?
d0m4ntuxas (4 years ago)
SPOILERS!  I think the killer is the ginger dude, that always appears randomly. He was at the building going to his apartment when Snow was going with Bigby to look at the head of Faith. Also he appeared randomly walking I don't remember - Toad's or Prince Lawrence's place, or the walking out of the crime scene when Snow was found? it was night I think. And then he was also the taxi driver which Snow was in at the night she got killed (looks like his profile a lot). I think there's a video of someone also thinking this, you can find it specifically. It was completely random, and no one really noticed him, but it was just too convincing. Maybe Telltale is trying to confuse us, or maybe it is him and we passed the system?
Luis Marcelo (4 years ago)
That's what I was thinking but him being the guy that did it was may be a let down. I think that Crane was working for the headless horseman
Maka (4 years ago)
Today, it's launching.
theyoutubnumber1fan (4 years ago)
I am so confused, telltale is saying that TWD and this game is based on a comic book , is it the same as the comic book (in characters , in story etc.) or its different ????
d0m4ntuxas (4 years ago)
+theyoutubnumber1fan no problem. :)
theyoutubnumber1fan (4 years ago)
thanks for your reply :) it really helps
d0m4ntuxas (4 years ago)
Based, mean the world is the same, none, some characters if not all show at some point, but the storyline, the fate of the characters are different. Like TWD, zombie apocalypse, Atlanta, Macon, Glenn, etc, etc, but a whole different story.
NitroGaming56 (4 years ago)
Its about time!
Oscar Rame (4 years ago)
Anyone else notices that the girl that is with bigby when he says i have a way with people, has the sames ribbon in the neck as Faith
Della Ortega (4 years ago)
I saw the end of a tit there really naked.....
Della Ortega (4 years ago)
1:02 is that lees voice😮
Nick Adlam (4 years ago)
It's almost here. I can't wait.
TheFlyingCat (4 years ago)
I think it might be released around Feb 19 or something.Dont take my word for it though.
Leesil (4 years ago)
It's supposed to be out today
Leegionnaire (4 years ago)
Ahmed Snake (4 years ago)
Quade McDonald (4 years ago)
I seen a nipple lol
OrganicMachine (4 years ago)
The music in this sounds like a version of the song "Angel" by Massive Attack. If it is, Telltale gets even more kudos now.
totaldramasurvivor1 (4 years ago)
For those wondering about the 2nd episode of the walking dead, Telltale has already said it'll be coming out very soon, so I would say it'll probably be coming out at the end of February or beginning of March
d0m4ntuxas (4 years ago)
maybe even earlier, since it has been 7 weeks already, possibly announcement this week, and release in a week or two after the announcement, just like TWAU, I mean a real announcement.
John Perd (4 years ago)
mmm, yes Massive Attack - Angel in the background
Idon'tknowmyname (4 years ago)
looren ann (4 years ago)
looks alot better than the first episode in my opinion.
looren ann (4 years ago)
+Tibrr exactly:)
Tibrr (4 years ago)
+Lauren Fizzy Can't argue with that :) 
looren ann (4 years ago)
+Tibrr yes I agree;) but I think abit more shit happened in episode 2.
Tibrr (4 years ago)
+Lauren Fizzy Which was still lacking a bit in episode 2 ;)
looren ann (4 years ago)
+Tibrr I'm on about story line bro.
TheTerminator701 (4 years ago)
I would like them to make a War of the Worlds game, and it will be based on 3 days. Day 1: Invasion Day 2: Extinction Day 3: Hope With a DLC named The Last Days, it's about if the tripods did not die.
mrtecnhimuyo (4 years ago)
They need to be making a whole season into a disc not wait for us every month. shit.
@ 0:38 Snow!!!!!!!!!!
Wait, wait.. heard a voice that is clearly Dave Fennoy (voice of Lee Everett) saying "He's never gonna talk if you keep treating him like a prince". Saw Bluebeard about to torture a suspect... IS DAVE FENNOY VOICING BLUEBEARD? THAT WOULD BE SO PERFECT
Axel (4 years ago)
+ThomasTheLuckyGamer OMFG LEE *breaks down and rolls outta the scene*
ThomasTheLuckyGamer (4 years ago)
+Awesome guy Rocks FUCK. YES.
Awesome guy Rocks (4 years ago)
Yes he is voicing that character.
LuKaTo100 (4 years ago)
TruthSeeker (4 years ago)
Snow's body found. (SPOILER MAYBE?) If this game is a prequel to the events of the Fables comic books like they said then Snow is technically not dead. It could be glamor is used to make the body look like Snow.
Dan Brennan (4 years ago)
+Ender Wolf Yeah I knew they said that. But I thought they might have just been lying to trick people familiar with the comics. Obviously now that's now the case.
Ender Wolf (4 years ago)
+Dan Brennan It's a before fables.
Jed (4 years ago)
oh, TellTale!
Dan Brennan (4 years ago)
Well everyone thought it place before the comics, but maybe it's actually like an elseworlds story or something? TellTale should really make it clear which it is, because as it stands there's not much tension to Snow being dead.
Epic Awsome (4 years ago)
+Pinkiepyro1 it wasn't a joke? what are you trying to tell??
GamesAndCodeVX (4 years ago)
Looks badass!
chris hernandez (4 years ago)
When. Is episode 2 of walking dead coming out damn its been forever! !!!!!!!!!
Thalyn71 (4 years ago)
My body is ready. Telltale, take me now....
giggsyg11 (4 years ago)
I didn't really like ep 1. I found myself very bored with it. If I don't like ep 2 Ill have to stop playing this series. When is walking dead season 2 ep 2 out?
AH-64D Apache Longbow (4 years ago)
How about looking on a Walking Dead site for the information?
Angel's Nightcore (4 years ago)
1:00 Did he say'd Pewdie =]]?
DiggsBingles (4 years ago)
No, no he didn't fantard.
Roost (4 years ago)
are you stupid
NO. he said "Beauty: 
rebelgamersalliance (4 years ago)
^^ Know what you mean.
AH-64D Apache Longbow (4 years ago)
+rebelgamersalliance Anghel, totally on your side. Annoying how YouTube sometimes doesn't show who the reply is directed at.
Peter Parker (4 years ago)
February 5th!
Julia Miracle (4 years ago)
PGset (4 years ago)
When is the Walking Dead Episode 2 coming out!?!!!?!??!?!
Agrael (4 years ago)
Yeah! There's a lot of shit about The Wolf Among Us, which is actually great and I love that game too, but I prefer TWD which I didn't hear about xD
Just Gaming (4 years ago)
Wolf among us 2
Nick Adlam (4 years ago)
Maakkkssss (4 years ago)
Come on, come on ! I want to play already !
Yasha (4 years ago)
Yey. I'm so excited to play Bigby again. awoooooooo.
Ada Cunningham (4 years ago)
Poonslayer718 (4 years ago)
Fuck this just release more walking dead already
Manu Vanhanen (4 years ago)
I see you dont have no respect what telltalegames are doing here, get out.
getnotoriousXBL (4 years ago)
Can't wait for February 5th!
Dahlia Blake (4 years ago)
They found Snow's body?!
Scarecrow (4 years ago)
+Joffrey Baratheon Oh my God, are you kidding me? I never said it's not a prequel, I said they're not going to make the story exactly the same. I know it's a prequel, and I never said otherwise. Just because it's a prequel, it doesn't mean the story is exactly the same, so if Snow is alive, it's not because she's alive in the comics. Learn to read before you call other people retards, fucking idiot.
Dahlia Blake (4 years ago)
OOOooooh, I see. Hum but let's hope she comes back to life. There's so much mistery!! It looks like this episode is gonna be longer! I'm so excited!!
Scarecrow (4 years ago)
+Délia Nounou Just because she's alive in the comics, doesn't mean she will be in the game. They're not gonna make the story exactly the same as in the comics, they didn't do that in TWD, and they won't here either. If she is alive, it's got nothing to do with the comics.
Dahlia Blake (4 years ago)
I've been reading the comic, and i learned that Fables come back to life thanks to the mundies... So there might be a chance she'd come back to  life. SPOILER!!!!!!! I know she does because the game is a prequel to the Comic. END SPOILER!!!!!
rebelgamersalliance (4 years ago)
Ah my mistake.
RedizE (4 years ago)
KCohere33 (4 years ago)
+parkourninj4 I didnt find him to be wooden but to each his own.
AH-64D Apache Longbow (4 years ago)
+RedJohnnny Haha I guess you have a point, even if it is a lot more gruff this time.
RedizE (4 years ago)
+parkourninj4 I know but doesn't it just feel great to hear "lee" again? 
AH-64D Apache Longbow (4 years ago)
So? To be fair, TWD was great in spite of Lee's voice actor, not because of him. I thought he was wooden for the most part, and left a lot to be desired.
TheGame Killer (4 years ago)
guys at leaste episode 2 of the wolf among us is here soon
Sean Zulu (4 years ago)
Adam Harrington nails the part as Bigby. Incredible game. 
theunknownman1234ify (4 years ago)
It's good to see you guys are working on episode 2 but when will it come out!
Depressed Demon (4 years ago)
Tam Joy (4 years ago)
4-5 months? please dont let this happen to walking dead D:
Reaper Shackal (4 years ago)
I heard Lee :P
TheGame Killer (4 years ago)
TheZombieKillerWhale (4 years ago)
Ярослав К (4 years ago)
Ждём, ждём, ждём Telltal Games МОЛОДЦЫ !!!
james kloslow (4 years ago)
Release dates finally announced from telltale on twitter here it is :# Ep 2 2/4 - PC/Mac, @PlayStation NA 2/5 - @Xbox 360, @PlayStationEU Also next week on iOS @AppStore
Matthew Sagliocco (4 years ago)
February 5th, can't fcking wait!!! It's about time.
Hann •_• (4 years ago)
I mean this comment in the nicest way possible. No hate to all of you it's just a statement. Telltale are working too hard on trying to make the perfect game. Stop complaining. Stop saying aww gad finally! Have you made a game before that's this big? Do you have to check if there are glitches. No I didn't think so. Stop complaining. By the way telltale I'm sooooo excited for this game!
Tyson Schneider (4 years ago)
Kasper Persson (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that took "the huntsman" as hostage?!
ronsifull (4 years ago)
And TWD season two episode 2???
ronsifull (4 years ago)
+Videogamer96 good!!!
Videogamer96 (4 years ago)
The Telltale Walking Dead Facebook was updated a day or two ago and said: "EPISODE TWO INFO JUST AROUND THE CORNER"
Awesome guy Rocks (4 years ago)
Dude enjoy this series. Perfection takes time.
TheGame Killer (4 years ago)
+ronsifull me to. icant wait enymore
ronsifull (4 years ago)
+George gav I really wait it
xWalkerChrista (4 years ago)
Has anyone noticed that the girl at 1:16 is wearing Faith's ribbon?
rebelgamersalliance (4 years ago)
TruthSeeker (4 years ago)
+rebelgamersalliance Ah sorry, I miss understood the use of capital. I THOUGH PPL USED THEM FOR YELLING!
rebelgamersalliance (4 years ago)
It was a joke hence all caps.
Scarecrow (4 years ago)
+Qas Wara They only said Kenny's fate will be explored in Season 2, nothing more.
TruthSeeker (4 years ago)
+rebelgamersalliance When did they confirm Kenny? And who confirmed it?
xWalkerChrista (4 years ago)
Just gonna place my bet. I think it was Beauty. First of all, she was hiding in the exact spot where Faith and Snow were killed. Also, she said to Bigby, "Oh shit. I'm late for... um... nothing." As much as I think it could be Beauty, I'm gonna keep my options open. It honestly could be ANYONE. Crane, Woody, Toad, even the crazy bitch at the bar.
CytosGhost (4 years ago)
Can't wait.

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