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12 Most Stylish Classic Men's Sneakers Under $100/Best Classic Sneakers Under $100

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12 Most Stylish Classic Men's Sneakers Under $100. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses his picks for the most stylish men's classic sneakers that can easily be found for under $100. He talks about various iconic men's sneakers that are a great value and had stood the test of time style wise. SHOP THE STYLE O.G. MEN'S STORE! http://store.thestyleog.com/ BUY THEM HERE!!! Tretorn Nylite Canvas http://amzn.to/2vLiifo Adidas Stan Smith http://amzn.to/2vQ1geB PF Flyer Center Hi http://amzn.to/2vQ9CD9 Adidas Superstar http://amzn.to/2vPYuGj Puma Clyde Marine http://amzn.to/2vL3nSx Adidas Gazelle http://amzn.to/2vL1y8d Adidas Samba http://amzn.to/2fRJH9W Reebok Club CLM 85 http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8289821/type/dlg/http://www.zappos.com/p/reebok-lifestyle-club-c-85-tg-steel-carbon-gum/product/8798535/color/657917 Nike Cortez http://amzn.to/2fRX22b Nike Blazer Low http://amzn.to/2vPV1aU Converse Chuck Taylor http://amzn.to/2vQ5bIz Vans Checkerboard Slip On http://amzn.to/2fSwttF Subscribe https://goo.gl/OrL9ro Contact [email protected] Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100474 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Disclaimer : Some of these links are affiliate links for which The Style O.G receives a small commission. This enables The Style O.G. to continue to produce content. Thanks for your support!
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Text Comments (176)
The HYP. HOUR TV (1 month ago)
my favorite shoes are the converse chuck taylors, and nike sb satires
The HYP. HOUR TV (1 month ago)
tbh, i love almost all the classics, i like vans old skools too.
The HYP. HOUR TV (1 month ago)
chuck taylor shoes are my favorite shoes. Vans old skool are too overrated nowadays.
liklik123 (1 month ago)
I like Mexico tigers, vans, club c and nike cortez or af 1s
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
Appreciate the input!
J Clackston (2 months ago)
ohhhh, no mention of the Reebok Classic Leather????? These are my sneaks for LIFE. I do not care. Gotta love the 4E width too. Comfort, durability, and that timeless minimalist look. Shaaaame OG you didn't mention them. Boooo! hahaha But I know you know they're one of the best, it just happened to slip your mind.
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
I rock with the Reebok Classic J!
Becoming Godsize (2 months ago)
Chucks you can get 2 pairs for under $100.
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
true indeed!
Nina Camby Del Rey (2 months ago)
Puma Suede is my fav Classic sneaker
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
true classic Nina!
Kunal Khurana (3 months ago)
Reebok cl leather ❤️
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
alex thelizardking (5 months ago)
Good video and shoes.
The Style O.G. (5 months ago)
Thanks Alex!
Warren anthony (5 months ago)
Onitsuka tiger gsm
The Style O.G. (5 months ago)
Super classic!
Babai Timung (5 months ago)
Adidas Superstar and Vans Checkered pair would be a better choice
The Style O.G. (5 months ago)
good choices as well..
Olu Ikuegbuwa (5 months ago)
Adidas superstar (shell toes)
Paul Bautista (6 months ago)
You can add the Feiyue Vintage to that list, the French brand not Tiger Claw. As well as a few Diadora models such as game p low and b.original
andrew blower (6 months ago)
Clydes,suedes,baskets and superstars been rockin em since the early 80s
andrew blower (6 months ago)
The Style O.G. only rock fat laces
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
All classics Andrew!
Darryl Dixon (6 months ago)
Hey Jeff I gonna buy a shoe but I can't decide between the all white Stan smith or the black and white superstars what's your opinion?
yolo b (6 months ago)
Where is air Force 1 and the Jordan 1
NORTHON KINJO (6 months ago)
I couldn't agree more on the Adidas Samba! So stylish and clean. Just copped them!
NORTHON KINJO (6 months ago)
Thank you!!!
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
Thanks you all the way in Brazil!
NORTHON KINJO (6 months ago)
BTW, congratulations on your channel, The Style O.G.! Subscribing now from Brazil!
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
super classic Kinjo!
Mike Brown (6 months ago)
Aaron Wil (6 months ago)
Yo forgot the Kwiss Classic!!! That all white stay crispy!!
Aaron Wil (6 months ago)
just picked up a pair today along with the Lacoste white on white Hydez!!
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
taking me back to my high school days Aaron!
Nazeer Sajath (6 months ago)
Adidas superstar😘 perfect classic sneaker for outstanding outfit
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
Yes Sir!
Ali Awais (6 months ago)
My name’s jeff...
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
Great name!
acidtone (6 months ago)
acidtone (6 months ago)
Jay Mac (6 months ago)
I’m surprised that Air Force One wasn’t on the list!
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
Classic as well!
Alexander Smith (6 months ago)
Alot of people sleep on diadoras and Asics but they got classic old school styles.
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
Sure do Alexander!
Mike Wu (7 months ago)
I didn't know Sam L. Jackson's brother had a youtube channel XD
J Clackston (2 months ago)
He looks nothing like S.L.J. man, time for Lasiks.
Sahil Yogiraj (7 months ago)
I need ur help sir plz tell me how to clean converse white sneakers safely
Nico.33 (7 months ago)
Great list, I'm huge though(6'07 265lbs), so I need leather, and at least a little EVA, the Mexico 66 is my favorite sneaker, the support/cushioning, combined with the Kung-Fu style anatomics, is just perfect.
Nik Man (7 months ago)
Guy work on your pronunciation and speech delivery you sound like a twobit peddler from the hood smth not akin to style whatsoever!,,
The Style O.G. (7 months ago)
heads out to speech therapy just for Nik Man....lol
Gesler David Avalo (7 months ago)
The only one you forget to mention is the Onitsuka Mexico 66. All your picks are awesome. Great taste !
Oliver Kom (1 month ago)
Gesler David Avalo addidas forest grove ...next time ...
The Style O.G. (7 months ago)
super classic Gesler!
Brian J#65 (7 months ago)
gazzele clyde stan smith blazer
The Style O.G. (7 months ago)
classics Brian!
Dirk Diddler (7 months ago)
Tretorns blue,,,,Gazelles red,,,,and Superstars all black,,,,cant go wrong right there! for white....u gotta go Air Force One! (but not under 100bux)
The Style O.G. (7 months ago)
solid choices Dirk!
Rogelio Rojas (8 months ago)
Reebok club c 85 all white New to the channel and suscribed
The Style O.G. (8 months ago)
welcome to the channel Rogelio!
Diego Perez-Covarrubias (8 months ago)
Nike Cortez
The Style O.G. (8 months ago)
super classic Diego!
Brian Christian (8 months ago)
Rod Laver's in the navy blue trim all day!
The Style O.G. (8 months ago)
Love Rod Laver's Brian!
Marcus Murphy (8 months ago)
The Style O.G. (8 months ago)
Super classic Marcus!
Juan Valdez (8 months ago)
You can get some Onitsuka Tigers for under 100.
The Style O.G. (8 months ago)
Super Classics Juan!
dr2001dre123 (9 months ago)
I play tennis and love the Adidas Rod Laver :)
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
Classic for sure Dr.!
Adrián Alban (9 months ago)
Cortez Classics
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
Love em!
harry rooney (9 months ago)
Was about to order Sambas but they only go up to size 14 😭 I need one size more, anyone know if they do any bigger sizes anywhere?
harry rooney (9 months ago)
Adidas Sambas or Reebok C85s
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
Classics !
B Bowman (9 months ago)
vintage reebok classic
Zymon Olivera (9 months ago)
ilove nike cortez
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
super classic!
Lenin Rosario (9 months ago)
very nice video
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
Thanks Lenin!
lucas hei (10 months ago)
I love chuck taylor all star, reebook work out, adidas samba
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
Classics all..
Frederick Calabrese (10 months ago)
The Stan Smith is my go to sneaker.
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
Super classic that i never am without..
ETHAN (10 months ago)
Love me some Air Force 1s
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
Super Classic!
Brad Dumon (10 months ago)
Loved seeing the Tretorns on there.  I have a pair and grew up with them playing tennis in the 70s.  Borg was the man...Also good to see the Stan Smiths and Puma Clyde's.  Another one to consider is the Adidas Rod Laver...
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
good stuff Brad!
marchbah (10 months ago)
Here before 20k-100k subs
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
And hopefully here after!
Elian Herrera (11 months ago)
What about the AF1s?
Jose Dos Santos (11 months ago)
What about reebok classic , those never get old 💯
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
you are quite right!
Iron Fist (11 months ago)
I love tretorn white shoes..
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
Apollo Santaniello (11 months ago)
vans slip on is not good for skateing
kemony thompson (1 year ago)
Great video just thought that AF1 and puma Roma should be on this list
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Really big fan of the Roma..
Jojo Siscar (1 year ago)
Salute Style OG! I have the all white Adidas Superstar. Thinking of getting the all black one.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute JoJo!
Alex Toma (1 year ago)
I'm more a Nike and vans guy so I'd take the blazer but not the low, the don't look good to me. But I'd take the Nike Air Force One. All white one or black
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
air force ones classics for sure!
Marlon Cunningham (1 year ago)
On point
Rashaud Battle (1 year ago)
Erik Jespersen (1 year ago)
You should do a video on the Vans Old Skools, them classics ;)
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
super classics!
andrew45ryan10 (1 year ago)
I'm a Nike SB Dunk Low type a guy, but will be getting the Nike SB Bruin in white leather soon so I think that'll soon be my favorite for under $100
Xtian Davao (1 year ago)
Please do how to style white cortez :-) appreciate it. Thanks
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
great suggestion!
nick crown (1 year ago)
I like the Stan Smith you rock a lot. I like what you mentioned how diverse they are along with they can never go out of style. Or at least not so far. great video. thanks for sharing.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute Nick...
Ben Reevers (1 year ago)
Great video, but when you hit me with the Cortez nike and Stan Smith, you sent me all the way back to high school (c/o 92)... Good memories! Keep the videos coming -Salute
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute Ben!. I'm not gonna say what class of I am. lol
j smith (1 year ago)
I like the pumas, along with few of the ones u pick. But i also like the air force ones all one. Great selection bro❤
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Jeannine!
Mandeep Baweja (1 year ago)
Black Vans Oldskool r my favs :)
The HYP. HOUR TV (1 month ago)
converse is my favorite old school shoes. vans old skools are too overrated now, but i may get old skools once they slow down on the hype. Sh8 hi's are better than vans old skools in my opinion. but i respect your opinion
Mayank Shridhar (10 months ago)
but hard to get in India even online
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
that one guy (1 year ago)
Please do a how to style white converse for men please!!
Lucca Brazzi (5 months ago)
C. Rid actually Bloods wear them with red laces for the red stripe they have a greaser look with stone wash blue jeans and white T dog tag or v neck u kooler then a fan... Even all white vans preferably slip on with jeans or slacks and a sport coat forget it killing the game
C. Rid (9 months ago)
that one guy white Chuck Taylor's are for little white girls
Frank Rosario (11 months ago)
white chucks go with any type of chino or khahki type pants . Dress them up dress them down they'll give the best casual look than you can produce with any sneaker on the market . They are smooth to look at and actually very light in weight and fun to wear . On the down side if you wear them to often the rubber will waste rather fast and look crappy . So if you must wear chucks on a regular basis get them in varied colors and textures so you can always look on top of your game without being an actual athlete .
Mandeep Baweja (1 year ago)
Black r better
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Coming real soon...
switch mattic (1 year ago)
Nike Cortez and converse breakpoint pros are the are my favorite converse breakpoint is my number 1 it's not classic but it is the ish
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
then you are Nike Cortez for sure!
switch mattic (1 year ago)
I'm from so cal so you already know
Steven Withers (1 year ago)
I love the plain white Adidas Nizza perfect to wear with anything, clean em with a watered down bleach to keep them looking extra white
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
sounds like they are right up my alley!
Steven Withers (1 year ago)
they are quite similar to stan smiths without the hole perforations and without the back colour featuring adidas motif
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
don't think I've ever had a pair of those..
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
great choice Steven..
Nathaniel Worthy (1 year ago)
Great vid. Jeff I still see u doing your stuff. Keep up the good work.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
appreciate it Nate!
sumeri G (1 year ago)
Loved them all not all bulky slim and stylish
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute Sumeri!
lHustlin (1 year ago)
Do you tailor all your shirts? Like is the shirt you're wearing in this video tailored or just off the rack? Salute!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
i do have most of my shirts tailored, however this one is not,,,
Jason2M’s (1 year ago)
U gotta order a pair of Pharrell tennis hu!!! Most comfortable shoes ever. They run big if u decide too
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
definitely on my wish list..
Truth Be Told (1 year ago)
Im new to the channel and love the versatility in style you provide. Good stuff. Glad I subscribed. You should do a video on versatile ways to rock a blazer jacket, that would be dope cause I got a street style and casual style and sometimes I mix the two together.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
great idea Truth! glad you are enjoying the channel..
tadeo kayonga (1 year ago)
Stans Smith all the way
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
You know it!!
Sean John (1 year ago)
keeping me interested
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute Chris!
Juniper McDavies (1 year ago)
Very comfortable when creating your outfit of the day.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Most definitely..
Erick Melecio (1 year ago)
I love Converse Chuck Taylors I definitiely gotta check out the other classics I've been sleeping on them
Sebastian Castaneda (6 months ago)
If you want to spice it up go with the go play converse. There build is nicer too and there more rare
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
can't go wrong with Chucks!
Lui (1 year ago)
Yo! Thanks for the video!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
No problem Luis!
Smokin Scars (1 year ago)
Salute J style OG, I got the puma suede mesh black/ white stripes Puma suede classic peacock blue /white stripes 3 puma benny classic black with white stripes Adidas Stan smith white on green Adidas Stan smith grey wool material Adidas Stan smith white primeknit boost (need your advice on that) Adidas super star: Got 80s 2 pair (crazy) 2 pair Super star primeknit (need your advise) Adidas Canvus suede black with white stripes Adidas Canvus suede blue with white stripes . 2 pair Nike classic sweats black suede Nike majestic blue suede Nike royale black suede Fila grant 96 white (2pac wore in all eyes on me album) need your advise. Nike Air Force 1 mid black suede on white swoosh. Vans ol skool black with white stripes My list can go own. Just need opinion on adidas primeknit and fila grant 96 and Next step is Nike mayfly . Salute
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
You have a very extensive collection! I plan do on Adidas Primeknits soon. stay tuned!
Jhonatan Sanchez (1 year ago)
Hey Jeff, Could you review the men's cologne Diesel Bad?The ladies love it but no one from the fragrance community has done a review on it and it was released in 2016
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
I will add that one to my review list Mr Sanchez..
Cem Sari (1 year ago)
Straight to the point...that's what I like about you so much! My personal favorites are Adidas Gazelle, Nike SB and literally all the Vans shoes! Great video👍
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute Cem!
K. dot (1 year ago)
my favorite classic sneakers under $100: 1. chuck taylor converse   2. Vans classic low
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Yes Sir!
I have the Adidas superstar with a brown suede upper. Nice List.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Frank!
richard rohloff (1 year ago)
I was waiting for the Nike running shoes and you didn't disappoint. You nailed the list
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Richard!
Christian C (1 year ago)
great video my man! choises for me converse all the way love them check out guys chuck taylor 2s they are awesome!cheers!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Cheers Christian!
Peter. (1 year ago)
I like to wear converse and the Stan smiths
Peter. (1 year ago)
All these picks are great I agree 100%
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Salute Peter!
Nita (1 year ago)
i love the all white stan smith adidas. Don't like logos all over my shoes.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
My absolute favorite!

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