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Therapeutic Recreation: Who We Are, What We Do

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A promotional video for the Therapeutic Recreation Association of Atlantic Canada.
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Sultan Abdelaziz (7 months ago)
Anyone familiar with the salary of a recreational therapist ?
M MM (11 months ago)
What is the specific difference between Recreational therapy and occupational therapy? Cheers
Joelle Seiden (9 months ago)
M MM occupational therapy manages the boring part of everyday life, so things like managing work, cleaning, cooking, hygiene, etc. Recreational therapy involves helping someone learn what they like to do and use it as a coping skill
Marina YA (1 year ago)
Hi Emily, thank you very much for the video. I will start my first semester in recreation therapy this upcoming September and your video made a lot of things clear. However, now after watching this video, I am worried about one thing. Before, I thought that the recreation therapist only evaluates the patient's abilities and plans the activities but does not physically get involved in them. Now after watching this video, I realized that they in fact have to teach the patients how to do the activities after they had planned them. My concern is that I am not very good at drawing and I also don't know how to play music. I guess I have to start looking at taking courses in different things like painting, playing music, perhaps dancing, cooking etc.. What do you suggest Emily? Regards,
Nice video Emily.
Hello There (1 year ago)
Mind-Body RecTherapy LLC What is recommend for associates?
Valentina Rique (1 year ago)
how many years of college to be a recreational therapist?
C Cos (5 months ago)
I am a recreational therapist and it took a two year diploma which allows me to work in a senior home. I am working towards a Therapeutic Recreation degree which will take about 2-4 years depending how many courses can transfer to my degree.
You can earn a Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation with 4 years of college.
Valeria Martinez (3 years ago)
I'm currently in high school and was unsure of what i wanted to study in college. Up until i while ago i said i wanted to be a nurse, but after finding out about recreational therapy i realized this is what i want to do. This video was great in making me feel sure about what i want to do.
Joelle Seiden (9 months ago)
Valeria Martinez I wanted to be a nurse too! I decided on rec therapy during my clinicals for my cna cause I saw the activities planners and I was like "I'd rather have that job then the one I'm doing now"

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