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Shoe the Bear Men’s S Chelsea Boots Black Suede Leather Amazon Unboxing

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Check current price and availability on Amazon http://amzn.to/2AbE1QS REVIEW - Amazing suede leather boots with slightly burnished toe section. Beautiful shape, great true to size fit and very comfortable to wear so would recommend I have almost every colour they are that good. They are handmade in Europe and look as good as far more expensive boots . Same silhouette to the Shoe the Bear Men’s Taro S Chelsea Boots with different elastic fitting - http://amzn.to/2i9d617
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ABDUL AHAD T (1 month ago)
i mean woodland , Timberland , redtape like that?
You made my Day (1 month ago)
I will prefer red tape bcos woodland n timberland r worker boots which u can't go casual sometime
Phillip English (8 months ago)
Is the sole truly stitched to the upper?
Phillip English (5 months ago)
UBER UNBOXING (6 months ago)
Thanks for commenting
DJ A-Cee Cecil Brown (9 months ago)
Can I have those
UBER UNBOXING (6 months ago)
Thanks for commenting

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