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10 “Generic” Product Names You Didn’t Realize Were TRADEMARKS

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Check out our New Biography Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/biographics A trademark usually presents itself in the form of a name, a logo, a design, or a phrase, with the purpose of distinguishing one manufacturer’s products from another. Sometimes, however, when business is really good for a particular brand, or it has a head start over the competition, then that particular brand might just become a proprietary eponym, or generic trademark. This means that if a product develops a substantial market share over the other manufacturers, or it becomes well ingrained into the public consciousness, then its brand could replace the name for the entire industry. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 CRAZY Marketing Decisions by COCA-COLA https://youtu.be/W_QE05iD2h8?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ9wKIVrfv-6wzyiyPn7GfA Top 10 Coca-Cola Myths... That Turned Out To Be TRUE https://youtu.be/TXl5l0fLXwE?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ9wKIVrfv-6wzyiyPn7GfA Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-generic-product-names-didnt-realize-trademarks.php Coming up: 10. Dry Ice 9. Band-Aid 8. Frisbee 7. Velcro 6. Aspirin 5. Jet Ski 4. Bubble Wrap 3. Dumpster 2. Mace 1. Heroin Source/Further reading: http://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/science-questions/question264.htm https://www.thoughtco.com/history-of-the-band-aid-1991345 http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/toy-company-wham-o-produces-first-frisbees http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Carbon_Creek_(episode) https://www.biography.com/people/george-de-mestral-9271201 http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Ebers_Papyrus https://www.thoughtco.com/history-of-the-jet-ski-1991670 http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-strange-history-of-bubble-wrap-and-why-its-changing-1715657271 http://www.massrlcs.org/history-of-the-dumpster/ http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/forgotten-history-mace-designed-29-year-old-and-reinvented-police-weapon-180953239/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jul/08/heroin-use-overdose-deaths-us-prescription-opioids https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/02/heroin-addictions-fraught-history/284001/ https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2012/04/24/12/11/trademark-39682_960_720.png https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/01/18/08/15/business-1989130_960_720.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5d/Xerox_Phaser_8500.jpg/1280px-Xerox_Phaser_8500.jpg https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2013/01/29/01/02/google-76522_960_720.png https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d7/Pampers_Swaddlers_Size_2_%282508683392%29.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/Tupperware_in_Design_museum_Gent.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/51/Dry_Ice_Sublimation_2.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/83/A_cocktail_with_liquid_nitrogen_at_Wikimania_2016.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/4/3014/2988161958_0fc4336190_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7741/17490553041_b929b89db0_b.jpg
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Text Comments (511)
wades623 (5 days ago)
crescent wrench
Sven van Leeuwen (5 days ago)
Tarmac. Post-it.
Josh Keating (5 days ago)
I worked at a store that gave out free dry ice to keep cool/cold grocery products from spoiling since people drove up about an hour to the store. In the summer 80-100 F heat is normal is the summer (about 25-35C) so this was needed. That said people doing it too much it was later limited from free dry ice would be handed out April to October. But you can buy it all year.
Max Waterman (8 days ago)
Why is the sound quality so poor? It's too deep, with too little mid and high. It sounds dull and is difficult to listen to.
ROBERT McMURTRY (9 days ago)
Looking in my garage, I see a bunch: *Skilsaw* 1924; *Crescent Wrench* 1915; *Phillips Screwdriver* 1936; *Sawzall* 1951
Rocketsong (9 days ago)
I have not heard anyone call a circular saw a Skillsaw in ages. Crescent and Sawzall are dead on though.
Kalandra86 (10 days ago)
Hoover / Vaccum
Isaac Roebuck (11 days ago)
I literally don't know a single person that refers to a photocopier as a "Xerox machine" it's always just "printer". Maybe its just a Michigan thing but it seems strange to me.
R Spandit (14 days ago)
In the U.K. we often refer to ATMs as "Cashpoints" whereas that's a trademark of Lloyds Banking.
R Spandit (14 days ago)
I'm British (and older than Simon) and I've never heard of "card ice"
Amir Abudubai (17 days ago)
Sawzall, basically every medicine, vice-grip, and super glue.
scarletharlot69 (19 days ago)
Star Trek fiction? surely not! haven't you seen an episode of Galaxy Quest?
MILDRED PIERCE (23 days ago)
With Simon's accent, I didn't catch on as to who owns the Frisbee name. The company is Mattel (pronounced Ma-tell. Simon pronounced it Mattle). The same company that makes Barbie.
Michael Ramsey (23 days ago)
No mention of Jell-o for flavored gelatin?
Ted R (24 days ago)
A "Crescent" wrench (trademarked), which is what most people in the US call it, is really an open-end adjustable wrench
zeruty (25 days ago)
No mention that Sea Doo was originally supposed to be Sea Dog
James Currie (26 days ago)
What about iPad?
James Currie (26 days ago)
What about Saran Wrap, Popsicle, Windex, and Ziploc?
Maxx B (27 days ago)
Which Brits know dry ice as Cardice? I've never heard that name before.
Arterexius Gaming (1 month ago)
Note: Unpopable bubble wrap is still popable. It just takes a bit more force. You basically have to trap more air in a few or a single container than the plastic can contain, thus forcing it to burst open. Proclaiming bubble wrap as unpopable is equal to proclaiming Titanic unsinkable.
jort93z (1 month ago)
Asperin is not (officially) generic is it? Are there any other brands calling their medication asprin? i sure haven't seen that here in europe. It is commonly used, but i don't think any other brands had the balls to try using that name yet.
Nick Jones (1 month ago)
I’m surprised “Rollerblade” didn’t make the list. Roller blade is the name of a company than manufactures inline skates, like Solomon, Razor, K2, etc..
Cellphone Dave (1 month ago)
Star trek, a work of fiction? Simon say it isn't so!
Matt Zeiders (1 month ago)
So the Britts are to blame for heroin... umm thanks. Btws I will never try it or trust Brits again💜🖤💖❤️🇰🇷🇰🇵🇯🇵🌹
Thomas Bob (1 month ago)
Before I watch I hope frisbee is not on here because everyone knows that.
Randy Brandt (1 month ago)
Also pistol diesel and derringer with 2rs
David Hall (1 month ago)
Wow aspirin I thought it was old and not used anymore because so many reactions to it.
Robert Nickel (1 month ago)
Dry ice is also used to fit close mechanical tolerances, like jet engine hubs.
Buck Rogers (1 month ago)
I'd like a fact check to the claim that Star Trek is a work of fiction.
But in 1922 Smith and Nephew in the UK were making and selling Elastoplast a superior adhesive dressing.
Chanchester (1 month ago)
I'm British and I've never heard of carbice in my life. I've heard of dry ice though.
SabeLoTodox3 (1 month ago)
We have so many of them in Germany! Pampers, Tempo, Zewa, Tesa, Tipp-Ex, Tetra Pak, Labello, Ohropax... I could name many more!
Lazy I Ranch (1 month ago)
One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek Enterprise is mentioned here! I still prefer to think that T'Pol is responsible for sharing Vulcan Velcro with Earthlings.
Bill Keck (1 month ago)
Marketing matters: Would you want your Mother, or Daughter, riding around on a 'Nautical Pleasure Cruiser'???!!!???
david bilia (1 month ago)
Vice grips and channel locks
TheHortond (1 month ago)
Do another gun facts video. I want to see if you get it right or get better at gun facts. Come to Colorado and I will teach you about guns and make sure you try the green corn before you leave. I don't partake, but some like it.
Losaiko Go Blue (1 month ago)
I was one of those Wham-O Frisbee Kids in the 1960s. My dog loved catching it in the air & jumping after it of a dock or boat into a creek.
Jennifer Decker (1 month ago)
Did you research show that Spock was not on "Enterprise?" (Sorry, Trekkie here)
Something Nothing (1 month ago)
Wind-surfer was copyrighted at one point but I don’t know if it is anymore.
Daemi Ax (1 month ago)
Yeah... Imagine a country where the shaving razors are called "Gilette"... The company that could not keep their nose off of politics.
Jimmy JimJims (1 month ago)
Bonus Fact: Johnson & Johnson (creator of #9) is actually run by two large anthropomorphic penises wearing business suits
Mark Z U C C (26 days ago)
Jimmy JimJims u have autism
manic mechanic (1 month ago)
I know a few cum dumpsters in Knoxville.
DaGreat (1 month ago)
Forgot Vaseline
nitetrane98 (1 month ago)
therealswarvey (1 month ago)
Dumpster? I wish! This is just a Trash-Co waste disposal unit
Derek Howell (1 month ago)
The one that comes to mind for me is that "tatertot" is a trademark name as well. Every company that makes that shape calls it something different.
L Lock (1 month ago)
5:07 anyone who has watched Back to the Future 3 XD
Randel Smith (1 month ago)
All the rights to aspirin by the bayer Company were forfeited after World War II under the terms of unconditional surrender. In the 1990s the bayer company bought the rights back for over $1 billion as a point of pride.
William Haley (1 month ago)
Bush Hog. Channel Lock,
Matti pedersen (1 month ago)
I take it when you were researching "Aspirin", you stumbled upon "Heroin" discussion (or vice-versa), since they were both originally "Bayer" Trademarks. I'm surprised you didn't touch on "Zyklon B", which was manufactured by Bayer's Parent Company "I.G. Farben", during the 1930s & 1940s, eventually becoming the preferred agent used in the extermination camps during WWII.
Johnny Rocket (22 days ago)
So, staying on point, are you suggesting or informing us that all concentration/extermination camps (or prisons with inmates pending execution, Or animal shelters even?) established elsewhere since WWII have claimed to have "Zyklon'd" animals or individuals?
U forgot inkjet
Lark Only (1 month ago)
"Mosquitoes... happen to love CO2." Insects and arachnids that feed on blood (external parasites) use the CO2 their hosts breathe out to locate and track the movement of those hosts. It's not quite right to say that they just "happen to love it" as the tracking of their hosts is key to the type of survival they've evolved.
I could've went through another 10.
lloovvaallee (1 month ago)
Heart prevention drug?
Austin Davis (1 month ago)
Photoshop has become a synonym for digitally editing a picture, though it is one of many brands of photo editing software. It really makes me laugh when somebody mentions photoshopping a video... 😄
Someone Somewhere (1 month ago)
A few more off the top of my head so you can do a part II and III. Duck-Tape = duct tape, Crescent Wrench = open end expandable wrench, Popsicle = frozen treat, Skill Saw = radial cutting saw, Kool aid = punch beverage, Coke = a soda beverage “Ya wanna “Coke”? “Ya I'll take a Mtn Dew. Taser = Self-Defense tool, Scotch Tape = cellophane adhesive. White Out = correction fluid, Post-It = sticky note, Plexiglas = acrylic glass, Q-Tip = cotton swab Ziplock Bag = storage bag, Photoshop = photo adjustment software Sharpie & Magic Marker = felt markers, Zipper = a clasp locker, Zippo = lighter, Thermos = vacuum flask.
Pat McBride (1 month ago)
De facto standards
Drcthru (2 months ago)
Most theatrical fog is heated glycerin. Like vape!
Bob Saget (2 months ago)
No Styrofoam?
SweetShawn999 (2 months ago)
We all know elastoplast bandages are 1000000000% better than band aid!
Matthew Hickey (2 months ago)
You forgot Nylon.
mcgrumpyzze (2 months ago)
Was really hoping to see sawzall, one of the most common mistakes is describing a reciprocating saw. If it's a milwaukee you got a sawzall otherwise it's a reciprocating saw.
"xerox may be the most often given example" let me just hoover that nonsense up for you
Alex Crossland (2 months ago)
before this has started I am going to predict number 1 is Heroin.
Cooldude Awesome (2 months ago)
Wow so interesting
peddler931 (2 months ago)
Stainless steel is another example.
T Smith (2 months ago)
For tools: vice-grips for locking pliers. channellocks for tongue and groove pliers.
Dishank Nayal (4 months ago)
Back in school one of my classmate : I bought a new Sony iPod (MP3 player) and a Yamaha Casio(synthesiser) today
Cydonia2020 (4 months ago)
Bayer: Do British pronounce it ‘buyer’? In the US, it is pronounced ‘bear’. Even our commercials say it that way.
Cydonia2020 (2 months ago)
We are a melting pot of dialects, accents and regional habits. It’s not detriment; it’s a rich confluence that stimulates the imagination.
HerrNilssonTheMonkey (2 months ago)
It's pronounced "buyer" in German. You Americans always manage to come up with bizarre alternative pronunciations.
Stina Starry-Eyed (4 months ago)
I've always wondered why people refer to all diapers as 'pampers'. I have 5 children and always used the generic brand, never called them anything other than diapers.
GladSvamp (4 months ago)
Well I'm British and I've never heard of card ice. He even goes further and describes it as "Card ice - the one British are familiar with". Eh? This might mean that some people will try to be helpful and refer to "card ice", thus ensuring no-one knows what they're talking about.
Eric Taylor (5 months ago)
The Star Trek connection is still workable. She sold the idea for a large sum of cash, walking out of the office not long after going in with the cash. There could not have been enough time passed to have performed an international patents search, but had one been performed, the patent for Velcro would have been discovered. While it's hard to imagine anyone doing this, there are enough stupid people around that it is still plausible. By the time it was discovered that the Velcro had already been patented it would be to late to recover the money.
Nova Quartz (5 months ago)
I absolutely hate velcro. The sound. The feel of it ripping apart. It puts my hair on end.
Anthony Sanchez (5 months ago)
Chase Gilmond (5 months ago)
Palestine doesn't exist
Charlie Cross (5 months ago)
I keep a can of bear spray in my truck so don't threaten me on the roadside or you will get a face full
Nekros (5 months ago)
I didn't realize you were using heroin as your #1, until the credits rolled. I believe, being ignorant of the IUPAC nomenclature, is a requirement here.
paranoiaprincess (5 months ago)
I've always called "jetski's" Seadoo's. There's the Skidoo, and Seadoo.
Jason Shutt (5 months ago)
Actually learned something, thanks.
Roberta Millett (5 months ago)
Velcro was used on the costumes for Star Trek before it was more widely available in the United States (source: Inside Star Trek: The Real Story)
David Phipps (5 months ago)
How is Kleenex not on this list?
Kevin Sullivan (5 months ago)
There are a lot of tool classes that are known by the original or most well known version. Crescent Wrench, channel-locks, Sawzall, and Wiggy are few examples.
Arte Leonard (5 months ago)
I was brought up using monkey, (from Munke), wrench and Crescent wrenches
luciferangelica (5 months ago)
seriously? i actually thought mace was a kind of pepper
luciferangelica (5 months ago)
i've used bubble wrap to insulate windows
luciferangelica (5 months ago)
you forgot about the most important use in the history of aspirin ever: it turned dinosaur neil back into a human being
luciferangelica (5 months ago)
a dumpster! ha! i wish! this is a trash king waste disposal unit
CreatureOTNight COTN (6 months ago)
72nd dislike for "work of fiction"
Xu Zu (6 months ago)
Seriously? Xerox hasn't been in generic use in 30 years and I've literally never heard anyone refer to diapers as Pampers.
philsaspiezone (6 months ago)
Dry Ice (solid carbon dioxide) is also known as Drikold
m marie (6 months ago)
LeiAnne SW (6 months ago)
I have used Willow Bark as an analgesic for years. I take it with Turmeric, Ginger Root and other natural things for inflammation and pain. Much easier on the tummy, liver etc. than tylenol, Motrin and Aspirin. Like anything else, you have to stop taking them for procedures/surgeries. Tylenol & Motrin are other things we just say, no matter the brand/off brand. My brother has a bad ticker, and is Not to use aspirin. But when having knee surgery, he had to start aspirin a few days prior and for 7 days after.
Mistah Bryan (6 months ago)
Qtips Styrofoam Cardboard
antony ross (6 months ago)
Ducaso (6 months ago)
Wow the Bubble Wrap and Dumpster stop I had no idea about! Also, unpopable bubble wrap is such a tease....
scott ri (6 months ago)
I really used to respect some Whistler until he mispronounced King Tutankhamun multiple times now all I can see is semen Whastler the wannabe know-it-all....
Alicia Byrd (6 months ago)
Wait... Soooo you're telling me Star Trek isn't real??!! Awwww helll nah!!
Debbie Fritts-Boyce (6 months ago)
Mace is illegal to buy and own in New York State, due to its having been used against police.
thatjokerperson (6 months ago)
clears throat *react*
12799MaDeuce (6 months ago)
How can you have Mace on this list but not Taser? All Tasers are stun guns, but not all stun guns are Tasers.
Brakish33 (6 months ago)
10:31 Aspirin is a heart preventing drug?! Oh no

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