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How to do the "Turn Table" (Acroyoga) | Tim Ferriss

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How to do the "Turn Table" (Acroyoga) | Tim Ferriss SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1dSzTkW About Tim Ferriss: Tim Ferriss is one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” and an early-stage tech investor/advisor in Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Duolingo, Alibaba, and 50+ other companies. He is also the author of five #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers: The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour Chef, Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. The Observer and other media have named him “the Oprah of audio” due to the influence of his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, which has exceeded 200 million downloads and been selected for “Best of iTunes” three years running. Connect with Tim Ferriss: Visit the Tim Ferriss PODCAST: https://bit.ly/2rYjUBr Visit the Tim Ferriss BLOG: http://bit.ly/17jDHw3 Like Tim Ferriss on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1avYUxq Follow Tim Ferriss on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/17d94TE Follow Tim Ferriss on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2IfH37J Follow Tim Ferriss on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2IfH37J
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Text Comments (35)
Dane Rose (1 year ago)
What could be more enjoyable: learning attunement to self, others, body and getting a workout in a more meaningful way. I love that you are bringing out what makes you happy. That's what counts.
Berry Time (1 year ago)
One like for the purple lingerie
Ozzy Headshots (1 year ago)
Andrea Price (1 year ago)
Wow! You two make that look so easy...you mentioned injuries and in watching all I could think of was my wrist which I injured doing Thai Massage on somebody much bigger than me. Would you agree that it is much better to work on someone close to the same size to avoid injury? Or could I practice Acro Yoga with someone larger than myself with very specific hand postions for strength and confidence in my movement's??
AcroYoga with Dao (1 year ago)
good tips on the ship raise and tucking the elbow into the stomach for stability.  super happy to know that one of my heroes not only loves acroyoga but understands the best way to master something is to teach it.  Also commonly known as "table top" and I love that you have a thickly matted room dedicated just for play.
StaticDreamsEntert (1 year ago)
" hey guys part two and The rest of the video is on pornhub. Thanks for watching ."
John Lingel (1 year ago)
I hope you gave her your hog after this.
Nice but risky for novices. But those passionate about Acroyoga would understand, Tim.:)
John Allan (1 year ago)
acroyoga, an excuse to grab ass.
AugustBlack92 (1 year ago)
Very cool! Would you suggest someone have experience in "regular" yoga before trying acroyoga? I'd love to try this with my wife who actively practices yoga and I have never tried it.
Lex Lissauer (1 month ago)
Google "acroyoga" to get an abundance of vids. Or "acroyoga tutorial". Or "acroyoga"+ the place you live to find lessons. And the most important thing: Practice with a spotter, and spotting is an art and concentration exercise as well, don't underestimate it. Maybe google "acroyoga spotting" as well.
Dan Robinett (1 year ago)
Yoga is not a necessary prereq but it does help. Flexibility and strength are the simple important parts. If you do normal exercise and make yourself stretch a fair amount, you'll pick it up as fast as anyone else. Being able to touch your toes is really helpful for basing.
John Ny (1 year ago)
Her insta: https://www.instagram.com/kiplinn/?hl=en
Nathan M (1 year ago)
I have the weirdest erection right now
Anthony Pietrobono (1 year ago)
LOL interesting video that I do not care about whatsoever but i enjoyed it because it's Tim .
Keren Wang (1 year ago)
Since you started, you have to do a series now. There is no way around it Tim.
Oralia Acosta (1 year ago)
Absolutely amazing, and I can definitely see how this can help release some of the stress and tension in the hips, back and spine!
Gean Ribeiro (1 year ago)
Sorry, but... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
zazen69 (1 year ago)
Don't think Acroyoga has much mass appeal, it looks challenging though.
SultanNify (1 year ago)
wtf is the point of this
Get really good exercise in, practice communication and yop yop touch girls. Its harder and pays off way more than lifting weights.
the business handler (1 year ago)
To putt your finger in or around this girls butt hole and talk her into inverted deep throat I would think.
StaticDreamsEntert (1 year ago)
SultanNify Ya gotta switch up the fapping material to keep things interesting .
Styrianboy (1 year ago)
"...we can do all sorts of craziness from here".
Ben Lang (1 year ago)
... this would be would amazing for my jiujitsu game...
zazen69 (1 year ago)
Better off just training more jiu jitsu.
Nicolas Huart (1 year ago)
Impressive Tim! Thanks for sharing this!
Moglis00 (1 year ago)
Anyone managed to get the full name of kipplin?
Aby Thomas (1 year ago)
sagmiller? i think... There's a Kiplinn Sagmiller on who posts dance and yoga videos on youtube. Pretty sure this might be her
John Allan (1 year ago)
Moglis00 her full name is kipplin flippin
manboob5000 (1 year ago)
Not how I envisioned it. In the meantime, I'll head back to my gutter.
Wal Ter (1 year ago)
I have always been intrigued by Acroyoga, but the risk of releasing fartrogen dioxide is real and terrifies me.
Lex Lissauer (1 month ago)
It cured my constipation. Seriously. Working as a base makes your belly muscles massage your intestines, which is very beneficial for your digestion.
John Ny (1 year ago)
I might also pop an erectogen.
OnePercentBetter (1 year ago)
Prime meditation position

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