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Pakistan Railway Trainz COMPILATION || Train journey In Snowfall Season

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Beauty Of Pakistan Pakistan Railway Trainz COMPILATION In Snowfall Season All Videos Made In Blochistan (Sibi - Quetta Division) & (Quetta - Chaman Division) Train Names Jaffar Express Akbar Express Chaman Passenger Bolan Mail
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Text Comments (52)
Tahir Ajmal (2 months ago)
Bolan Balochistan
HAris RiAz (4 months ago)
this railway tracks was all of quetta
Tahir Ajmal (6 months ago)
Bolan Balochistan beautiful hills snow
Asif Shahzad (11 months ago)
Baluchistan ka kon sa ilaqa hey.?
Pakistan Trainz (11 months ago)
quetta, kolpur, chaman etc
Deepak Pala (1 year ago)
IMRAN IS-HAAQ (1 year ago)
Lovely Baluchistan ❤️. Salam to every Baluchi brother and sister. Each and every part of Pakistan zindabad.
Zaheer Abbas (1 year ago)
Moiz Baloch (1 year ago)
Biyotefuol balochstan loveu
SAQIB JAMIL (1 year ago)
imran yousuf (1 year ago)
ye snowfall season kb sy start hota ha idhar plz guide me
king khan 07 (1 year ago)
At the end of December And beginning of January
Pakistan Trainz (1 year ago)
end of December & January
Ik global (1 year ago)
very nice looking photography is amazing love from India
Muhammad Hassan (1 year ago)
in me se ek train me mai bhi tha
Muhammad Hassan (1 year ago)
bolan me
Pakistan Trainz (1 year ago)
Mi ahmed (1 year ago)
what a beautiful valley.............. Baluchistan visit by railway in winter is my next Pakistani venture this is truly amazing this is next to Swiss alps by train or north of France in winter by train Pakistan is blessed with so much
Muhammad Hassan (1 year ago)
visit also by 2D it was looking exactly like the Igi game s mission 7 when i was going
Sunny 91254575 (1 year ago)
I can't believe which area is this can anyone tell me plz
Comrade Stalin (1 year ago)
Sunny 91254575 Balochistan
lampardy888 (1 year ago)
beautiful landscape..
Osama I (1 year ago)
Balochistan <3
Naserd Salmab (1 year ago)
view bohat achai hai or video bananai waley nai bi kamaal hi ker dia v nice
James bond (1 year ago)
mohamnad Sohail (1 year ago)
Very nice view of blochistan
indian MUSLIMS (1 year ago)
great land of balochistan PAKISTAN zindabad
zaheer aslam (1 year ago)
wa g wa beautiful
Santu Ghosh (1 year ago)
wonderful. Pakistan is so beautiful. India also got similar train lines in Kashmir railway recently. Wish could visit Quetta. Only hate politics have divided us. Alas after partition no Indian can dream of going there, vice versa for a Pakistani. Wish we could get over all our troubles and visit all these beautiful places.
Adam Gul (9 months ago)
Santu Ghosh santu your always welcome to Pakistan . Please apply for a visa and get over and enjoy the hospitality .
Santu Ghosh (1 year ago)
Thanks for all your feedback. It's straight from heart. We are so similar yet so far apart due to hatred being put in our minds by few people.
ashiq hussain (1 year ago)
Santu Ghosh good brother
Haris Shahid (1 year ago)
amazing scenery
Haris Shahid (1 year ago)
This region is the hottest in summer and coldest in winter...
Salma Rehan (1 year ago)
Sachin Khurana (1 year ago)
engines making such horable noice
Adam Gul (9 months ago)
sachin khurana at least it's running
HZCAR-Croatia/trains (1 year ago)
Lovely winter video and nice trains in snow! Greetings from Croatia :-)
Comrade Stalin (1 year ago)
HZCAR-87DSZG Thanks :)
wahab119 mughal (1 year ago)
train kon se ha
Pakistan Trainz (1 year ago)
Jaffar Express Akbar Express Chaman Passenger Bolan Mail
Saiyan Anime (1 year ago)
I hope you reach 2000 subs
hamza ahmad (1 year ago)
so nice so beautifull
Mohammed Ali (1 year ago)
Love Pakistan
fizan butt (1 year ago)
hamara Pakistan kitna khubsurat hai
Muhammad SaMy VyNz (1 year ago)
No doubt about it. Beautiful Country
Shahid Munir (1 year ago)
first time I have that type of video.very nice indeed

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