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Scenic train ride from Bergen to Oslo (Norway)

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7.5 hours showing every minute of the scenic train ride between Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, crossing the mountains to the capital of Oslo. Relax and enjoy the ride... Bergen : 0:00:00 Voss : 1:06:00 Myrdal : 1:56:30 Finse : 2:28:45 Geilo : 3:09:30 Ål : 3:34:00 Gol : 3:54:00
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Text Comments (583)
Yoole Reed (11 days ago)
Put in 2x speed
Adiudicium 1776 (21 days ago)
I agree with the comments below, this is a fantastic video but the bing sounds are rather annoying. It disrupts the peaceful travel experience. Also, maybe some engineers may answer my question, why are the wire-poles always located on the exterior of the curve? It's counterintuitive to me - should the train derail the yield stress is on the outer curve which means the train would take down all the poles with it. It's more noticeable on another video (short, 9-min. winter version) of this trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atyvdC15HFA&list=LLhShc5brvQJwpei_C343x_g&index=3&t=0s
조주현 (25 days ago)
여러모로 좋았던 기차여행이었습니다 ~~~~~~~~감사합니다,
HQ Lii (1 month ago)
it would be much better if the sounds were recorded more realisticly
jan thefan (1 month ago)
love it especially when all is dark haha !!!! great vidieo
Alfonso Simental (1 month ago)
Matt Teitz (2 months ago)
Norway has to have the most tunnels in the world seriously!
Matt Teitz (2 months ago)
Rank Country Total length (km) 1 China 15285.1 2 Japan 4026 3 Norway 1338 4 Italy 900
Naulo Sanchar (2 months ago)
Very nice
sads sddsd (2 months ago)
youtube needs to add another button to the vids ( Like - dislike and F*CKING LIKEEEEEE )....you made my day with this vid
John Smith (2 months ago)
I thought it was a fantastic video until I noticed that around after 5 hours that they dubbed in a previous piece to make this longer than it is. Saw the same old car on the left , the same 3 piles burning on the left in a farmers field, same car and red boat on the right. Like, what is up with that? After researching found out that norway is the most expensive place to live on the planet with gas prices 2.5 - 3 times higher than in america. And they are and oil rich country. $5.00 usd for a 12 ounce of beer. Good thing I don't drink. their prices are out of the world. No wonder there is no wild life to see... they can't afford to come out of hiding. Wow.
John Smith (2 months ago)
What a fantastic video. No music no talking, just natural sounds. Saw plenty of farm animals but not 1 wildlife. Like they don't have bears or deer or fox in the wilderness in Norway? Some really desolate country like the Russian goo log. I could not handle that sort of isolation. See lots of homes but no roads leading one home to the next in alot of places. How in the world do they get there supplies if there is no water or roads there and no place for the train to stop? Like living back in the wild west day's of america. Is there not any wildlife of any kind in Norway? Not even a single bird flying. What planet is this? :-( What is the distance?
friedt8rs (2 months ago)
They had this on Netflix and they just took it off :( it was my favorite way to get kids down for a nap at wotk
Юрий Алеев (2 months ago)
Замечательное кино, лишь при прохождении тоннелей фары вводить неужели не нужно?
Putaspellonyou (3 months ago)
But that bell is annoying as fock...
hayvan gibi güzel be
Putaspellonyou (3 months ago)
38:46 such a cool view of the mountain
『 おもしろい!』 (3 months ago)
Best train trip I''m in on Youtube. :)
konnazjEEEh (4 months ago)
this video and Sing for the Wind-Roo Panes 👍
Phil Nickell (4 months ago)
Has anyone counted the tunnels on the whole trip?
kurt bachsnazcher (4 months ago)
Heaven on earth.  Until blacks keep spreading like the dirty virus.
Caene (4 months ago)
Nothing scenic about this though. Looked boring and kinda meh. :P
The Flowers (4 months ago)
greatidea11 (5 months ago)
I found very few tunnels had lights as a guide for the loco driver. Overall very beautiful ride
Ben Morrow (5 months ago)
Juice LH (5 months ago)
this might be the greatest video on the internet minus porn.
İsmail CEYLAN (6 months ago)
01:00:20 01:18:00 beautiful.
Taryn Rehn (7 months ago)
This would be amazing in 360 degree high definition with a virtual realty headset!
UncleGeorgie77 (7 months ago)
5:06:31 https://bit.ly/2H0U7xP
meh! (7 months ago)
@1slowtv could you create a version without the annoying chimes. Found this after listening to TED radio hour, and I love it. but that chiming every 5 seconds is disrupting and annoying. I could mute the tv but then I lose the white noise of the train. and without the sound of train...
genius0173 (7 months ago)
Norge is so beautiful!!  I have been in Norge a couple of times and in 40 countries more around the wolrd...former president of Guatemala Kjell Eugenio Laugerud (son of Norwegian father and Guatemalan mother was from here) Kjell as known in history kept the Guatemalan currency the quetzal above the US dollar... Kjell was so patriotic was going to invade Guatemala's rich province of Belice and get it back in 1976 but the catastrophic earthquake that killed over 24,000 Guatemalans derailed his patriotic plan... Kjell had the moral support of European countries like Norge (Norway), Germany, Italy etc. etc.  ... The criminal English monarchy should pay Guatemala a multibillion euro's compensation for the occupation of their land and usurpation.... England is such small island and without resources that they had to steal for centuries almost all over the world... Justice is coming for Guatemala.... As a Christian catholic I say "God bless the men of good will"
Don Judd (7 months ago)
too many tunnels, not much to see
WOLF ANGEL (8 months ago)
Omg i watched the whole thing i-i *snores*😪😪😪😏😪😪😪😪
Budgie Bricks (8 months ago)
I have seen this in tv
Onur Ozturk (9 months ago)
there is not any rubbish in this railway. it is incredible how clean the land is. in my cuntry there is rubbish everywhere.
vlogs hafid (9 months ago)
Monologica (9 months ago)
Flå: 4:34:20
CinemaDemocratica (9 months ago)
4:34:30 I guess nobody who is going to Fla is aloud to sit in the front of the train? Guy seems to overshoot the platform by, like ... a friggin lot.
BPmusic (9 months ago)
Where can I download free videos with the lenght of 2 hours or so, that I can use for free to add to MY music?
Bartek piekarski (9 months ago)
Where can I download free videos with the lenght of 2 hours or so, that I can use for free to add to MY music?
Uncle Tony (10 months ago)
it snows in Norway now?? "Global warming" my butt!!
Charlie Tanner (10 months ago)
doe,s this route follow the coast because it,s not that far from bergen to oslo staight thru
Andrei Sebastian (11 months ago)
I like the part when the train moves
Sam Shepherd (11 months ago)
Does anyone else hold their breath when the train goes into a tunnel?
Shaan Uday (11 months ago)
Should have cut short all tunnel ride. Also, was it taken at many different times? Some are during summer and some are in winter. Wonder how?
SVWaldhof07 Achim (11 months ago)
strålende tur i et strålende land! Jeg vil også gjøre denne turen! Lang lev det strålende Norge + sin jernbane! Hilsener fra Pforzheim / Tyskland https://youtu.be/MV80vYPEGQ8
William Kern (1 year ago)
This is a very peaceful and relaxing exper<<DING!!!!!!>>
Benjamin Friman (1 year ago)
How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger of good tidings, that announceth peace, the harbinger of good tidings, that announceth salvation; that saith unto Zion: "Thy God Reigneth!" - Isaiah 52:7
bedboy (1 year ago)
In which month was this filmed?
SamZane (1 year ago)
Anybody else brought here by TED?
gomphrena (1 year ago)
Whew! Speeding along in totally dark tunnels - and there are lots of them in Europe - scares me, but I suppose one gets used to it.
Peter Neznaika (1 year ago)
beautiful but [email protected] by annoying banghhhh and popup sighn that blocks the actual scenery ...is it a demo? ...is there no sign if you pay?
夕鶴 (1 year ago)
niceview! mountain area. BergenExpress ( ≧▽≦)b Good Job!
Boggy (1 year ago)
Would many people actually ride the train from Bergen to Oslo, at 7-plus hours? Or would most fly in a plane? What are the ticket prices for each mode?
Zaira Larsen (1 year ago)
Boggy Well. Plain would defiently cost alot more. And me being on a plane once is all I need to know that its not comfy on a plane.. also a bit noisy sometimes. On a 7(or more) hour train Its defiently calming and nice. And there are cafes there where you can buy, I quote what the man said, "Tea, Coffee, Melted chocolate, Sandwiches, cakes, etc" Train. Best choice. Altough its nice to look out of the planes.. the windows are small.. and the view you get of the snowy mountains in Norway is defiently worth it.
Boggy (1 year ago)
3:12:29 - "We're gonna be on TV, son!" Reading online, the trains are powered by a separate, 16-2/3 Hz grid. A few dedicated generating sets make 16-2/3 Hz, more stations have motor-generators or solid-state (?) converters from the 50 Hz grid. Most power in the country is generated by hydro.
Happy 4fun (1 year ago)
2:17:20 paranormal activity
P092O9901O09 (1 year ago)
one of the most relaxing videos ever. ive probably come back to it a dozen times for relaxation
sidvicious123 (1 year ago)
beautiful video
Lee Barrett (1 year ago)
Play this video at twice the speed and it's even better ! (Video settings button)
Michael Guthrie (1 year ago)
This is a wonderful train ride!!! I want to ride this train in person someday!!!
Screaming Hot Sauce (1 year ago)
I wish they didn't have the "ding" sound. This would be a great thing to stream when I want to relax, but the bell is jarring and takes away from the ambient sound and relaxing experience.
Taravih Kadiri (1 year ago)
Every time the train goes the tunnel, l read the comments put up.
Timshel 91 (1 year ago)
amazing video! I would like to see more from norway!
Bagus Hutomo (1 year ago)
1:55:10 there is light in the end of the tunnel
John X (1 year ago)
Is it possible to have the video without 'ting' it wakes me up
hanselxy (1 year ago)
Bullshit...this is an Xbox game.
Luis Selva (1 year ago)
lindo viaje... nice travel!
obkb1 (1 year ago)
So I'm 30 minutes into this thing AND I REALLY HATE THAT INFERNAL BELL!!! I turn up the volume because I like to hear the train/track sounds and I'm chilling out and enjoying the lovely scenery BUT HERE COMES YET ANOTHER TUNNEL AND THAT STUPID BELL AND THE BLINDINGLY BRIGHT IN-YOUR-FACE BLUE PANEL!!!
Blogoosfera (1 year ago)
HOC fairseas (1 year ago)
Electric trains are plain ugly, Norway is a beautiful country though, but looking at obnoxious electric lings for 500 miles is another story! and ugly electric poles for ever is very UN-scenic and asinine to say the least. Then you have to listen to that Bong Bong Bong all the time, so very irritating, ugh! If you want to take a real train ride, come to the USA American Northwest Rockies with 13 and 14 thousand ft. high MTS., or the Canadian Rockies, the same, now that's a real train ride, sorry folks-but that's just my opinion plain and simple. and if you don't like American kids-just to damn bad, get off the train and walk-they paid for 1st class-just like you did, or just put you head out the window, and cool off! Bong Bong Bong! have a great train ride--LOL...
Boggy (1 year ago)
I'd rather see electric poles than smell diesel fumes.
Thorash (1 year ago)
This video is amazing! ...but pls next time do not !~DING~! ... The.. !~DING~! damage pleasure from this amazing sound and view, when i try to sleep or work :P
Tina P (1 year ago)
This is gorgeous. Would love to see other train journeys do this for those of us who will likely never get there.
Ratha krishnan (1 year ago)
You want me to sit here for 7 hours bro?
Glenn Carstens-Peters (1 year ago)
How could I not know about such a beautiful place. I need to go there!
dioclescissoid (1 year ago)
2:34:30 Reminds me Moby - Everloving
Ева К (1 year ago)
Waa!!! It is amazing!!! Wonderful!!!
TheCh0senOne1 (1 year ago)
2:30:30 They see me rolling...
Luke Smith (1 year ago)
hi, this is great footage. I was going to make a lyric video and was wondering whether i could use this footage as a background to the lyrics of a song? let me know your thoughts, thanks Luke
zooloo73 (1 year ago)
I know I'm late - this video is the property of NRK, the national broadcaster here in Norway. They have released the full video under a creative commons license. AFAIK you can do whatever you like with the footage as long as you credit them. More info here: https://nrkbeta.no/2009/12/18/bergensbanen-eng/
Dave G (1 year ago)
I so want to go to Norway now!! Great post!
Showdown (1 year ago)
What makes some people live in the middle of barren frosty nowhere???
Bruno Alfredo (1 year ago)
alguém BR
Mark McKinley (1 year ago)
very nice. Thank you for sharing.
teddy G (1 year ago)
Those are some of the longest tunnels I have ever seen. Thank you for the journey. Beautiful country.
Grayson Nolen (1 year ago)
"scenic" Featuring 50 tunnels in the first 15 mins.
Lilmisscostumedrama (1 year ago)
Awesome and lovely video, it would have been nice to get a shot of the train conductor and the train at the end. 🚇
I'm up there in years -- 67. Don't speak a word of Norwegian. Don't even have a driver's license. But I want that train conductor's job. Saludos, desde Colonia Centro Historico, Puebla, Mexico, DerRobMann sends...
MustangWriter (1 year ago)
I actually took this train ride on an American school field trip. I remember actually sleeping in a sleeper car. I guess we must've left later in the day.
huskyjerk (1 year ago)
Turn the headlight on in the tunnels, will you !
mai (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
EthanTheEx (1 year ago)
i watch this on my ipad while driving in the Highway 85 of Arabia. Risky? Even to see one another vehicle i drove for 3 hours, instead only some desert mice. They were like its the best day of their lives, seeing my car.
Tri Nguyen (1 year ago)
thanks for reminding me of how poor I am :( I wish I could be there just once.
Boggy (1 year ago)
I find it to be less a reminder of being poor, than is watching normal television with all its ads.
Rizone mus (1 year ago)
no any single rubbish found during travelling ,its very clean country and peaceful!not like most Asian very dirty and full of crime !
Vultschlange (11 months ago)
Rizone mus Yep, I live in Indonesia and it's so dirty.
Rizone mus (1 year ago)
very nice and interesting journey ever scene,no place piece and superb view
Ty_ teynium (1 year ago)
I would like to see video of the train Leaving.
4K American Cities (1 year ago)
this is good
ranter7100 (1 year ago)
because its not train going up and down .... its the hills thank you
ranter7100 (1 year ago)
train seems to be changing height in metres very fast indeed while body of water on left seems to be around same height from train............................. first 15 or so mins.
HetaliaCalifornia (1 year ago)
Very soothing when you play Enya or Celtic Woman while watching this. Eases the anxiety a bit. ☺ Also gorgeous rainbow shine at 56:34. Bless you for this video.✨🍀
Отличное видео, колоритная, повсевременно меняющаяся картина, и даже можно сходить в туалет благодаря туннелям
Rivo Haavandi (1 year ago)
This is purely sexual, I WANNA BE THERE NOW!

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