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[POV] How To Pickup Girls At Music Festivals + Kiss Under 30 Seconds

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FREE PUA TRAINING 🡆 https://kissherunder60.com/freetraining Learn how to kiss a girl under 60 seconds on the dance floor without having to say a single word (closing soon). Subscribe! http://bit.do/sub_nameless Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/john_k_nameless POV INFIELD. Learn how to pickup girls from a first-person perspective! CAMERA: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: http://fbl.me/thenightismyrefuge Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/John_K_Nameless No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the music and it is the property of its rightful owners. MUSIC: Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In and Out of Love LABEL: Armada Music Listen to Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance radio playlist on Spotify: http://bit.ly/ASOTRadio Download this track on iTunes: http://bit.ly/InAndOutOfLove_iT Subscribe to Armada TV: http://bit.ly/SubscribeArmada Subscribe to Armin van Buuren: http://bit.ly/SubscribeArmin http://itunes.com/armadamusic http://armadamusicradio.com http://arminradio.com https://soundcloud.com/armadamusic
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Text Comments (200)
Nameless (1 month ago)
*Wanna learn how to get girls from festivals and nightclubs?* *Checkout my FREE TRAINING HERE* 🡆 https://kissherunder60.com/freetraining (closing soon)!
William Cassady-Strand (11 days ago)
I went to a festival last weekend and this worked so well!
Nameless (11 days ago)
Awesome! So glad it worked for you! Check out the free training if you can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2LNgvMk2ao
N9NE (23 days ago)
Its not hard when everyones high on drugs
Oh Sloppy (26 days ago)
Not to be cocky but lot of girls lock on to me but I just don’t have confidence haha 😂 I’m just dancing lmao
Nameless (26 days ago)
+Oh Sloppy Haha! Checkout my free training in the video description, I show you how to do it :)
Nameless (2 months ago)
*I'm LAUNCHING a product on how to pickup girls on the dancefloor in the following month! STAY TUNED!*
Colsen Thompson (3 months ago)
All of these clips filmed in Montreal much love dude from mtl❤️
Nameless (3 months ago)
Thanks for support Colsen Thompson it means a lot!
Lakupvp GT (3 months ago)
when i get drunk i be fucking social af i feel ike Jesus when im drunk
Nameless (3 months ago)
Youngvango (3 months ago)
Yeah talking does not work... at raves... at club iris I couldn’t hear anyone
Nameless (3 months ago)
Agreed Youngvango !
Tomi (3 months ago)
"You open with woo" 🤣😂👍
Nameless (3 months ago)
Seb (3 months ago)
OMGGG just what I needed!!!!
Nameless (3 months ago)
Wooo! Stay tuned, I'm releasing an entire course in the next month or two ;)
Adele Lover72 (3 months ago)
this guy kissed me at country thunder and i think he watched this video
Nameless (3 months ago)
WTf hahahha
franklin virkus (3 months ago)
few shots and some cocaine and you're good 2 go :D
Nameless (3 months ago)
Ateş Emir Eltutar (3 months ago)
Booom! Nameless' name is John!
Nameless (3 months ago)
HK Boss (3 months ago)
You can do more videos a bout kiss and meeting your account so amazing 💓
Nameless (3 months ago)
Thanks for support HK Boss it means a lot!
Glo Bro (4 months ago)
o shit thanks for tips mang now i can die without being a virgin
Nameless (3 months ago)
Eddestyler (4 months ago)
Great video!
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks for support Eddestyler it means a lot!
adrien belmo (4 months ago)
Ahah i recognize beach club Montreal over there ! good man
xcsege (4 months ago)
Youre insane love this😍
xxtravisxxify (4 months ago)
Clear and useful as fuck! Thanks mate!
Nameless (4 months ago)
Thanks for support xxtravisxxify it means a lot!
Much of this is transferable to other scenarios
Nameless (4 months ago)
Noud (4 months ago)
wait are u actually walking around with a GoPro on you head hahahah man great vid !
Nameless (4 months ago)
Noud (4 months ago)
Did not watch this to learn just building up more fun for the awakenings festival im going to this Sunday! And now im even more hyped! hahaha
Nameless (4 months ago)
Awesome! Hope you have fun!
Draco (4 months ago)
This helps a lot dude. Saw the sneaking into a festival video but didnt think you would have this much good content fam good shit. Question: can you make one for clubs or just tell me the differences (as you said in the beginning that gitls go to festivals for music not to hookup like in clubs). To me you're making it sound like the shit could be easier in clubs Also what to do when she aint really feeling the physical contact right off the bat and shit. You said back off and recalibrate but what would you say in a situation like that that would make you not look creepy lol
Draco (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot my guy
Nameless (4 months ago)
The fact that girls go to festivals for the music is better. It means they don't get hit on as much as in nightclubs, so they don't have their guards up as much. For the physical contact, with experience, you'll sense her tensing up and back off at the right moment. If you go a bit overboard just tell her "if I'm going too fast just let me know..." assuming that she likes you. If the girl just doesn't like you anyway, then I'd move on lol. You gotta risk looking creepy, it's part of getting better with girls.
Alexandru Filipescu (4 months ago)
Hey, this tutorial is awesome, but the only thing that comes first to my mind, is to tell everyone to slow down, HIV or any other disease can easily be transmitted by kissing! (Only if you/her have a small wound in the mouth that you can't even feel) like...Just do it with the girls you know more, and it should be ok. Kissing it's not that big deal at least for me it is not worth the risk. Good luck to everyone, always think twice.
Nameless (4 months ago)
+Alexandru Filipescu for sure haha
Reygan Nelson (5 months ago)
For me I almost feel as if running up to people and just basically saying “ hey can I get a kiss?” Works pretty well as well as long as you find a group of inviting people who look like they are having fun as a group or a singular person, it’s all about confidence and it’s a pretty minimalistic way of doing it.
Nameless (5 months ago)
Yes :)
TheBi GBOI (5 months ago)
The whole time I was watching this I thought it was “while high” I am pretty fried lol.
Mad Tea Party (5 months ago)
I got herpes at Tomorrowland last year
Mr. Rofi (18 days ago)
Randomshiiz (1 month ago)
Brooop fr fr?
Johnny Bam (3 months ago)
lol same 2 days ago hahah
Don Abbondio (5 months ago)
great bro I have a question, what if the group of girls tends to stay closed or the 2 girls stay hugged while dancing... is it the same or do I have to do something else? great vid by the way, cheers.
Don Abbondio (5 months ago)
Nameless ahah ok wow... so you need the woo opener or another one to get their attention?
Nameless (5 months ago)
You can go for the three-way kiss depending on how receptive they are. My friend used to do that by wrapping his arms around both and escalating depending on how receptive they were. You can always take one on the side and kiss her separately, then take her away somewhere more private... haha
The BestOne (5 months ago)
This video was really helpful. Thanks for your help 🖤
Nameless (5 months ago)
Matt Foley (6 months ago)
I Get drunk but not to the point where i can’t do anything, all of a sudden I have buckets of confidence and I feel invincible lol
MR timminon (2 months ago)
Thats actually me on molly
The Captain (4 months ago)
Try phenibut. All the positives, but no negatives. But be careful, to not abuse it, unless you wanna end up in depression hell. No more than 2g per dosage. And only take a dose once every 4 days. Completely legal and sold as a supplement.
Nameless (6 months ago)
Yeah, it does help momentarily
Dxvid (6 months ago)
Going out today.. I will let you know how it went hahah <3
Nameless (6 months ago)
Hope it went well!
John jones (7 months ago)
Is really the entrance fee of that festival 300 dollars?and You usually pay it?
Nameless (7 months ago)
+John jones Now I usually pay lol, depends on the place.
/Just|Feary/ (8 months ago)
You Are my new Mantra ahahaha Your videos are truly awesome! Greetings from an Italian raver! WOOO ahahahah
Nameless (8 months ago)
+/Just|Feary/ WOO!
latinpapie (8 months ago)
Nameless (8 months ago)
Carlos Bravo (8 months ago)
This video is dope, its like a gym routine for fast results but nothing flashy, just enough to make a change.
Nameless (8 months ago)
Glad you like it! Exactly, kept it simple :)
lukkash (10 months ago)
Man, that’s just a MAGIC of the place, atmosphere and alcohol (and maybe not only) what turns on hot emotions and this affinity to be promiscuous and limitless ;)
Nameless (10 months ago)
Haha agreed! All of it helps... If you are truly enjoying yourself in the atmosphere, it's likely other people will feel it too. Then, you meet someone or two...
cash pick (11 months ago)
She a hoe
Nameless (11 months ago)
+cash pick If I am a hoe myself, why does it matter?
Aarron Conkright (11 months ago)
How do you expect me to say flirty things and be physical if im sober, that's so hard to do, is that even possible to do without being drunk? The nerve it would take to do some of those things, but if it works id try anything
Aarron Conkright (11 months ago)
Nameless Thanks man, i will try it!
Nameless (11 months ago)
Just try it out! Most of the hard work is approaching. After this, go with the flow.
Bashar al-Assad (11 months ago)
They high and drunk. These chicks see a camera and want to be on it. Case closed.
Nameless (11 months ago)
+Bashar al-Assad Some do, not all
Πεύκο Ο (1 year ago)
Awesome video man, the only thing is disagree is that avast majority of people go to festivals to meet people to fall in love to or to fuck.
Nameless (1 year ago)
Hehe ;)
Πεύκο Ο (1 year ago)
Wow, I never guessed you would respond!
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Πεύκο Ο Thx! I guess it's one point of view
RetzyWilliams (1 year ago)
This was awesome. However you stumbled onto something more critical. You wearing the go pro cam, as a prop, creates a public episode which inherently is attracting adventurous mindsets, as well as those seeking validation from an external source. It is not so much that they are flirting with you, ie - your inner workings and self. But rather, you, are in fact being used to facilitate them - flirting with the potential of their own minds, as well as the go pro cam's ability to record their legacy. You are in fact "training them" to discard you. However if results are mutually beneficial, hats off to you! the only thing I warn is that there is not some other territorial male, who believes he has ownership of such girl, in your presence. Ie Girl might be seeking revenge on that male as resentment for his control.
RetzyWilliams (1 year ago)
The 2nd paragraph first commends a working protocol to achieve the end goal. Now on the timing end, in 30 seconds specifically, this may not yield enough time to see if the girl was with someone. But if she was, why might she still go along? The girl might see 'camera guy' as a prop to get more attention from her true person of interest, and he might be lurking without being recognized. She likely would keep him on the DL to see where you take it. if this other unknown guy sees you as a threat to his interest, he may attack. She soaks up the attention. Now perhaps you were scoping the girl out in advance, and saw she was not with someone, but then this was likely "more than 30 seconds"...it would entail the research process first, then the 30-second move. So the 30 second move would have followed a research process. But then by this logic, any 'kiss' could be measured in a matter of seconds following a 'build'. So, any kiss would be in a matter of seconds through this paradigm. Thus, if a true 30-second run, you might not have taken into account she is with someone. This was the warning, not to you, per say, but rather to any other viewer who would look to emulate. Anyway.... :D Peace!
Nameless (1 year ago)
+RetzyWilliams thx for watching, Interesting input. Though I'd love to know more about that second paragraph because I do not make the link.... cheers
MrGollum1996 (1 year ago)
Ok you made how to pick up girls. How about, how to keep girls? That would be cool... xD Love all of you videos
MrGollum1996 (1 year ago)
Haha ok I understand.
Nameless (1 year ago)
+MrGollum1996 I wish I knew... :( lol
Zachary Zalass (1 year ago)
Such a bump of confidence watching a guy from the same city as me getting game easy, in english!!!
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Zachary Zalass Thanks! ;)
OwnD1 (1 year ago)
Love these POV vids than the overly edited shit from other PUA channels
Nameless (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot!
Jamie Gallivan (1 year ago)
"I make you wet" fucking killed me hahahahaha
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Jamie Gallivan haha
Krokodil (1 year ago)
Great video!! But how did you explain your head camera to these girls?
Nameless (1 year ago)
Thx! "I was born with it."
Ad Ec (1 year ago)
You need to step it up above this zedd, sled shit though. You need to get your ass to Berghain ASAP and get a very low key camera.
Nameless (1 year ago)
Hey man. I gotta make the camera visible so the girls know they are being filmed with their consent!
Ad Ec (1 year ago)
Took me way back with the first song. It was actually one of the songs, which really got me into electronic music way back in the day. You should use it as background for a rainy festival. If I'm not mistaken the original video clip was in the rain, but it was from almost a decade ago and didn't manage to find it now. Good advice for newbies too. Most newbs are over complicating things, when it's all pretty simply in reality.
Nameless (1 year ago)
Thx! You're giving me good ideas. I'm planning to do a video in the rain actually
Michael ZY (1 year ago)
Hey man, just binged watched all your videos. Can you please please do a tutorial on how to dance in such circumstances? :)
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Michael ZY Wow I feel honored thank you lol. Interesting request, I had a friend suggest I do something like this as well...Will consider it. You mean dancing in terms of picking up girls, or just dancing to dance?
Strange sluts tongue germs dont concern you? Any guy can go bug chasing, but why? Herpes. Hpv. Gonorrea. Hiv. Flu. Zika. Syphilis. You all deserve to catch one
flo singab (3 months ago)
Hiv by kissing? Sure haha
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Sweetbutterflykripperino Haha
Anonymous Male (1 year ago)
Question, how do you transition from vibing to moving away from the crowd. As the male, should I always take the initiative to move to a quieter place? Also, I've had a couple of chicks return to dancing on their own after a hookup, in these situations should I stick around and try to reestablish physical contact or take it as them being done with me and move on?
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Anonymous Male Thx! Defintely go to the other "stages" of the interaction. Take every new step as an adventure or experiment, and you'll progress fast :)
Anonymous Male (1 year ago)
Nameless Cheers man, I have always been pretty good at sparking original interest with girls, but wasn't really interested in pursuing until recently. This obviously means I lack experience in progressing to different stages, but it's great to have your channel as a resource to pick apart.
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Anonymous Male Just go "lets move over there" or "let me show you something cool, I know this nice spot!" Dont ask and lead ;) if she resists, try again later. Take her hand and go as you say this. If she went back to dance on her own, probably she is just looking to have fun, a kiss and nothing more. Maybe she got bored of just kissing for a while, so its important to move her around to keep the novelty. Who knows, you could get some action somewhere in the bushes... if thats your thing. Hope that helps!
Peer Bermutstein (1 year ago)
We have electric Love festival in Austria. It's on 6-8th July this year. Would be cool if you came here next year or anytime.
Nameless (1 year ago)
Damn that would be sick! Will consider it.
Trey Ward (1 year ago)
Bruh you got this down to a science thank you so much can't wait to start picking up girls at my next rave or festival
Nameless (1 year ago)
Np :)
Andrew _quinonez (1 year ago)
Hey man I'm in highschool right now but every so often we have a highschool rave with a bunch of different schools and I feel this is a very good guide on what to expect or do!
Andrew _quinonez (1 year ago)
thanks man! lmao it did help
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Andrew _quinonez np! Damn high school miss those times... Enjoy!
Kanuma E (1 year ago)
going to my first EDC this year (of course for the music) but after seeing this video i'm more excited thanks for the helpful video, WOOOOOOH ;)
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Kanuma E np! WOO
Eywa J (1 year ago)
My question is: are you drinking at festivals or are you completly sober?
Eywa J (1 year ago)
Alright, thanks :)! (Btw: Pleass do more videos like this!)
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Eywa J Sometimes I drink, often I'm sober. I honestly don't notice much of a difference personally in terms of results, but drinking makes it more fun sometimes :)
SuperSupergeo (1 year ago)
Wooooo piknic is the sh****t! So do you live in/near mtl? What are those other festivals you have in this video, they all look sick!
Nameless (1 year ago)
+SuperSupergeo Some beachclub footage, Ile soniq and Osheaga :) thx
coolsatpalsingh2 (1 year ago)
real raybans? lmao
Nameless (1 year ago)
+coolsatpalsingh2 haha
Ian Borda (1 year ago)
Broooo, your channel is awesome! Keep up the good stuff!! Peace.
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Ian Borda Thx!
TheMoonMan (1 year ago)
This channel is actually one of the fucking coolest channels i've ever come across. This shit makes me wanna be ballzy. Keep up the good shit man!
Nameless (1 year ago)
When I get snapchat I'll add you!
TheMoonMan (1 year ago)
You should add me man. We could definately collab sometime, I got quite a bit of subs and we could help each other if you'd like bahaha. My snap is Mynameseric , lemme know :D
Nameless (1 year ago)
Not yet, but soon
TheMoonMan (1 year ago)
Do you have a snapchat by chance pal? :D
Nameless (1 year ago)
+TheMoonMan Thanks a lot!! Means a lot
frmendez21 (1 year ago)
I just did this at a rave, basically you have fun and you do the 'woo' thing pull them in and start dirty dancing, making out, etc. works every time, met a lot of great women!
Nameless (1 year ago)
+frmendez21 Awesome so happy it worked for you as well! :)
jax (1 year ago)
stj4mw (6 months ago)
+jax Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "10 ways to pick up a girl" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Cebaarvel Feminine Flirter - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.
Nameless (1 year ago)
+jonin WOO
Joao Silva (1 year ago)
This is also 101 for night clubs.
Nameless (1 year ago)
+Joao Silva Almost! Haha
Maître Kébabier (1 year ago)
T'es Francais ?! Respect mec :)
Nameless (1 year ago)
+ZaeRoZz Nice j'vais checker ca ;)
Maître Kébabier (1 year ago)
Je te reconnaîtrais si tu fais comme moi des festivals cet été pas trop loin :p (je fais L'électric Love, l'EMF, les plages électroniques)
Nameless (1 year ago)
Oui, merci ;)
youngblood212 (1 year ago)
great video, love the tips but honestly like the go pro setup which is a definite plus for your teachings
Nameless (1 year ago)
youngblood212 Thanks!!
U 182day (1 year ago)
I want to see full version of kissing scene
U 182day (1 year ago)
Nameless 4:05 and 5:27
Nameless (1 year ago)
I won't breakdown "almost all" KCs because they are all the same... This video one which you are commenting has a lot of information, I dont know if youve watched it?...
U 182day (1 year ago)
Nameless thank you for response
U 182day (1 year ago)
Nameless almost all
Nameless (1 year ago)
Sergio Giacoman Soto (1 year ago)
I am curious: when you are physical, how do you distinguish between slight resistance and a rejection? Obviously, If a girl is into you but is shy/nervous she might close off a bit, whereas If she doesn't want you she will also close off.
Nameless (1 year ago)
This is really hard to explain, but you get a feel for it the more you go out... the shy/nervous type will close off but still be positively reactive to you. She will still remain close to you hopefully, and still listen even though she doesn't talk much. The one that's genuinely closed off and doesn't like you will most likely try to avoid you, and have more obviously negative expressions like frowning, avoiding eye contact, and she won't even listen. If you're really unsure, just keep going until you get a hard rejection like "Fuck off" LOL. Then this will help learn calibration. Hope that helps...
Dominik Hardegger (1 year ago)
Moooooooooore Videos like this. More more more. I like to see more how you get girls on festivals. Keep going! Cheers
Nameless (1 year ago)
Dominik Hardegger Haha ok ;)
H Brian (1 year ago)
(I admit I'm not single at the moment to be doing these) but this was a really insightful video for anyone in the game!
Nameless (1 year ago)
Glad you found it helpful thx :)
noel123 (1 year ago)
Coachella here I come !
Nameless (1 year ago)
noel123 Woo!
Toxic (1 year ago)
Hey bruh great video, It would be cool if you talked a bit more about confidence and getting rid of ego control. Cheers!
Nameless (1 year ago)
Thanks for suggestion, will do this for sure!
Porridge (1 year ago)
1:40 - I died Btw fuck! You saw Zedd's Dead live, I've been following them since 2011, I recognized "White Satin" instantly haha :) P.S.: You could have done a threeway make out with those 2 brunettes at the end! Tyler style, mon ami
Nameless (1 year ago)
AR SK (1 year ago)
would like to see maybe a clubbing version but in a format of a vlog kinda but with your artistic spin
Nameless (1 year ago)
AR SK I'll think about it, thx for the suggestion!
High Thoughts (1 year ago)
Brings a whole new meaning to wooing your spouse.. or is it?
Nameless (1 year ago)
doobeedoobeedooo Hahahaha
MrBookie24 (1 year ago)
How would you escalate to putting your hand down her pants/fingering her while dancing? What are some ways to test if shes comfortable with it?
Nameless (1 year ago)
MrBookie24 Start with kissing. Caress her ass, slide your hand in between her legs on top of her pants (or panties). Lead her hand to your pants as well. Make sure to go sloooow
repoo (1 year ago)
Hey man I really like the step by step nature of this video! Your past videos have amazing visuals / editing but I feel they lack actual instructional qualities in respect to the awesome things you're doing (the open at a bar / escalating). Hope to see more vids like this in the future!
Nameless (1 year ago)
Hey man thanks a lot for the feedback! I will be making more of these :)
wsiethinker (1 year ago)
This only works if you are white and good looking
snaq (20 days ago)
Sunglasses do wonders, trust me
kèhbab (2 months ago)
Color doesnt matter shit these days, if you ugly it's harder but just try to lower standards and positive vibes are the key Im negative as fuck but if i see a girl i put my fake good vibes/happy feelings on and go in
Roohan (2 months ago)
Approved I was a fat nerd 2 yeas ago, now I am fit with some abs, and finally girls are intrested in me. So if you are ugly do something with yourself.
idontlikeyouyo (2 months ago)
God damn incel.
It only works if you're good looking and most can become good enough looking.
jonnybobo678 (1 year ago)
Nameless (1 year ago)
Thanks my man!
Davian (1 year ago)
Wow awesome video! Everyone loves this type of informational, inspiring, fun content. It would be awesome to see more videos relating to the ones you suggested at the end of the video! Keep it up, subscribed!
Nameless (1 year ago)
Davian Thanks for the feedback! Will do
Douche Bag (1 year ago)
Loved this video man, I've always been fine with eye contact but have struggled with physicality. I've been to festivals but was always been in my head too much. Never approached lol
Nameless (1 year ago)
Douche Bag Hope this video helped! Focus on physicality :)
Max Maric (1 year ago)
Yet again awesome video bro 👍🏽
Nameless (1 year ago)
Max Maric Thx bro!
eric lin (1 year ago)
Awesome video brother. Keep them coming!
Nameless (1 year ago)
eric lin Thx man!
Jordbær (1 year ago)
amazing true video man
Nameless (1 year ago)
Nikos QcD Thx man!

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