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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performances | BY ARCHIE®

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performances Best Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Rihanna Diamonds Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Lady Gaga Million Reasons Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Live Performances Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Ariana Grande Black Eyed Peas Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Seal Crazy Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Katy Perry Live Victoris Secret Bruno Mars The Weeknd 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do Maroon 5 Moves Like Jagger Ed Sheeran Live Hozier Take e To Church Fashion Show Live Justin Timberlake Sexy Back Victoria Secret Fashion Show
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Text Comments (936)
Sharlyn Jelly Oca (2 days ago)
Lady Gaga is the Queen..the Best
Chatraporn Tamthong (16 days ago)
Gaga all the way
Vivi Vivi (17 days ago)
Katy Perry is sexier than all of the angels ...
Naman Kaushik (21 days ago)
Filip Marinkovic (24 days ago)
Redha remal (1 month ago)
Taylor swift is the best
Butterscotch Butter (2 months ago)
Lady gaga was the best at the end just wow
J Ana Kame (2 months ago)
Gaga los hace mierda a todos 😉
Lspi Aroha (2 months ago)
Sumit Hazarika (2 months ago)
Take me to church? Lol lol lol Gaga and Rihanna for me
delena_ Swift (3 months ago)
Style on Victoria Secret Show is truly one of the best
Dean Pratiwi (3 months ago)
Taylor 💕
Amanda Bosquievski (3 months ago)
Lady Gaga &Rihanna😍😍😍
Taekook Moonchild (4 months ago)
Some of these songs are too slow & you can tell the models aren’t feeling it
Adele Lovers (4 months ago)
Lady Gaga Ariana Grande Rihanna The Weekend
aknycats111 chladna (4 months ago)
OLSIS TV (4 months ago)
Lady gaga ครบสุด เดินแบบ อินเนอร์ การร้อง การโชว์
Thunder Sound (4 months ago)
Gaga and Rihanna ❤
lucas r (4 months ago)
connie han (4 months ago)
rihanna's diamonds performance is iconic and ariana <3
Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga👑❤
Jeriel Ramos (5 months ago)
Ariana Grande❤
Grande Power (5 months ago)
Ariana was the best
Eve willow (5 months ago)
little Monster (5 months ago)
Gaga 💙💀
Alexi Napadao (5 months ago)
Ariiii by far
Isaac Madrid (6 months ago)
Selena, bruno, rihanna, taylor and ariana
Nurul Muzirah (6 months ago)
taylor is the best
Yealy Khy (7 months ago)
Taylor swift is the best
Mawrch (7 months ago)
Katy was so beautiful back then and still is
Rihanna 2013
aknycats111 chladna (8 months ago)
Lady Gaga Rihanna Black Eyed Peas Bruno Mars The Weekend
Mabigail Ermino (9 months ago)
Lady GaGa Slayed It More Than The Victories Secret Girl's Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Is The Best
ilias zaid (9 months ago)
Selena .tay .ar .gaga
*Lady Gaga Queen ♡*
Ivan Dunaj (9 months ago)
Rihanna won best
Tobias Krineczky (10 months ago)
Your Mother (10 months ago)
Leon Jos (10 months ago)
The weekend destroy vs show....
Amari Yerby (10 months ago)
Bruno and Rihanna ❤️
Ada Argun (10 months ago)
Katy is the best! The show is so colorful and amazing.
勒滴嘎嘎 (10 months ago)
Gaga is best 👸🏼
very good ❤!
aknycats111 chladna (11 months ago)
Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Rihanna
Chris Gabbie (11 months ago)
Lady Gaga and Fall Out Boy <3
Callum Sinclair (11 months ago)
Taylor and Rihanna were best
Callum Sinclair (11 months ago)
And Selena and Ellie Goulding
Shraddha Khedkar (11 months ago)
Gaga was the real queen out there!
S_Gomez_ 311 (11 months ago)
Sel is the best
Malek Ezzeddine (11 months ago)
Katy Perry and Bruno mars dir sûre ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Enrique T (11 months ago)
Gaga and Grande were the best. Not just the voice but the outfits
NASIR Majgaonkar (11 months ago)
Katy has a major Record
khairul rizal (11 months ago)
Natalia Džolić (11 months ago)
Lady Gaga...
Christine Loriel 10 (11 months ago)
I cant decide, but Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and Ariana Grande were definitely the best.
Duhitzniclaas (1 year ago)
Katys performance was the best for me! (Everyone has a own opinion) 💞
mehreen gilani (1 year ago)
Tay and selena❤
Jane Ngaosi (1 year ago)
Lady Gaga😊😊
velo yalike (1 year ago)
Ariana queeeeeen❤❤❤❤
velo yalike (1 year ago)
Y que es de la gorda cerda de selena gomez por fue ella por las influencias de disque amiga taylor pir que esa gorda nunca deberia ir todavia canta horribleeeeee😨😨😨
velo yalike (1 year ago)
Ariana grande es la mejor siempre deveria ir la omoo❤❤❤❤
Nilutpal Gogoi (1 year ago)
Snapmosh (1 year ago)
Katy, Gaga, Ariana and Taylor ❤️
wilza Lustosa (1 year ago)
Snapmosh katy ❤
wilza Lustosa (1 year ago)
Ed Mercury (1 year ago)
Lady Gaga!!!!
Katy Is My Lovely Cat (1 year ago)
Vocal: Gaga Performance: Katy Lip sync: Akon, Taylor 😂😂
Min Suga (1 year ago)
Taylor Quinn (1 year ago)
You forgot Taylor's performance with fallout Boy London 2015
arianator forever (1 year ago)
Ariana is the best
Jose Manuel Molina (1 year ago)
Gaga 😍😍
NG LOO YEE - (1 year ago)
Rihanna the best
Cally Mendes (1 year ago)
Taylor Swift is the BEST
noelle t. (1 year ago)
33zzombo && (1 year ago)
Katy and gaga
Fiza Hussain (1 year ago)
Queen Selena
Maruati FC (1 year ago)
Selena best
Leon Paraya (1 year ago)
Ariana Grande Always!!!!!!
Sanne ESC (1 year ago)
Fall out boy all the way!!
BitchGetOut (1 year ago)
Riri all the way, gaga was good but she was on the way of the models when they had to pose she was there with them and that is not right
Moonlight Queen (1 year ago)
Male:Bruno/Starboy(the weekend) Female:Ariana/Gaga
Daniela Hristova (1 year ago)
No one can surpass RIHANNA she is the best and remains the best❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤QUEEN RIHANNA 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Menu Khatri (1 year ago)
Taylor and gaga were the best.
Gamer Areej (1 year ago)
Lady Gaga, Ari and Bruno were the best
3:38 Gisele 💞
Chan Mayto (1 year ago)
Gaga! Gaga! Gaga! 4evet
Chan Mayto (1 year ago)
Lorens Stranjak (1 year ago)
Queen gaga. 👸
Harshveer Sethi (1 year ago)
Ariana ❤️
Blackpink Trash (1 year ago)
Taylor swift,Lady gaga,Rihanna,selena,Ariana,ed sheeran,fall out boy were the best for me 😍😍
steve gomez (1 year ago)
1 taylor 2 lady gaga 3 selena 4 the week end 5 rihana 6 i dont care!!!!
steve gomez (1 year ago)
1 taylor 2 lady gaga 3 selena 4 the week end 5 rihana 6 i dont care!!!!
steve gomez (1 year ago)
1 taylor 2 lady gaga 3 selena 4 the week end 5 rihana 6 i dont care!!!!
ариана фонаграм
gerard bottoms okay ? (1 year ago)
taylor looks like an angel
Who is love Taylor Swift like me
Taylorina Slift (1 year ago)
Juno Boy (1 year ago)
Taylor and Gaga ❤️❤️
Drew Roswell (1 year ago)
People who slayed it : Ed : Good one Katy : The Pretty Cat Slayed it! Bruno Mars : Keep going there man! Tay : Whoo! Ma Princess killed it! Ariana : She slayed the it. Rihanna : She did it better than them! Gaga : Woah! Best one ever!
Swiftieforever13 (1 year ago)
Taylor swift ❤️
Bryan Briones (1 year ago)
Lady Gaga the best
Drynicole 123 (1 year ago)
Ariana gave me more attention then the models._.🤣
Héctor Beteta (1 year ago)
Taylor could be a perfect VS model

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