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How to Trademark a Name or Business Name #trademark #rolfclaessen

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How to trademark a name or business name #trademark - https://www.freischem.eu - Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=rolfclaessen #rolfclaessen Keywords: How to trademark a name, trademark a name, Rolf Claessen, trademark a business name, Marke, Trademarks, Patent Attorney, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Howto, Tutorial, tradenark, how to protect a brand, brand protection, trademark attorney, how to trademark a business name, Geistiges Eigentum, how to trademark your name, how to trademark a name and logo, trademark your name, trademark (legal subject), trademark registration, how to trademark, wipo, trade name, intellectual property (literature subject), how to trademark a word, how to trademark a band name Often people ask me how to trademark a name. Names, such as product names or company names are typically protected with trademarks. My first advice is to ask a patent attorney or an attorney experienced in trademarks to help you with protecting your name as a trademark. But if you want to get a glimpse of what is needed to do this, then here are the most important things to consider: First of all, you would want to compile all the information you need to protect a name as a trademark. The main three pieces of information would be: a) The sign (e.g. name or logo) b) The goods and services c) The applicant Goods and services are grouped into so called Nice classes, as you will see in the following example: If you want to open a dance studio under the name MARIMBA then this information would be a) Sign: MARIMBA b) Goods and services: 41: Education, entertainment and sports (including e.g. dance clubs, dance instruction, …); 43: Provision of food and drink (e.g. a bar); 25: headwear; clothing; footwear c) Your company name and address or personal name and private address Before protecting a name as a trademark, you find out, whether there are earlier identical or similar trademarks that could cause a conflict. As an example, you do not want to launch a new car under the name of PMW – it would be too similar to BMW. I have a link to a detailed video in the shownotes how to conduct a search for earlier similar trademarks. Once you made sure that there are no conflicting earlier trademarks or company names, then you can actually file your trademark application with the intellectual property office of your country or region. Many trademark offices nowadays offer to file trademarks using a simple web form. You can navigate there and then enter the information that we compiled above. Once submitted, you can a receipt and the office will then start examining your trademark application. The trademark gets registered, if the office did not find any formal errors or did not object to the trademark application for other reasons such as descriptiveness of the mark. Once your trademark is registered, you can use the trademark e.g. to tell other competitors not to use identical or very similar names for the protected services. Or you can issue licenses to your trademark for other dance studio owners and make money that way. I hope I was able to show you how to protect a name or business name. Stichworte: Rolf Claessen, Patentanwalt, Freischem & Partner, Patent Attorney Other useful websites: IP Fridays - http://www.ipfridays.com (intellectual property podcast) IP Newsflash - http://www.ipnewsflash.com (intellectual property news portal, free patent PDF download, free patent family search) Contact Rolf at Dr. Rolf Claessen Patent Attorneys Freischem Salierring 47 - 53 (12th floor) D-50677 Cologne Germany Telephone: +49 (221) 270 5770 Facsimile: +49 (221) 27057710 http://www.freischem.eu Legalese and Disclaimer You have been watching a video by Rolf Claessen. The views expressed by the participants of this program are their own and do not represent the views of nor are they endorsed by their respective law firms. None of the content should be considered legal advice. This video should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. The contents of this video are intended for general informational purposes only and you are urged to consult your own patent attorney on any specific legal questions. As always, consult a patent attorney.
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Richard Powell (1 year ago)
Hey everyone I'm in need of some help. Can I trademark my own name? Just my regular name, like Joe budden or Kendrick Lamar, Kanye west. All those names.
Richard Powell (1 year ago)
Rolf Claessen thank you
StoryDayTrades (5 months ago)
Does trademarking protect you against people making transactions in your trademarked name? i.e. All caps name? Because I found my birth certificate being traded on "fidelity"
Neil Lemon (10 months ago)
What if before I register as a business and I have a domain name which will be my business name in time, could I register that name as a trade mark before I register it as a business?
TheWriter86 (11 months ago)
Thank you
michael djarmotsky (1 year ago)
I am thinking of starting my own home based business where I make my own Canadian/American anime
Hi Michael! Feel free to ask us anything about trademark registration. We can help and guide you from start to finish. Email us at [email protected] or visit us at https://trademarkers.com/. Let's prevent potential copycats of your precious brand and show off the significance of a trademark.
michael djarmotsky (1 year ago)
In the future I am thinking of starting my own home based business so my own home based business will need a company name this is why I am looking into trademark and copyright and patent etc laws
MrOnyxxx99 (8 days ago)
You can also trademark YOUR name... the all caps version. ;)
Hi there! Feel free to ask us anything about trademark registration. We can help and guide you from start to finish. Email us at [email protected] or visit us at https://trademarkers.com/. Let's prevent potential copycats of your precious brand and show off the significance of a trademark.
PEACHES JOHNSON (1 year ago)
Thx 4 caring
Great edit!
KEATE WILSON (1 year ago)
what happens if I found a web site using my first name
Mr.Bubba (1 year ago)
would you make a video on how to get a trademark attorney?
Dominick Banyon (1 year ago)
great video it help me a lot it's a blessing to know that I have attorney in my back pocket with being a associate with legal shield and how it goes hand to hand
laker4lyfe (1 year ago)
WHERE SHOULD I START?! Okay I'm looking to start my own religious ministry and I want to protect the name is have in mind. what should I do? Do I get it copyrighted, trademarked or get a llc?! I don't have a logo just a name. Any suggestions?!!

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