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REACTION VIDEOS | "Preteen Meme Master" With Papa Franku! :-D

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Reaction videos continue with a hilarious rant/review vid from the legend himself, Filthy Frank! I loved these types of videos that Papa Franku did. It's so sad there won't be more of them. I certainly wish him the very best in his music and everything else he takes on. :-) COTW - PRETEEN MEME MASTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL7RvNfGEqs OUR PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/SpazBoysComedy TWITTER: http://twitter.com/TheSpazGamer DISCORD: https://discord.gg/yC5DkQh FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/SpazBoysComedy TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/curtiscandy
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Text Comments (82)
Chunston Bas (1 month ago)
Hey guys im a new sub, loving watching your reactions to the filth. Just wondering, when is young spaz boy gonna do an opening/intro? might be interesting :)
Daniel Horsburgh (1 month ago)
Why did you give up on frank reactions if you truly love them.
Dead Shot (2 months ago)
To bad Frank dosent do videos anymore
I Forgot (7 months ago)
End my liver
pottergeist (9 months ago)
watch cotw anti smoking ads
Allan C (9 months ago)
Zǫlǫmunduz (9 months ago)
yeah backhand for sure
Jonathan Joestar (10 months ago)
That kid is the reason school shootings exist.
family friendly pg clean (10 months ago)
I'd backhand both those kids. Total dipshits, both of them.
E-TAG JAM (10 months ago)
Gerardo Zamarron (10 months ago)
he’s gone ...
Dizzy Dan (10 months ago)
react to the whole of pink season
Coolbrampton (10 months ago)
that kid almost has the most punchable face i've ever seen, second only to ajit pieboi
danny devis88 (10 months ago)
you should react to joji tbh it not comedy but he makes good music. fithy frank quit youtube to move on to music
white dad (10 months ago)
RIP Filthyfrank Show
Im fat man
LP Forever (10 months ago)
This is why bullying will not go away. Sometimes you have and want to do it.
Black Rose (10 months ago)
React to Plan To Eradicate Christmas
The Brisky (10 months ago)
4:04 that already happened in Vegas recently 😅😅😅💀
Vortex CA (10 months ago)
So these are the same kids that are in the comments that think Sasuke is stronger than Naruto when they're adults!
Wassil J (10 months ago)
there are more cringes of the week check'em out
Nichaelas (10 months ago)
These kids are an incredible case of cringe but not as uncommon as you think. They just got attention because there was a camera that happened to catch them in their natural habitat. If you remember middle school you remember these kids.
Spencer Noss (10 months ago)
I saw this kid, heard his voice and now it feels like I have a tumor growing in my frontal lobe.
H-R tutorials (10 months ago)
deadly twister plz
Tracey Carver (10 months ago)
I bet he still MEASTABETS while eating top ramen.
Sean Paul (10 months ago)
LuKeNzAs LT (10 months ago)
Please do a reaction to deadly twister
Elkai Dred (10 months ago)
As a wise broken black swordman ones said " Not even the most advanced super computer calculating thousands of years can approach the numbers of cringe im having just by watching this for a few minutes".
sixstringpsycho (10 months ago)
We need to direct Curtis to some of the OLD Filthy Frank vids. Like 2011-2013 DizastaMusic
Eroge Oficial (10 months ago)
please curtis, react to 'I eat ass (JP101)' by papa franku.
Cgar2000 0 (10 months ago)
You should watch final fantasy 7 abridged by team four star
Saibachick (10 months ago)
Yeah that kid needs a good whoopin.
AAA (10 months ago)
Lol this exactly what happens when you get rid of bullying like Bill Burr said
Orchestra Of Ruin (10 months ago)
now I wanna see you react to the SCREECHER
Ya Boi Jordan (10 months ago)
Can you react to Ricky Berwick. He's like a crippled version of pink guy XD
Felipe Revuelta (10 months ago)
Kids are cringy by nature and now we have YouTube where their moments can live forever. Very nice 😆👌
Michael Mathers (10 months ago)
I hate "memes" and anybody who calls a joke a "meme". It's a fucking JOKE, A REFERENCE, QUIT MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT THE INTERNET, FOR FUCKS SAKE YOU ARE SO CRINGEY
TheScaleless (10 months ago)
"how many of you guys wanna backhand this kid?" Are you kidding me? I'd be cringing too hard to get within 100 feet of this kid lol
Hunter (10 months ago)
You guys need to react to yugioh gx abriged
Rey the Mellow (10 months ago)
That kids the type of person to flag pornhub videos for nudity
Niqht (10 months ago)
Rey the Mellow or Roblox
Nichaelas (10 months ago)
Rey the Mellow Not if they're Minecraft.
Vrezzy (10 months ago)
watch some pewdiepie
Persun McPersonson (10 months ago)
Atleast there are still videos that you haven't reacted to yet! And he'll still make great music. :D
Peter MacNeill (10 months ago)
If I was was other kid the mine craft kid would be beating up and thrown into a locker and I'd would've had a new IPad
Matthew Lee (10 months ago)
Don't worry Curtis. I'm sure if you work hard enough, one day Papa Franku will do a cotw about you
Jonathan Joestar (10 months ago)
Matthew Lee but he quit YouTube...
Matthew Lee (10 months ago)
This kid grew up to be the "gtfo of my room, I'm playing Minecraft!" kid.
SSJ NeV (10 months ago)
They should literally hire those kids as excavators Papa Franku: "If you see a kid like this, do the world a favor, take the kid out back, look at the sunset together and just shoot him in the back of the head" ...yeah
i wish Pennywise was real!
NCsombra (1 month ago)
your movie sucked
Simple Gamer (10 months ago)
Curtis i thaught you and spaz kid would react to the new ygotas episode what happebed to that?
hygor bohm Hubner (10 months ago)
Curtis, please react to Ash's Savage Moments from Pokémon! I tried to request this countless times on your live streams, but apparently you never noticed xD
Lewd Angel (10 months ago)
You should react to M-Date abridged one-shot. It's only 1 video and i think it'd be right up your alley
Nemke (10 months ago)
Dan Wopp (10 months ago)
nice reaction I also hope your Christmas goes well, oh and can you reaction to filthy frannkd "Bad internet rappers"
John Chavez (10 months ago)
I kinda wanna backhand this kid.
Jonathan Joestar (10 months ago)
We all do
SpoobyHD (10 months ago)
Me too don't worry
미하이 (10 months ago)
John Chavez Mexican doge
Cris Caro (10 months ago)
"it's a meme you dip!!" i wonder if there is a t-shirt of that, probably being used by some 2017 pre-teen who knows about the deep web and watch rick and morty xD
Lalisaasilal (10 months ago)
doesn't matter how much you hate on him he made it into papa frankus video and thats an achievement :D
shiny mewtwo (10 months ago)
Watch some more dashie
SpoobyHD (10 months ago)
Still Waiting for Deadly Twister
Dusk TheHunter (3 months ago)
Drug Dealer (10 months ago)
Are you okay Curtis? seemed a little down in this video.
ErkPlays 2499 (10 months ago)
He might be sad cause Frank quit youtube
Drug Dealer (10 months ago)
I can't really give an answer but he just seemed a little upset to me.
Myy100 (10 months ago)
a K n (10 months ago)
Nii san (10 months ago)
infinityPlays (10 months ago)
Spaz boy kid just keep going for this channel i rlly enjoing this channel youre laugh makes me happy🤣🤣🤣
devan decapua (10 months ago)
Please react to more stuff and Sam episodes
Susan Sue (10 months ago)
Kai Thomas (10 months ago)
can you react to YTP: Spiderman - Peter the Park ranger
Futurama Pop (10 months ago)
BLACKED. COM (10 months ago)
Daddy can you please react to Long sword style DBZ parody by Ssj9k
TheScaleless (10 months ago)
Pretty sure he already did in a stream a while back.
BLACKED. COM (10 months ago)
shiny mewtwo oh crap Ima edit my comment
shiny mewtwo (10 months ago)
Retard Guy it’s actually by ssj9k but that other person reuploaded
BLACKED. COM (10 months ago)
If you do I will give you some good succ
Big Body (10 months ago)
It's been 84 years...

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