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12 Cognitive Biases Explained - How to Think Better and More Logically Removing Bias

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We are going to be explaining 12 cognitive biases in this video and presenting them in a format that you can easily understand to help you make better decision in your life. Cognitive biases are flaws in logical thinking that clear the path to bad decisions, so learning about these ideas can reduce errors in your thought process, leading to a more successful life. These biases are very closely related to logical fallacies, which may help you win an argument or present information better. Ismonoff: https://www.youtube.com/user/ismonofftv 1)Anchoring Bias 2)Availability Heuristic bias 3)Bandwagon Bias 4)Choice Supportive Bias 5)Confirmation Bias 6)Ostrich Bias 7)Outcome Bias 8)Overconfidence 9)Placebo bias 10)Survivorship Bias 11)Selective Perception Bias 12)Blind Spot Bias What I make my videos with: http://bit.ly/2fPakuK Insta: https://www.instagram.com/practical_psych/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/practical_psych Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/practicalpsych Check out MY Passive Income Ebook: http://bit.ly/PsychologyIncome
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Text Comments (1216)
Bruno Rojas (19 hours ago)
Num 6 if you see bad signs in a partner dont overlook it or ignore dont cover it up wirh but they make it up in this. In relationships dont ignore the informacion.
Alexandre L'Écuyer (3 days ago)
not the pooping part
Rae Quinn (11 days ago)
No not the pooping part ! 😆
Boogy Boogy (11 days ago)
The background music is so much disturbing caused me distraction it is useless
SaveTheHumanz (19 days ago)
To be fair, added sugar is really bad for you. Don’t over consume
Christopher Lacroix (20 days ago)
I think it's amazing how his thick black Sharpie can write in multiple colours, produce nuanced shadings, and make lines of multiple widths.
CandyFlower99 (25 days ago)
It helped my exam so much. But its not the only reason i love it, it gave me new perspective of life. Thanl u
Njabulo Shobede (27 days ago)
Nice video. what did you use to make make the animation?
Hex Omega (28 days ago)
Religion explained in 10 minutes
TheaDragonSpirit (28 days ago)
2:18 - Yes but is that because they stop terrorists attacks that people die less from them, or is it simply there is less terrorist attacks. If the police wasn't stopping people, would people die 1,000 times more. So just because a static number is low, doesn't mean another variable isn't at play reducing the risk, like police and special forces which prevent terrorism. Just thought I would point that out.
Cornell Sandifer (1 month ago)
If you're Black there is one in ten chance you will be killed by the police, still there is one in five you will be killed by another Black person dead is dead still it's a damn shame but being in the Philippines my chances get better each day, God please bless America shed thy grace on thee.
Hidan (1 month ago)
I hate how this list is almost alphabetical. This can’t be a coincidence
G Guitar (1 month ago)
it's surprising to see a video on cognitive bias that suggest the fear of terrorism is unjustified since more people get killed by a TV falling on them. Does the US spend millions of dollars to prevent TV falling? If the news were talking about people accidentally killed by a TV the public would deem more reasonable to spend money on preventing this accidents
Sank E (1 month ago)
0:18 Anchoring Bias 1:22 Availability Bias 2:22 Bandwagon Effect 3:09 Choice Supportive Bias 3:50 Confirmation Bias 4:30 Ostrich Bias 5:20 Outcome Bias 6:12 Overconfidence 6:52 Placebo Effect 7:44 Survivorship Bias 8:32 Selective Perception 9:08 Blindspot Bias
Samo Samo (1 month ago)
Man, you are gold, thank you and thank YouTube for bringing us your amazing work.
Quaalude Charlie (1 month ago)
The Earth Really is Flat and Stationary . Research Flat Earth :o QC
ウイリャム (1 month ago)
The 5th bias is so confirmed with me! For example, each time I finish a show, a movie or an anime, I'll be looking for a confirmation of my opinion about those. If I dislike a work, unconscously I wanna be reassured in my choice.
Ondřej Milich (1 month ago)
I love your voice, wth
Edley Soares (1 month ago)
Thank you
19brownboy81 (2 months ago)
Bandwagon effect = Dunning Kreugger effect
Joiichi Oda (2 months ago)
Biases indeed!
Mark E. (2 months ago)
Lol...correction...police ARE terrorists...
Madara Uchiwa (2 months ago)
I have all of them.
ウイリャム (1 month ago)
*We* have all of them. Everybody is victim of those biases, that's normal if you're struck by those. But when it happens, you don't necesserally notice it.
nck rivas (2 months ago)
One of the reasons of why I left the left
Vincent Cornelius (2 months ago)
The point is don't let your feelibg get in your thinking process !!!
Pepperjoy Jr. (2 months ago)
Damn you brain
Chaz Hector (2 months ago)
It wouls be such a good videk if ghe narrator spoke significantly slower. What is the need to speak so fast? Must be a psychological reason behind it.
jessie mayfield (2 months ago)
What if you believe you're more biased
KnightOfTheRoundFable (2 months ago)
Ballers and Globeheads take note ;)
Walrus Bellhop (2 months ago)
What about Coconuts from the Middle East? No wait, they're dates. Single guys! Dates fall from the sky in the Middle East!
Samo Samo (2 months ago)
good video but u speak too fast, thanks anyway.
Kim Jong-Un (2 months ago)
Blind spot bias is awesome
Ines إيناس (2 months ago)
Why do I hear POLITICAL CORRECTNESS in every explanation?
hwd71 (2 months ago)
Next you should do a video of all the logical fallicies you committed in this one.
TV Of Everything (2 months ago)
Believe it or not I see both sides of any situation and then decide I look for complete Information before taking any decisions
ウイリャム (1 month ago)
wow interesting ....
Anurag aggarwal (2 months ago)
You can be aware of coconut tree and policeman but terrorist?
lukkash (2 months ago)
Based on psychoanalysis it’s stated we use ego defence mechanisms to see harsh truth and it causes some of these cognitive biases.
lukkash (2 months ago)
That about Apple products is completely true. You have to be a user of MacOS and Windows to be objective. Many of people just use some brand due to fashion, or so- called social proof and that notion of premium price range and then they tend to deny any downsides of these products.
izcool100 (2 months ago)
Yh I'm more likely to die from a coconut in London then terrorism lol
Good Tutt (2 months ago)
The musical noise included on this video is irritating. Why do we have to listen to it? Why ?
Brass (2 months ago)
Parts of this video fulfill self-supporting argument bias
Bhapapath Visutvatanasak (2 months ago)
Self-serving bias
robaerto71 (2 months ago)
Your title is misleading! You just listed the different forms of bias' but didN#t explain for a second "HOW to Think Better and More Logically Removing Bias"!
Piku Paul (2 months ago)
Seems like traveling on a rocket!!! Please go slower
Jim Thyne (2 months ago)
Too much 'upspeak' or 'High Terminal Ending'!
Proactively Prepped (2 months ago)
Great direct to the point reference video. Thanks for the effort
metalwheelz (2 months ago)
The example given for “Availability Heuristics Bias” isn’t exactly fair. TVs may cause more deaths per year than terrorists but there is a vast and intricate anti-terrorist network in place to protect us from them. So in a basic way your example is in fact true (given my anchoring bias to believe that this information is true) however if there was an equally stringent network in place to prevent ‘TV deaths’ then the statistic would surely change. In short, sitting in front of a terrorist is certainly more dangerous than sitting in front of a TV. I would even venture to say that pulling a terrorist down off the top shelf is also more dangerous than pulling a TV down off the top shelf. However, coming across a terrorist at random is certainly less likely that coming across a TV and therefore is less likely to cause harm on any given day.  There is also the statistical problem of “per total incidents” vs. “incidents per participant”. There are likely billions more TVs than terrorists in the US. So if you weigh the number of people interactive with TVs against the number of TV deaths then the ratio is so small it is entirely insignificant. Likewise if you weigh the number of people interactive with terrorists against the number of terrorist deaths then those numbers are quite significant.
Warren NZ (2 months ago)
Great! Thanks for getting to the point instead of droning on and on.
Jim Braatz (2 months ago)
So if this video confirmed my thoughts is it.... mind is shutting down....
Igor Lebich (2 months ago)
There is a similar thing when you notice things that have to do something with you. I've never in my life saw a person using wireless headphones IRL until I bought them and saw 3 people using them the same day. Oh that's actually #11
Stephen Rauscher (3 months ago)
Shut it off after 4 basic grammar errors in the first minute.
Aidid Rashed Efat (3 months ago)
We should learn basic psychology in elementary school.
Kenneth Carvalho (3 months ago)
The content is absolutely superb. Now if you had used a slow thoughtful voice it would have been even more effective almost philosophical.
Life Mastery Gym (3 months ago)
Really well explained
Waleed Almarzooqi (3 months ago)
i dont agree with number 4, the neighbor's grass is always greener :P
Zinedine Zidane (3 months ago)
if you are an atheist no 12 does not apply to you
KLJF (3 months ago)
i'm in love with my username
Badass Productions (3 months ago)
Outcome bias is what makes rejection scary at least in my opinion
Dakingsnake (3 months ago)
Anchoring bias is every Macy's sale
Marcus Rosales (3 months ago)
I was almost killed by a CRT TV as an infant lol.
DarkPandaLord (3 months ago)
The brain is still evolving. Eventually these biases will all be killed off 1 by 1 :)
burneyvisser (3 months ago)
Slow down-)
Jean Andrade (4 months ago)
What’s the difference between this and the 25 cognitive biases by Charlie munger? Why are these 2 things different
Dakingsnake (4 months ago)
Kind of testy aren't you? You don't want what kind of comments again? Some of these comparisons are ridiculous.
Bman (4 months ago)
I loved the video but maybe my reasoning is due to the bandwagon effect. I should learned not to read comments before commenting 😀😀😀
Francis Del Torto (4 months ago)
Not saying these biases don't exist to heck a large extent but they sound a lot like an easy way to make an excuse for anything rather than just confront any new information and just go your expressing x bias. There's kind of a catch 22 problem with all of these biases that assume nobody's been lied to or believe something false so this science of bias thinking creates a kind of a logic confirmation bias loophole to never address any given issue and just say your bias and here's how backed by science.
Screw The Net (4 months ago)
Wow...this would be useful for about half of america. Alas, I dont think much about terrorism, so the bias, is not enough to keep watching. *skutters off *
Adrian Doble (4 months ago)
How boring life would be without these biases
Kelly Kerr (4 months ago)
As an American, all I can ask is why so many Americans are dumb. I’m sure it’s because we spend a ton of money on stupid wars and not school. I have known this since I was a child, because the Vietnam war was going on when I was a child, and I saw on television and hated it. My stepfather wasn’t the greatest either, but I loved school and I kept thinking but I thinking that we needed more money to make the school better ever since I was in third grade and I’m 54 now.
Chudleigh Pomeroy (4 months ago)
The police thing.....speak up then it's 50/50.
olectrix (4 months ago)
You have a "talking to fast BIAS" - unwatchable - at least for me. :/
Tzaphkiel Melekiyah (4 months ago)
The terrorism comment is onky applicable to certain locales the total stastic just using general population without distinctions makes it invalid some area it is more common others nearly nonexistent but the individual needs to evaluate for themselves some dont have tvs and fear it due to knowing people effected by it
Arief Rakhman (5 months ago)
So.. What's the solution? I want to know how can we think faster using heuristics and bias awareness (since we may never escape them) and maintaining slower critical thinking.. Can AI and machine learning help augment some of the critical thinking, so we can make more right decisions, faster?
Michael Mantion (5 months ago)
@Practical Psychology SUPER AMAZING VIDEO Completely ruined by Background music Can you Please Please Please Please Please Please re-upload this, with out BG music so i can watch it. I only made it 2 minutes in and that noise was too much. PLEASE uplaod this with out music.
Michael Kindt (5 months ago)
@9:06-.-I’m pretty sure I’m not affected by this one. Lol.
Tunnel Vision (5 months ago)
30000 should be lowered to 10000 for a price for a car
Richard Bonaduce (5 months ago)
These examples are awful, but the basic info is good.
McDonald Trump (5 months ago)
Why should a $30000 car be sold for $10000?
Alexander Arnold (5 months ago)
Visual biases, like what some Actors and Actresses have done to "gain more exposure" for their Fame?
Jacob Staten (5 months ago)
2:40 why so many people say they hate Suicide Squad or Last Jedi or like Heredity or It Comes At Night.
Sophia Maurer (5 months ago)
https://t.co/Jq102FkXP2?-manifest-the-life-you-want 7713
Conor S (5 months ago)
Neat video. As my man Jim Jefferies paraphrases so nicely. I think therefore I am. All you know is that you exist, everything else is open to interpretation. It’s about finding the best tools to discover the most evidence based view of reality in any given situation. We think the earth doesn’t move because we don’t feel it move, we are wrong. We have evolved to be incredibly good at somethings and poor at others. Thankfully we have also discovered many useful ways of discerning fact from fiction even within our own evolutionary biology which has only done wonders for mankind
Jack Jammen (5 months ago)
The bandwagon effect actually is a good strategy when it comes to stock. As far as clicking on videos to help you get different opinions, that’s out the window with all the tailoring done here on YouTube.
ki daniels (5 months ago)
The placebo effect accounts for over 30% of effect so if you are looking for efficacy of treatment the more accurate statistic is ONLY that over 33% so if the procedure or med is listed as 47% effective it in actuality only helping 14% of cases . Great video. Valuable. You speak fast though lol 10q Be well be free Sonoma County Ki
Toukyou Masters (5 months ago)
Muslims are genuinely the biggest problem in both Europe and India. Ditto for Canada and Australia and New Zealand too.
Hidan (5 months ago)
the goal is not to avoid all these biases at all time, they can actually help us make decisions in complex situations. It is just imperative to be aware when they occur
FlatWorldJomhuriRegime88 (5 months ago)
If everyone was jumping off the bridge, I probably would, becoz it means there's crazy shit going down
STEPHEN DEDALUS (5 months ago)
Based on the comments below I would say that there is a very strong stupidity bias at play here (....a lotta genetic coconuts have already struck home). Although, as with all internet commentary, its hard to sift the idiots from the agenda trolls. ...might be a nice parlour game to do so. ....better copyright that......
Yusuf Dadkhah (5 months ago)
you didn't say How to Think Better and More Logically and you didn't say how to remove bias
David (5 months ago)
So I'm more likely to be killed by a coconut than a terrorist? Let's examine the facts: 1) In 2016 terrorists shot up a museum just down the street from me (Garland TX) where I could have easily been hurt or killed. 2) In 2015 terrorists killed 22 people in San Bernardino where I visit and a friend of mine is a police officer. 3) In 2016 a suicide bomber (OCONUS) detonated about 500 feet away from me, not to mention other indirect attempts. 4) A coconut tree? I'll take my chances on the coconut tree....THANKS! Oh and by the way I suppose you'll be using the same model for gun control?
oinky momo (6 months ago)
also for #10, people say that they were fine riding in the trunks of cars when they were little, but only because the kids who didn't survive arent around to say that they didn't
Ben Quinney (6 months ago)
Think radically
Joel (6 months ago)
You lost me on outcome bias. That seems like a pretty good bias to me. The proof is in the pudding.
Dominic Lee (6 months ago)
1:46 how do TVs kill?
Daniel Gil (6 months ago)
DEAD BOY43 (6 months ago)
Peggy Reising (6 months ago)
Dude you have the Ostrich condition about the danger of all the sugar in our food.
John Bond (6 months ago)
#6 Ostrich Bias --> A defense mechanism against cognitive dissonance.
Jon Erickson (6 months ago)
I am saving this and will review this video every few months to keep in mind how my mind can be misled.
Sexy McDeepVoice (6 months ago)
Terrorism is a problem because of it's potential for destruction not for the lives it's already ended, you're misrepresenting the threat of terrorism in a video about cognitive bias.

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