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Has A Deceased Loved One Visited You In A Dream?

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Want interactive practice and mentoring to show you how to be a psychic medium? Check out my online mediumship circle: http://guidingechoes.com/mediumgroup/ Friends and loved ones who have passed away sometimes find a way to visit us in our dreams. When this happens, you may wake up wondering if what you experienced was real, or just an invention of your subconscious mind. In this video, I will reveal the top seven signs of a dream visitation. My Online Course Will Teach You How To Connect With Your Deceased Friends And Family. Check It Out Here: http://guidingechoes.com/connect-with-your-deceased-friends-and-family-members/ SUBSCRIBE to this channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/guidingechoes?sub_confirmation=1 PRIVATE READINGS For a private readings, visit my website at http://guidingechoes.com. PATREON - Join me for VIP group readings, get one question email readings, discounts and more! https://www.patreon.com/Nicole FREE E-BOOK: "The Lightworkers' Guide to the Pendulum." http://guidingechoes.com/lightworkerpendulum/ SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - http://facebook.com/guidingechoes Twitter - http://twitter.com/nicoleguillaume Thank you for watching! I look forward to connecting with you!
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Doto bee (4 hours ago)
My dad passed away 5 years ago and very often I have dreams about him and in most of them I say to him:”I knew you didn’t die” . It’s like the opposite of what you say about dream visitations when you know he is supposed to be dead. What does it mean?
melinna cepeda (19 hours ago)
Hello.. I just want to say you r awesome!! I have had dreams with passed loved ones but i can't hear them..why is that? I thought its because maybe I'm not ready in my life to be able to do so.. why is that?
Jessixa85 (1 day ago)
I went back to bed after I got my daughter on the bus.. i laid in bed and didnt think i fell asleep. But I had to at some point.. I dreamt me and my husband ran away together with some other people. We ended up at his parents house (but they werent his real parents which is how I knew it was a dream.) I cant remember the whole dream but at one point we were speaking outside at sunrise and ge came behind me a wrapped his arms around me tight and said his parents were going to be throwing us a anniversary party( our wedding anniversary was beginning of may). So much of the dream was fictional which made me know it was not real but his embrace felt so real that I thought I was awake and that was really happening shortly after his hug I woke.. woke sad because in the end it was a dream. And made me miss him even more and wish I could have stayed inside that dream.. he died 03/16/17 I only have these realistic dreams once in a while.. otherwise I dont have dreams I remember. Makes me not want to sleep.. breaks my heart when I have to awake and realize it wasnt reality... wish I could remember the other parts or more of what we spoke on but I was just over whelmed by his arms wrapped around me..
michelle morado (2 days ago)
♥️ this was wonderful. I have had visitation from my father and his father. My grandfather had already died before I had a chance to meet him, but he came to console me after my father’s death, which followed (in the dream) one week after my late aunt. I was crying and said it wasn’t fair, and he told me, Mija, I know you’re angry but we already booked the mariachi. It doesn’t have to be sad - we can celebrate. He told sent me off on a mission to get roses and told me his lucky numbers. In another scene I watched him cooking food for the service - I watched him through a window and i remember thinking it was like the photographs I had seen came to life. I remember feeling so proud I was his, and he was so beautiful. But mostly what I remember was that he looked into my eyes and he hugged me and it felt so real. The second dream was one of my father and it had all of the cues you mentioned ... I was watching him sing and dance on stage (something he loved to do) - and he was very young, maybe 16. I remember knowing that I was seeing a moment of his life and thinking he was so beautiful. In the next phase of the dream I was an invisible presence in his car as he talked to a girlfriend he was dating. He was talking about my mother, and their heartbreak, but he paused to say that it gave him his baby girl. He said my name and that he loved me. In that moment even though I wasn’t really even in the car, he turned toward me and looked at me, his eyes right at me. Now that I think about it, I don’t usually think I make much eye contact like that in dreams. Thank you for sharing this video. I’m very grateful for the visits.
Lisa (2 days ago)
My brother passed away in 1998 and I've only had a few dreams with him that I know were real visitations. In each one he never spoke though and I often wondered why. Even though I was comfortable with this and had a feeling I understood what he was feeling, I found it odd he never talked. Why is this I wonder...?
Cmarie (2 days ago)
All my mom did was smile at me and walk away. Not even a good smile. A smile like I'm fine but I don't care about you very much. I know that makes no sense. It was vivid. Felt real. She was younger and wore a bright pink shirt. She came to see me but I'm not comforted about it. I didn't feel loved. It was like she just wanted to let me know show was ok and that was that.This was 2 years ago and I still can't get it out of my head
Maria Torres (5 days ago)
My husband passed away recently on April 10 2019 I haven't get any signs of him please I would like to know if he's ok or mad at me 😥
Toni Mosley (6 days ago)
My husband passed away 7 months ago I have dreams that he left me for another woman we had a very good relationship never like how the dreams go
Mark Yo Face (8 days ago)
I want my twin brother back
Alyn (10 days ago)
My mums Friend,she was a neighbor of ours a while ago in Uganda we were strong friends with her I only remember small flasbacks of her we moved into Lebanon and maybe 2 or 1 month ago she passed away in cancer,she had a newborn baby girl like 6 months age and I went to her burial and stood next to her dead body I was so sad that I never got to see her before she died so today I had a dream that we were in a car with my mums friend at the front seat [she lies a lot and hates me] and suddenly she appeared dressed in white and a dark blue scarf [shes muslim] aand she stood nfront of us her face was so white and clear I admired her and then I suddenly remembered didnt she die? some guy at the front seat asked her what she ended up naming her boy and she said I ended up naming him I think the name was wajdi I wish I hadnt forgotten the name and the she came to me and we did that arab kiss with the handshake while I was in the car when I woke up I was only focused on her and wht shes sendng me wht she wants me to know Its was like a lump in my throat and while I was telling it to my mother I had a breakdown and started crying, I wish we sat and talked hope to see her again I miss her
Joe Blow (11 days ago)
The night before my uncles funeral his son,was on my left sleeping I was in the middle and my son on my right,and as if no sleep and my eyes were open he and I talked and he asked me to take care of his son and look after him for him,and of course I said yes without hesitation and he said he was sorry it wasn't meant to happen that he made a mistake and feels like the family is looking at him different,and obviously I'm thinking he said that cause he OD'ed,but I could feel his remorse and wanting the family to not look at him differently cause he made mistakes,then as the conversation was and ended I could hear the tv in the background and what was on I woke up!..So thinking I wasn't sleeping and didn't even question him talking to me,until I woke and every sound didn't even skip a beat.I wasn't much of a believer till that happened,so I know what she means with all those signs isn't BS!
Anh Jeeves (11 days ago)
My Mommy made her transition in October 2018 due to breast cancer. I moved into a new place on May 8, 2019. Last night I dreamed of her giving me furniture, a desk, and a vacuum for my new place. That's her personality to be helpful and giving. I think she just wants me to know she's with me. She's visited me in my dreams twice B4 this. The first time was less than three days after her transition. I was washing her feet and she was happy. The only thing she said was that her feet felt good. And I was happy to just be with her. The second dream was her comforting me about my anger with my family. I was telling her how everyone was acting and about the dysfunction that happened after her transition. She did not care to scold anyone but only to be of comfort to everyone. She wasn't even sick anymore in the dream. She hasn't been sick in any of the three dreams I've had. I miss her everyday. Sending love and light to all those who have lost someone close to them.
I saw my dead dog Elvis he was my pet chuauawa I miss him so much
Stephanie Cofer (13 days ago)
I had a dream of my dead father in law. And me and my husban are not speaking or together. I miss my hubby and want him to come home. I love him and miss him a lot
Jemmena Wright (13 days ago)
My boyfriend just passed on April 15 n a couple of days ago I went to the beach to talk with him n the Universe..that night I went to sleep and I dreamt he was laying beside me..he kissed me on my shoulder and he asked me if this was how I wanted him to love me and I told him yes..when he was here he would always tell me he just want me to be happy..we did not speak openly the conversation was done without words.I woke up extremely happy in knowing he is still here with me.
Leah Rw (15 days ago)
I believe it was a dream but I had recently lost my best friend and about a month ago I saw him I was aware he was there but it didn’t feel strange like it was normal that he was alive. All that happened was i was standing on this very green grass and i look to my right and I see him just standing with a backpack he always wore and was looking for something and behind him was a bright light so light it was so hard to see anything.. all I could see was green grass and a briight light but he didn’t say anything he just looked confused and I’m just wondering why I had that dream? And recently My friend and I that were close to him have been talking to him through a phone booth we have to insert a coin and it rings till he arrives and sometimes we hear other voices.. what is it?
Maseena Lewis (18 days ago)
I have vivid dreams what seems like extremely often
Brooke Lockhart (19 days ago)
I remember a dream of a friend that we were at a family members house and I was shocked. My heart dropped when I saw him just walking up so casually. But no one else seemed to realize that he wasn't supposed to be here. Not that I didn't want him there I miss him I wish he was here but it hit me. He's dead... it can't be. And I walked over to him and asked "are you ok?" He luaghed at me and said "yeah I'm fine. Are you ok?" I knew I was dreaming and I didn't want it to end because I didn't want him to leave. I miss him so much and I dream of him often and it always feels like this. He always tells me he's ok or he smiles at me or we talk about certain people or hint at people. God I wish heaven had visitation hours 😢😢😢😢
Jocelyn Ivette (20 days ago)
I had a friend who passed away 3 years ago. I just randomly dreamt of him last night . This is the second time That when I dream of him me and my friends couldn’t look at him in the eyes or else he would shine so bright. In my dream we were all aware that he passed away. when he came over to say hi to me and my friend , my one friend told me not to look him in the eyes. we had to look down because of that reason . What does that mean? This isn’t the first time I dream of him “lighting up” like that.
Makeupwith Shayna (21 days ago)
Hi.. i just came across your channel. I’ve had dreams about my sons father but my question is: he never talks to me, but i always see him with my son and i. Or it’s like i run into him somewhere and he’s just smiling like cheesing really hard.
Jess Boos (25 days ago)
Last night I had a dream that I was at my great aunt’s mass. She passed away in late September. To my left, there was an open seat and a rush of cold air sat next to me. I could feel it as if it wasn’t a dream. Ice cold and a slight (non painful) staticky kiss on my left cheek. My relatives at the mass could tell I was startled so they turned around in their seat and said “don’t be scared/frightened.. it’s just a visit.” “You have a visitor.” I didn’t wake up right away, but this most certainly had to be a spiritual visit. As a matter of fact my first one. Maybe that’s why they passed the message on for me to not be frightened?
Genie El STARZ (25 days ago)
Hey there my step uncle died a few years ago and he was in my dream yesterday and he was following me around trying to take some money from me but I hid it in my pants and I told him that I didn't have the money. I was in my old secondary school. Can you help with this? X
stz cl (29 days ago)
My friend has visited me twice and the first time I told them I missed them and they said they still think about me a lot. The second we just caught up with each other and he told me he was very happy. I was just happy that we were continuing to have memories with one another
Dan Jakeway (29 days ago)
Once. Once. I saw Dad driving the car. And I wasn't even able to speak to him. I am in desolation. I hate having no access to my ancestors. I hate it. This life of death and interrupted contact is desolation.
M stackz (1 month ago)
I had the same dream of my uncle , then a couple months after my grandma passed away and i had a dream of her aswell. Both dreams i was shocked and very amazed and how they were alive. They both didnt talk to me they were just there. My uncle was a alcoholic and my dream was of him having a beer, my grandma was at my front door and all i could do was hug her, cry and asked her what happened. After i had these dreams i started researching and found alot of people had the same experience.
The Poet (1 month ago)
My father passed away because of cancer he was very thin when he passed 6 months later i had a dream that felt so real, in the dream it was morning and my kids and parents in law where all fun, then I saw my father sitting on a bed in the room and he looked so healthy and he was smiling and in the middel of the night i felt pure love my entire body was warm and shineing i smiled back, i have never smiled like that before,
The Poet (17 days ago)
+Ear Hustler i Really belive it too, there have 2 times Where I have been in a sleep wake state , the first One in bed my father said 'hey Peter' and i said 'hey dad' the second One was at World doing break i was alone and falling asleep and a woman loadly said 'PETER' have you tried this before
Ear Hustler (18 days ago)
The Poet hello. I’ve read that when a loved one who has been ill before they passed away and comes back in your dreams as a healthy person, that means that they have been restored on the other side. 🤗
Oh la la Muah (1 month ago)
Hummmm, I've had a few "visitations" and something I have noticed is that spirits don't communicate like we do infact the use "telepathy" images, feelings but never words from their mouth infact they don't even move their mouth. Also you will know if it was a visitation because they let you know so there will be no doubt if there is doubt then it was just a dream..,is like having an orgasm you either have it or not, there is nothing in between.
Kaleb Jullian (1 month ago)
Guiding Echos, I want to tell you about an encounter I had with my best friend who passed away in June of 2018 from a 3 way car accident. She was 17 years old and in the passenger seat. She passed on contact. All my life (16 years) I had been mentally, emotionally, and physically abused by my father. When I went to church that Sunday, I saw my best friend. We had some really great times together and I will always cherish those moments. 6 months ago, I came out as transgender to my family. But all along, I was always wondering what my friend would think of this. About a month ago I had an encounter with my friend, Alyssa. I was at a store with my father, and in the car in front of us, I saw her get into the passenger seat. I wasn't sure if it was her or not because I was aware of her being gone and it didn't feel true. I got out of my fathers truck and I walk over. There she was, she was sitting there and smiling at me. I hugged her, I could actually feel her too. I cried on her shoulders. She then looked at me and told me that even though I had come out as a transguy, that she still loves me for being who I am. Well my father had walked out of the store, she took me by the hand and lead me to him and said (quote on quote) "I know what you did... I know exactly what you did. ". She scowled at him and held me close and just hugged me. At this point I was crying really bad. She then looked at me and she walked away and back into the passenger seat of the car she was in. Not a word after came out of her mouth. I woke up and I was crying, tears running down my face, but I was giving off a soft smile..
Heather Carmen (1 month ago)
Last night I had a dream about a friend that passed away last month. I haven't seen him in years but he was a big part of my life when I was younger. It was so weird. I was somewhere I had never been but it was somewhere he was himself. He was a huge gamer and he was with friends playing some DND game. He was so excited to see me and I was so happy to see him but I at one point stopped and said "wait this isn't real, you died. " he just smiled and said "really? Hmm that's weird" and just started laughing and doing what he was doing before." I have no idea why or what this was about but I cant shake it. Thank you for this video. I feel like it helped.
Otamare (1 month ago)
Aww :'(
Anime Unanimated (1 month ago)
When I was 9 years old my life changed in many different ways. I got hit by a car. I was in a coma for 3 months. I died for 3 days within the first part of my coma. I still dont remember the whole thing. I have trouble remembering what happened 15 minutes ago to this day. But I lived through the experience. A "miracle child"... however, within months of returning home from MUSC, my father passed away. Still to this day, I do not know what caused his death. Lies have been told on top of what I was originally told etc. When I was 25(maybe 26 I cannot fully remember but I remember the dream) I was beginning to study from The Book of Mormon. The Missionaries whom I was under invited me to speak to Heavenly Father at any and all times if I am seeking solace or guidance. I did. I still do sometimes. But one night I had a dream about a house. Dont know where it was or who lived there...not really. But the door to this house opened and my dad stepped out and took my hand. He led me inside and had an in depth conversation with me about his apologies for dying. That it wasn't my fault. That Heavenly Father forgives me my sins and I will one day be with Him again. I have tried to understand what was being said but I can't fully commit to the idea. I was studying out of boredom. Religion is a joke to me. All of them say the same things in different stories. But I can't shake the feeling I had. The feelings I'm crying over this very moment as I remember...
Lynn Damar (1 month ago)
I had a dream last night. My mom passed away two years ago. In my dream, we met somewhere, and I told her that I'd be right back, but when I did, I came back and she's dead. Families are gathering for her service, I had just found out. Not much excitement in there, since I was still in grieving period and this happened all over again :(
Selena Dobing (1 month ago)
My dream was.... So I was a home I saw a photo of three women one was a baby crawling the other woman was me and the other was a grandma holding a microphone (all these girl/woman are in the same photo) then I realise that there are dried up blood on one corner of the photo then I'm in a woods with my dad (my dad is dead) so my dad and I was walking to a tall building (it looks like a school) me and my dad were holding papers and I asked him three questions 1) dad what time is it I think my phone has the wrong time he didn't answer 2) I can't remember 3) are you dead he turned back and looked at me and didn't answer then I dropped my papers I picked them up my dad was walked into the strange building when I was picking up the papers (BTW the building had music) when my dad walked in the building it went quite So I ran into the building and no one was there when I was walking to building did See people also I was walking behind him I woke up confused... lol
demetrios3232 (1 month ago)
Even though I want to believe in the paranormal, I'm starting to feel that our powerful brains manufacture everything including out of body experiences. Are these really "visitations" from deceased loved ones? Or are they merely dreams? Has anyone ever had a visitation from a deceased family member who he or she had never met? e.g. a grandmother who passed away before you were born? Does that grandmother who you never met, ever visit you?  In other words, it is logical that we dream about those who we were closest to and who we may have loved deeply.  The human brain is an incredibly complex organ. Certainly it is capable of the most amazing activity.
G E (1 month ago)
My cousin was murdered she was 27. Its been three years. I had a dream where we were at a school I walked by her and we were surprised to see each other. She looked busy talking with friends. We hugged I started crying I didn’t want to pull apart from her. She said I heard I was murdered. I told her I didn’t want to talk about that because I knew we didn’t have much time before I woke up as I figured it was a dream. The message was she was ok. I woke up crying and so emotional. It was a visitation ❤️. I was even a little scared about it.
Ashley Maynard (1 month ago)
I just had a dream of a friend that past almost a year ago an it was so real if struggled hard with her death but In my dream I hugged her tightly with her head on my chest like an had my hand in her head tightly an said I don't want to let go because you will be dead again then she said after I let go I can still feel your hands on my head I just know it means something but can't really figure it out
Shaina Williams (1 month ago)
I had a dream about my great grandmother who died a year ago she woke up at her funeral but I didn’t get to talk to her I think she was trying to tell me something.
Rhea Soloman (1 month ago)
My cousin passed away almost 2 years ago. I was there for her funeral, but after 2-3 days I went back to my University. I came back after 1 month, and the night I came she visited me in my dream, saying that I was waiting for you to come, now I have seen you I am going. I was aware that she is dead but I didn't mentioned that. That was the last day I saw her until last night, I saw her again, she told me she bought me a gift. And when I got up my mother told me that my sister in law is in hospital as she was in labor. She gave birth to a baby girl.🥰🥰🥰
KingPinNewMex Calabaza (1 month ago)
I just had a dream last night about my uncle and couple more family members all in one dream same scene i seen them all but couldn't see the faces.... But my Uncle is who I went up to first, I gave him the biggest hug and started crying telling him how much I missed him, then he tells me stop crying for me I'm ok.. after he said that he told me look in the mirror no one is here with you so I looked in the mirror behind us and I was standing there hugging myself my uncle was no where in sight in the mirror just me.... Then I woke up and felt like crying
Awi Phe (1 month ago)
My friend was shot and kill on 3/23/19 Mind me I pray every night for both of my friend that got shot and kill in the street. But for Chavez who recently pass away he was in my dream. I’m that dream he was asking me how he should do good deed because the gate of heaven was close for him, he ask for a favor on what he could do good deed so the gate could open for him to Rest In Peace and I start helping him. The old lady was in there and she turn out to be the person we help which made the heaven gate open for Chavez💔 Can you please explain this to me? The dream mean a lot because I’m still broken over all this😔
Drizzle Shizzle (1 month ago)
Good speaker. Insightful. Honest. Keep it up.
Xurof (1 month ago)
My uncle passed a few months back from a plane crash. He passed doing what he loved. He left behind an amazing son and wife, and amazing friends and family. Anyways, I have had two dreams about my uncle. The first one, I was at my best friends house, which is my uncles son, I was walking around, and saw my uncle. He said “hey Ally”. I saw him in a tuxedo. After that, I suppose I woke up. The second time I saw him was last night. I fell asleep, and I had multiple dreams. One of my dreams had a happy ending to I don’t know what, but there was a line of people that I love, and right behind them in the distance, I saw my uncle smiling and waving at me. Since we weren’t that close, I had a bit of fear inside of me, but I truly miss him so much. I don’t know what it is, but it just scares me a little bit when anything spiritual happens. I miss you uncle George. Rest easy. ❤️
Katie Smith (2 months ago)
Last year i losted my mother and father inlaw 16days apart both very young and differnt reasons i had a dream that my mother inlaw come back from the dead and told us she never really died she was losted in my dream it felt so real i woke up crying she told me she had only just found out about her husband passing she passed away suddenly and he passed away in his sleep 16days later do u think he has passed over because he had a sort of natural death but my mother inlaw havent plz comment if anyone has any ideas 💙💚
jamestoni (2 months ago)
my mother is dead a year yesterday, ive just woke up at 4.30 am, i had a great dream about her, she spoke to me and told me everything is going to be ok. my autistic daughter was there too and she spoke clearly, my autistic daughter has not got great speech skills but she spoke clearly in my dream and my mother told me everything is going to be alright. i woke and it seemed real. tbh i woke up really happy. it was comforting.
P R (2 months ago)
Never had an experience like this before but, My pitbull passed from a brain tumor last year.. not a person but she could've fooled me. Her passing devastated me,its been very rough. I finally had a dream of her last night, didn't seem like a normal dream, I felt in my dream I knew she was gone and why she was gone..but her tumor was no longer there..and she looked like her old self again, I said I love you Hunie and she layed her head on mine with the same big pittie smile she always had in life....and then I woke up. I'm not sure if it was her love visiting me, or just my grief but it was nice to feel her presence again.😔
Flaca .B (2 months ago)
Thank you so much Im sooo glad i found your channel 💜 first time watching a video and you earned a life time fan/ subscriber 💝 Namaste 👏
Rosemary Giovenco (2 months ago)
I had a really good friend that died November 1 2018. He came to me in a dream embraced me and kissed me. We were in a condo that had waterfall balcony. He than showed me money he had. Than we went to a park and watched a girl playing on a tire with water under it and she would slide on this tire. I even tried it. I woke up and I was so happy because I had missed him so much and he loved me and kissed me. Rosemary Giovenco in Tampa Fla.
Neal Richards (2 months ago)
I had a visitation from my ex girlfriend’s dad about two years ago who died July 2011. My ex and I broke up in 1974. My dream took place in my dad’s living room. My dad passed away in November 2011. My dad was never in my dream. The message was my ex and I belong together. He was going to call my ex’s mother who is still alive. What does that mean?
Nicole Anderson (2 months ago)
My dad just passed away suddenly less than 2 weeks ago... My sister had a dream a few days after that my dad called her on her phone and it was hard to hear with a lot of static but he said to her “I’m sorry for what is happening, but just know everything will be okay.” About a week after she had this dream I had a dream that I was in my dads bedroom and everything is as it looks now. My dad’s cell phone was sitting on top of his desk and my phone began to ring... I looked down at my phone and it said my dad was calling. My heart sank because I knew he was passed and that his phone was on his desk! It didn’t make any sense! I answered my phone and there was heavy static but through the sounds I heard my dad say “Hi Colie!!” I tried to speak back but for the life of me couldn’t form words out of my mouth!! Then I woke up from the dream... it’s been on my mind everyday since! Why couldn’t I speak back?! Why in both me and my sister’s dreams he’s calling on the phone with bad sound quality?
achokaiba (2 months ago)
My dad passed away last January 26, 2019 and i've dream of him this morning and all of the 7 signs you've said matched with my dream i wish i could say sorry and told that i love him. before he passed away. He died from a heart attack and he was at the hospital. My dream earlier is connected to the time he died. He said to my dream that he came from the hospital because his stomach aches and i said "you died already how come you came back to life? Am i dreaming? Tell me this is not a dream. My dad then lay on our bed on the exact room and bed where i dream of him :'( this is why i came here and confirmed that it was a dream visitation. Thanks alot.
Spiritual Explorer (3 months ago)
This was helpful, because I had this really weird dream of my grandmother. She just stood there, on her porch staring at me silently. She didn't speak but she just stared really intently, and then this really intense sense of sadness just took over my whole body, and I couldn't wake myself up. It was like I was stuck there staring at her, her looking at me, feeling in despair but I couldn't do anything about it. But it sounds like, based on this video that this wasn't a visitation. But I'm not sure what I was supposed to know.
Mathew Mus (3 months ago)
My grandma who took care of me for pretty much all through my childhood passed away in 2005. I had a dream a couple months ago that I was back in the house we lived in and I was in her bedroom where she spent a lot of time in her bed. She had some kind of scarf on her head (often had a wig when she was alive) and a pair of sunglasses which she would often sport indoors. (but I was able to kinda see her eyes through it) I noticed behind it she looked so much younger, healthier, and vibrant. I stood next to her bedside as she grabbed my hands warmly looked at me and tilted her head smiling and without speaking from her mouth told me how much she loved me and how proud she was of the person I had become. I woke up shortly after feeling completely shook of what had just happened. I love and miss her to this day and am grateful this happened. Deep down I truly feel it was her checking on me but I have no proof for my claims.
Melissa Productions (3 months ago)
I spoke with my mother last night on the phone and I was telling her about a dream I had about my passed on grandma and we both start crying because she passed a few months ago and I haven’t seen her yet. So this was special. Well we got to talking about my grandfather who was also very dear to our hearts. He passed when I was 3 but I still have very vivid memories with him.. and I went on to tell her I used to dream about him when I was little but not in many years.. so I was woken up out of a deep sleep this morning because I saw my grandpa for the first time since i was little!!! I called my mother and told her about this dream and she instantly started crying her eyes out and said, Melissa.. I asked him to go visit you in your dream to wish you a happy birthday! So the water works are just uncontrollable at this point.. very special moment for us and I can’t stop thinking about it now💕💕💕
Linda Bench (3 months ago)
I had a dream about my mother inlaw, She came to me and she had gifts in her arms. She looked really young and so happy. She had a beautiful white dress on and she had a light surrounding her and it just glowed. She looked so beautiful. I told her I have missed her and how beautiful she looked. I wish I could remember more. I feel like we spoke more but I can't remember what we talked about. Then all of a sudden I was sitting down with someone else and they had normal clothes on and i don't think it was her but I asked them what happened to your dress. I then woke up. It has been driving me crazy wondering what the message was. It was so Awesome to see her. I know it was real. She had come to me another time after she died, This time I did'nt see her be she gave me a gift of beautiful fireworks with the most amazing colors in them that i have never seen before and when I woke up the next day, I felt so much love and I had so much love for my self and everyone that day. The whole day was all positive. I have never felt that way since. It was wonderful. I knew she was ok and very happy.
Laura Engel (3 months ago)
My grandmother came to see me while i was sleeping. It was so strange, kind of like i had my back to her and she was asking me how everyone was doing and we were just going back and forth. What got my attention was toward the end of the conversation, she told me something i needed to hear from her....she told me she lived me. I had to see who told me this, cuz like i said, my back was to her as we were talking, like i was busy doing something while talking. Second she said i l ou ve you i turned around and saw her, and she was fading backwards, disappearing from my sight as inyelled please dont go , and how much i loved and missed her! I begged her not to leave yet, that i wanted to talk to ger about so many things, but she kept fading until i couldnt see her any more. I cant even tell you what she looked like, but i know it was her. I prayed for years for her tp ralk to me and let me know if she loves me abd if i make her proud of me. And i know it was really her! I have never dreamed anything like that before, and real isnt the word for it! Weirdly real, real and weird! My grandmother raised us children and she also had polio. But dont feel sorry for her cuz i gave never met a more kind and loving and strong woman as my grandmother was. She gave food if she had it to give, never selfish, always loving and strong. She had a heart of gold and i know if there are angels in heaven, my grandmother is sitting right there next to God our father, AMEN! I could never explain to anyone in words, just how truly amazing she is! Faith is hard when your blinded by sight., so just close your eyes and believe. Cuz i believe our lives are way bigger then we could ever possibly imagine. I believe we're all connected for a reason, and i believe love to be the universal emotion that connects our souls as completely as it fills our hearts! And hope always breathes eternal
team forty1231 (3 months ago)
i believe it's been about 9 years now.. i was adopted and my adopted mother passed away. She did come visit me and spoke to me. The dream felt so real i woke up crying because it happened on the day of her funeral. This was when I was still with my Sons father and we drove from ga to fl to her funeral. But anyways I still remember her words.. she gave me a hug. She said to me that She wanted to let me know that she was here and that she wanted to let us know that she loved us. She said I wanted you girls to know that I love you and that I am here. I woke up right after that moment like literally shot up out of my sleep and cried. My younger years I was a bit nieve and was going through young adult hood stuff we never got to make any ammends before she passed. But I remember before she passed, i recieved a post card from her and I was able to tell that something was not right by her writing, or I just felt her energy from the post card. At the time I did not know about my gifts and I didn't follow my intuition. But something made me call my family and that was when I found out she passed. However she did visit me the day after i attended her funeral. I didn't write it down but I will always remember her conversation
Jenn (3 months ago)
Another sign I got from my Dad was when we remodeled his house. I said to my husband that I hope he was proud of what we did and hope he liked it. Just then out of the blue a bubble appeared and flew in front of me. Slowly passed me, then my husband as if he was looking right at us. It slowly went up under the eaves of the neighbors house. Without breaking came back down passed us and flew away. Now if that wasn't a sign I don't know what is. It didn't pop just disappeared quickly like it appeared.
Jenn (3 months ago)
My Dad believed in Angel's. In fact, he told me an angel saved his life when he was in Vietnam. His foot was caught in a boogie by trap. No matter what he did he couldn't get out and the enemy was getting closer. He said he heard a voice tell him how to move his foot to get out. Just as he did the enemy almost saw him but he was able to hide. He had another encounter later in life. My dad passed from lung cancer 6-2-2015. A day later I saw him in my dreams as an angel. He was actually appeared to me as a young child like 13 years old and he turned to the side to show me his wings, smiled then left. No words. This was my sign that he was ok.
Saving Stefanie (3 months ago)
My dad passed away in the Summer of 2014. And I’ve had many of these dreams since then. Every sign you mentioned I’ve had. Also, I always know my dad cannot stay. Last time I dreamt he told me he had earned a visit. It seems the more I have these dreams..the more in depth it gets. He told me about God and what it’s like. He played ball in the yard with my kids. It’s very beautiful, but SO HARD to have these dreams because it is a gift, yet Incredibly Sad at the same time. Thank you for this video
Laci Miller (3 months ago)
My pawpaw passed away this past December. He passed away on December 10, 2018. He had many health issues before he died but he fought for most of my lifetime. He told my mom before he died that one of the main reasons he fought so hard was bc he wanted to see me grow up. I recently just tried out for cheerleading this past Friday but sadly I didn’t make it. I had a dream last night that he showed up on my dreams. I had a family get to together at my house (I used to have a lot of family get to togethers at my house but I don’t anymore) and I walking out of my room from getting ready. I walked down my hallway and he walked past me. He turned his head to me said “hey bug, how are you doing?” ( one of my family nicknames for me is bug) And I said “I’m doing good, you?”. Then he said “im doing fine”. It was so weird but yet so real
Destiny Snaer (3 months ago)
What does it mean when the deceased loved one asks you to go with them .. and they grab your hand and keep askimg you to go with him but to not be scared
Deanna Turcotte (3 months ago)
My brother passed away and one night I dreampt my living brother and my deceased brother were both together . My living brother had a chocolate bar and I said are you going to eat that and he said yes and went and sat down and ate it. Then my deceased brother came from around the same truck and I said Am I dreaming and he said I've been trying to reach you and I woke up. Does this mean my living brother is in danger of dying? ??? I can't have that. My deceased brother looked great and so did my living brother. My deceased brother was content. I think he was telling me to take it easy. However I think he was telling me more than one thing. I believe the message was to watch out for my living brother. His wife is a not looking after him like she should. However I feel that my deceased brother is at peace. And that gives me great comfort. I've lost three of my oldest brother and sisters. Death to me is a cowardly thief in the night. And can't face the light of day for being exposed for what he is.
Katie Flaxbeard (3 months ago)
Hi Nicole. I dreamt of a man I dated for 7 years and had not spoken to in about 4 years. What’s interesting is there was no bad terms in parting I simply moved and we lost touch and as a result of losing touch I actually forgot his existence for a number of years! I believe the forgetting was supernatural because I never forget someone as important to me as he was. Anyways so years of forgetting his existence he appears to me in a dream. There was no clear discussion between only the happy feeling of being together again. As I listened to your 7 signs the one that was true for me was number 7. No dream had ever emotionally moved me more. It stayed with me so heavy the next few days I had no rest I searched for him. I even called a private investigator. Here is what is most fascinating, at the time of my dream which was only a few weeks ago now, I didn’t know he had been deceased since 2014. He died of a drug overdose. A reason I believe we had been out of touch so long! The last time I saw him is a very unsettling memory because he came to visit me in Oregon from out of state and then bolted after 15 minutes like seeing me was too much. Or something had deeply affected him. Maybe he had just been intoxicated. I don’t know. The reason I forgot his existence for so long I believe is because I have a lot of trials since moving here including my son having brain cancer and I feel spiritually I was being protected until now when God believed it was time I was ready to know. I don’t know if the dream was a visitation from Jayson or if it was a sign for me to reconnect and find the truth. But as you explained it was so emotionally potent! I was first happy but then haunted. Like a panic.
Katie Flaxbeard (2 months ago)
Nicole I can’t believe it but I saw Jayson in my dreams again last night! That’s 3 times now in less than a month. Last’s nights dream was pretty crazy because I knew he was deceased but then he called me on my phone in the dream. We talked for an hour and one minute and 17seconds. In that time he teased me just like he used to and I told him on the phone I can’t believe you are alive and it’s funny because he never said yes I am but he didn’t say he was deceased either. As he and I talked on the phone I could see us both having the conversation but my dream self on the phone couldn’t see him. I told him I wanted to see him again and the dream ended in two strange ways: one way he was laying rope next to my place like he was measuring to build a home by it and the second way I was looking at my phone when we hung up and debating if I should call him back for verification that he would answer and therefore prove he was really alive while we spoke for an hour it’s odd I barely know a word of the conversation aside from me telling him I can’t believe you are alive and how deeply his death affected me. I’m convinced these dreams I’ve had are visitations and am starting a journal to keep track of all of them. I’m hoping if you have time you can share any impressions of meaning you get from them. Well thanks for listening 😊
Katie Flaxbeard (3 months ago)
Hi Nicole, I know you are a busy lovely lady but you read my last comment and it was worth it to me to message you again in the chance you at least read this. I dreamt of Jayson two night ago again and this time I was in a social security office, he was waiting with me. I was waiting forever and it was time to go pick up my son. Then my name was called and Jayson left to pick up my son for me. As he was leaving to get my son I told him he was my hero which is what I wanted to tell him were he still here so I thought that was incredible. Not sure if it was just my subconscious or if he came to let me know he’s still there for me which is very much what the dream meant to me as I’ve never shared that intimacy in life with a man for him to go get my son for me. Anyways I didn’t have the chance to tell you before my son is cancer free and I thank you for your wishes for us. I do hope I dream of Jayson again. God bless, Katie
Katie Flaxbeard (3 months ago)
Guiding Echoes ❤️🌹 thank you.
Guiding Echoes (3 months ago)
Wow...!!! You've been through a lot. I'm sorry that you and your son are facing this. I hope things have been getting better for you. And also, that very much sounds like a dream visitation. I'm glad Jayson found a way to visit you. Sounds like he wanted you to know how much you meant to him, and he probably needed that before he could cross over.
Maria Daigle (3 months ago)
Straight White Guy (3 months ago)
About 4 years after my uncle passed unexpectedly so my grieving was long over, I had a dream where we were at his house at the dinning room table talking and catching up. The whole time the thought never crossed my mind until the very end. He was telling me where he was and how he was doing (which I don't remember) then I said exactly this "That's cool but I gotta ask...what happens when you die". He looked at me and opened his mouth to answer then looked at the floor. He looked frustrated and then I woke up and I haven't seen him in a dream since.
Valarie Sanchez (3 months ago)
A guy I had a relationship with 14 years ago, came to me in a dream twice. He died in his early 20’s. The first dream was nice, I enjoyed seeing him. The next night he came to me again and took me on a whirlwind of an adventure -it was so deep and amazing..the connection felt incredibly real. I woke up and felt like I had cheated on my husband. That’s how heartfelt and amazing it felt..out loud I had to tell him not to visit me in my dreams anymore and that I appreciated the time with him. He listened and never appeared to me in my dreams again.
Rudy (3 months ago)
I saw a future Buddha statue in the back ground. Just curious, are you Buddhist?
Cati Walthall (3 months ago)
I dont really remember much of the details of this dream. But my dad died a little less than a month ago. The night after i found out he has passed, i dreamed i was texting him. (Usually how we kept in touch). Is was like a text screen, and he, in short, said "don't worry about me, i have met my creator." And also that he loved me. He was texting like how he always did, spelling errors and everything. I woke up feeling very calm and peaceful. (And i believe it was real because not only was it like he was actually texting me, but I usually have nightmares every night. It was the first good dream I had in months.) Also, he died late at night on Jan 19th, and I found out the next morning. The night he died, I had a randomly induced panic attack that lasted hours. Now I get panic attacks, but I hadnt been getting them for months. Ive had similar experiences where I get vibes or thinking about how someone is doing out of the blue before finding out they died.
abby brack (3 months ago)
my grandpaw past away on november 2 2018 and i recently had a dream about him me and my grandma were at our local church and my grandpa walked past me and he was kinda see through and he said everything's going to be okay and then he disapeared and i just started crying because i knew he was gone but he talked to me and it felt so real and i told my grandma and she started crying and then i woke up. this has been on my mind for almost a week now and i just know that was him and i can't shake it i just want to cry it made me feel worm and loved the day he past i was crying wanting him to tell me everything was going to be okay i just wanted to see his face and hear his sweet voice i wanted him to comfirt me and he did so and i can't beleave how amazing that was i miss him dearly i would trade my life for him to be alive but i will have to wait until it's my time
Pilar De La Torre (3 months ago)
Hello....I lost my father 6 months ago. Though we did not have your typical father and daughter relationship I cared and loved him very deeply. I believe I have the good fortune of having dream visitation from my maternal grandmother whom I never met, my uncle died who over 40 years ago and most recently my father. I rarely have or remember my dreams. However the dreams or visitations of the three mentioned family members were so impactful and full of emotion and meaning that I’m seeking there true meaning. As mentioned, I had the most recent with my father. In my dream I was around 9 or 10 years old ...I was wearing my first communion dress. Dream takes place in the home I lived with him and mom. I see my father young full set of hair:) handsome with his baby blue eyes. We walk outside towards the backyard where theres a carousel ....this is where I question if I’m dreaming because we didn’t have a carousel (who does?) in the backyard but my thought is interrupted by my father getting a hold of my hand and helping me onto the carousel and at this moment is where it almost feels like time stands still...I suddenly feel the warmth and love. In my dream my father did not say anything to me or I to him.Now I know why He did not use words because that was not him in life.
dayzdukes (3 months ago)
I had a dream early this morning with a friend who passed away a few years ago in a motorcycle accident. In my dream, I vividly saw my friend smiling, laughing and having a good time, with a very blue ish surrounding (his fav color). I recently got engaged to my high school sweetheart and in the dream my friend was really happy to celebrate with me my news. The only thing I really remember him saying was "finally! its about time". It looked like he was at a charity event because he was under a tent and dressed up. Once I woke up, I didn't feel sad, but I did ask myself "did that really just happened ?". Either way Thank you for this video it cleared up a bunch of my questions. xo
Deborah M (3 months ago)
Hi thanks you for this l. Dreamt of my deceased mom last night, she passed 4 yrs ago this month, l have been depressed lately and was asking her to help, she was rushing around cleaning and very fussy, that's how she was in life, l miss her very much and wasglad to see her, thank you so much,
diddy biddy (3 months ago)
I have dreamt of my ex father, not just once, but twice. He past away very sudden last year, it's has been a year now, and I dreamt about him last night. It all felt so real, I just walked up to him and said, how can you be here you are dead , he didn't say anything, then I hugged him and the hug felt so real too. We sat down in the kitchen, and then he said, I'm stuck, I'm in prison. And I asked wait what, but you are free now? He replied that he has to go again, and a few seconds later I woke up, it felt so incredibly real.. I'm afraid that he's lost, I so want to help him into to the light. But I don't understand why he comes to me? I truly respected this man so much , still do ❤
Flower Child (3 months ago)
I had a strange dream I walked into a grocery store. Walking in I already left strange for some reason and I walked to milk refrigerator and happen to see my relative. I was like Aunt Marylin I love you and miss u! And she was like I miss u beautiful. Then I got chills cause I remember she recently died and I grabbed the milk and looked back at her to smile and she had a blank stare on her face and was staring directly at me and I just backed away with a slight smile it was just creepy, she did seem like she wanted to talk but it seem like she read my mind like she almost knew I didn’t wanna talk. (Someone please interpret that if you can)✨
Andrea rentas (3 months ago)
I had a dream about my mom she died when I was7is hard to talk about for me I'm sentvie I was at the mall I saw her she was in the bathroom she was washing her hands I said to her mom is that u she looked at me in the mirror then we left the bathroom she gave me a hug and then she smiled I said I gotta tell you something to her I woke up it was the month before I graduated 😢😢💔💝then second dream was she took me shopping at Walmart and we had a great time but then she started crying I remember I asked her mommy y r u crying I gave her a tissue and she didn't say anything I woke up crying hearts heavy what does that mean?,😢
jay jay (3 months ago)
Yes my partner commited suicide and he came to me in a dream ....
Angelica’s Recovery (3 months ago)
My mom passed away 3 days ago, I had a dream about her last night. It doesn’t make sense to me, I was watching my dad fill out papers and then it all went black and I heard my mom said that she was just to tired (she didn’t sound weak anymore) & then she said that she’s just waiting for my dad to do some stuff. And then I woke up??
2fastg35 (3 months ago)
I dreamed of my brother last night. He passed about a year ago. He was so happy in my dream very well dressed with his nice cowboy boots. I saw him. He looked so full of life and glowing. He loved to drink beer when he was alive. He offered me a beer when I walked over where he was at and I said yes. I busted out crying in my dream because I knew he was already gone. It was too much for me handle because it was too real and I woke up and was so amazed about the dream. I cried myself back to sleep. It was so vivid but made me happy to see that he was so happy. I believe he wanted me to know that he was very happy and was not suffering anymore. He had the biggest heart ever.
PATTY HUANOSTO (3 months ago)
0513bobbi (3 months ago)
My mom visited me and it felt so real. I miss her so much. I was the baby of the family and we were very close. I had been wearing her cross she had since she was 13 years old. In my dream I was laying in bed and the cross started glowing. I looked up and saw her in the doorway and she was in a white robe or white dress. What caught me off guard was she floated in my room and she did not walk. She looked like she did when I was small and she was beautiful. She kneeled by my bed and held my hand. I was speechless and the only question I could ask was if she was with my Grandfather (her father) her answer was no not at the time and she answered just like she would of when she was alive. And then she patted my hand and she was gone. I normally don't remember my dreams but this was soooo real and I remember every moment. I miss her. :(
Deadly Pie (3 months ago)
Yes, my cousin who was killed was in my dream after I ask God for a sign weeks back. I just wanted to know if he was okay, he seemed like he didn’t wanna be bothered at the end of the dream but I think he crossed over to the light and just wanted to let me know so I can really feel better even though I feel fine now and moving on. I guess that’s his way of saying, “Calm down little cousin. I’m okay.” This was early in the morning and I’m kinda scared to go back to sleep. It’s silly but rather if it’s a loved one or not things like this frighten me a bit cause I don’t want no real paranormal activity to happen like it did in my dream. The lights came on and I saw a shadow go by fast, not him himself look like his shadow but I still got to talk to him. At least I think it was him O.o sometimes it can be tricks but I’m sure it was
RYAN COWZER (3 months ago)
Thank you this really helped me out to figure out if my granny visited me
Rachel Fernando (3 months ago)
I have dreams of almost all my dead relatives, friends, and pet...
DaniiM95 (3 months ago)
My nanny passes away 8 years this February, I've had dreams of her of course the first two years she was gone, after that there was nothing, this year my workmates were chatting about visiting loved ones in their dreams and wondered why I wasn't visited in my dreams as often as my friends were. Months later I had a dream that my mam asked me to take a large picture of a dead tree out of the room because it freaked him(mick) out. I had an eerie feeling going into the room, I saw a lump in the bed that I felt nanny was in, I felt scared but I let the fright go because I felt I needed to open up to let nanny in. I asked her why she didn't visit me more. She said she didn't want to make me sax6 but she can't choose when she comes back, the next time I'd sèe j Her she said I'd be an old woman and she would have to call me. I made her promise to be there should the time come. She looked at the front door then and I woke up to my mam knocking at the front door, I cried after I had woken up.
Edith Bunker (3 months ago)
My Mom passed away in 1998. I live 1000 miles away. I hadn't talked to her for about 6 weeks. I didn't know she had been in the hospital and had just gotten home. I had the urge to call her one night. We talked for maybe 30 mins, Then she asked me if I would be at her funeral. I said momma don't talk like that. The next morning my sister called and said momma had passed during the night.
Stacie Stone (3 months ago)
My sister had what I believe was a visitation dream from my 20yo son who passed away 2.5 years ago. It was 2 weeks after his passing. But what I just had just a week before Xmas 2018 was not a dream. I was laying in bed for only about 20 minutes trying to fall asleep. Like every night I was saying prayers in my head, not out loud, and my prayers always include, please let me see my son just one more time. I need to see him with my eyes and hear him with my ears. Not sure why I say it like that. I have received so many signs from him since he passed suddenly in a car accident but I still just needed to see him myself. No sooner did I finish saying that prayer and I felt his presence behind me on the side of my bed like I have never felt before. I was still awake! My heart started beating so fast and I got an instant pit/butterfly in my stomach. I was so nervous to roll over even though I knew it was him. Even though my eyes were open I struggled a little to roll over. I would describe it as my body was very relaxed like in a deep meditation state but my mind was very much awake. When I did roll over there was my son standing next to me. Again, my eyes were wide open. I was awake! I always expected if I ever got to see him it would be a visitation dream, not an actual visit. The experience is so hard to describe. He was not in the flesh so he did look a little different yet his facial features were very clear. I just knew it was him. The visit was short. He just said, "I have been trying to reach you for months" which btw is exactly what he would say first, then "I love you so much." He sounded different, but I heard his words loud and clear. I then reached up to touch him. As I did that my body I could tell was coming out of the meditative state and my son faded quickly. I was able to tell him I love him too just before he faded. I couldn't go back to sleep of course. I have been thinking about it everyday since. I have been so shocked. I did not realize I could get a visit like that when I was awake. I never hear about these kinds of visits either. Is this normal? Whatever it was I have never felt so blessed to have had this amazing experience that I will never ever forget. It really confirmed for me that there really is more after this life here in earth. I believed that before but there is nothing like seeing someone while you're awake that is no longer with us here. It was incredible! I would love to hear your thoughts about my experience.
Anthony Melvin Lee (3 months ago)
Once I had a dream and let me unfold it. It all began I heard someone knocking on the door. Usually I would ask who is it, but I simply open the door. To my surprise, the person asking me can he come in was my dead father. Without hesitation, I replied happily please do. Then he told me, wait a second, look outside who is here with me. I took a step out, to see what is it. To my another surprise that all my five dead pet dogs came to visit and they licking on my face and jumping around with so much joy. I, being a Chinese, but not a true believer of Chinese after death customs but nevertheless I did I felt to do so. Although in chinese customary, they don't send off dead pets by burning incense papers, but I did and treating them just like sending off of a human beings like. We talked and my pets dogs sat around us listening to our conversation. They visited me twice with six months apart. Both occasions, we had a lovely moment. But what really puzzled me is that my father pass on long ahead before my pet dogs pass on years later and my father never visited and know that I had pet dogs, they actually never met in real life time, and both of them appeared at the same time.
Joseph Sallinger (4 months ago)
My dream had 3 dead pple and a spirit. I recognized he was a spirit when I saw his fav chair in life. It moved and we spoke to each other. The 3pple were my aunt, my sisters bf, and my brother. The setting was my aunts house And Scean and Nickey ( my brother we’re always together in life) even now still together hanging out. It was a wonderful dream. My relatives and friends are still a family.
Donna Bowman (4 months ago)
I wanted to know WHY we don't dream about our loved one...before I go to sleep each night I ask, but it never happens. Why?
Donna Bowman (4 months ago)
+Guiding Echoes // you're exactly right. I get confirmation all day. I'll be thinking of him and whala... a red bird will appear right in front of me, also songs, heart rocks, etc. I love your videos and thank you for the reply..❤
Guiding Echoes (4 months ago)
Perhaps your loved one is communicating in a different way, or he or she hasn't figured out how to come through in your dreams yet.
Gemma Scott (4 months ago)
My nan passed away last November, I had a visitation from her in December. I knew as soon as I woke up I knew it was real, basically in the dream I was in her house (I used to live with her for just over a year and care for her) In the dream she had already passed but I was there basically acting out as if she was still alive and preparing her things for bedtime just as some comfort basically, I had just got her a glass of orange juice to put by her bed (even though she wasn’t actually there) I walked to her bed and put the glass down next to it. Then for some reason I lifted the quilt up and she was under there! I stood back in shock and then she smiled and said I love you Gem and we hugged. Then I woke up 🥺 I truly believe this was her visiting me, I said it from the moment it happened as i remember every second of that dream which never happens to me 💕
Mark Dark (4 months ago)
I had a close friend pass in November , had a stressful week, had a dream last night, similar in way of is this a dream, very interactive, woke up in a complete dark apartment, there was an orange type oval …..electricity? of sorts, I didn't see his face or hear his voice but some how knew instinctively it was him, I had a conversation out loud maybe 4 min, answer? was just there....still processing, it was amazing, had tears but just thankful, he said too look out for his wife? IDK... new to me but open and receiving.
BullDog (4 months ago)
I had a few dreams. My first was with my grandmother on my mom's side. I used to go in her room to get her up if she wasn't already around the house by 8. She sits up and I'm just startled because it was her room to a T. I begin to ask multiple questions without thinking them through. What how ma-ma you're supposed to be dead. She shakes her head as if I stated the obvious and responds I am nothings changed. I then ask what happened. Well I fainted it was dark for quite some time but I found my way. Then another was with my dog that passed away 2013, she came out of a house that I was walking up to. She was a boxer so not that much of a tail but she'd wag her butt bend herself almost in half when she got excited. I instantly balled like baby going between hugs and pets through my sobs I said it's you it's really you OMG I thought I'd never see you again poor baby I'm so sorry for going to work and not being home in your final moments in life before it got too tough to speak through the sobbing I mustered up a very loud I'm soo sorry Lady I love you. She responds telepathically stop it's ok I'm fine you'll be too I love you but I must go just know I miss you and I'll be waiting. My last one was my grandma on my dad's side. She simply said I'm here for a short time but I think you deserve this. Each one I acknowledge out loud your supposed to dead how is this possible I can feel in my dream but I have no control of anything you do. Each one I woke up with wet eyes and this overwhelmed feeling of I want be with them they miss me I miss them it's not fair. But I'm so glad they're ok.
CajunSweetTart (4 months ago)
I've had a few strange dreams with my Grandmother. One dream she was in a dark place and scared. Like in a coffin. In another dream she died ,we had her funeral and she came back to life . Was strange because she was dead, and came back like she was never dead.
CajunSweetTart (4 months ago)
I dream of my dead Grandmother all of the time, and dreamed of my dead favorite horse recently.
Lala Maciel (4 months ago)
My kids uncle name Luis passed away about 2 yrs ago he loved My kids like they were his kids they were everything to him he only had time for them , and I strongly believed that he visit me today weds around 3:45 am he Said to tell the kids he's good he's ok I touched his shoulder and I started crying 😭😭😭 I told him sorry for crying 😭💔 that we all hurt for what happened and miss him So much 😢 he said but I'm good and smiled I Looked at him so closely because I knew he was not here with us he never did eye contact he was wearing short sleeve Polo shirt same shade of blue he left wearing it was beautiful and peaceful I'm in shock 😇 loved everything, I said I'm sorry I can't stop crying let me keep it together 😭😭 and he responded with yes keep it together girl and did his laugh that I miss the most.... He also pointed towards the wall and I looked that way, and saw my daughter's image crying for him..and About 4 days ago she was crying to me missing him asking me why him why he had to go 😔 What do you think?
Angelikka X (4 months ago)
You are beyond adorable. 😊
SuperBigdaddyjohn (4 months ago)
My husband passed almost 8years ago now. I am always having dreams of him, they are so real. I wake up crying so much cause I'm broken that I woke up and don't have him. Hardest part is that, I have a boyfriend now. So when that happens, I'm trying to hide, but he has caught on to it. In my dreams my husband will tell me I'm your husband still, he's nobody. It's very difficult for me, he tells me how to handle things with my business and how to discipline the kids. As he knows everything that's going on in my life. It's very heart breaking for me, that it's cause allot of issues in my relationship as well. I will forever love my husband, he was my best friend, when I say there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. I mean not a single day. He use to tell me come here I got a secret to tell you, and would sing me this song every time. Now outta nowhere I start singing almost all the time. I have his ashes in an urn in my hallway my pastors have advised me to get rid of it but I just can't find the heart to do it it's so hard to let go of something so precious. I know I moved on, but it's like I can't in some ways. I'm always thinking and dreaming of him like he's still here, as if we still together. It's crazy. I cry out to God about this all the time. It's very difficult for me. He was my soulmate my best friend we could talk about anything and do everything together.😭
Leela Naidoo (4 months ago)
I love you I wait everyday for my parents brother and sister to speak to me
Lydia Bridges (4 months ago)
I am not crazzy...and it really happened.....thanks
Elsa m (4 months ago)
No tiene porke reirse tanto se ase tonta
lea wright (4 months ago)
My very best friend of 34 years. She and I always said we would tell the other if we had answers to the 10 questions, we each had for God, whichever one of went first. We were both serious phone ppl! We were on the phone all day at least 3-4 a week, when we lived in different states. She died 5 years ago at the age of 47. Her daughter was born on Sept 26th. My gson had just been born on Sept 25th. My phone went off with a tone ring I had never heard before. I looked. There was no number on the caller ID. I just figured it was weird of the ring but someone must have hung up because the number hadn’t registered. Fifteen minutes later it did the same thing. I have never heard that ringtone again. And my phone has never randomly gone off at midnight again. I blew it off as weirdness, but never forgot it. I have since, over the last few years, had dreams of us, where we were at her mothers house. We spent a lot of time there. In the dream I was devestated she had died. I felt the pain. But then she would show up. She told me she didn’t really die. I was furious at how she could let me believe she was dead and was alive. She just smiled and I woke up. I was crying. I realized it was my imagination missing her. But during the dream, I had her back and she was happy and not the least bit concerned about her life here. It’s happened twice. The exact same scenario. I have wondered how it could be so real, yet she is still dead. I appreciate your videos. I have had 2 other friends of 17 years and 10 years die recently. The dreams of Annie have made me wonder if she did come to tell me that everything is ok. And that she never really died. I hope it’s the same for my other friends. Thank you for the comfort, and hope that her message in my dreams really was her telling me, like we always said we would, that she is still alive. And, she is happy and unconcerned about all of our issues here in earth. Thank you.

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