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Calligraphy (Old English) - Gothic Part 1 by Yirdy Machar

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Calligrapy by Yirdy Machar (Old English) - Gothic Pt 1 - using the 6.0mm Pen which is the largest in the set of Pilot Paralell Calligraphy Pens. Available from: http://www.blotspens.co.uk/acatalog/Calligraphy_Pilot_Parallel_Pens_15.html
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Text Comments (36)
somesh4ugoldy (2 months ago)
Amazing fonts
Jonathan Cabañas (1 year ago)
what type of pen is that?
Yirdy Machar (1 year ago)
Please checkthe previous 10 answers to this same question. Thanks for your interest.
C T (1 year ago)
Who came here for L (Death note)
moksa studio (1 year ago)
I must learn this!:))
Anil Niamath (1 year ago)
where to buy the pen
Yirdy Machar (1 year ago)
Read  the list of comments, I have answered this question more than five times. Good Luck.
Abradolf Lincler (2 years ago)
stunning work, it must take much practice to get as good as you are! 😊
Maryanm Ramgolam (2 years ago)
very good yirdy
Zahra S (2 years ago)
The bird song in the background is an utter delight - complements the experience of watching your fantastic penmanship.
Mouser 3 (3 years ago)
This makes me moist.
Matt Huff (3 years ago)
ahh being right handed makes it look so much more fluid.  Being left handed I have to start my strokes differently.  Just gotta keep practicing and eventually mine will look as crisp as this.  Great job!
Yirdy Machar (3 years ago)
At the moment I have a weekly class of six Pensioners, one of whom is left handed. She decided to persevere with changing over to her right hand. With plenty of practice she can now write this Gohic Script. Worth a try ?
Suku Mac (3 years ago)
Love this pen- have the full set but find they bleed on most paper EVEN the expensive parchment calligraphy paper I bought . Do you find this problem? And what type of paper are you using here
Yirdy Machar (3 years ago)
Do not  find bleeding is a problem, Maybe because I akways use bleedproof paper for calligraphy. The paper I am using on this video is normal photocopy paper I use in my printer. It is almost glossy. Good Luck The best parchment is not in pads, but comes in packets of 10/12 sheets, 
ElSayed Mahmoud (3 years ago)
How can I learn that??
tanusree nag (3 years ago)
Where do I get that pen?
Yirdy Machar (3 years ago)
They are available "online" from Scribblers and come in four sizes. The size I am using is available separately (6.0) http://www.scribblers.co.uk/acatalog/Pilot-Parallel-Pen-6-0mm-40.html#SID=2.
qualityingredience (4 years ago)
Where did you get that pen?? I must know..
Yirdy Machar (3 years ago)
http://www.scribblers.co.uk/acatalog/Pilot-Parallel-Pen-6-0mm-40.html#SID=2. they are also available in smaller sizes as a set of three.
Jules Verne (4 years ago)
thank you so much
pbandjay05 (4 years ago)
this is amazing.  this guy has a printer attached to his hand :B
christoronto66 (4 years ago)
Yirdy, this is a great video.  It is much much better than any of the learning materials I've used. The camera angle allows us to see precisely each stroke.  Thanks for your effort to make and post for us beginners.
chileoftheking (5 years ago)
Old English was always a challenge for me and even just now trying to write as you write was as if I had never ever done it before (lol). I will need to get back into practice. I'm self taught and love dabbling in it for myself.  Your video has encouraged me to start workiing with it again. It was once my fave hobby. Thank you for sharing!
I wonder... If I had a paralell calligraphy pen, I would write "Sherwood Forest" (like what it said on Robin Hoodwinked, Tom and Jerry).
DAMMSE420 (5 years ago)
My Favorite Letterstyle since i found it on my Windows ^^ ( But actually Steve Jobs Idea ) He also wrote Kaligraphie as well ^^
Yirdy Machar (5 years ago)
Don´t tell me, tell Pilot Pens. Or use your imagination (if you have any) and use a filler system with which you CAN use pitch black ink. or go back to school and use as a dip pen.
Godfella67 (5 years ago)
But the Ink of the Pilot P Pens is not pitch black
Yirdy Machar (5 years ago)
I have posted a link to a supplier, in UK.
Yirdy Machar (5 years ago)
I teach calligraphy and all my pupils are now using the Pilot Paralell Pens. I have posted a link to my supplier on the original description Good luck.
Kristin Wandra (5 years ago)
I just started calligraphy and was really having trouble with the Old English alphabet. Your style and work is amazing!! You helped me get the hang of it, and I am definitely going to look for that pen, it writes beautifully.
Yirdy Machar (5 years ago)
Thanks for your interest, You can check then out on google search: "Pilot Paralell Pens" They come in 4 sizes. Good hunting.
Shobha S (1 year ago)
Shobha S (1 year ago)
Yirdy Machar
erick patino (5 years ago)
what writing utensil are you using
Mary Courtney (5 years ago)
Beautiful work my friend!

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