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How to Never Run out of Things to Say - Keep a Conversation Flowing!

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Use my FREE 27 Confidence-Boosting Hacks: https://practicalpie.com/confidence/ Want my TOP 10 book list?: https://practicalpie.com/book-list/ Get a girl to like you using psychology (52% off!): https://courses.practicalpie.com/p/the-psychology-of-attraction/?product_id=455712&coupon_code=GETGIRLSYT Are you trying to have a conversation with your crush or anyone else you may be nervous around and struggle with coming up with things to talk about? In this video we will give you a simple method to rely on when you fallback to small talk. There are 4 main small talk examples that will lead you to a better, more interesting conversation with anyone. Learn how to never run out of things to say with the FORD Method. ImprovementPill: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBIt1VN5j37PVM8LLSuTTlw F: Family O: Occupation R: Recreation D: Dreams The simplicity of these four topics can be used to start and keep a conversation going with anyone, anywhere. I know a lot of my audience struggles with social awkwardness and especially with people that are attractive, but with some practice, you’ll get great at resorting to these. Small talk can be especially awkward if there is no direction of it. The FORD method will give you a sense of direction to ensure the conversation flows smoothly! Special thanks to ImprovementPill for this amazing video! ---My Details--- What I make my videos with: http://bit.ly/1QxBJI0 Blinkist Awesome Book Summaries FREE trial: http://bit.ly/2cCoWxV Insta: https://www.instagram.com/practical_psych/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/practical_psych Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/practicalpsych Check out MY Passive Income Ebook: http://bit.ly/PsychologyIncome
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Text Comments (10081)
Flex Sharingan (3 hours ago)
I’m just here to get more social. Stupid
Flex Sharingan (3 hours ago)
I just take out my phone😅😐
lizardman (1 day ago)
F: fact ( The medical name for a butt crack is “ intergluteal cleft”). O : opinion ( The FORD from this video is bad advices that will lead to akwardness). R : recommendation ( i like this restaurant i recommend it, we should go eat some day!) D: desire ( what do you want to obtain in life? Personnally i want to claim Uranus ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).
dj90smith (1 day ago)
Family Occupation Recreation Dreams
Covers by Annabeth (4 days ago)
me: “so what school do u go to” new person: ???? we were literally at school and I meant to ask what grade they were in
KpopKayla (6 days ago)
This was so helpful.. wish I fucking watched till the end cuz I used dreams first
Travis Roland (9 days ago)
Not to be a fart in a spacesuit.. but the t in rapport is silent
ASSMAN (11 days ago)
When approaching a group of beautiful women it is a good idea to ask each one of them to pull your finger. When each woman has had her turn then simply let one rip. This will convey to them that you are very high value and not intimidated by their beauty.
ASSMAN (11 days ago)
When you first meet a woman it is good to say things like, 'I wear sneakers in the pool." This conveys to her right away that you are a high value man (you know how to swim) and are to be respected and admired.
Daniel Hernandez (12 days ago)
Me: you look like you come from a big family Her: why you think that? Me: uhh idk you just look like it
RuBiC (16 days ago)
how can someone look like they come from a big family
F Castle (15 days ago)
They're fat
Grim LEEDS BoY (16 days ago)
Do you have any siblings yup gets em every time
You see that guy over there? Yeah my brother can see too. Can your brother see?
Yuki Erik (23 days ago)
walking with my crush Me : what’s something you’d like to do before you DIE Him: UMMMM...??? Me: BECAUSE IF YOU DONT ASK ME OUT IM GOING TO KILL YOU
Kenny Kenken (23 days ago)
I laughed so hard I cried at the comment section
big un (25 days ago)
I wish I could read so I wouldnt watch youtube stupid asenine videos anymore
The Hungry Family (26 days ago)
Intro music ?
The Xz (28 days ago)
Y u guys use fu**ing girls on every thumbnail
Sara (28 days ago)
*me in class* “So, what school do you go to?”
Candice Perry (29 days ago)
People can have runout of things to say
xMirus (29 days ago)
"Everyone has a sort of family" Orphans:....
Sam 88 (1 month ago)
2:20 Uhhh, you're black?
Demon Marauder (1 month ago)
Going to my crush... Me: Oh, you look like you have a big family She: WTF
Anna J (1 month ago)
these are so uncomfortable nobody take this advice please
親指 (1 month ago)
Am i really watching this video? Fuck!
Muhaimin Zulkarnain (1 month ago)
Bank robber holding up a gun: So what would you like to do before you die?
ur mom (1 month ago)
We are we are! ... socially awkward...! .... ye
Neo Anderson (1 month ago)
These comments 😂😂😂😂
AMI_ Spirit (1 month ago)
Me: do you see that guy breathing over there Her: yea Me: yeah my dad does that Her: oh Me: so where do you live, give me your exact address and street, what’s your social security number?
Joe Wingfield (1 month ago)
I wish that dad would get back from the grocery store! *What are your dreams!?*
Pecker Rocker (1 month ago)
*Introvert ?*
Panquizzle 832 (1 month ago)
My friend: "I broke my finger" Me: " Cool"
Vann Gogh (1 month ago)
*Me* , trying too damned hard to spice up the FORD method: You want to become an artist right? What if you'll die tonight?
kid (1 month ago)
3 days ago i met my friends dad, and i shit you not i asked how they knew eachother
Avallach (1 month ago)
Man this was the best comments section I've seen in a long time
shooshed Gamer (1 month ago)
Ha ha cool story mark anyway how is your sex life.
peter avery (1 month ago)
Me: cough cough errr you look my brother hes always errr Girl: what, do I know you? Me: (pauses then coughes) err I dont know Girl: weirdo
prasanth pappu (1 month ago)
The problem is she is also watching the video. 🙄🙄
naml (1 month ago)
I remember a girl told me that she was going to commit suicide, this is how the convo went Her: back when I was 13 I wanted to commit suicide **about to cry** Me: hey, Atleast you’re still alive right?
bish wut did u say? (1 month ago)
Came for the video stayed for comments
Death Son (1 month ago)
First date with hot tinder girl using ford method: Her: Hi! How are ya? Doing good? Me: Uhh uhh (oh sht what should i say) Me again: Uh uhmm (shes hot? shes my crush? my boner?) Her: Are you fine? What’s wrong? Me: umm uhhh uhh.. (what is what is it?! oh ford method!) My family died happily, do you wish your family died happily? Her: (wtf this dude must have used the ford method) Oh yeah, i wish they died happily. do you wish you die happily too? *YES*
Death Son (1 month ago)
Weird kid: Hi! My name’s name, do you have a name? Normal kid: My name is also name, how do we have the same name? Weird kid: We have the same name? whats your last name? Normal kid: My last name is last name. Is your last name, last name too? Weird kid: My last name’s name sadly. Normal kid: You know name, i didnt know you had two names. Weird kid: I will just call you name one and you call me name two, deal? Normal kid: Hi name two. Weird kid: Hi name one. Me: Umm hi guys..Do you have a big family? Weird kid: No not really, do you know him name one? Normal kid: I dont know him name two who is he? Me: Umm do you wish..do you wish you had one? Weird kid: I’m not gay. Normal kid: Name two he meant a big family not me. you still reading this omg this comment is nonsense so dont even bother wasting your time here lol
Ishak Adriansyah (1 month ago)
guys i'm gonna meet this beautiful french canadian tonight, and i'm gonna try these tips, we gonna make cute asian mix babies, wish me luck, haha
amin rahman_upsi (2 months ago)
Fuck u. Keep it simple
Tam D (2 months ago)
The final topic is D.... 🤣.... meaning DREAMS. Ah ok thought he was gonna say something else
yeet yeet 12 (2 months ago)
lol when you first said dreams I thought you were talking about actual dreams
MrPepelongstockings (2 months ago)
Yea you 'like to call it Ford' because that's what it's called and it's not your method
WolfFang 6156 (2 months ago)
Me: You see that guy over there? (Directs to drunk man being wreckless and apologetic) Her: Yeah? Me: He reminds me of my momma. Her: Oh? Uhhh... Oka... Me: Yeah she's a really sweet person, can be a bitch sometimes too. Her: That's not very ni... Me: So what about you? Any wild relatives?
J P (2 months ago)
Using this could make some hilarious movie scenes
kimmy89 (2 months ago)
This comment section has me rolling lmao
Yo Nunu (2 months ago)
Just whip out your dick
Hannah zain. (2 months ago)
Me: oh do u see that guy over there ? him :yes! Wow he reminds me of my ex they both breatheing. Do u hava ex gf that does the same ? him : Sorry i’m married. After 3 days a girl texted me saying”get u dirty ass out of my boyfriends dms k? Me : k
Derpy Herpy (2 months ago)
By the nine stay off the road, it's the daedra you see...
Warpath1337 (2 months ago)
The comments in this are pretty funny. Thanks.
Jose Reyes (2 months ago)
her: so what do you do? me: do you ever feel like were insignificant out here? her:what do you mean? me: do you want to hear my big plans for the universe? her:.... me: dont worry, it will all make sense when we get to the cemetery.
Jose Reyes (2 months ago)
me: you look like you come from a big family. her: lol why do you say that? me: umm (starts to panic) what?
marwan aljohary (2 months ago)
That's just sad
Mick O Neill (2 months ago)
Me:”These comments are hilarious “. Her:Why would u say that? Me:Cause they make me laugh.Have you ever laughed? Her:F?%k u.
Heychuh (2 months ago)
What about the Dennis method? haha
If you're at a party and start talking about your family then you're never getting the girl.
Swaii Maestro (2 months ago)
these topics dnt work in my hood. Her brother will come nd shoot u dead
The Female (2 months ago)
Me: You look like you’d be a very loving and caring mother. Ever want to have kids? Her: We’re at the abortion clinic...
StrangerTo Y0U (2 months ago)
Did they say four extremely powerful topics? I gotta write this down!
tom okonkwo (2 months ago)
what your voice intro sounded like Spiderman home coming actor. Anyone agree? pardon my English
AnArmoredMarch (2 months ago)
Me: says line from this video Them: uhhhhh... Me: another line from this video that is awkward in the current context Them: what video?
AldershotDave (2 months ago)
No, not everyone has family! I have lost both of my parents, I have no siblings nor did my parents! Please think before you make such general assumptions/remarks!
N C (2 months ago)
funniest comment section I have ever seen
SoulScr3am (2 months ago)
Yeah, so tell me, why do you think i come from a big family? And when you say things like ''oh i have always thought rock climbing is interesting, why do you like it so much?'' or ''oh, ive always wanted to be a school teacher'' You will immidiately appear like a liar, and you kinda are. Yeah a useful tip is to try and keep the conversation going by not asking too many questions and just talk about the subject, but it has to come from a place of honesty or people will see right through it. When people say to me stuff like ''oh that is interesting'' i always press them on why they think it is interesting and they need to back it up. If people aren't honest in the start of their conversation, they won't be honest in the middle of it. Another example of ''oh, i always wanted to be a teacher'' i would rather say ''oh cool, i'm not in to teaching, i think of it as pretty hard because of the fact that kids are difficult to deal with, but i have huge respect for people that have the nerve to be up there and teach'' something like that feels much more honest to the listener. But if you always wanted to teach, fine, but ALWAYS come from a place of HONESTY and don't try to win ''i have the same interests as you'' points.
Mason J (2 months ago)
Me: “Just look up there. The universe is so vast. It’s so big. I feel like our lives have more meaning than working a 9-5 job. Did you ever dream of doing something bigger than what you’re doing right now?” The cashier at McDonald’s: “Sir you need to leave, you’re holding up the line.”
mintgustd (2 months ago)
King Of Pop the ceiling
Allen Ballesteros (2 months ago)
Me: It seems like you came from a big family? Her: Wow, how did you know? Me: Uhm, FORD method.
Master Photog (2 months ago)
Thank you for a great video, keep up the good work!
e3ko (2 months ago)
My conversion Me:how are u Random person:good how are u Me:good (Awkward silence)
andromeda (22 days ago)
green peter (2 months ago)
lots of sociopath energy out here
Rey Martinez (2 months ago)
All these examples in the comments sound like NPC convos 😂😂😂
Junior Choppa (3 months ago)
I struggle keeping a conversation going.
Rocketbros TV (3 months ago)
I’m tired of YouTube reading my mind
jgatchal jgatchal (3 months ago)
don't go straight to "D"
Brian Thometz (3 months ago)
2:25 does anybody get it???
Enter Valhala (3 months ago)
If you parents are paranoid fucks and dont let you evolve in any way until you are 18 and slightly above you are fucked, and no I'm not a good boy or a bad boy I'm just nothing 99% of the time.
Nate Strayhorn (3 months ago)
U already know this guy is hella awkward day to day
Omaha Joe (3 months ago)
This is weird
Gianni Van den Bosch (14 days ago)
Quick summary for myself Family -> dangerous but gets you closer Occupation -> basic for smalltalk Recreation -> basic, ez bridge to dream Dream -> deep convo, and imaginary. Good to flirt. Rule 1: always agree and be understanding 2: if you dont agree, add your oppinion to your agreement in a “but” type of way.. “yes i like this and that, but i also think that this should be...” 3: ask the person what they think of your vision “dont you think this and this aswell?” Wanna flirt? Open with family, then dont let the daddy issues come up and switch to recreation. From recreation, ask *their* passion, try to do the “yes, but ...”-thing and after *their* favorete recreational things to do run out, bridge to dream “wow but since you like dancing, have you never thought of becomming a dancer, bc i think about becomming an artist since thats my passion. Dont *you* dream of becomming a dancer?” “I do fully understand why you hate his guts, since he ate all the rice. Especially if you’d been waiting on it for 1 hour. Such an asshole, I’d totally would hate someone for eating my pudding, because rice is easely made. Dont you think so? (This is the yes, but ... technique)
M PB (3 months ago)
"Why so you think I come from a big family?" Because you're black
King Samson (3 months ago)
Me: "how are you doing today?" Her: "Good! It's a beautiful day today how are you doing?" Me: "I got to go."
MLMRC.COM (3 months ago)
how about the KGB method.... Konversation, Grabbing, ..... B? I don't know something.
Jamel Greaves (3 months ago)
If this is about dating. Stop asking others what their dreams are, and accomplish your own dreams, there’s a saying in my occupation (session musician) and it applies throughout life really, how many guitarists does it take to fit a light bulb ? A = 100 1 to do it, 99 to watch and criticise. If you’re within the 99, you’re the norm (which is boring), if you’re the 1, not only did you actually do it but also different from the norm (more exciting, at least in most ways).
TheSecondBeef (3 months ago)
In other words: How to be babbling about everything and making your company less bearable. Look, if you actually want to have a conversation with someone, ask about something of their interest and then proceed to say the closest thing you know about that subject and there you go, that person will open up and talk about them and then you can branch out many different subjects from that one specific subject. That’s what works for me
AICJ. (3 months ago)
Lol. The Ford meth
Ben Roeper (3 months ago)
I feel like the YouTube algorithm is trying to tell me something by recommending this...
sheeplvl1 (3 months ago)
Talking to a psychopath murderer. Wow I've always wanted to kill some oxygens when I was younger. There's something about killing some oxygens that's very fulfilling.
ZENIT LAD (3 months ago)
Man this comment section is pure gold
Jacob Goldberg (3 months ago)
HER: "hey, how are you?" ME: "Israel did 9/11."
Blanque (3 months ago)
Listing this video just cause of the comments 😂
"so uh. How long you been a gir?l"
Hazza (3 months ago)
I swear nobody likes deep conversations or do go too deep
Hazza (3 months ago)
I wanna spark them with a little comment not a lecture....
Myra Adu-Sarkodie (3 months ago)
I wish these vids would stop assuming I’m a straight male trying to get pussy 🙄
loewoo (3 months ago)
ChickenFak 43 (3 months ago)
The feeling when you actually search for this video and you realize how shit you are with people
John Allen (3 months ago)
Me: Hi what do you do? Her: Obviously student, what a silly question. Me: I got drunk badly last night, so my mind is not clear right now lol. Her: Right, go hook other girls!

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