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Ludacris - One More Drink ft. T-Pain

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Music video by Ludacris performing One More Drink. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,394,091. (C) 2008 DTP Records, LLC
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Text Comments (4102)
Jason Voorhees (1 day ago)
Back when 106 & Park Was popping
blackgate gaming (4 days ago)
Whos drinking to t pain in 2019!! Thow yo hands up if you goin harrrrdddd !!! Comment or like if your partyin!! :D
Mckever Lewis (5 days ago)
How many of y'all realize you can't do a damn thing without TK Kirkland.
Hey! Persia (5 days ago)
I hated this song when it first came out it was always on 106 &park and all over the radio
Jason Voorhees (9 days ago)
Back in those 106 & Park days
Tififi blog (10 days ago)
"Ok dude keep that off me" lmao Damn Katt is so crazy
Flame Janes (11 days ago)
I knew he was Transformer - Pain ....I fkn knew it! 2:42
JAY OH (11 days ago)
If your cranberry is dark like blood thats because u didnt order any vodka buddy.thats y its $3 a glass put your hand down"
Chris Sulzer (16 days ago)
fuckin Katt Williams lmao. this song will never get old for me.
Craig Davis (18 days ago)
Shalamar-Take That To The Bank.
Jefry Ortiz zapata (20 days ago)
2019 anyone
RainingOnRoses (27 days ago)
A classic
Marz White (1 month ago)
😨 🔥🔥🔥 💥💥💥💥 😂😂😂😂😂 😃😃😃😃😃😃 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 #Math
Arturo Villareal (1 month ago)
They had tiger woods in this one lmao
윤두진 (1 month ago)
OG_Bumblebee_ (1 month ago)
Serene Christine (1 month ago)
Arm Chew I LOVE IT!!!
DJBLKZAND Zand DJ (1 month ago)
Myspace theme
Rivera G (1 month ago)
Drink. Dumb.Reaction.Is.No.Knowledge. If I take one more drink I'm going to end up _XXX_ you. If I take one more think I'm going to end up bucking you. If I take one more blink I'm going to end up yucking you.
Rockinterror X (1 month ago)
HAHAHAH YOOOOO IS THAT TK Kirkland. this niggah here
Lucas Gabriel Oliveira (1 month ago)
You drinks ALL time kkkk Engenho da Rainha Brasil
Mere Farr (1 month ago)
2019 still love this song! Kids now days don't know!!
Jovan Infante (1 month ago)
quien en 2019 😀
srhje (1 month ago)
This song would be offensive today.
ElGachooo Queti (1 month ago)
2019? Anybody?
home9dog2blue (1 month ago)
Ohhhshit WANDA and KATT WILLIAMS were in the same video YEARS before the altercation 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
home9dog2blue (1 month ago)
Ahh the NUVO days when everybody thought it would be as big as ciroc
home9dog2blue (1 month ago)
Forgot ALL about this gem until i seen it on my homepage
home9dog2blue (1 month ago)
Forgot ALL about this gem until i seen it on my homepage
Moe Kazan (1 month ago)
Anyone else notice hand was fake before the bite 😂
Jae (1 month ago)
Lmmfao who noticed tk kirkland at the beginning? 😂
Demetrius Perkins (1 month ago)
March 2019
Otherworldlytwo2nine (1 month ago)
I've never heard this before now. How the hell did it end up in my suggested videos? This song flames 🔥🔥 🔥 by the way
Michael Knight (1 month ago)
Joe RIP..thank you.....you guessed it right... love you my friend...
LGKids (1 month ago)
1:51! Lol! Peace!
Shane B. (2 months ago)
I miss T Pain's hat. Bring it back
Jessi W. (2 months ago)
Good old times ❤️
Kay MilkShake (2 months ago)
This era of music was my favorite
Jason Voorhees (2 months ago)
The first time I saw this was on 106 & Park on BET in late 2008 I was 3 😂
coolcat (2 months ago)
lol TK kirkland in this shit too!!! hahahahaaha
Jae (1 month ago)
We know he wasn't lying lol.
Thato Mokwena (2 months ago)
Who's listening to it in 2019 cause I am
Trell Brown (2 months ago)
Didn't Know Katt Williams was featured in the video....and how they all cracked up at the end
Marcus Mosley (2 months ago)
T-Pain is awesome with, or without auto tones!
bryan (2 months ago)
This is not allow . There is no alcohol anonymous group
Bernie E (2 months ago)
Who's here after seeing T pain as the monster on the masked singer! !
Nazir Bey (2 months ago)
Damn That's My Story....SMFH!
Burrdmizzle (3 months ago)
Just enjoying T-Pain's dance moves lol
Itachi Uchiha (3 months ago)
2019? anyone?
Marley Rose (3 months ago)
Who's watching in 2019?
Jeremy Akan (3 months ago)
Adrian Lopez (3 months ago)
Pantie dropper straight up,
Mr Hawkhawk (3 months ago)
One of the best rappers around.. Tpain is a bad ass entertainer
Carlos Reyes (3 months ago)
Nothing wrong with dating You’ve been dating(points at pregnant woman) 😂😂😂😂😂
en cee (3 months ago)
am i only the one who doesnt remember tpain wearing all these hats?
Marcellus Sims (3 months ago)
T-pain 1:21..lol!!
jonas smith (3 months ago)
if ludacris just keeps his mouth shoot .....Him sending that disk is what cracked the case,” Landwehr says. “If he had just quit [killing] and kept his mouth shut, we might never have connected the dots.
ORION QUEST (3 months ago)
This is Why im so Glad that i Dont Drink Gotta Stay Focused in these Clubs because its the Alcohol that Causes All The Drama!🤨
DA FABZ (3 months ago)
2019 still banging the jam straight outta Zimbabwe
Michael Turner (4 months ago)
No Joke "Alcohol" KILL'S!!!
MegaMr JIN (4 months ago)
I would dance to this and drink to this for real . This is for me and my crush DEMI LOVATO. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 God knows how i feel about her - my woman . I would dance with her to this JAM.
Lamar AC West (4 months ago)
That's that 1986 hip hop.
Deluxe Johnson (4 months ago)
2019 poppin
alexus x (4 months ago)
hearing t pain is so satisfying
CL129 (4 months ago)
I caught 2 chainz in a clip at 3:15, now he’s on and they ain’t. 😂
Jamil Aziz (4 months ago)
Jonas Barthelemy (4 months ago)
Who still washing this in the 2019
nostalgic 80's guy (4 months ago)
Marvin Davis (4 months ago)
We could use Tpain right about now
mataozil (5 months ago)
Thanks for the 2008 memories T-Pain....
vizzel1000 (5 months ago)
Cameo by 2 chains at 3:23
Joel Campbell (5 months ago)
Joel Campbell cell 📱
biloute730 biloute (5 months ago)
10 ans octobre 2008 décembre 2018. good music
Danny Childs (5 months ago)
Man I use to love this song!
Nesha Britwood (5 months ago)
Was that Loni Love?
Nesha Britwood (5 months ago)
Forgot all about this song.
Arsomech (5 months ago)
When pain came on shit gave me goose bumps haha. 🔥
Hayley Watson (5 months ago)
T-Pain made every song sound x10 better!
Jthe Lightseeker (5 months ago)
3:37 whats her name?
91 fleetwood Lee (5 months ago)
2018 still here
Coco Anise (6 months ago)
Listening in 2018
Edric Howard (6 months ago)
DJ Khaled should be in the video.
3m0_Wr3ck (6 months ago)
Me too, #MeToo Ooo oooo... lolz
Philip Greener (6 months ago)
does he have body image issues? big head, fake arm, big hands LOLLL OH he's ludacris
Jordan Watlington (6 months ago)
Ha! A lot of people forget both Katt Williams & Wanda Smith were in this video before their radio beef
jonas smith (6 months ago)
0:07 WHEN RAPPERS hate on ... a CCTV .,... YOU BETTER KNOW ... THEY CANT AFFORD a part ---
Vareem Hill (6 months ago)
This one of the greatest songs I heard I love it it is cool as hell.
jonas smith (6 months ago)
0:32 CCCTV ... not taping torah bright ---- MAY order sharia law in sweden .... that may bitch is fuckjed up
j4s0n mo0n (6 months ago)
I am Rashad Fox (6 months ago)
Still here at the end of 2018
zi neb (7 months ago)
Daiva Sumner (7 months ago)
Still my ishhh
Isandra Gabriela Simbo (7 months ago)
Lawrence Ware (7 months ago)
I remember this stripper was letting me do anything and I about threw up on her lmao
Pernell Mitchell (7 months ago)
Still jamming in 2018
jonas smith (7 months ago)
so TRY To cut down what BIGGE do --- wheel well MUMBEL PEDFILA rapping ... what you tun it IN blind HATE --- i don't have anting invested in hip hop
Might Guy (7 months ago)
Back when music didnt suck
allyssa Gordon (7 months ago)
2018 🎧
Danarik Holland (7 months ago)
2 chainz aka duffel bag boy made a cameo
Steph Modelchic (7 months ago)
2018 n I still love this song n Luda!!
Gine Harden (7 months ago)
I didn’t notice 2 chainz was in the video 😭💀💀 I forgot he was with Ludacris for a long time.

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