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dEUS - Favourite Game (from Vantage Point)

788 ratings | 322436 views
The 3rd official dEUS video from the 2008 album Vantage Point is for the Single 'Favourite Game'. Visit http://www.dEUS.be for more info on dEUS, the rock band from Antwerp, Belgium. Download This Song on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=278468566&id=278468559&s=143446 For an overview of all dEUS songs available on iTunes follow this link: http://itunes.apple.com/be/artist/deus/id13494122
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Text Comments (30)
Manuel Pereira (6 years ago)
THey ROCK , THey rock :D
mary joanna (6 years ago)
they are like kings of leon..they remind me of them
Marco Rossetti (7 years ago)
I believe in dEUS
eliseeeeification (7 years ago)
belgian gods!!
Jakub Weber (7 years ago)
hedleylara (7 years ago)
Everytime I listen to "favourite game "I sweat...'cause this is the most provocative and arousing dEUS song!!!!I loooooove it....and Tom is the sexiest man all over the world!!!!
Pedro Angelo (8 years ago)
This should have millions of views, why it doesn't? >:( Awesome song, badass lyrics.
Bas Douma (8 years ago)
Lekker Bandje !!
da deda (8 years ago)
beste bezetting sinds stef kamil en rudy trouvé tijden
michele Rossignol (9 years ago)
MAN wa is diene drummer een lekker stuk!!!!!
michele Rossignol (9 years ago)
MAN wa is diene drummer van dEUS een lekker stuk!!!!! Miljaar diene mag mij wel een vuurke komen vragen zene!!!!!!!
Elvira (9 years ago)
inmiddels een week nu x)
Elvira (9 years ago)
wat een gigantisch lekker nummer :) non-stop geluistert sinds 2 dagen geleden !
youtusam (9 years ago)
zo goe :)
Simon B (10 years ago)
I Love Them ! Great ! Nothing but Respect !
SuuzieQ (10 years ago)
keb nooit geweten dat ze Belgisch waren, man wat zijn hun goed zeg! 7 days, 7 weeks is tot nu toe mn favortiet:D
Walter Reynders (10 years ago)
vet liedje!
garfreeek (10 years ago)
the other tracks i'v heard so far will probably need to grow on me, but this one really doesn't, it's amazing!
stephanhemert (10 years ago)
maybe the best band of Europe at the moment
stephanhemert (10 years ago)
het allerbeste wat het vasteland van Europa te bieden heeft
00Ivanov (10 years ago)
This is just briliiant! Repeat!
Mark Groenen (10 years ago)
Favo track van dit album!
ZentroN (10 years ago)
Gilles DB (10 years ago)
They are from Belgium...and i'm from Belgium and when i hear this im proud on it
methefishandthesea (10 years ago)
<3<3<3 3 december!!!!!!
EditorsFan (10 years ago)
This song was the 3rd release, but only in belgium. 'Eternal Woman' is the 2nd international release. That's why you probably didn't realize! But i DO think that this is the best song of the record!
walterschaerl (10 years ago)
walterschaerl (10 years ago)
vvdb92 (10 years ago)
yeah da was op werhcter en ik was der ook! deus voor altij
VicinityofObscenity (10 years ago)
misschien wel het beste nummer van de plaat. Feest!

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