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THAT WITCH MUST DIE (Apostle Johnson Suleman)

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..Apostle Johnson Suleman (God's Oracle)...
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Text Comments (105)
Kelvin Osazee (27 days ago)
Thank you sir
Humu Kargbo (2 months ago)
I always ask myself what worry
Humu Kargbo (2 months ago)
Oh my goodness man of God these happen to me most of time make in my body
Ophelia Mammah (2 months ago)
That witch must Die In Jesus name
سارا فيكشري (2 months ago)
Thank you sir, great mind discuss idea not people. Only witches discuss pple, so if u are a gossip u are a witch.
سارا فيكشري (2 months ago)
Any witch or wizard delaying my progress or promotion in life and destiny must die
Johanna Nongxaza (4 months ago)
I connect to the Annointing of Prophet Johnson... let every witch and Wizards who's fighting me let all of them die in Jesus Christ mighty name.
Aminata Queen Kamara (5 months ago)
those witches must die ,in Jesus Christ name!!!!.... Die!!!
Rawb Das (6 months ago)
I hope that al of you look inside your hearts and minds and realize that this mans words and emotional outbursts is the reason thousands of innocent people were tortured and killed by religious fervor by no basis other than intolerance and hatred towards that which people do not understand. People are STILL being killed TODAY because religious leaders are preaching murder. If you or I stood in the streets and started yelling that we must kill people because “this book commands me to do it”, I would be arrested. This is insanity.
Fosare Eric (6 months ago)
So much love this my father my gift
paul Ambili (9 months ago)
Any witch behind any of my situation die in Jesus name
Simon Conteh (10 months ago)
Any witch behind my blessing must die today in Jesus Christ name. Amen
Emmanuel Kollie (10 months ago)
Those that know their God shall be strong and do exploit. Those that put their trust in God Almighty, shall be strong like mourn Zion, which can't be shaken, but endured forever. My brother and sister in Christ, make the word of God the standard for your life, and see the outcome or reward of the power of the words.
Valerie Renfurm (10 months ago)
I agree that all witches and warlocks in my way must die. In Jesus holy name received glory hallelujah done finished Thank you Abba Father for destroying these evil , secret , deceptive powers of darkness. By the blood of Jesus.
Keavin 1985 (10 months ago)
All the witches and wizard and familiar spirit workings against most die and cast out forever in the name of MIGHTY JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN.
MissTia777 (10 months ago)
VERY powerful, anointed, holy fiery teaching starting @ 17:30!
Michelle Francess Sesay (11 months ago)
The witches in my way to my destiny die in Jesus mighty name Amen. Any witchcraft deposit in me be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen
Blessing Fransic (11 months ago)
lesley mitchell (1 year ago)
I see that so many Christians are still sadistic murderers only too ready to light the fire and burn a witch. Are we really in the 21st century? I can't think of anything more off putting to non Christians than this barbarity.
سارا فيكشري (2 months ago)
My father I love you: yes so any one practicing witchcraft must die
My father I love you (6 months ago)
lesley mitchell if you are a witch, you’ll die by fire!!!!
lesley mitchell (10 months ago)
+Lucy Rutainurwa The witches should stop what? You don't even know anything about witches really, now do you? All you know is just what this ranting and vicious charlatan tells you. You are advocating murder and as such this site is a hate site.
Lucy Rutainurwa (10 months ago)
lesley mitchell you think selfishly. If we are in the 21st century, why doesn't witches also realise and stop?
Bedrock Ekeoma (1 year ago)
Behloh Sackey (1 year ago)
God bless u Apostle
Behloh Sackey (1 year ago)
They will die by fire today in The mighty name of Jesus
Daniel Onwudinjo (1 year ago)
That Witch/Wizard Must Die In JESUS NAME. Amen.
Jane Aguomba (1 year ago)
l command every evil Mark to be removed and God's Mark of favour, Love, acceptanc, peace and joy follow me. IJN
Jane Aguomba (1 year ago)
l love you holy spirit.
I agree with you man of God. That witch must die. I don't care who he or she is. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amenooooooo.
My testimony is next. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amenooooooo.
Charles Okonedo (1 year ago)
Girlshine (1 year ago)
It's difficult to watch this bullshit. These so called "pastors" are nothing more than charlatans and con-men/woman whose only interest is to exploit the vulnerable and desperate for their own greedy financial gain. How can Africans adopt the same religion as their oppressors which was imported by missionaries??? Do you not know your history??? This also applies to Islam and the Arabs. My mind boggles. And for the record: There are no such things as Witches and Wizards. In life, some people do good things and some do bad; it's not complicated, it's called the Human condition. Get over it!
Gods child Bashok (4 months ago)
Your ignorance is cancer-like. Get cured of ignorance. In life, your mind, your body and your spirit are different. You ate saying this from your mind and your body. What of your spirit? God is spirit and is not flesh. Those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Pastors preach from the word of God. If you have a problem with the bible, it means you are blind. You are sick spiritually. Faith comes through hearing the spirit word of God.
MissTia777 (10 months ago)
Girlshine Your Black Militant cult idol worshipping garbage is oppressive! It only teaches hating white people and being a pedo!
I am one the 21 people! My wedding is right on the corner. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.
Kumba Daboh (1 year ago)
matimba nkuna (1 year ago)
Anger in my system to declare wow, they are dead ... amen
Violet Perfection (2 years ago)
Every witch and wizard around me in my family or close to me must die, die now by fire, you shall not torment me n my siblings again
Katlego Bogatsu (2 years ago)
i connect
joseph ekpbete (2 years ago)
Papa your message is doing great things in this are world of Andriot may God contiunto Bless you with more Wisdom
Momodu Admed (1 year ago)
Them must die in Jesus name amen
GODDY ORUM ̈S (2 years ago)
that wicth must most die
GODDY ORUM ̈S (2 years ago)
Receive deliverance today from Witchcraft. 469-774-1446. or Join the prayer line :18572166700 pin 873457. @5am
Join Apostle Johnson Suleman, Raw Power Dallas,TX. Nov 29th -30th. 2016. Mesquite Convention Center, TX. @9am & 6pm.
Caleb Aigbologah (1 year ago)
Apostle Williams Areloegbe
Maima Trinity (2 years ago)
In Jesus name every witch in my family should die
Lerato Rambau (2 years ago)
THAT WITCH MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma A (2 years ago)
Amen I remove any mark in my body by fire. blessings to man of God I never new when you eat in dream you fast till noon.
Michael Gray (2 years ago)
Chukwuanu Delight (7 months ago)
Michael Gray Koop
Michael Gray (2 years ago)
Debbie A, it's a very simple, one word statement. Where did I lose you? It's difficult to shorten it any further.
Debbie A (2 years ago)
Michael Gray what?? who?
vielka velarde (2 years ago)
In jesus name EVERY WITCHES and wizard must DIE
S Wi (2 years ago)
must die
Osamede Aigbovbiosa (2 years ago)
by fire by thunder those witches & wizards in my families die in the name of Jesus Amen
juliet emiliar (1 year ago)
Osamede Aigbovbiosa
pinky winny (2 years ago)
I came to Malaysia to help my family because we are poor, I thought everything is going to be fine....I never knew the suffering just started. my mate are progressing why am here not going forward, I just need a helper , someone wipe my tears again, please i need your prayers
Promise Lucy (2 years ago)
in Jesus name I pray to God that all the witches and wizards in my ways die by Jesus Christ fire Amen amen and Amen
vielka velarde (1 year ago)
Promise Lucy (( amen:: I AGREE IN JESUS NAME
AJuah FREEMAN (2 years ago)
my son died because of this. wow. I still believe in my God and I know my son is just sleeping because nothing I have is dead. in Jesus name
Beatrice Jlopleh (2 years ago)
So true. This is happening in my life now. I don't eat until 1pm most often. And I can't remember when I have eaten in my dream. Thank you Jesus Christ
Beatrice Jlopleh (2 years ago)
Father, let the radar/antenna pick me. I am tired with misery
Stella Godswill (2 years ago)
the lord is your strength .
sylas amwata (2 years ago)
glory be to God
Vivian Hugh Gayle (2 years ago)
yes fire thank. man of God
Joy Agho (2 years ago)
that witch in my life must died
Amanda Love (2 years ago)
God bless you papa
Abdul Victor (2 years ago)
I thank God this message came up, it has open my yes,Daddy thank you God will bless you. Happy birthday to you.
Cerridwen Moonraven (2 years ago)
Some dumba$$ posted this sh!t on my wall. Ha, what is your god going to do, smite me?
Osimen Taiye (2 years ago)
Good to be on this network. Tanks to papa.
gracias Ami (2 years ago)
wow....I'm sooooo blessed by this message. All glory be to God. Udeme, God bless you for uploading it. Thank you
Israelite Cliff (2 years ago)
let God be praise.
Humu Bangura (2 years ago)
nay witch in life much died
Blessing Orji (2 years ago)
Witches over my life n family die in Jesus name amen
Laura Etemah (3 years ago)
Glory be to God!
Sello Johannes (3 years ago)
thanks daddy I hate witches
Haneb Ivan (3 years ago)
Powerful and with energy massages love it
Word deliverance to me
miche b (3 years ago)
Suffer not a witch to live
masta kaspa (3 years ago)
"You shall not murder". That is all.
Gods child Bashok (4 months ago)
Read your bible from Genesis to Revelation before you comment. Ok?
winter chitendwe (4 years ago)
Wanda Cannon (4 years ago)
Wanted me to you 😁
niola Williams (4 years ago)
Thank u 4 dis wonderful message am blessed.
prophet Solomon King (27 days ago)
niola Williams how you doing, send me your Contact
Alakwem Robert (4 years ago)
Ogbughalu Godwin (4 years ago)
Papa, you are blessing to me.God thank you for giving me Apostle Johnson Suleman
Ogbughalu Godwin (4 years ago)
Papa, you are blessing to me.God thank you for giving me Apostle Johnson Suleman
Silvia Danielle (4 years ago)
Mado judo (4 years ago)
Thank you for the video.  We need more Apostle Johnson Suleman videos.PLEASE.
Born to win (4 years ago)
Sir I must confess, u are a blessing to me and my generation and am so happy that God has created somebody like u in my time,sir thanks u very much for revealing the secret of eating in the dream and the solution, am so greatfull, I pray that God Almighty will continue to bless u and your family in Jesus Name Amen.
Greg Morgan (4 years ago)
Yes, That Witch/Wizard must die in JESUS NAME. Amen.
joejoe gold (4 years ago)
Pls upload more of Papa's messages. God bless u 4 ur effort.. From Germany...
Mel's Moment SL (4 years ago)
Amen & Amen .
wongani shammah (5 years ago)
Really blessed Thank you. Please upload more.
Revivalby Fire (5 years ago)
i will ...God's blessings
Olugbenro Stephen (5 years ago)
pls could u upload more of Apostle's msgs!
Thank you Apostle...
Ikeiyegbe Isaiah (1 year ago)
thank u sir
Revivalby Fire (5 years ago)
i love it too God Blessings...
forbitprincess (5 years ago)
I have this cd....l can't stop listening to it...

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