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Lil Skies - Lust [Official Music Video] (Dir. by @NicholasJandora)

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Jandora Media Presents LUST by LIL SKIES Song Produced by Cashmoney AP Directed/Edited by Nicholas Jandora https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCkQO97mD9dcHnhjemMf-eg https://www.instagram.com/nicholasjandora/?hl=en Director of Photographer Matthew Arnonld https://www.instagram.com/m9arnold/?hl=en Animated by Tristan Zammit https://www.instagram.com/tristious/?hl=en Follow Lil Skies https://www.lilskiesofficial.com https://www.instagram.com/lilskies/ https://twitter.com/lilskies https://soundcloud.com/lil-skies https://www.facebook.com/lilskiesofficial Get Life of A Dark Rose here: https://lilskies.lnk.to/LOADRID #LilSkies #LifeofADarkRose
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Text Comments (44455)
Maria T (2 hours ago)
He’s so handsome but all these tattoos and his life makes you sad for him 😔🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Tariq Butler (4 hours ago)
He killed it
Tariq Butler (4 hours ago)
One of my favourite lil skies songs
Zachary Gutierrez (5 hours ago)
I love the Boondocks themed animation.
FortniteEpic -clips (5 hours ago)
Teacher: do your work Me: that's a negative I'm on my break
Nishu Pattanashetty (6 hours ago)
3700167 (8 hours ago)
when your mom dad gets you in the act doing something your not supossed to...when he tells you "i think you have confesion to make" so you give him this awnser0:39
Cade Robinson (8 hours ago)
love the song but why did he say he was on break but ended up chasing the criminal anyway?
Carly Mejía (8 hours ago)
Omg I have such a big crush on him
Mr Phoney (9 hours ago)
this song is bad ass
Smiley Cool (10 hours ago)
Smiley Cool (10 hours ago)
1:16 is my favorite part
Smiley Cool (10 hours ago)
From fortnite funny
GalaxyRTV Studios (10 hours ago)
this man ballin’ on a budget lmao
Nocturnal Eclipse (10 hours ago)
My friends: “lil skies songs are trash” lil skies: hold my beer
The MLG Yogi Bear (11 hours ago)
How do I ban fortnite comments?
PHANLYX (11 hours ago)
1:40 When every thot likes you and you just be rollin' with it because you know deep down that you WANT IT.
PHANLYX (11 hours ago)
"Smokin' On Gorilla Glue" 0:52 Same bruh.
Joshua Eli (11 hours ago)
Who found this from the football Videos?
Playstation Playz (12 hours ago)
When your girl says she’s home alone 0:31
RAYMOND TERRELL (13 hours ago)
why is this song so good
GIZMOC16 beef (13 hours ago)
This is doo doo
LML couver (13 hours ago)
Muito top😍
ASAP Fan (13 hours ago)
Before 800k likes?
KJTechGaming (15 hours ago)
1:26 that look you give your friend when he asks, "did you eat my last slice of pizza?" and you say "naw fam"
OryginalnaNazwaPl (16 hours ago)
Dhieulisson Fernando (16 hours ago)
Agum BR
REGG KING (16 hours ago)
Alright most of these people got here by fortnite funny we get it
InF KhrisS (16 hours ago)
Why does white rappers say N1gga...
joggling joe (17 hours ago)
Who is the first girl in the video, that kissed him on the cheek?
santiago cicilia (18 hours ago)
this dude is flexing 1 dollar billls
cyber bully vs lefy (18 hours ago)
is dis cancer
TR1G0 (18 hours ago)
Denis Almeida (18 hours ago)
this is my favorite song
kova äijä (19 hours ago)
Is this guy still alive?
Luke Patty (19 hours ago)
So many thicc girls mmmmm. Like if u agree
Cainon Jenkins (19 hours ago)
he probably got so many Bonner's XD
youssef sassi (22 hours ago)
Didnt know hes a weeb
Joshua Louis (22 hours ago)
All shortys in this vid can get piped by me
Murphy The cat (23 hours ago)
Xihurabe Valadez (1 day ago)
I guess he got sponsered by pornhub
darklight (1 day ago)
1:30 makes my dick hard
Lessly Martinez (1 day ago)
Team Tristan zammit animator of this video and runner up for xxxtentacion animation vote him now 🔥♥️🔥🔥
Nightbot (1 day ago)
I showed this to my grass Now its weed
AdrianAnonymous (1 day ago)
Step 1: turtle beach headset Step 2:full volume Step 3: enjoy 😉
ovo 76 (1 day ago)
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
xWhitee • (1 day ago)
Angelique Morgan (1 day ago)
Best song Eva
ARP2018 ARP2018 (1 day ago)
They lost that plot quicker then a porn video.
Peruviantank (1 day ago)
Very creative music video that's all I got say.
Jaden Torres (1 day ago)
M A L O U (1 day ago)
My teacher said his bars where trash 😂😭
Stefan Webb (1 day ago)
Get fame on fire to do this cover right now.
Sarin Hadley (1 day ago)
I love dis song lol I liked btw lil skies
XXX (1 day ago)
1:26 I can feel this part for some reason
Котик мяу (1 day ago)
0:54 stop here lil skies want sit on toualet (Sorry for bad engl.)
Brody kinnett (1 day ago)
Or 75 slowed
Brody kinnett (1 day ago)
1.25 speed up
Marga Feo (1 day ago)
How is the Instagram of the first girl or the name?
Roarsarch201 • (1 day ago)
lil skies immortalized for this
Joseph Ables (1 day ago)
Like you like lil skies
Like if Lil Skies is better than Chief Keef
FUNNY GAMING (1 day ago)
This is crazy song I love itt
Cj Mitchell (1 day ago)
Christian Miguel (1 day ago)
Daiveon Bell (1 day ago)
I Love the
Frankie Guinn (1 day ago)
KaBiiPL (1 day ago)
Masno ni!
Gratious Host (1 day ago)
Least we know skies should definately NOT be a cop
iGleph (2 days ago)
Anyone getting ps and qs vibes
Murzo Beats (2 days ago)
like,if lil skies better then youre mom
Kuroko Sama (2 days ago)
My best song of Lil Skies is:CLOUDY SKIES
what is the name of the actress?
CawoGrexik Let's Play (2 days ago)
Fortnite outro? ;DDD
Jack caddis (2 days ago)
Detective skies
Octo Squid (2 days ago)
His voice at the beginning was just so friggin.... *noice* 😏👌
LiveModding (2 days ago)
No comments on how hot that chick is? Wtf?
santiago barba (2 days ago)
2:01 this is why he got 88M views
Blessing Johnson (2 days ago)
You go hard
Beast mode 5404 (2 days ago)
0:43 when your chasing a fake default
Claudia Bravo (2 days ago)
0:49 WOOPSY DADDY y my worm hard
Claudia Bravo (2 days ago)
me like my own comment
Sammael Alvarado (2 days ago)
the money was just ones !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sammy R (2 days ago)
What is lust?
Shovelover Awesome (2 days ago)
Do a collab with juice world
SuperBlits1 (2 days ago)
I love this song
カタバスKATABAS (2 days ago)
0.75x playback speed
riley Murphy (2 days ago)
My favorite
Space Vortex YT (2 days ago)
Damn that girls a gold digger😂
Samsocoollitty ? (2 days ago)
Guys compare this song with red hood and Batman
Slow down x2 keep melody
When you flex you money and you look ugly yo gurl only want you for your money
Young Spicy (2 days ago)
Its fire🔥🔥🔥
Luke Hayes (2 days ago)
BhadToxicBear21 (2 days ago)
I think the robber is debby ryan
FlEXP x Gameing (2 days ago)
1:27 when your about to smash
Ice Icy Frost Bite (2 days ago)
0:35 Why?!?!? Me!?!? Bro!!!!!
Telable (2 days ago)
Kids in Africa could’ve ate those doughnuts
REGG KING (2 days ago)
"I'm a jiffy nigga I'mma take her out to lunch"
NxN21 (2 days ago)
diggi ich möchte halt einfach mal so schreiben damit ich so bewiesen kkann das ich schreiben. Nico kennt den philipps one blade jetzt ricchtif deswegen wird er niemals arschhaare haben. leon hat eingepisst. Ich sitze hier mit meinen Jungs und halb mäldes und trinke wie gesagt mein bier mit meinen juzns und nico ist übel am abschmieren. Ich weißß nicht mehr waws ich schriben soll desewegen sitze ich hier und trinke mit meinen jungs mein nothafft mit meinen ungs wie gesagt. Wenn ihr dass lesen solltet habt ihr 2min eueres verschwendet ihr fotzzen. Weil ich das gelesen habt. Paece out ihr scheißß fotten alder
Icebear 1002 (2 days ago)
Imagine if X was still alive. Lil Skies and XXXTENTACION making a song together. That would be heat 🔥🔥
T r a s h (2 days ago)
0 0: 0:3 0:33 0:3 0: 0

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