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5 BEST Selling Dress Shoes? | MUST OWN Men's Footwear

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https://www.paulevansny.com - Click here to check out Paul Evans dress shoes. https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/best-selling-dress-shoes/ - Click here to read the article - First 5 Shoes Every Man NEEDS https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community Video Summary: 0:46 - Shoe #1 - Cap Toe Oxford 3:49 - Shoe #2 - The Whole Cut Oxford 5:11 - Shoe #3 - The Semi-Brogue 6:32 - Shoe #4 - The Penny Loafer 8:10 - Shoe #5 - The Chukka Boot
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Real Men Real Style (8 months ago)
Which dress shoe is your favorite? https://www.paulevansny.com - Click here to check out Paul Evans dress shoes. https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/best... - Click here to read the article - First 5 Shoes Every Man NEEDS https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrsc... - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community Video Summary: 0:46 - Shoe #1 - Cap Toe Oxford 3:49 - Shoe #2 - The Whole Cut Oxford 5:11 - Shoe #3 - The Semi-Brogue 6:32 - Shoe #4 - The Penny Loafer 8:10 - Shoe #5 - The Chukka Boot
junaid Gillani (5 months ago)
A J (9 months ago)
Real Men Real Style great video bro
Joel Everett (11 months ago)
ox blood wingtip!
professsorgriff (11 months ago)
Man I went with the Heston Double Monk strap boot in Oxblood along with the Chelsea boots in chocolate with matching belt for both of them I got a deal on Black Friday for buy one get one free with the boots. Thanks for a great video!!!
Paulo Hernandez (11 months ago)
Whole cut Oxford definitely for it's simplicity and sleek look.
Aaron Springborn (2 days ago)
Just viewing all these Paul Evans videos again and boy they stand out. I can't wait go get my first pair sooner or later. My first two will hopefully be a chocolate brown whole cut because I don't have a whole-cut yet. My second pair debating between these three colors for the Chelsea boot that is black chocolate brown and oxblood.
Ed S (30 days ago)
I really like the one's at 0:38 . Anyone know what model?
Sadik Toys Review (1 month ago)
I wear sunglasses to block all my haters , indoors and outdoors 😎😎
Dan Tetreault (1 month ago)
I love your videos.
Joseon Capital (1 month ago)
Does that RMRS100 code still work for anyone? I'm guessing not since it's been a year lol..
Real Men Real Style (1 month ago)
Sorry Joseon - code has expired :)
nick strapko (1 month ago)
Wisdom in crowds is a common concept in Marketing, for sure.
Dennis Inkwa (3 months ago)
2.28 homeboy sounds like Trump.
Creative Design TV (3 months ago)
hi cousin
David Lara (4 months ago)
Instead the whole cut I would put the double monkstrap.
sputnic (6 months ago)
I don´t know who you are , but I liked you´re selection of shoes and I like you .
Real Men Real Style (1 month ago)
I love how the honesty of this comment 😄
mickeencrua (6 months ago)
I've seen double monks that had the buckle attached by elastic. Didn't look right to me. How should the buckle be attached to the shoe?
Andre Matos (7 months ago)
If I ask you which one to pick ace marks or Paul Evans ?
Stephen Deac (7 months ago)
Years can’t ketpbin stock
Lucky Strike (7 months ago)
Do not watch his videos sell sell garbage
Orlando Cruz (7 months ago)
This guy can sell ice to an Eskimo.
Eduardo Nogueira (7 months ago)
The manliest thing you can use your day to day life is a pair of chukka boots; women just love them on men!
JordanMandas Official (8 months ago)
The wholecut oxford is leagues classier than the capped toe in my opinion, even in less formal setting and especially in black.
nguyon knight (8 months ago)
Jm Alibudbud (9 months ago)
How to order online?
Syed Kashif Ismail (9 months ago)
Hello Sir, your vedios inspire me and helped a lot thank you. I live in bangalore India so how can I get all those brands you mentioned... Shipping is going to cost me more.
Kevin K (9 months ago)
Any styles you recommend for those of us guys with big feet?
Harold Ellis (9 months ago)
Ah, no.  Broguing, particularly full boogieing, means fancier or more involved, not so much more casual.  Brogues with a tux is a non starter, but is can be acceptable with a suit.  Suitable loafers can be worn with a suit, or a tux -- if they are the right sort.  When in doubt, look to what old money wears; made in USA/UK, Goodyear welted.
grease112 (9 months ago)
I just don't like the look of suede...it looks like a cheap microfibre couch.
Nolan Castle (10 months ago)
hey Antonio, i just got my first suit, dark blue, and i think some brown shoes would look great with it. my question is if i were to go into an interview, would brown shoes be acceptable with the dark blue suit? and if so, would any brouging be acceptable?
Fadhil McCartney (10 months ago)
Rubber soul more like the beatles album
Alex Dickey (11 months ago)
Loved the loafer. Will remember A. Edmonds the next time I shop for shoes. BTW, which shoe do you wear when you are mowing the lawn or shoveling the Wisconsin snow/ice? - AlexD.
JT Style (11 months ago)
Love your videos! Other than Allen Edmonds, where would I be able to find a nice, sleek, suede loafer size 14 EEE? I am hoping AE makes a few modern options in the future.
Tyler Daugherty (11 months ago)
Hey Antonio, I am still wearing my navy issued black leathers, are these considered stylish? Somtimes, I feel they look bulky. Do or did you re-use some of your marine items, such as shoes?
Rezwan Sadat (11 months ago)
Great content sir!!
Kellen Quigley (11 months ago)
Paul Evans sounds awesome — and I would love to buy a pair — but they don't make any styles in wide widths, so I couldn't wear them even if they were the best shoes in the world. Sorry, Antonio.
Actz (11 months ago)
What type of blazers do you have on in this video? That material is so nice and casual and I feel like it could go with chinos pants
Augustine Konneh (11 months ago)
Nice sport jacket, but the shirt does not contrast it too well! Lighter blue shirt would have given it much better and elegant contrast!
Mayhem Boutdatlife (11 months ago)
at the start of the video he has a desert clarks omfg i love clarks more than the wsj
D3ad5hot (11 months ago)
Thanks for the great advice and informative videos. This might sound strange but i really like what your wearing in this video .
Antonis Stoufis (11 months ago)
Antonio, great video. So approaching my graduation from high school I feel that I need at least one pair of dress shoes. I was thinking about oxblood double monks, since I am not really expected to be super formal and I really like the design. Do you think it's a good decision? Thanks.
TXO (11 months ago)
I really enjoyed this high quality video. It's well directed, content is great and you look great. I shared it with my friends and watched it twice.
EXultimate (11 months ago)
One of your more amazing videos in a while, informing us things we didn't know before.
Mark James (11 months ago)
I have 1 pair of dress shoes, 1 pair of gym shoes, 1 pair of skater shoes, 1 pair of Jordans, and my sandals. I don't need anything else.
Mohammad Ali (11 months ago)
awsam program.
brian mayes (11 months ago)
They all look like they would kill ur back of ur foot .don't look cumfy at all I can see is blisters 👎
Seth Jamison Rainess (11 months ago)
Antonio one thing you should mention when buying shoes is to buy them late in the afternoon because your feet tend to swell during the day. So, you want to make sure that the shoes fit- otherwise you will wonder why they don't :)
Mr. Marian (11 months ago)
I love suede so badly. Its crazy.
Akhilesh Ap (11 months ago)
Why lots of advertising in video...
Ferdinand Brueggemann (11 months ago)
Antonio's videos are more and more tools for selling certain brands. This video promotes just one brand and fails to mention any other quality shoe maker (and look) from the USA and Europe. Even worse Antonio is not even promoting the best brands with the best quality and price. The promoted Paul Evans shoes with their Blake stitching are second class in regard to the production quality of makers like Allen Edmonds with their Goodyear welted shoes. And worse Paul Evans shoes do cost exactly the same like the higher quality Allen Edmonds shoes. Another example are the watch brands Antonio promotes: these brands are being despised by watch aficionados, due to their low production value, their lack of tradition and history - and they have virtually no resale value. PS: For me it's fine that he did the video at a Paul Evans shop, but it would have been way more interesting and informative when he would have included other shoes stores in NYC as well.
Shredder Ajith (11 months ago)
I've noticed that all their shoes are always really shiny, do they polish the shoe before putting them on the racks? Or is that some sort of natural shine?
Marabou Storck (11 months ago)
Would not have thought that the chukka Sold more than the chelsea. Great video as always, love to see you filming on the spot, keep it up
Dimiter Kokalanov (11 months ago)
Hey Antonio, tell us more about the nice sports jacket you are wearing! The material has great color and texture. What is it?
Ashish Rajoba (11 months ago)
Antonio, very well put together video. I enjoyed watching it as much as you did while filming it. 😉
TACOBOY51 (11 months ago)
Hey Antonio, I go to a school full of people who wear pants at their knees and T-shirts as dresses. How do I gradually take up my style? P.S. I’m a freshman.
Vivek Menon (11 months ago)
I stopped buying leather soles after refitting two shoes back to back within a year. Even church is releasing lots of rubber soles and they look great to me.
Stryker36M (11 months ago)
Is there a merchant that you can recommend who sells whole cut shoes that in wider widths, for example, EE or may EEE? I love the look, but I noticed that Paul Evans only sells medium-width shoes, at least, for the whole cuts.
Sunshine (11 months ago)
For the same price you could have allen Edmonds. I'm sure these are great shoes but id take good year welt for around the same price. The fact that they price hiked then started doing more sales to return to the original price they had is not justified even with the few new changes. They became the apple of shoes. Yeah good phones but not the best and over priced. And with all the competition they put them selves in a stupid box for no reason. They can take all the nice Instagram photos they want id still pay for shoe cobbler any day over them.
John Washington (11 months ago)
Antonio! Nice video. Is the wholecut synonymous with a balmoral oxford? If not, what's the difference? Also, I'd love to see a cost-benefit analysis/comparison video on midrange luxury shoes (e.g., Church's, Forzieri) vs higher quality mass, produced shoes (e.g., Dockers, Stacy Adams). I'm struggling with the idea of committing several hundred dollars to a single pair of shoes that would require another hundred dollars to be re-soled when I have three pairs of shoes for less than $100 per pair. I wear each pair 1-3 times per week and they usually last around 5 years per pair. I like having a variety of colors and styles of dress shoes in my wardrobe, so I don't mind cycling out the old to make room for the new ones. Plus, if I gouge the upper on my cheap shoes, I won't break down in tears when I concede they're beyond repair.
Ferdinand Brueggemann (11 months ago)
Indeed, Antonio is the guy who is the style expert who ist traveling the world. I do understand that he needs to make money via his videos, but I hope that he will return to giving more balanced information which does not favour mediocre brands.
John Washington (11 months ago)
Ferdinand Brueggemann - Thanks for your reply. I have done the analysis myself, and I'm curious to hear Antonio's conclusions. I also think it would make for an interesting video that would have more value coming from an expert like Antonio than a nameless guy like myself. (I hope that doesn't come across as snarky or abrasive in any way.)
Ferdinand Brueggemann (11 months ago)
A Goodyear welted shoe lasts around 15 years and more (including re-soling 1-2 times) if you wear a pair every second day. These shoes are availabe from 250 USD up, like Shoepassion shoes, the better brands like Allen Edmonds are around 300-400 USD, but it's no problem to spend more... Blake welted shoes are more cheap to produce (and more difficult to resole) and are usually around 200-300 USD. Paul Allen shoes are definitely overpriced. On the other hand a pair cemented shoes for 80-150 USD (or more for fashion brand shoes) usually last around 2-4 years. You can do the cost-benefit analysis by yourself easily. But it is not just about the money. I just got my first pair of Allen Edmonds recently and they look so much better than my cemented, but still expensive BOSS shoes (luckily they were on sale, but still around 130 USD). The leather, the paint, the stitching, everything of the AEs looks better. And while cemented shoes just go ugly over time due to the substandard leather and cheap production value a fine pair of Goodyear welted shoes might even look better after a few years (and if cared for well they can be resoled, repainted, e.g.). Actually wearing a pair of fine quality shoes makes you stand out in a very subtle way. Like with fashion watches like the 5th vs. quality watches from Seiko e.g. people in the know do see that you appreciate quality and that you care about your looks; and that you are not just a fashion lemming (or just careless) who falls for the latest internet brand cheaply produced in China. Even if you wear a 1.000 USD suit, your cemented shoes (with the bad leather, the rubber soles, the creases, e.g.) will dress you down no matter what.
David E Santamaría P (11 months ago)
La pagina de la tienda sale que virus como que tiene malware
The Darkest One (11 months ago)
I love loafers and moccasins, but I don't see you mention the bit loafer that much. I am thinking about getting a pair of those and wondered how you would style them?
The Darkest One (11 months ago)
Thanks. I remember seeing that now.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Here you go: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dress-loafers-guide/
Seamus McMichael (11 months ago)
Awesome video.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Thank you Seamus!
Fred Calabrese (11 months ago)
And yet, I am still sending my Allen Edmunds McNeils(longwing blucher) to be recrafted.
Elemar do Amor Divino (11 months ago)
Great video, great content (as always).
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Thanks Elmar.
Fabian Prado M (11 months ago)
Great video, great edition, the lights, the sound, the location, it's awesome how the quality of your videos has enhanced in the last months
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Thanks for the great feedback!
Contentibus (11 months ago)
No smart Chelsea boots?
James Vincent (11 months ago)
I like penny loafers, the only problem is trying to dress them with slim jeans or chinos, they show way too much sock. I guess this is why people go sock less which looks way to feminine too me. I find i need to wear more strait fitting pants with loafers to cover up just a little bit of my socks so i don't look like a dandy. Maybe you should do a video on how to ROCK loafers? Thanks again.
Ted Williams (9 months ago)
Longer pants problem solved
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
I thought I filmed it already? :) Here you go: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dress-loafers-guide/
Manny Bamberg (11 months ago)
In the U.S. go for Allen Edmonds, Alden or Rancourt. In the UK Crockett and Jones, Cheaney, Trickers, Loake and so on. Shoepassion in Germany as well as a few great bespoke and custom offerings around the world.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
These are good brands too.
Jonathon Pucek (11 months ago)
Oxfords not brogues.
michael simpson (11 months ago)
Sorry but you forgot the combat boots.
Miguel Santos (11 months ago)
would be great to have some real examples of clothings.
Miguel Santos (11 months ago)
Real Men Real Style thanks excellent post.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Miguel - You can check out the articles here: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/category/clothing/shoes-socks/
Ol N (11 months ago)
I am guessing that Paul Evens having troubles with theor expansion since they raised the shoe prices significantly earlier this year. In my opinion it was wrong strategic move since Ace Marks is advancing by increasing popularity with the same quality shoes.
Shepherd Gwena (11 months ago)
😋 cant get enough of these shoes, well made and great quality. Someday l will be able to afford those
Myrslokstok (10 months ago)
Or go like Allen Edmond!
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Use code RMRS100 to get $100 off.
Sam Pierre (11 months ago)
That jacket tho!
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
cowboybootfan (11 months ago)
Antonio-You have inspired me to order some new shoes! I love the semi-brogues-and i loved the double monk strap boots!
cowboybootfan (11 months ago)
with jeans, khakis or black or grey trousers-and tall black socks
cowboybootfan (11 months ago)
I am ordering some double monk strap boots now to wear with jeans, black trousers or grey trousers
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Super - How would you combine them?
Evan Castrillo (11 months ago)
Great video Antonio. Really liked the video style in this one. I also have to say, the semi-brogues, chukkas, loafers, and wingtips are my favorite.
Evan Castrillo (11 months ago)
Real Men Real Style For boots, I have to say Thursday Boots. But for the other shoes I mentioned, I don't really have a particular brand, I just try to look for great looking shoes that are very well made so they will last for years and also have a price that I'm able to afford.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Evan - Thank you! I love these styles too. Any particular brands that you like?
Adrian Cooper (11 months ago)
Got to get some monk strsps.....My wife's doctors was wearing some today. Black double monk, with a suit with Black Glen Check pattern. STUNNING!!
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Adrian Cooper (11 months ago)
Semi Brogue, and Wingtips.....got those too
Rev. James C (11 months ago)
I’m not seeing this fascination of yours with the double monk and loafer. I cringe at the thought of wearing them. Also, I don’t know what it is about these dress shoes. It’s like an American/Italian hybrid and I’m not sure it works. Anybody out there have experience with these shoes? You still loving them? What is the quality like? Another bizarre thing I have noticed on the website that contradicts what you say in the video. You say in the video that the whole cut shoes are more expensive, or should be. Agreed. However, all the dress shoes - AND BOOTS - are priced at $399. That just doesn’t make sense. Not if the company is giving the best possible deal for each product.
Adrian Cooper (11 months ago)
Classic Captoe Oxford, Got some in blue.
Adrian Cooper (11 months ago)
Real Men Real Style Antonio, THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING. I did a play on patterns. It went something like this: SUIT- Navy Blue Michael Kors with Light Blue pinstripes. SHIRT- White Paul Fredricks with Navy Blue horizontal stripes. Shirt had a cut away collar with accented collar & cuffs. TIE- Light Blue Steven Land tie with medium Orange, White, and Blue polka dots with a matching handerchief. SHOES- Ace Marks Blue Full Brogue Kendrick. ACCESSORIES- Matching Blue socks and Silver Cufflinks with Octogon shaped Blue stone crystal.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
What do you wear with it?
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Flynn Martienssen (11 months ago)
My favorite out of your selection is the "chukka" boot (or as we British often refer to them as Desert boots) however my favorite shoes are some Oxblood wingtips
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Love the color!
Hassaan Haider (11 months ago)
Why u deleted ur wallet choice video ? Also make a video on how to choice a best winter coat? Thanks !
Joseph A. C. (11 months ago)
Great video Antonio! I'm not a fan of the wholecut, they're a little bit boring for me. I like a little bit of detail, like a cap toe or a quarter brogue!
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Point taken.
gljay (11 months ago)
They don't make shoes in 14 EE. Wanted me to try their 13's. Were I at a store fine but not going to fool around with shipping back knowing full well they won't fit in the first place. Going with custom shoes is my best bet.
Alvin Prettyman (11 months ago)
thanks for uploading
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Welcome! Which shoe style is your favorite?
zoukatron (11 months ago)
For the record, what you described as a semi-brogue is actually a quarter-brogue. A semi- or half-brogue is defined as having the medallion design we see on the toe, but not the wing-tip shape on the toe cap. Quarter-brogues have broging design on the edges of the leather, but lack the medallion - I have a feeling you've actually gone through this definition correctly on a previous video though. :) Good video though, and good job on dealing with the outside noise - absolutely no problems as a viewer in that regard.
Rafael (11 months ago)
Great video Antonio! Keep it up! :)
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Thanks Rafael - Great seeing you here as always.
WeissM89 (11 months ago)
Ugh. The wholecut is not simple. It's extremely boring. I'm starting to like chukkas. I think I'll get a pair next time I go shopping.
Zain Noor (11 months ago)
Great video Antonio. I loved the Wholecut.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
I do too.
Simon Maskell (11 months ago)
What about suede Oxfords?
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
That's for another video.
Nick Hentschel (11 months ago)
.....Aaaaaand there are the monk-boots I was asking about, at 3:17! Thank you.
Mr Dunn (11 months ago)
Great vid Antonio shoes make an out fit i say, I'm looking for a pair of chukkas as my first pair of boots I really like that style.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
I go into more detail here: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/category/clothing/shoes-socks/
Juka Juka (11 months ago)
I don't like your hairstyle 😞
007mrmrbig (11 months ago)
Not feeling those styles.. I think the style can depend on the overall look of the person..
Jamey Rider (11 months ago)
Awesome video. Thank you. Keep it coming.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Will do! #Antonioneverstops
Anup Chewali (11 months ago)
Raul Montoya (11 months ago)
Would it be too much if I worn penny loafers at my high school?
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Not at all. I would say it's best worn on summer.
bimmerTEK (11 months ago)
Raul Montoya if it's summer, with fitted jeans, and no socks you can probably get away without been call Grandpa. If I were you just play it safe do boat shoes and all type of sneakers you only are teen ones, and you can rock these shoes now cause later will be hard to pull them off. Penny loafers wait till you 25+
Lolly (11 months ago)
Antonio you have to be a guest at complex sneakershopping. Roling with jordans
ammar ali (11 months ago)
Amazing video Antonio, Love the Navy suede loafers. Thank you so much for the great information.
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
You're welcome! Thanks for watching my videos Ammar.
What about Uggs
What Team (11 months ago)
Please tell me where you got that suit it looks absolutely dynamite!
Mark Asher (11 months ago)
How about doing your next video at the Marine Corps Museum?
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
I like this idea!
NerdSync (11 months ago)
Gotta get me some new shoes!
Real Men Real Style (11 months ago)
Sounds like a plan.
Dan Kelly (11 months ago)
Paul Evans needs to make width with (4E) shoes! They are so beautiful, but I can't buy them. I guess I need to go for Allen Edmonds. ;-)
Smoothie (11 months ago)
I messed up my leather boots trying to use polish. Is there anyone who knows what I can do?

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