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"Lenovo VIBE K5 /K5 NOTE /K5 PLUS REVIEW" worst service center, Pure Chinese mobile....Don't Buy it

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Purchased two months ago from Amazon online shopping( ORDER # 171-6260406-8254702 ) but now mobile getting too much problem on it mobile hangs and after two month battery wnt working .Contacted many times to the Amazon don't know anything about the Lenovo they are only seller ,although I contacted more than 100 times to the Lenovo service center they are not picking the phone and when I visit the center they are closed at working hours and video is submitted to the YouTube.Please watch the video.I don't recommend to buy any lenovo chinese product.its a purely Chinese brand.
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Naznin Khokhar (2 years ago)
aaj pura din gaya mera bhi is lenovo k piche
Naznin Khokhar (2 years ago)
bakwas phone and bakwas service
nimesh modi (2 years ago)
yes i agree Dont buy it.

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