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I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying | Dr. Christopher Kerr | TEDxBuffalo

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Dr. Christopher Kerr speaks at a 2015 TEDx event Buffalo, New York. Dr. Christopher W. Kerr is the Chief Medical Officer at The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, where he has worked since 1999. His background in research has evolved from bench science towards the human experience of illness as witnessed from the bedside, specifically patients’ dreams and visions at the end of life. Although medically ignored, these near universal experiences often provide comfort and meaning as well as insight into the life led and the death anticipated. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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The hard Truth (7 hours ago)
I have had two visions come true. First one one was really intense. It was December 23 2004. I was diving down from Surrey BC to Seattle Washington. I had a four second vision that showed me standing on a beach in a very hot and humid location. I was standing on the beach and i looked around me. I saw clothing, fronts and pieces of wood on the beach. I think looked out to the sea then looked at the sky then looked right down the beach. I saw one or two hills near the beach. I then turned around and saw a village that was totally destroyed. I snapped out of the vision and yes...I was driving. thankfully it was a four second vision. I then told my wife "the greatest earthquake in history is going to happen on Christmas day" My Canadian wife got really scared. I said "I do not know where it is, but its hot and its humid! We arrived to my parents house in Seattle. I explained what I saw in my vision then started to use the internet to see anything like what I described would be on any of the news sites. Nothing yet. Then...the day after one of the most devastating tsunami ever in modern life hit Indonesia. The tsunami also hit 9 other countries. Was this the vision I had that showed a village behind me totally destroyed and wet? I am not sure. The vision was very powerful and I felt like some unknown force forced me to say "The greatest earthquake in history is going to happen on Christmas day" I have had other smaller visions but nothing like this one! Since this event I have joined a Near Death Experience group.
MultiMeli123 (13 hours ago)
I was a CENA for years and witnessed dying numerous times. One patient in particular I LOVED so much, her name was "Ruthie" (pseudonym, HIPPA! HIPPA!) She was mentally ill, hated men, could be goofier than a bed bug but just sweet as ever I took care of her for a few years. Ruthie would wear this strong perfume called "Lily Of The Valley" every day. When I got her up I would put some on her then on me, and she would giggle and laugh at me. In the years I took care of her she never had family visit, this made me sad, especially when I found out she was sick and probably going to die. Her illness came on sudden as they often do. I prayed "Lord PLEASE don't let Ruthie die tonight, PLEASE let it be tomorrow so I can be with her!!" I WAS HEART BROKEN TO HEAR UPON ARRIVING TO MY FLOOR THAT MORNING SHE PASSED IN THE NIGHT PROBABLY ALONE! I was so sad and angry! I said:"Why God??" "How come you couldn't have waited until I got to work so I could be with her and talk to her, and hold her hand?!!" That night I went to bed I woke up in the middle of the night, laying awake in the dark I caught this sudden whiff of (you guessed it) Lily Of The Valley Perfume!! The weird thing was, it was only right next to my bed! I sniffed my pillow, my husband, got outta bed, sniffed the room, the hall....and NOTHING!! Now how many of you know smell travels? You know if ya ever worked in a nursing home! Room 110, 8 rooms down is permeating the entire floor, especially if it's C Dif....LOL Or Sunday morning at church, the old lady in row one with stinky Avon on that can be smelled 8 rows back!...LOL This smell was ONLY right next to my bed! I saw nothing, felt nothing but that smell was over whelming!! I fell back asleep got up for work, no perfume smell! I think Ruthie was just saying "Hey I'm okay and I will see ya on the other side Melissa" and I am looking forward to our reunion~ <3
Rachel Pitt (1 day ago)
My aunt dreams of family members around her. In her last dream, she saw a tall dark haired handsome young man stand up amongst them. She needed no words. She knew it was my son, who passed away this year., he was no longer in his wheelchair, completely healed.
BigDogBob (2 days ago)
I am a strong believer in the theory that the energy that is a person's soul does not cease to exist when that person dies.  This is confirmed in the laws of physics, matter and energy can not cease too exist, but they can change form. Over my 68 year long life I have been blessed to have helped many (dozens) friends and relatives make the transition to the other side.  People who are on the cusp need to be assured that the people they leave behind will be fine, and that they themselves will be embarking on the next big adventure in their own lives. I can definitively tell you that death is not the end, but the beginning of another part of the journey of our existence.  Faith is Strength.
Kole Light Fluff (2 days ago)
This is deeply moving....I look forward to a peaceful death when I get ready to go.
Christopher layne (3 days ago)
I watched my father passed away at home like he always told us he wanted to, from stage 4 cancer. The whole time towards the end he would see angels he said and After he passed on the very same day when the funeral home took him away; every one went to make arrangements but I stayed behind as I had stayed up with him all night till he passed away so. Broken, sad and exhausted I fell asleep on the couch huddling cause it was cold. So as I lay there it was like a vision and I remember a peaceful and calming presents approached me instinctively I knew it was my dad and this presents laid a blanket down (in the vision) over me and I instantly felt warm and at peace no saddness and so i went into a deep sleep. When I woke it was freezing in the house and I immediately remembered the presence laying the blanket over me. The next night all my nephew's toys kept beeping so many signs. There is so much more to this life and even more in the next, this is all just a pass thru on the way to the truth....
Anthony J. Alibrandi (3 days ago)
Coincidence I watched this on Veterans Day Observation Monday 12 2018 Sunday 11th At the K of C service to our vets prepared Brunch with Community First as was always A Honor. Keep the Faith
Brandy Rose (4 days ago)
Great video, wonderful comments 👏💕
Thinker831 (4 days ago)
Also my girlfriends granmother passed away 2yrs ago from cancer and i wasn’t there next to her death bed but the night of her passing she kept saying how there was a whole group of people at her bed looking at her like they were waiting on her to die. i’m guessing it was her family considering my gf has a massive huuuge filipino family that is all really oriented and a lot of them have died since there are so many of them. that was before i’m embarked on my spiritual journey and started learning about these type of things i understand now
Thinker831 (4 days ago)
my mother and brother both died within the last 5yrs i learned from meditating studying esoteric and spiritual things all you have to do right before bed is say out loud for a hour or so until you get sleepy or feel crazy n the head “ Mom i need to see you mom i need to talk to you mom can we talk mom need to see you” over and over and over and over until you get tired of it and when you fall asleep you will have a very vivid lucid dream and be 100% aware like you are now you won’t be able to control the senario or theme of the dream but your loved one will be present and you will be aware enough to have a conversation. the first time it happened to me i woke up crying hard like hyperventilating my actual physical body was crying it was crazy buut amazing and euphoric i. can do it on command not that i do all the time but have about 4 times with my mom and twice with my brother 💙✌🏾
jay wellington (5 days ago)
WHy does the end of life experience only come at the end of life and not during our life?
David Christie (5 days ago)
Ppl dont see 'dead ppl' ...they see still existing ppl in a spiritual form...their true form...call it what you will...'spirit'...'soul'...'ghost'..its irrelevant...just a label...its returning "home" ...we were "there" before we came here (earth) but all down to personal experience...i have been fortunate to experience 'situations' since i was little and im now 62...it is natural to me ...call it the 'supernatural' or whatever label you want ...death is but an open door to our true home ...but i respect ppl who dont accept it ...their opinion..thats fine !
diatonicjon (6 days ago)
I cry as I type this... When my mom was dying from brain and lung cancer and was on in home hospice, I invited her spiritual adviser, "T", to come visit us. When she was there, she rubbed my mom's feet, we discussed death and she tapped into who was waiting, explained such, and then paused. She said, "...Do you hear that? What's that music?" My mom was less in her body than out of it at this point and wasn't speaking, she was actively dying. But when T asked about the music, my mom said, "It's a star song." I'll never forget the look in her eyes and the smile that my mother gave me that day.
Fr David Joyce (6 days ago)
as a priest u get to attend and listen to the dying. Of course there is mumbo jumbo mixed in but sometimes the dying get frustrated that they are trying to say something meaningful about what they are/have experienced to their loved ones and because it isn't what their loved ones were expecting it gets ignored. FOLKS cut the dying some slack and realise it is not necessarily looney to see things not u cant see, meet deceased, etc. so listen w/ an open mind to their goodbyes. They can MEAN more than they 'SAY'.
Patty Nielsen (8 days ago)
when my mom was a little girl, she was so terribly ill with a high fever it was uncertain if she was going to pull through. this was in the early 1940s. After her fever broke she had a vision while awake of a very short, chubby man wearing a bowler and carrying walking stick. he walked down the aisle of the public ward and stopped at the foot of her bed. he said, "you don't have to come with me." ... Creepy.
Senaida Poulsen (13 days ago)
😢😢 Thank you for this beautyfull comfort 💕💕🌷🌷
Qarymee Presents (13 days ago)
The only time I heard a direct reference to the Bible on Game of Thrones was actually in one sentence. "Death is the enemy". 7:30 Did she really did see the dead - or spiritual impersonators masquerading as people she knew?
Didi Anderson-Molina (14 days ago)
I've had few visits, but if I'm able to come back I'm going to haunt the *=%#× out of a few some for fun some to scare
Jaqui (14 days ago)
I'd love for my niece medical student to hear this. Will share.
wp4866 (17 days ago)
there's no telling what goes on at or after death.
Louisa Rezgui (17 days ago)
Amazing 🙏🏼❤️
Anthony Sears (18 days ago)
Hope something is better after death. LIFE SUCKS.
TheMrFountain (18 days ago)
I don't mean to disturbed this feel-good-fest everyone seems to be enjoying here in the comments section, but I'd like to say that not everyone dies so peacefully as in these stories. Some just experience agony right up until that point of darkness. Some die screaming. Some die unfulfilled and full of regret. I'm talking about your average guy, too, not just war casualties and victims of other adverse situations. Go listen to Kevin Smith tell the story about how his dad died. I really don't mean to ruin everyone's mood here, I just don't want people burying themselves in deluding stories. No, death isn't always painful or frightening. Yes, death can be peaceful. But I think people need to know that just as many of them die in despair as those that die in peace. I just don't want people to expect a peaceful death for themselves or their loved ones. Be prepared. We're not talking about going to a candy store here, you're dealing with death.
Kould B (19 days ago)
I am currently undertaking this journey. Not for myself as much as I am for my father. For I sense the time is near. And I want so very, very much to know what to do & what not to do. What to say & what not to say. To know how to deal with any fears he may exhibit. To help him when he needs me. It will be the most painful goodbye I will ever say. But, I want it to be a peaceful one for him. I will have time later to grieve the loss of the only man I have ever trusted. The only man who's stood by me through thick & thin. The only man against whom all others were measured. Thank you daddy. God bless you, now & forever more.
Taeeun Kang (20 days ago)
I can’t wait to see my mom and tell her how much I missed her. It will be so wonderful..!
Jaumet jaumet (20 days ago)
My dear friend died in Stockholm months ago from bone cancer, after weeks of excruciating pain. We were planning to meet in some european country and hang out together, but she was suddenly diagnosed what her chest pains really were, and began a tour of medical treatments. We kept in touch through whatsapp, we told many times how we loved each other. In her last days, she became progressively weak and could't write a lot, until she stopped writing. I was very worried about her, not knowing if it had finally happened. A few days later, I was dreaming of her. In the dream I was supposed to meet her inside a bus, but she wasn't there. Then someone came over and told me that she had passed away. Next day, I received an email from her dad telling me she had effectively passed away. Rebecca, this is for you :'( When my time comes, I want you to be there with me and greet me on the other side, so we can hang out together again.
AARON (20 days ago)
As the Dalai Lama says... "just a change of clothes"
T H (21 days ago)
I recently spent 4 months helping a person dealing with their hospice. He did talk of people who were already dead and also of people we didn't know had passed but later found out they had. He made a couple things right with people in his life. He let me use a FCA book to sort out his life and his funeral arrangements. He waited for the full moon, he kept himself alive to a certain date. The night he passed I also had a dream that included a friend of mine who had recently passed. I feel fortunate to have shared that part of his journey.
jesusoliveira2 (21 days ago)
Unscientific, at best. Very unassuming, though.
Jose Karlo Cortez (23 days ago)
4 years ago during the final days of my Mom due to lymphoma, as a daily routine I was giving her pain medications then she asked me suddenly 'who is that guy standing near the altar?' He is wearing a white short and a white tshirt. I have replied abruptly 'No one is there Ma.' Then she responded back 'Cant you see it?' As a nurse, I have thought that it was just her imagination or side effects of the medicines and I need to bring her to reality. So I walk over near the altar and said to my Mom again, no one is here. She then replied 'Oh, it's gone'. Another day, my Mom was complaining of headache (as the cancer metastasized all the way to her head, which caused high pressure inside her skull) and the pain medications doesn't really helped at all. So I went to her bed side then applied some menthol ointment (white flower) to her forehead and also to the back of her head then gently massaged it to somehow alleviate the pain. Then she asked me from nowhere 'Who's that kid running around the house?', I replied 'It's just two of us here Ma' then she just ignored my response and went back to sleep. 3 days before my Mom passed away, she kept saying many times 'Happy birthday! Happy Birthday!' That time my elder sister was changing her diaper and my elder sister said 'Yes Ma, today is Mary's birthday' (one of our niece). Then my Mom responded 'No, I'm not pertaining to her'. After my Mom passed away, I realised the following: I believe the man in white short and white tshirt which my Mom was pertaining to is either her father (my grandfather) or her eldest brother who passed away due to lung cancer. Whilst the kid running around the house, I believe was her baby who died after birth named Marlon (my elder brother). They were there, so that they can escort my Mom to the after life. So I understood that time why my Mom was not worried at all after seeing/noticing them, it seems she's at peace when she saw/heard them. Then the birthday, which I believe was her last wish before she go (or a premonition perhaps). Is to at least make it to the birthday of our youngest brother. She passed away on the exact date of our youngest brother's birthday.
April Adare (23 days ago)
Jeanie's video clip made me cry. So incredible.
Penny Hardin (23 days ago)
Ido not fear dying i fear the suffering before i die i pray every night before i go to sleep that i do not wake up have done this since i was 5 yrs old and i still do im 51 now
gozeroe (25 days ago)
Thank you Dr.Christopher !
Loyce Dixon (25 days ago)
Find out who will be on your 'WELCOMING COMMITTEE" when YOU relocate to heaven read research by John Burke in the book "Imagine Heaven" (amazon)
Loyce Dixon (25 days ago)
Martin King (25 days ago)
Quran Now (25 days ago)
Am unable to stop reading the comments section of this video . Really amazing stories and spiritual experiences .
Sic Vic (26 days ago)
Lisa German (26 days ago)
My mother passed almost two years ago, ten days after suffering a broken pelvis in early morning fall on way to bathroom. In the last 2 days, while in coma, she was trying to communicate with those we couldn't see / hear, and until last 12 hours was reaching out with arms/hands. Am positive she was recognizing brothers / sisters / husband / son who had all passed prior, and finding peace in the process when recognizing she was not alone.
Lucky Boyo (27 days ago)
so Hindus and their scriptures are right then
bloatedman (27 days ago)
I lost my sweetheart in 1972 and I really hope for one of these dreams you describe. So far nothing I never recall any dreams ever. I wish I could see her and hear her one last time before it is too late. I imagine it is all just a trick of memory but I just can't seem to manage it. What I would give. How is it done?
richard zink (28 days ago)
Hi ! I would love to tell you about this " Vision" I received from Paula , my fiance', 5 mins. after she died from Cancer. I was outside her room in the Hospice. Well, I was crying my eyes out, and I HEARD her call my name ! She said " Rick, Rick" , I looked up to the right, and there she was!!!! Like from the shoulders up kind of thing. She was just BEAMING with JOY ! She was soooo happy. Smiling like I have never seen! Very beautiful, looking younger than I knew her. Kind of like Jesus's age. She was wearing her favorite blue blouse. She was just Radiant ! She was surrounded by this hard to describe white light. She said, " There Is A Light , There Is A Light", twice. I was in a daze and just repeated it. I said, there is a light. She nodded her head yes. She just smiled hugely, so incredibly beautifully at me for a while, then looked off towards the Light. She had such a look of LONGING on her face. A look of LOVE, of HAPPINESS. I knew I shouldn't but I had to look, too. There was nothing, and when I looked back, she was gone. That's it. And we had been talking about Heaven and stuff when she was close to the end. She mentioned her Mataphysics classes, She said her friends were going to pray her into the Light. Now, I don't believe all that Reiki stuff, but I KNOW that the Light is Jesus, is God. I KNOW she is in heaven. And I know that the Bible says, God goes by many, many, many, names. Pretty cool, huh?
Sabina xxD (28 days ago)
I think that I had a near-death experience, I am not sure but it was very strange for me. One day I woke up feeling extremely ill, my body was hurting and I couldn't move too much. I tried to calm myself and relax and I closed my eyes and I didn't feel any pain, I couldn't hear any outside sound and everything was extremely peaceful and I hear a "not now" and woke up. My pain was gone. I don't know what was that but I think about that experience a lot. It's not on the subject but I don't have an answer for it.
Quran Now (25 days ago)
+Sabina xxD Even so , man should prepare himself for his afterlife and not let life entertainment seduce him too much to the point to make him forget why we are here for : the test . Because everybody will be judged . Thanks
Sabina xxD (25 days ago)
+Quran Now it might be
Quran Now (25 days ago)
May be it was only sleep paralysis. It's caused by blood circulation problem. Maybe due to obesity or some medication like appetite stimulants.
Yoyo Her (30 days ago)
My brother has just pass away I predicted his dead. I had a dream about my dead mother, she came told me in a few days she coming for my brother. In a month or later he die.
Aditya Bhosle (30 days ago)
I never comment on posts, but today I will. I happened to see this video one week before my grandmother passed away. In the same week me and my mother went to meet her. When I was leaving, we went to her room to say bye I felt a really warm feeling almost like someone's presence. It was not scary or paranormal of any kind, it was rather comforting. Maybe as Dr. Kerr said, her parents must be present in her room to take her away to her heavenly adobe. Miss you Aaji. Thank you for everything.
Rodney Whitworth (1 month ago)
Take donepezel like I do - each night is an adventure meeting old friends, visiting places that I have never been to in real life all in glorious technicolour. Try it you do not have to be dying to talk to old dead friends whose memories are filed away in your sub conscience. Human arrogance invents explanations to what is obvious to some of us
Savannah Storme (1 month ago)
My Dad passed just less than three weeks ago, he was religious but didn’t necessarily believe in an after life. He said he believed when we pass it’s like going to sleep. The night of the day he passed, I opened the door to my bedroom and saw him standing a few feet in front of me in his work uniform as id always seen him, he looked as if he were alive and healthy again. He wasn’t transparent either, he stood there for a second and then disappeared. My dad was always someone who I went to for comfort, as I’ve suffered from severe anxiety my entire life. He always said “There’s no reason to be afraid unless I’m afraid.” And as he was passing, he showed no fear, just peace. And I feel as if he showed himself to me the night of his passing to show me he isn’t really gone and that I’ll see him again. I’ve felt a sense of peace about his passing ever since I saw him that night. I truly believe there is life after death, and I can’t wait to see my Dad again.
Vanessa De kock (1 month ago)
My sister passed away of aids I still miss her very much after her dead I would dreamt about her die would come to me and I would always be very excited to she her I I would ask her MAUREEN is that you ones she was showing me that one of my sister's and my sister in law was on their way to a dark place and one time she came to me very stressed about her daughter and granddaughter and at that time her daughter was going to a rough time in her life but after awhile the dreams were not so frequent anymore her daughter is living s peaceful life her granddaughter is studying and living with relatives and I think that she is having peace in the afterlife.
phantominca (1 month ago)
What about people who committed suicide, but failed or were somehow saved, what did they experience?
phantominca (1 month ago)
Now that so many states in the US have banned the death penalty, I wonder if old, dying "life in prison" murderers, rapists, serial killers, child rapists, etc also experience pleasant end of live/near death experiences?
aichan01 (1 month ago)
My father passed away from a sudden heart attack a few years ago. The shock was too big because we were so close and the little safe bubble that was my family was destroyed. What keeps me moving is that I see him in my dreams very often especially when im very depressed. He is always there to comfort me to tell me things would be fine, we would joke around and I'd tell him about my day. But as i wake up the reality hits me and it becomes so hard to go on with my day. But I'm sure I'd get to meet him again one day. And the fact that i see him in my dreams isn't just a coincidence. I see my other relatives too in my dreams who are no longer alive, even my grandfather who passed away before i was born. And a few others who i had not met alot. I see them in my dreams once in a while and see them young and happy and out of pain. It makes me feel happy.
Karla Cuberos (1 month ago)
What beautiful talk
ursaltydog (1 month ago)
"Why has medicine said nothing about something that is so therapeutic...?" Because like psychiatrists and other allied medical fields, we're taught that we're smarter, definitely smarter than the patient before us or they wouldn't be coming to us, and that we're Gods.. We are to save people, and take death as prisoner.. Not understanding that death comes and happens no matter our skills...
Viva los pepes (1 month ago)
In my lifetime I took care of dozens and dozens of dying humans. Those that had faith in the true God had an EZ passage or so it seemed. With these ones there was sorrow but a peace. Others that I witness dying with a Darkness a despair a hopelessness and nobody wanted to be in the room but that one who was probably very much at odds with the true God. Usually how you have lived social you die. Eternity is forever choose well
Viva los pepes (1 month ago)
* so shall...
Knarf Trakiul (1 month ago)
The last one is scary. Was mac saved by Jesus? That last statement from the dead soldier that said they will be coming for him. That would worry me if I wasnt saved.
Lis Skelsey (1 month ago)
Well done.
Skywalker ranch (1 month ago)
My ex wife's sister when 5 years old went into her parents room just after 2am in the morning. Her parents sensed she was there and asked her what she was doing. She said that her grandma had just been to talk to her. The parents said don't be silly your grandma lives a long way away. The girl went back to bed. The next day they all found out that the grandmother had died at 2am.
Quran Now (25 days ago)
Incredible are those little angels . Sometimes angels speak through them .
Kartik Doonite (1 month ago)
My 5 year old sister was on death bed due to brain cancer and at the last moment she told my father that a man is standing near the door and telling her its time to go and there will be no more pain. My father asked her how does he look like- she answered he is handsome and cute. After 30 mins she passed away.
Quran Now (25 days ago)
Just wow incredible
Steve Evans (1 month ago)
My parents were loving Christian folks and I know where they reside. My biggest regret in life is not being there for them when they passed. No excuses. I deserve no better when my time comes.
Quran Now (25 days ago)
Just constantly ask God forgiveness for them . Blessings will constantly reach them in the form of lights . In condition you act righteously :)
Carol Ring (1 month ago)
I was a hospice volunteer for nearly 9 years. I also channel. Several of my hospice patients came back to speak with me after they had died. I typed up what they had to say since they speak while I am typing. They all thanked me for exactly what I had done to help them when they were alive. They remembered everything that I had done in hospice and described how they left their bodies and came to the Other Side.
Aracne80 (1 month ago)
Modern humans have such a hard time accepting that "Death" is just a doorway. Its the other side of the coin. My mother is waiting there for me, and she misses her family, but at least we meet halfway from time to time when I meditate. She wants to reach out to her other children and my father too, but they don't hear her. Being a shaman is not a "belief", its not a religion. Its just accepting the truth and open up for "them" to reach you. Downside is that if you are curious like me, its hard to NOT hearing all the other entities from the void beyond (its not really "hearing" but more understanding, I just call it that. I let them in and they leave "information" in my mind, which I interpret in ways of understanding). Yet we have a limited understanding of the void because the information is too vast for our physical brain to hold, thus the risk of going, well, crazy. And though I cannot stop listening to "them", it is growing all the more hard for me not slipping into madness. So much information. So beautiful. So peaceful. And I have a long way to go in this life still ...
Ryan Leuschen (1 month ago)
"I wish I hadn't worked so hard, got caught up in petty worries, under-appreciated the little things... don't wait until your last hours to appreciate the absolute freedom of truly living in the moment." - wisdom from my dying dad (paraphrased)
wendy laxton (1 month ago)
As a former aged care nurse I was always curious and would ask them were they seeing any relatives whom had passed before them and yes everyone would continue to describe their dead family members being there waiting. It was so beautiful to hear this ♥️
AnxiousAlex (1 month ago)
My aunt is currently in the hospital with stage 4 lung cancer (which traveled to her brain). Seeing this and hearing the experiences of people nearing death is really emotional for me. I'm not spiritual, but this video gives me hope that when it is her time to go, she will be at peace, that she'll see her father, that her mother who will thank her for all she did when she was getting close to death, and that she'll forgive her sisters who have caused her stress. Maybe I'm just being an idealist, but just having that hope in my mind helps so much
Ridder Rudolf (1 month ago)
It’s like a search for darkness with a flashlight !
84koolkid (1 month ago)
integrity matters (1 month ago)
we are immortal beings having a human experience - we never die. Do not be afraid of death - you will go where your vibration takes you. unconditional love is what we are to achieve.
Jennifer R (1 month ago)
I had a family friend tell me this story... her sister's kids were in bed, asleep when all of a sudden they awoke giggling and laughing. Their mother went to to their room and told them to quiet down. When she asked the kids why they were suddenly awake and why were they laughing. They said "Grandma is tickling our feet" . Their mom told them Grandma was at home and certainly not tickling their feet and to go back to sleep. Not even 10 mins. later the mom got a call to say that her mom (the kid's Grandma) had a massive heart attack minutes earlier and could not be revived.
Kryptonite (1 month ago)
does the unconscious mind, more highly aware of its own impending doom, begin to seep out dmt?
Gerlinde Jadischke (1 month ago)
This is so touching. My mom passed away from a rare brain disease and she could no longer speak +- 3 weeks before she passed so if she did have these dreams she couldn't tell us about it but seeing this gave me comfort that she left in peace <3
frank xaidam (1 month ago)
This talk was both riveting and remarkably insightful. Although not comprehensive (it couldn't be in the time allotted), it endorsed and served to reinforce most of the essential points I independently came to understand/discover in the course of my extensive research on the subject.
Gary Ferraro (1 month ago)
Lee Readman (1 month ago)
MY FATHER VISITED MY 18 YR OLD GRANDSON IN WHAT he called a dream and they had a wonderful time they went fishing Doesnt sound so weird for a dream. the thing is my father died 10 yrs before my grandson was born my grandson has never been fishing in his life, another thing is there a very few pictures of my father none around the house in the open. my grandson told my daughter (who was very close to her grandfather) she said she couldnt beleive what he was saying she told me its as if pop was really there with him. l laughted and said he probably was with him its so wonderful that a few days later l pulled out an album and was showing my grandson photos of my childhood as l went to turn the page he stopped me and asked "nan who's that man standing by that motorbike" thats my dad ! (l smiled) l could see he knew him l was so happy he said nothing to me . later he told his mum wha had happened he has been left a bit bewildered but my daugter and l hope he visits him again he was such a wonderful man and l'm so happy they got to meet
Cayter Jones (1 month ago)
This was fantastic.
Alanna Mendez (1 month ago)
I love life I enjoy every moment of it I visit amazing places and get to meet some incredible people. I have a wonderful living family who I'm very close too. But I also have a family that has passed, I'm so looking forward to seeing them again I wish I could go visit my mum my dad my son, but I can't I have to wait till it's my turn to die. But I know when they day comes, for me if I get to see my son my mum my dad and all my family that has gone before, that for me will be the happiest day.
Aires Justo (1 month ago)
Great video! And thanks for sharing your studies Dr. Christopher Kerr. I had seen some things on this subject, but more about Near-Death Experiences from DOPS - Division of Perceptual Studies, NDERF - Near Death Experience Research Foundation, etc ...
Shalina lewis (1 month ago)
Heavy...in tears.
Wilfredo Santiago (1 month ago)
Thank you...
primary son (1 month ago)
Every thing organic on this earth is food. Thats it. Your clock is ticking you are dying. Stop worrying about how when or where. You will be taken when it wants you.
Junwei Liao (1 month ago)
My grandma died last month by suddently heart disease. However, she talked about her died family members to me two days before she day. She never talked these things to me. It is strange because nobody know she gonna die, even herself.
Jon Neiss (1 month ago)
If you want to understand the supernatural and the realm of God you have to use the tools that are appropriate. And those are prayer, meditation, daily spiritual discipline and a life devoted to God. That is what will develop the intuitive mind through which we can understand the supernatural. If we try to use the limited academic, reasoning mind, to understand these experiences, we are going to have problems. It is like trying to have an electrician fix plumbing problems. Wrong tool. Ultimately there is no conflict between faith and science. There many Nobel Prize winners in science who are members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican. Many of the world's greatest minds, do, in fact, believe in God.
Kelly Loraine (1 month ago)
A few days before my grandmother died she put on her makeup and did her hair because she was "waiting on a (deceased) friend to pick her up and take her on a fabulous dinner date"
Cindy Pedersen (1 month ago)
Hallucinations? My grandmother could see invisible cats before she died.
Roosje Keizer (1 month ago)
My grandfather smoked as a chimney since he was 18. Yet he managed to die at the age of 92 without lung cancer. So what they say about smoking are all fairy tales?
Fuzzy Butkus (1 month ago)
Wow thought this was gonna be boring and dry. I was gonna give it a couple of minutes but I got hooked. Hook line and sinker.I hope this isn’t a sign of the near future.Well done. Gotta admit I thought it was joke about a X-rated Teddy Bear.
JayT Jennings (1 month ago)
I was at a football game and the guy next to me fell out with a heart attack. They stopped the game and hit him often with the paddles. His color was an odd grey and I knew he was gone. I kept looking up because people always tell of floating up above their body. I kept staring up but saw nothing. The guy suddenly gave them a heartbeat and he was taken by helicopter to the hospital. I felt compelled to visit him two days later and when I walked in the hospital he immediately recognized me as the guy "who kept looking up at me," he said that I must have seen him because I was looking right at him above us. I left his room with very large goose bumps.
Tom Lennon (1 month ago)
My recently dead father was a malignant narcissist as is my currently living mother ..i have no wish to see either them when my time comes. All i want is my paternal Grandfather who was empathic in life to come for me.
Sarah Morley (2 months ago)
Incredible! X
Mystikal Raven (2 months ago)
I've had a few N.D.E. One experience I had, I was met by a person I knew in life, whom had passed away a few years before. She asked me to please give her grandson a message from her, which was a very vital massage for him, she kept insistenting. As well as repeating the masssage over and over again so I would not forget. The masssge was, that it wasn't his fault. At the time I had no idea what this meant. But when I was sent back, and gave her grandson the messages he almost passed out. You see he had promised his grandmother that he would be at her bedside, and stay with her while she passed away, however he was unable to keep his promise to her, and carried the guilt for not being there, for many years. He told me later on, after I got well. "I do believe there's life after death."
Edward Bliss (2 months ago)
I think my farts might be a ghost. Whenever I cut one, I can sense an angry spirit
Styx Zero (2 months ago)
Idk why peoples are afraid of something that is inevitable. Just seems like alot of extra stress for nothing. When your body shuts down so will time and space, you will not feel anything.
SillyFREAKout (2 months ago)
My best friend died in a car accident three years ago. I’ve longed for her to visit me in a dream in some meaningful, comforting way but I don’t typically dream much. One of her friends from college though, did have a dream where she came. They were at the movies, just enjoying it even though she remembers something feeling off, she didn’t know what and just kept starring at our friend who passed. The on their car ride home in the dream, it finally clicked that she wasn’t supposed to be there. She was instantly met by tears and was yelling at our friend that she’s not supposed to be here, but our friend just kept smiling at her and in the most comforting voice said, “but I’m here, and I’m okay”. Although it wasn’t my dream, that still brings me great comfort.
nickthelick (2 months ago)
My dad died 7 months ago... I don't recall my dreams often and my dad's not featured in any that I have remembered. It's nice to know I may see him again, possibly soon, probably not. You see, I'm a drug addict full of self loathing... If I catch my dad in a dream, perhaps an OD is around the corner?! I'm not 'bad' but I struggle and am ultimately depressed behind my easy come easy go facade... I don't think about him often but today I broke down for five minutes at work in my van. All I did was remember him saying "Awright, Sunbeam?!" with a big smile on his face. I wasn't massively close to him (not a huggy-kissy family) but obviously close enough and obviously loved each other. I don't want a long life and I thankfully don't have kids or girlfriend/wife. I'm 39, I was resusitated almost exactly 10years to the day. Another 10 years perhaps and that's it, that's all I want. Though if it's sooner than that, then that's ok with me too. Sorry, I'm rambling. I guess using this comment as a therapy session! Anyways, that's about all the nonsense I'm gonna type. Thanks for reading this, and at the same time - Sorry you had to read this! =o) LoL... knowwhatImean?
warmongerism (2 months ago)
My opinion is that your mind does whatever it takes to accommodate your body during death and times of extreme duress. Your brain, as it struggles to maintain the needs of your ailing body, does what it can to relieve the stress of the process. For some of us that is seeing our loved ones as if they were waiting for us. For others its our comrades telling us that everything is going to be OK. For others, it is a vision or dream which connects them to those they have lost. But do not mistake this as divine intervention. This is the result of evolution, the result of countless generations having to deal with grief. If we fail to manage grief, we're at risk of losing own lives.
Simona Blažková (2 months ago)
So strong and so inspiring. Thank you for this.
Nicole Bartlein (2 months ago)
I have witnessed this amazing experience.
Karol Kozak (2 months ago)
I am a dead guy and all of this is true.
Danoid Dano (2 months ago)
Barbara D (2 months ago)
Jesus is the only way to the Father. His cross for forgiveness of sins. Satan is real and seeks to destroy many. Make sure you know Jesus! 💕🕇
Stephen Blackwell (2 months ago)
What if you dont have anyone you love that has died
DJ Gene (2 months ago)
The worst form of evidence is human testimony. There are so many ways that we can misperceive information. Until there is irrefutable evidence,it's all myth.

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