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aretha franklin - only the lonely

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VA - Soul Collection (2008) - Soul Only The Lonely Aretha Franklin Each place I go only the lonely go Some little small cafe The songs I know only the lonely know Each melody recalls a love that used to be The dreams I dream only the lonely dream Of lips as warm as May That hopeless scheme only the lonely scheme That soon somewhere you'll find the one that used to care And you recall each fun time Those picnics at the beach when love was new It well could be the one time A hopeless little dream like that comes true If you find love hang on to each caress And never let love go For when it's gone you'll know the loneliness The heartbreak only the lonely know
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shirley mitchell (1 year ago)
what a powerful song about a lost love!!!! Aretha sings it here!!! Love it!!!!!!
UncleMike43 (3 years ago)
Smooth and very Dinah Washinton-esque . Thanks for the post.
Josias Brasil (4 years ago)
Aretha, forever Aretha! 
classanddignity (5 years ago)
This is one of my favorite songs by her. Thanks for a complete post. This is why this woman is the Queen of Soul for she feels her music and expresses it in an epic way. Pure singing!....Strong, soft, wistful, & controlled. Brava!!!!!!
Bob Anderson (6 years ago)
Bob Anderson (6 years ago)
How could anyone sing this song better than this? Sinatra sang it about as good as it could be done, but.....not any better than Aretha. I was playing cards with my brother Gary and my wife Karen when it came on the radio and I had to stop till it was through. She definitely sang it better than Frank.
Tommy Bankston (7 years ago)
Ditto. This version is far better than Frank Sinatra's oh-so famous version. Many folks have such mixed opinions about Aretha during this period, her Columbia years. All I have to say, though it may not matter at all, is Aretha at anytime, anywhere is worthwhile, wonderful and awe-inspiring. Her voice melts everything inside of me. I love her dearly--I suppose an understatment.
lolaluvs2snack (7 years ago)
As a teenager I would listen to this song for weeks after a breakup. Lip-syncing into my hairbrush, embarrassed if my mom, dad or brother walked in and caught me..
DJDJANGO1 (8 years ago)
This aint Soul music the genre...this is JAZZ! This is very early 60's when Aretha was sangin Jazz & Blues standards. But of course, its sung with soul. Imho beats Sinatra's version.
T Newkirk (9 years ago)
This version is better than Frank Sinatra's!
miketlow (9 years ago)
I will never forget when I first heard this song...I was floored!!...I love her version of "People" also..Aretha knows her way around any genre of music!!
Lydia Bocage (9 years ago)
I was laying on my sofa trying to remember this song and here it is. I love this beautiful song about lost love. Tears are in my eyes listening to this. Thanks for posting x

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