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Two Rude Men Illegally Riding Their Segways Along the American River Bike Trail & Refusing To Leave

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Two Sacramento county park officials (one showing in this video confronting these two men again) were sitting along the side of the American River bike trail handing out ice cold water and information for cyclists, joggers and walkers who approach them. Apparently these two men came along earlier cruising there Segways on the American River bike trail path and were warned by the county park officials that it is not legal for them to have those on the American Parkway and that they need to leave the parkway now or face a fine. Approximately 30 to 45 minutes later they show up again and start arguing and complaining and that they phoned an official that told them they could ride these Segways on the American River bike path. We insisted that that is not true, both the county park officials and us cyclist who were there witnessing this fiasco with these two very rude and irate older men. These two men continued to argue and then they stated they had a disability and had the right to ride their Segways on this bike trail. These two men then proceeded to leave and head east towards Sacramento down the bike trail giving us all the middle finger. If you know who these two men are, please have them read the laws pertaining to the American River Parkway both state and county ordinances that are applicable along different parts of the American River Parkway bike trails. Segways have never been allowed legally along the American River bike trail on neither county nor state regulated routes.
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drie wiel (1 year ago)
So why are they not allowed?

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