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Yonex Men's SHB 65 Z and 65 X badminton shoe review by PDHSports: Vlog 3

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Review of the Yonex Men's SHB 65 Z and 65 X badminton shoes. With Power Cushion in the toe and Power Cushion+ in the heel, for an improved fit and better stability while moving around the court. The upper is highly breathable and extremely durable. A Power Graphite Lite plate is placed in the sole of the 65Z shoes to reduce the weight of the shoe while increasing stability. With Hexagrip sole for quick and smooth footwork. Available now on a special deal at pdhsports.com https://www.pdhsports.com/i/q/SMYO13121/yonex-mens-shb-65-x-indoor-shoes-black-red https://www.pdhsports.com/i/q/SMYO13120/yonex-mens-shb-65-z-indoor-shoes-white-red
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Which one's better shb 65 z or power cushion 03z?

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