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Migrants Attack Young Girls at Swedish Music Festivals Putte i Parken and Bråvalla (REACTION)

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Two music festivals (Putte I Parken and Bråvalla Festival) were the centers of mass sexual assault of young women at the hands of young "migrant" men. Some of these girls were as young as 12 years old. The festivals happened concurrently in Sweden during the weekend at the end of June and into early July. The cities they were held in were Karlstad and Norrköping, respectively. The Swedish cities are not very far apart, contrary to what a person not located in Europe would think, only about two to three hours apart. Sweden itself is not very far from Germany (only about 5 hours from Malmö to Hamburg). That is a problem because Germany may be the epicenter of the abuse problem. Germany, under the direction of Angela Merkel, has been allowing an influx of muslim "migrants" from third world North Africa and the Middle East, to the tune of an estimated 800,000 per year. Malmö Sweden is only about five hours away from Hamburg Germany, which means migrants that somehow make it through Turkey, through the Balkans, then on into Austria and then Germany, can have easier access to the rest of Europe, due to a central location, and the fact that Germany either borders, or is close to the borders of many European countries. This causes a terrible problem for many very young Swedish girls, and Europeans in general. The types of migrants they are getting often can't speak the language, and if they can, they are still adherent to their third world country and backwards ideology, that views women as either sexual objects or baby makers, inferior to them. The result is an unsafe situation when the culture of the people native to Europe meets foreign invaders at large, public events. Just like the New Year's celebration in Kôln Germany, and many other music festivals throughout the years in Sweden. Hopefully soon, the respective governments in Europe will come to a resolution for the safety of their people and the freedom of Western Society going forward into the future. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– If you want to support me to continue to crank out these videos, please visit my website http://www.anthonyblogan.com/contact/ and click on that donate button for me! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– You can catch me micro-blogging on a near 24/7basis on my social media platforms: http://www.twitter.com/anthonyblogan http://www.facebook.com/lcs.flyers Please take a moment and subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/aloge?sub_confirmation=1 Stay tuned to my website http://www.anthonyblogan.com for more updates as they come in! –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Foreign Men’ Blamed After Mass Sex Assault At Music Festival, Youngest Victim Just 12 Years Old http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/07/03/foreign-men-blamed-after-mass-sex-assault-at-music-festival-youngest-victim-is-12-years-old/ Putte I Parken - Vlogg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N4Y2ulYU6Q 35 anmälda sexofredanden på Putte i Parken http://www.svd.se/stort-antal-sexofredanden-pa-putte-i-parken ‘Don’t touch me’: Swedish police offer anti-sexual assault wristband https://www.rt.com/news/349142-sweden-wristband-sexual-assault/ Sweden could turn back one in two failed asylum seekers http://www.thelocal.se/20160704/sweden-could-turn-back-one-in-two-asylum-seekers Swedish music festivals hit by reports of rapes by 'migrants' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/04/swedish-music-festivals-hit-by-reports-of-rapes-by-migrants/ ZARA LARSSON AFTER FESTIVAL RAPES: 'WHERE DO ALL THE NICE GUYS GO WHEN GIRLS GET RAPED?' http://www.fuse.tv/2016/07/zara-larsson-rape-rant-concert-bravalla-festival Report: Swedish Police Excuse Migrant Rape, Blame ‘Nordic Alcohol Culture’ And ‘Ignorance’ http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/05/24/report-swedish-police-excuse-migrant-rape-blame-culture-ignorance/ 'I asked them to stop... but they grabbed my breasts very roughly': SECOND Swedish music festival sex victim reveals she was groped by a mob of men as police reveal FIVE more women were raped http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3675019/I-asked-stop-grabbed-breasts-roughly-SECOND-Swedish-music-festival-sex-victim-reveals-groped-mob-men-police-reveal-FIVE-women-raped.html Four in ten people diagnosed with HIV in Europe are migrants http://www.aidsmap.com/Four-in-ten-people-diagnosed-with-HIV-in-Europe-are-migrants/page/2978799/
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June Rose-Sommer (20 days ago)
Why is Sweden letting this happen? Wake up please!! Those migrants have no respect for women!! Filthy animals!!
P Mac C (1 month ago)
Bono...are u watching? great commentary.
Richard Goldman (1 month ago)
Asshole OBama and the idiot Clinton's were 'all for' open borders. The left want's the US to become like Germany.
David Scott (2 months ago)
It's not the criminal immigrates winning, it's the leftist traitors giving the country away using political correctness, and criminalization of masculinity.
Mia Laferriere (2 months ago)
There was a similar incident in Germany, during Volksfest.
Hexe Musik (2 months ago)
Let them come to the USA. We are ready for them.
dave carson (2 months ago)
We all need to bow down to the knowledge achieved 2,000 years ago!
veranya2074 (3 months ago)
sweden leader doesn't know everything about islamic rule. My mom was born and raise with this religion until she married my dad and become a Christian. My mother been received a death threat for 20 years by her own parents because she married a Christian man. This is not Islamophobic. This is my life. Dont let them ruin our country.
Agony Defeat (3 months ago)
Islam must get whipped from the face of this earth
Gee Bee (3 months ago)
We are ready......... # QRF # Lock down our borders... # America first # My Family 1st
Gee Bee (3 months ago)
Outstanding feedback ABL...
Gee Bee (3 months ago)
I would love to do security over there in Sweden..... Women are second class citizens in the middle east... If you rape someone in Iraq it's a Fine.....
Come Together Rightnow (4 months ago)
Jerry FromUSA (4 months ago)
The welfare system is the draw.
Jerry FromUSA (4 months ago)
Is Sweden listening?
Jerry FromUSA (4 months ago)
The media and government are not telling the truth. I hope they are learning to turn to sources like this to find out what is actually happening.
Jerry FromUSA (4 months ago)
If the people don’t vote out the governments that imported the Muslims then more rapes will happen.
Jerry FromUSA (4 months ago)
Finally, the people are wising up to the Muslim horror. The media and governments are still in denial and protecting the Muslims.
Jerry FromUSA (4 months ago)
The government is Islamasized. You will have to protect yourself.
Mark Kuehnel (4 months ago)
Why the hell would it stop when they keep getting away with it
Mark Kuehnel (4 months ago)
Fuck where are the men
Fuseauhoraire (5 months ago)
The USA is responsible for all these problems. But they decided to severely limit the number of migrants. Also, they are protected by distance.
Straight Dave (5 months ago)
It´s not a immigration problem it´s a muslim problem
Jessica Jones (5 months ago)
Need tazers and pepper spray, I know that might not do much, but these women need help. I don’t think there is anything more intimidating then being surrounded by men with bad intentions. I read Muslims want safe places in America and they want tax payer to pay for it. Idk but when your welcome in a country and then seek to destroy it, that’s devils work!
Bepis Hepus (4 months ago)
Jessica Jones they’re illegal in Sweden
Emanoil Baraghin (5 months ago)
....is WRONG, what is Happen in Sweden, ...but they GOT, what DESERVE, for OWN POLICY !!!! Thanks a LOT, MERKEL!!!!!!!!!YOU already have DESTROYED, our nice CONTINENT, "EUROPA"
Muhammad Akbar (5 months ago)
We don't start anything. It is western women wearing revealing clothing, who lead men on by opening there legs like bitch in heat.
Kelly Owens (5 months ago)
These "migrants" live in Sweden and are playing the refugee/benefits hustle independent of the million+ in Germany. Merkel may have been the most vocal, idiotic, European leader welcoming the enemy, and their predictable atrocities, into the continent. "Refugees", more precisely called illegal-immigrants, picking up on which are the best places to go, on the euro-grant grapevine, meadered through other countries, deemed as, not as generous to their new "guests". Once these invaders, become somewhat established in the welfare state of their choice, they are more likely to return to their country of origin, and return to their new "host" country, than to travel to other countries, within Europe. Almost every western European nation has it's own unique immigrant issues, unless it's a poor country like Greece, which is literally, and figùratively the door mat of the continent. ABL is correct to clarify, that much of Eastern Europe has no problems to this degree, for many different reasons, not the least is, their leaders did what leaders should do, THEY LEAD, said, "NO!" in the face of pressure from the more passive "leaders" of Europe, and acted in the best interests of the countries, and the citizens. Democratic party leaders would do well to emulate these leaders, who may go down in history as the few, the proud, the ones who saved their nations, for crying out loud. Is the "Father of the Nation" or the "Savior of the Nation" more deserving of praise, or remembrance? If the savior doesn't save, a few decades later, no one in the unsaved nation will remember, or care about either one. Remember, ....History, ...is written by the victors. NO? I wonder what they will call their newly "found" prize, or was there a name, from when they possessed the plain, and the rest of Spain, I bet they remember, while the rest of us slept all of us will regret the loss of the countries that did not survive the thing it was so unwise to FORGET! KOut
ארז קופטש (6 months ago)
good job ! great to listen to you !
Kendall Svengalis (6 months ago)
The Swedes were incredibly naive to allow these barbarians into their country. They failed to calculate what would transpire when they admitted men from a primitive misogynistic culture into their country in such large numbers. To compound matters, they reward rhem with generous welfare benefits, allowing them to live at public expense in ethnic enclaves where police and fire have lost control and will not enter. Sadly, Sweden is in the process of being transforned demographically such that by 2100 the country will be majority Muslim. We are witnessing a cultural disintegration due to the policies of ignorant left-wing politicians. And because free speech is tenuous at best and the press will not discuss such matters, they problem will only get worse. Until Swedish voters boot the Social Democrats (socialists) and Greens (communists) out of power, the process will continue.
Vince (7 months ago)
Sorry Sweden but you brought this on yourselves... You have allowed the globalist cabal of marxists ruin your country by electing spineless leaders to sell you out. All these rapes should be met with lethal consequences be swedish men.. but alas you have been castrated by the NWO. From Vikings to beta cucks... What a waste Angela Merkel should be brought to trial and hung by the neck till dead for her crimes against her country.. but the Germans are embarrassingly niave and cowardly.. smh Political correctness will kill the west ( as planned ) Hell no to Islam and their pedophile prophet!
skcb skcb (8 months ago)
It's the women's fault, they behave like prostitutes and they provoke the poor Muslims
English Crusader (9 months ago)
In the uk a girl was raped by a muslim then a cab driver saw her and instead of helping her he also raped her (another muslim) this is what we are dealing with.
spydakidd21 (10 months ago)
these Indians don't know how to treat women.. this is custom in their countries. you can see tons of videos where women young and old are groped and raped in public places
G K (10 months ago)
If women are mad that men are not protecting them from these scuzzlim animals, they can thank feminists for driving a wedge between the sexes and making men second class citizens. a lot of men are bitter. we have gotten the shaft in modern society. why the hell would we risk our lives to protect a bunch of selfish bitches who treat us like garbage?
Rose Portia Amor (10 months ago)
Oh no this is terrible
johnny seven (10 months ago)
There are no swedish men left to protect the women. The swedish men are cowards. The swedish police are cowards. swedish men are very stupid, very afraid, very cowardly, very emasculated, very shameful. Hey but don't worry swedes! - your white brethren in germany, Denmark,  England and elsewhere in Europe are just the same. The white man Is doomed. Fucking cowards more interested in shouting at each other at football matches. White man  - you deserve everything you have coming to you. The Viking race?????? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
eddie Guerrero (11 months ago)
Well done brothers Allah u Akbar
George Doganis (11 months ago)
Where are the men? Ask your sold out polititians
Just subscribed to your channel! You Do some good work my man
Chris Dumi (11 months ago)
Yes, Sweden is fucked up. In the 12th hour you still won't believe that they still protect these creatures no matter what they have done there...what the fuck
jimmyjones05 (11 months ago)
This is what happens when you have effeminate Western European males whose first instinct after every Islamic attack is to convince everyone to be nicer to Muslims. I'd rather die than to have the reputation of Western European men.
Bristol Beezer (11 months ago)
When a Muslim migrant tried to molest an English girl on the street of an English city, English men intervened, gave him a good solid beating then stripped him naked and ran off with all his clothes. That is the way to deal with these scumbags - the police are useless
Czarnobyl (11 months ago)
Time for Visegradexit
László Fedor (9 months ago)
Szerintem is
Ken Konami (1 year ago)
Miggy Z (1 year ago)
The wristbands read " Don't RAPE ME "
Flemish Templar (1 year ago)
Muslims leave me alone and if anybody is with me they still leave me alone. Muslims know that if they crank a hair on my body, their mosque is getting flattenend and i use my gun. Better trialed by 12 then carried out by 6.
Wielka Polska (1 year ago)
Where are Swedish men?? Fucking pussies!!!!
Natsu Dragneel (1 year ago)
Great shame for the Swedish Government for it's failure to give protection to it's citizens. Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame....
Natsu Dragneel (1 year ago)
Too late to talk and talk and talk, instead now show some actions against those muslim beasts.
Natsu Dragneel (1 year ago)
We the normal civilized people are fed up with these muslim beasts. Why the hell the European people and the Governments are not taking appropriate action against these muslim beasts ?
Steve Yoon (1 year ago)
They get about a hundred shitheads (I won't call them men), surround a girl and while 10-20 rape her the others distract and keep anyone from breaking through and helping these poor girls. Swedish men need to ban together in groups of 100, find the rapists, take them out to a forest, find a tree stump, nail their ballsacks into it and kick them over. It will only take a few guys to do it so the rest can make a circle and keep any mudslum from getting in to help the rapists. 👁 4 N 👁.
emmanuel barfi (1 year ago)
Very good analysis. EU leaders are dumb
rafungafunga (1 year ago)
What are Swedish people doing about all that rape episodes? Are they controlling their borders, like Mr. Trump is doing in America? Or they just want to destroy their society?
1800 Eli (1 year ago)
Eric Christian (1 year ago)
Great video! I'm proud to have you as a fellow American! There are a lot of black conservatives on you tube now like: Just thinking out loud Red pill black The doctor of common sense Jesse Lee Peterson Thomas sowell And many more whose channels I subscribe to but can't remember their names off the top of my head. White conservatives believe black Americans are just as capable as any other Americans of being intelligent, successful, hard working, moral people. It's the left who think black people just can't cut it in our competitive society. Leftists believe that people with dark skin are just hated by everyone with lighter skin and need protection from the unfairness of life. They need black people to believe this or else the liberals would be out of Buisiness and that's what it is, BIG BUISINESS. one group stands to gain from black people being oppressed in America and they have devised a system that is so cunning and so deceptive it's one of the most insidious forms of human bondage the world has seen. It's slavery of the mind. The left has taken over the free press in America, which was the main defense against tyranny and oppression and they have imprisoned the minds of black Americans so effectively that their votes are a forgone conclusion. Black people vote democrat no matter what and that enables democrats to win elections in the major cities without doing a damned thing for black people but give them little crumbs of welfare and patronization,and false hope. Now that trump is president the left is completely losing its grip on it's empire of enslaved black Americans and colleges and media because they're no longer able to disguise their radical hated of America, capitalism, and most of all their pure white hot hatred of white people. The truth always comes to the light and just as Americans took up arms against their neighbors and relatives and rooted out the evil of slavery at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, America will correct itself and root out this festering abscess of hatred and lies that is falsely called liberalism. There is HOPE! GOD BLESS AMERICA! ! !
Jaydeez76 (1 year ago)
I agree with this dude 100%
L34K3d CR1T1KAL (1 year ago)
It seems good to rape women in sweden
No More PC (1 year ago)
You should interview Sanity For Sweden.
No More PC (1 year ago)
It used to be safe for girls to go to concerts. The culture used to protect all children. The last 8 yrs this is not the case. rape in Sweden is penetration. Thousands of little girls and boys have been penetrated by muslim men. They love to video it as well and make a lot of money selling the videos. Muslim is not a race. Muslim men routinely circle girls and say disgusting things to them. It is easy to spot them.
samslick90 (1 year ago)
Swedish men must be deplorable cucks
Mike Mcorky (1 year ago)
Sad part about it as a Swede you can be chastised for speaking out about muslims and their behavior. It takes a gentleman in America to point out your plight.
Mike Mcorky (1 year ago)
Why do these liberal women willfully except these vermin into their country with open arms? These people have the same rights as you, they even have special rights that the indigenous swedes don't have.
There be a mass shooting of immigrants as soon as one of these things happen because America will respond but it will not be the government but they American people but what do I know
Predrag Markovljev (1 year ago)
I think you are real smart, well informed and full of common sence. I agree with everything you said here. Great video.
stormywindmill (1 year ago)
Well said .You hit the nail on the head
Ellef Tollefson (1 year ago)
Zara Larssen, where do all the nice guys go ? They were neutered decades decades ago. They were taught not to fight or stick up for themselves or for others, now they are faced with a 7th century enemy and can't handle it.
Anya (1 year ago)
Thank you for posting this
The nice guys have been turned into pussies by the leftist social justice warriors...and political correctness
Jason Parkins (1 year ago)
sweden grow some balls n take your country back....
Frenki Hunter (1 year ago)
My country doesn't want immigrants. In my country it is peace and quiet. Islam is evil. You, what do you want?
Frenki Hunter (1 year ago)
Fuck islam. Kick it!
Online_Wanderer (1 year ago)
Well what happened next is that the rapists got some years in nice swedish prisons with playstation in their rooms and visits of whatever extremist imam to keep up with their way of thinking. So as a "solution" swedes just banished music festivals. Or made festivals for women only with the feminists accusing "alcoholic swedish guys". lol. Their puritanism will cost them a lot.
Andrew Williams (1 year ago)
Send the muslims back to their own Islamic countries where they belong. Their culture is alien to the west. The PC brigade are traitors.
Lia Parma (1 year ago)
Jonna (1 year ago)
Facts are a little off with the distance thing, for example Denmark is a small country, but Europe all in all is huge, bigger than the US.
Alexandre Cavalcante (1 year ago)
The Swedish police says migrants "simply feel horny". Who the fuck said feeling horny is a problem? The problem is thinking women are dolls which may be taken and molested because of one's feeling horny. The constitution doesn't stop applying when a man is horny. The Law of (the Judeo-Christian) God doesn't stop being applicable when men are horny. Women don't stop having free will when men are horny. Only islam is so utterly disrespectful to women. The Swedish police said the migrants were "ignorant of the consequences for the girls"? How old are them? 9 years old?
Alexandre Cavalcante (1 year ago)
Nice left wing guys just say they are nice (virtue signaling), whereas decent center/right wing guys would take action to protect the girls. Leftist guys would say the girls are racist for calling rapists rapists.
Mervin Dragonz (1 year ago)
Already doomed...fucked by your own governments
AKSHAY GANESH (1 year ago)
french ppl r nuts atleast they could have voted for le pen . I could get to see a lady trump.
AKSHAY GANESH (1 year ago)
put strict laws against immigrants. if they like it grant visa or else reject them
jorge meloni (1 year ago)
These people are like a virus that enters the country as if it were in a body they form mafias; Gangs; After they have seen organized crime they are false concealers; Pretend to be poor refugees but already comes with the intention of killing destroy dominate by dishonest means and criminals envy the culture; Science the beauty of our civilization; They want to destroy it because it is an offense to their eyes; They want to impose their medieval and backward culture; Are like parasites who want to take advantage of centuries of struggles and scientific and cultural achievements are infiltrating the social fabric and how bacteria are contaminating all the upper classes support them in the hope that labor will be cheaper and they can make more money ; What matters more hoge is technology so countries like japan korea of the south and china do not allow the entry of these people in their countries
Merie L. (1 year ago)
I am against this shitt!! Keep your hands from all women and girls!!!!!
BoozinforaBruzin (1 year ago)
5:00 where are all the nice guys? honey your not gonna find them in a group of rape apes, most of the girls that are getting raped are color blind dingbats who are curious about new males, you know what they say about curiousity! not that these animals dont need culling, but lets be honest, some of these women are just too naive for their own good
Suzanne Nichols (1 year ago)
Here's a thought: how about free abortions for rape victims? That would kind of take away their "reason" for raping in a way. At least one of their excuses...
Suzanne Nichols (1 year ago)
they have "no-go" zones or "Muslim only" zones in Dearborn, Michigan so this is already in the United States. They threw cans and other items at a group of Christians and the cops were applauding as the Christians were lead away.
bob bagshawe (1 year ago)
German banking socialist groups are Zionist illuminati and like Sorros. pay politicians and traitorous cowardly police to turn a blind eye. They only understand a benevolent tyrant. Saddam, Gaddafi etc the West need to reinstate Gaddafi s son he will stop the migration. we stop Sorros, ROTHSCHILD'S etc
bob bagshawe (1 year ago)
man in North England they put kids in kebab machine and sell them.
Stevoshky (1 year ago)
Well said!!! This ain't about race. Imagine if it were Scientology these migrants followed and were doing this to our values. What would the Leftist argument suggest in that unrealistic hypothetical case?
Anthony Marenghi (1 year ago)
Great video
Point andlaugh (1 year ago)
Hey these feminazis wanted these islamist vermin, they also pushed the bullshit that everything that men can do, women can do too, ok then defend yourself and deal with the shit you created. Not to mention that after decades of pc, trendy, feminazi brainwashing, there are no men left. So enjoy the cultural enrichment and the collapse of your country to the lowest, weakest, dumbest, most cowardly pile of rats in existence following some pedophile cult. See ya swedestan, thanks for perhaps helping some people realize what happens if you allow inbred muslim vermin into your country
Lisa M (1 year ago)
Well done. You have good info and present it well. More vids please! Please delve into the military being controlled by corrupt elite and the role of the banks.
D.M. Core (1 year ago)
I want to offer my services to the Swedes and germans. Get me a gun and I will guard your daughter ir wife. It would be my pleasure to waste a group of these scumbags
hunkey monkey (1 year ago)
Great vid!! Where are all the men? European women don't want help from the white man. They are so brainwashed if white men would stand up to these rapest it's the white women who would scold us & say "leave him alone, it was my fault I got raped, leave my attacker alone as he has suffered more than us,." Plus recent new laws passed by our friendly Gov't have tied our hands behind our backs, that we would be charged with a hate crime, or a fine for being racist, lose our job, can't support our family, all for a bimbo socialist, who hates white men. bahahaha lol
hunkey monkey (1 year ago)
I'm going to rent modern day chastity belts at these European countries outdoor concerts for girls, & boys. bahahaha
Noel Scully (1 year ago)
You welcome them with open arms without thinking, now you are reaping shit for your stupid decisions, in a sense you deserved it, hopefully you will learn from it and not jump into the spotlight in helping this fucks, be racist, be anti Muslims and be anti migration for the security of the Swedish people.
Robert Lima (1 year ago)
try to wrap your collective mind around the FACT that these jihdist armies are not migrants ! They are Islamic soldiers,who are not unlike ww2 Japanese soldiers who raped murdered pillaged and burned their way across China and Burma!!!
111abc222abc (1 year ago)
Is Europe reaping the evil that it has sown throughout the centuries ?????????    Colonization, Genocide of Billions, Rape, Murder, Imprisonment, Brainwashing, Poisoning, Torture, the numerous Dictators that it has empowered along with America ???? Does their bible not teach that all people will reap exactly what they " Sow " at some point in time, when the Creator / Creators of the universes, judge all ???? Has Europe and America not created the countless wars of the past thousand plus years in the Middle East and the continent of Africa in general and those now taking place in the countries of the millions of displaced people ????? Perhaps you and others should make some videos on European and American Colonization and Imperialism today and its past !!!!!
Nitin H (1 year ago)
Swedish and German women have become meals for these goat fucking refugees
talk2deb (1 year ago)
Anti-Assault bracelets? So that's assuming the offender can read. LOL. Ice picks will do a better job. Short and to the point. 👍🏽
d .p (1 year ago)
Round them up, and kick them out, every single one them, no excuses. In Britain, you only need to to an area populated densely populated bu Muslims, and its clear they like to live in filth and squalor

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