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Vince Neil girl girls girls

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live @ rockingham 2017 with Zoltan Chaney
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areasevenpro (3 months ago)
Friday night, and I need a bite My Weber grill and a butcher's knife Handful of grease and some lard feels right But my pants become suddenly tight from those Grills, grills, grills Turkey legs and baby back ribs Grills, grills, grills Topped with layers of bacon strips Grills, grills, grills Pulled pork, sirloin tips Krispies Treats, sweet to eat On Halloween and Thanksgiving Eve Hooters Girls, ya just can't be beat But they're the best when they bring your meat Grills, grills, grills At McDonald's in Fort Lauderdale Grills, grills, grills Rocking in Atlanta at a Chick-fil-A Grills, grills, grills Raising hell at a Taco Bell Have you read the news In a Zomato review Ya know she served me Well then, she clogged my heart I'm such a good good boy I need a Happy Meal toy I'll tell ya what, girl, cook for me I'll keep you overemployed Just make me a sandwich You know the one I mean Papa John's, Auntie Anne's Forgot the taste, remember my pants I got the menu from the Waffle House Musta broke the waistline laws with those Grills, grills, grills P-P-Pizza Hut and the Golden Arch Grills, grills, grills Krispy Kreme is where I lost my heart Grills, grills, grills...

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