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Oracle DBA Justin - How to create a basic Dataguard physical standby database # 3 of 3

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How to create a basic Dataguard physical standby database
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GURDEEP YADAV (2 months ago)
Please upload some performance tunning in real time
GURDEEP YADAV (2 months ago)
Thankyou sir thankyo very much
Fatima Hussain (1 year ago)
Step by Step guide to build dataguard in Oracle 10g r2 with OS window server 2008 r2
gideon17you (4 years ago)
You did it again Justin. Thank you.
Aleksei Krutskikh (4 years ago)
We don't need to create standby redologs?
Aleksei Krutskikh (4 years ago)
Why do you often reboot primary database? Standby creating must be without any reboots of primary.
Tom Fredericks (4 years ago)
*Very* useful tutorial - thank you. This got me started from square one with DG.  One note:  From the Data Guard Concepts & Admin Guide for 11.2:  "Redo received by a standby database is written directly to an archived redo log file if a standby redo log group is not available" - this is why your archivelog sequence# is one ahead on the standby.  If you create standby log files on the standby (which is recommended), the archivelog sequence#s on the primary and standby will match because the redo is being written directly into the standby log file instead of directly into the next archivelog.  Maybe you skipped standby log files to keep the example simple which would make sense.  I thought it worth mentioning the standby log files, though.  In any case, thanks again for a clearly presented tutorial.
dani Danni (5 years ago)
all my respects...:)
Mario Obando (5 years ago)
Thanks very much Teacher!! ;)
Nelson Nelson (6 years ago)
Great! One question though, How frequent is the replication taking place?
rahul kumar (6 years ago)
Justin is awesome man , Respect !!!!
ad1642 (7 years ago)
It`s great to see all of this live, commentary for each command makes it a true learning experience. Many thanks.
harsha reddy (7 years ago)
Really cool demonstration, Thanks for your video.
BhimSain Mangla (7 years ago)
Hey Justin, !st of all thanks as u have gr8 video....Just make it Linux or Solaris.. or any flavor of unix. if you need job please let me know! Abhi
Ramandeep Thakral (7 years ago)
Thanks a lot for awesome simple video !!!!!

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