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Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

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BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Available on iTunes: http://beyonce.lk/itunesplatinum Available on Amazon: http://beyonce.lk/platinumam Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos Music video by Beyoncé feat. Jay Z performing Drunk in Love. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Follow Beyoncé Website: https://www.beyonce.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beyonce Twitter: https://twitter.com/beyonce Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beyonce Listen to Beyoncé iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/beyonc%C3%A9/id1419227 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vWDO969PvNqNYHIOW5v0m
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KT _DaaKidd (26 minutes ago)
Dr sahal ahmed (58 minutes ago)
Dr sahal ahmed (1 hour ago)
Jacqueline Buckner (3 hours ago)
Nikki Lamar (6 hours ago)
June 2019
Dr sahal ahmed (8 hours ago)
Dr sahal ahmed (8 hours ago)
Beyonce me gonna have baby..
Jazleen Podraza (8 hours ago)
she tries toooo hard to act ghetto, song is still good tho
Soulja House (9 hours ago)
You ever been high in love beyonce?
docila wanga (9 hours ago)
Mr. And Mrs Carter forever
candy tracey (10 hours ago)
omg they're goals af😭😭😭love this song asf😍😍
Shera Ben (10 hours ago)
What is ? Exempl its very bad 🤔🤔 😟
Graziele Santos (11 hours ago)
19/06/2019 💖
Frittalis Kin (13 hours ago)
Bertha B (14 hours ago)
I heard this song so many times and it my first time to entire watch the video
Raina Marie (15 hours ago)
Everytime i watch this ..im like these mufuckas are drunk as hell lmao..okay now
Fresh Patterson (16 hours ago)
This bitch was really drunk here😂
Clif Mon (16 hours ago)
Black power 👊🏾
Dark Soul (16 hours ago)
My porn😏
Yassin Saidi (17 hours ago)
june 19 and still listening this song😂 Who else??
Anna McCarty (1 hour ago)
TTV_Drxgon (4 hours ago)
Yassin Saidi yeah I was yesterday and today 20 June
Tswoany Pierre Louis (19 hours ago)
Drink in love 😘😘😘😘😘
La mujer mas sexi de toda las mujeres que han pasado por la tierra.
D James Morgan (1 day ago)
4:34 when they make that face together is hilarious to me! Along with how she looks at him to make sure they're still both doing it...LOVE IT!
Ladjelate ahmed (1 day ago)
I love you Beyonce ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Love love love 💖💖💖💖 Jador 🌹❤️
GachaGucciGirl (1 day ago)
Am I then only person who wasnt interested in beyonce at all until I saw her homecoming?
Jojo brown (1 day ago)
She looks fiyah in this mv.
Robin Burns (1 day ago)
My Virgo sister 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Cynthia Kinchen (1 day ago)
play play Play Play Summer Breeze
GAIL PHILLIPS (1 day ago)
Beyonce sold her soul to the fevil! A total fake demon!!!!!
Nhi Phan (1 day ago)
22:20 tuesday 18/06/2019
Jay Taylor (1 day ago)
I always drink a gallon of water before watching this.
Lusanda Miss H2O (1 day ago)
I'll die jamming to this♥😍😭😭😍😍♥
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Ala'a hq (2 days ago)
Anyone think this was a shot as Becky or is it just me... ? Like yes ma'am I take care of my man and told it down
Paul Matt (2 days ago)
I know this bitch gets what ever she wants
signaturearts group (2 days ago)
June 2019
Emmy Andresia (2 days ago)
June 2019?anyone ? It's still a hit.🔥
TTV_Drxgon (4 hours ago)
Emmy Andresia yeah
Adam and sofia World (9 hours ago)
Trent Rowe (10 hours ago)
BLOCK BOY 600 600 (2 days ago)
Block classic and club banger 💯
William Bethel (2 days ago)
That's father we made it
William Bethel (2 days ago)
Happy after father day all men William uncle j
Hu Ssss (2 days ago)
Come to make uranium
briana_isabella (2 days ago)
June 2019 and it still slaps
Phil Ferroni (2 days ago)
How cool would it be if you were Jayz? lol
Jacosta Lester (2 days ago)
Sasha Fierce is the name of an author of a book of Witchcraft.  Who did this and was it deliberate?  Who Is Sasha Fierce?  That particular album has the name of God Almighty on it and Beyince's face.  I AM is I AM.  What fellowship has light with darkness?  What then is a book of shadows?  I AM NOT YOUR SHADOW. GET OUT OF MY BODY SEDUCING SPIRIT, WHOSE ARE YOU?I AM NOT YOUR HUMAN SACRIFICE.  WHAT ARE Y'ALL HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT?
T wish (2 days ago)
I watching this video because i watch sixteen mina dance hahaha lol.who seems with me?
man lust (2 days ago)
I like.
licoares (3 days ago)
i wish my sperm if i die will be inserted in her. if she and padre jay want to.
Simona Urbonaite (3 days ago)
Larry And Laurent told me that they was 3 .I think it was changing room,If it’s not my vision this room...
Aimable Tayaya (3 days ago)
It 's my favourite song,keep the fire burning
Caption Hope (3 days ago)
I miss this Beyonce ♥️
Carol (3 days ago)
Quero que chegue ao 1 bilhao de vizualização em 2019 😍❤🎉🎊
Kia Hill (3 days ago)
Me n my baby signature SONG!!!!!
Victoria Queen (3 days ago)
2025 anyone?
Dot Torrey (3 days ago)
Please don't add Beyonce to my collection on my phone
Amanda Williams (3 days ago)
Wettttt booty call.. whoop whoop...
Edmond Jónás (3 days ago)
PaPi chulo (3 days ago)
Still wit the shits June 2019
Benimana Florence (3 days ago)
Jorge Garcia (3 days ago)
I love this song so much :) >:3
Mary Rosnell (3 days ago)
J'aime tellement ce couple... vraiment dans l'histoire de la pop music y en a pas beaucoup qui réussissent aussi bien et aussi longtemps.. Strong like a stone together
Amanda Andrade (3 days ago)
Algum brasileiro aí?
16 June Russia Moscow
gg bb (4 days ago)
Flashing light..... !
Serge AISSI (4 days ago)
I love you Beyoncé
Keno Clayton (4 days ago)
Why Jay-Z gotta go so hard on his verse though 🔥🔥🔥
Jasmine Bluain (1 day ago)
Daniel (4 days ago)
I see love in these two. Noice ;)
Shishie Vaga (4 days ago)
June 2019
ну-ка не получаеться
неполучаеться ну-ка
Natalyy Sandoval (4 days ago)
Anyone at June 2019
Isabelle Linhares (4 days ago)
Very love
Chloe Robinson (4 days ago)
Colleen Michelle (4 days ago)
This song is boring to listen to but she is so hot and beautiful. Only in this video.
The miraculous team (4 days ago)
I came here from That Girl singing Beyoncé Drunk In Love Fail Cover
Julio Hernandez (4 days ago)
Better than the whole lemonade album together
Karen Lacerda (4 days ago)
2019 Algum BR aqui?! 😍🔝🎵
Cj Animation studio (4 days ago)
2013 more like 2113. This is still fresh.
Prisca Babagbeto (4 days ago)
at 1'25 , the bass is 🔥
Kanasha Browne (4 days ago)
My favorite one all d
Favour Gam (4 days ago)
Mlg Grandma (4 days ago)
Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike In '97 I bite, I'm Ike, Turner, turn up Baby no I don't play, now eat the cake, Annie Mae Said, "Eat the cake, Annie Mae!" I'm nice, for y'all to reach these heights we gon' need G3 4, 5, 6 flights, sleep tight We sex again in the morning, your breasteses is my breakfast We going in, we be all night
JustinDrexel Diprimuo (4 days ago)
Nobody: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter: I’ve Been Drinking... WATERMELON 🍉 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉😜
Marcel Bauloud Bouazo (4 days ago)
Happy mother day tomorrow
Lukas Cina (4 days ago)
May God will forgive you in Jesus name .. Amen
Ismail Sabir (5 days ago)
2019 who still haven't listened to this song yet
Tommy Dufresne (5 days ago)
Pretty bad ass song. Who's still kicking ass to this song
maryam mwinyi (5 days ago)
Djestice TV (5 days ago)
Who’s still listening to this in 2025 ?
Poonie Jones (5 days ago)
🔥🔥🎶🎶 if you still playing this in 2019 definitely a banger 👉👍👍👍
Masego Sheila Bojosi (5 days ago)
Look at math the way beyonce looks at Jay
Lahcene (5 days ago)
Comment il a pus la trompé ? wsh
Latina101 Chapman (5 days ago)
Still my favorite 🥰
World Peace (5 days ago)
timsah celil (5 days ago)
sexx sexx sexxx sexyyy beyoncee
Rulmont Magaly (5 days ago)
Une bombe 💣 😍
Cardo Carrie (5 days ago)
I workout to this on repeat.
Michael Angelo (5 days ago)
I heard this chic on the train that she listens to bey-once. I lost my shit there and told her to fix herself
sonu sharma (6 days ago)
June 2019 1:38 pm

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