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Seal: Crazy (White Label Club Mix)

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One of Seal's classics. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (19)
Funky Buddha (4 years ago)
1:10 - The track skips...  where can i get this in good quality?
Elixear (3 months ago)
I fixed the skip and restaured the file (There were some clicks, I fixed them too). If you want it, I can send it by mail. :)
firewalkwithme1 (4 years ago)
Not sure why it skipped like that, never did before. Try an online search for a free download perhaps.
Alyssa Bradley (6 years ago)
i love vagina
Psydkik (6 years ago)
This version IS crazY!
verypleased (6 years ago)
awsome mix firewalker...thanx for uploading, i got a lil crazy, i think i died back there...more than once!!!
leon wilkes (7 years ago)
origanal is better and still cant find it lol
leon wilkes (7 years ago)
origanal is better
AakwardAardvark (7 years ago)
@Theywantyoursoulx theres this useful thing called reply button that shows who ur raging at use it so i know i wanna be smart
VddEnergise (7 years ago)
onely 23 votes ??
VddEnergise (7 years ago)
i gow insain
VddEnergise (7 years ago)
what year :)
VddEnergise (7 years ago)
love it
Mohsen Taeb (7 years ago)
nice mix/mashup...alot of potential for it to be better..i think i might give it a try
vinceiswatchingyou (8 years ago)
@GamingGeekQuest (my original comment was removed - interesting!) yeh it is a kind of mashup with the "Acapella mix" on the original Crazy EP from '91.
trust mcnelly (8 years ago)
false this is soooooooooo lame
DrLight9 (8 years ago)
quick! someone poop out a contrived white label mix of any song! quick hurry! there is a shortage of bullshit remixes in the world! there are simply not enough! :)
crypticoneG (9 years ago)
yeah its rockin...im diggin it.

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