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"Indians are Cheap" | Russell Peters - Red, White, and Brown

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Indians are cheap, and proud of it! Here's a clip from my 2008 special, "Red, White, and Brown."
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KaywasinJapan (18 hours ago)
many americans dont want to deal with indians because they are so cheap. Uber drivers dont want to pick their asses up because they smell very strong, never tip , and act like they know more than google maps. my friend got into an accident listening to some indian guy telling him to change directions in the middle of traffic.
priyanka k (21 hours ago)
Russell is a cross breed of pig and Pakistani gaandu, may be a product of a multiple rapists.
Shobhit Nandi (2 days ago)
Sm1 kill this overweight nigga . Disliked ur shitty video
Yashil Dixit (4 days ago)
This moron just don't know what India is
narasimha bangera (4 days ago)
There s a USA Muslim comedian who heartily cheap .....who actually don't know what s d comedy & comedian... He s jst like jihadi....anti- Indian.. Misusing his show fr show Indians bad....
Phillip Alex (4 days ago)
Of course u dickhead, indians don't speak like that
gajendra ghuraiya (7 days ago)
No India is not cheap it’s a simple 😊😇
Catt Catt (9 days ago)
indians are not cheap. but you obviously are.
ben anderson (10 days ago)
and stinky
GaMer god (11 days ago)
Hey..motherfucker...you know hindi...if not...you fking idiot know only English and we know hindi english Punjabi gadwali......so don't try to be oversmart
Riku (1 day ago)
GaMer god hindi is useless out of india whereas english is useful all over the world
Tarun TAC (12 days ago)
Yo dude you're an Indian.
gunfighterdrummer (12 days ago)
Of course gotta cut to the people they’re talking about hah
Armando Guzman (14 days ago)
Que tranza carnal!! Saludos desde México!!
Alf Blue (15 days ago)
People need to learn to take a joke.
sonu singh (15 days ago)
I'm cheap and proud of it.
J (16 days ago)
It doesn’t matter if the are cheap or not, what matters is they are the most arrogant people and they stink like hell!
buna007 (16 days ago)
So many butt hurt indians here. I'm Indian that was funny as hell.
Alin Khadka (17 days ago)
1:55 mike Tyson
lenzamang haokip (17 days ago)
Jio also cheap in India 😂😂😂
James Mack (18 days ago)
Indians,when you come to or live/work in America please tip your server
Yazan Mohammad (18 days ago)
Love Indian people very kind smart Form Jordan
starflorest (18 days ago)
Just right INDIA in thumbnail. And however cheap or even homeless you maybe you'll- ....do I have to say it now!?
Vinodha Boloor (18 days ago)
I think u r having cheap mentality
Khan Kaif (21 days ago)
Chatchai Chotiput (22 days ago)
Russell is a smart guy, he almost said some stuff that will hurt people's feeling on 1:14 mark
Sheran Selvanathan (22 days ago)
See Indian weddings before calling them cheap
3DDY NaGa (22 days ago)
110% nailed it.... Indians are fucking cheap.... Learn some you creepy ass Indians
Videos about Anything (23 days ago)
wow he insulted them...
anuj sharma (23 days ago)
Fuck u white .....Pay more just to show-off n for Ego iS stupid...... Think logically...... White ppl r cheap...... They live for money ..... Fuck the Shutup
Rohit Badyal (23 days ago)
Indians are cheap, so was your mother😜😜😜
riverman (24 days ago)
Triggered Hindus 🤣
tron3entertainment (24 days ago)
Hey Russel, put this in your act. "An Indian can buy from a Jew, sell to a Pakistani and STILL make a profit."
Abhishek Jayant (24 days ago)
One trendy phrase for u-"Nikal lavde..pehle fursat se nikal"
Ó Slattarra (25 days ago)
Love Indian people, love the food, they have a rich cultural history, but a year in lawn care business I can tell you they are the cheapest bastards! LOL
Rajashekar C (25 days ago)
And being a son of indian father and Indian son you call Indians as brown bastards what are you and your....
Rajashekar C (25 days ago)
Asshole you piece of shit what are you bitch Learn to respect don't you have anything else to talk except Indians You psyco your father and mother are from Mumbai
KarDing TV (25 days ago)
The mirror will break if u stay home and look at it😂😂😂
John Nobel (26 days ago)
I love Indian people, they’re hilarious
PixelBerry (27 days ago)
Yo people getting offended left and right. He's Indian you know
Pooja Yadav (27 days ago)
You are white and you are also cheap don't call Indians cheap because they are will be ducking you next
PixelBerry (27 days ago)
He's Indian dude
Boyayo 46 (29 days ago)
This guy is giving bj to Trump everyday #cheaprussell
Intrø Vërt (29 days ago)
These people are indeed cheap I remember one time I was in Walmart and a Indian guy was negotiating with the sales person everyone started to laugh at him🤣🤣🤣
shubham ahire (19 hours ago)
He might have taken that as a compliment
Drake Selna (29 days ago)
You Bitch...cheap is the new rich..suck it up to your mother.
AV Productions (29 days ago)
Cheap kisey keh ra hai russel ke bacche..hamne toh james bond se bhi pan masala bikwa dia 😁😆😆😆😆
Hureji (1 month ago)
i love how the cameraman felt he had to show the indian and black man both laughing at his jokes lmao
CECAR BLANCO (1 month ago)
When i was a valet parking attendant at the Hyatt hotel, the worst tip i ever got was from an indian man; i parked his $50,000.00 car and he gave me fifty cents. True story...cheap bastardsss.
Akshay Raina (1 month ago)
Best way to make money Make videos on Indians
Tanmay Jain (1 month ago)
You got us confused with Jews
David Savian (1 month ago)
Oh shit Russell went to a black person's house....... I'll bet he saw grape drink (not grape juice) in their fridge !
tickyul (1 month ago)
Cheap to the point where their "businesses" are often wretched.
Shivam Agarwal (1 month ago)
Bro reality
Invento&Experimento (1 month ago)
India ki power dekhne se pehle , ghatiya video nahi banate. India ki aukaat dekh le ...baad mein bol..
riverman (24 days ago)
25% Indians are still poor.
vikrant kumar (1 month ago)
Bearing a 👖 of …(3-4)$ is 210rupees in in rupees is very cheap to INDIAN lower middle class......😉😉😉 So for Indians u r 💯% a cheap U SHOULD PROUD ON YOU FOR THIS ATTENTION POOR BHOSDIWALE...😁😁😁
bnreddy colony (1 month ago)
ur a bastard son of India.It disowned u long back i guess tats y u spew venom on indians peters
sarthak chamoli (1 month ago)
This ain't bullshit . Ye to tatti hai madarchod
srikar v (1 month ago)
Why is this guy behind indians 😂😂 ?
chandrowtee mungur (1 month ago)
it is cheaper to be on foodstamps
Diego Rodriguez (1 month ago)
No offense but yes cheapest people. I’m server in a fine dinning restaurant, and very often they don’t tip, or few single dollars sometimes, very rare who gives you a decent tip!
Azhar khan (1 month ago)
This motherfuckr always talk shit about Indians n making money off it.. Fucking peace of shit
billyboy (1 month ago)
Men you are amazing... You just made my day.
Ritvik Kumar (1 month ago)
I am a proud cheap, I have always bought second hand items.😂 Studies have shown that it the best way to buy assets without compromising its value over time much! This might be a cheap thing to you But not for me indeed! Rather it is a smart way & yes we all indians do this thing! Therefore by calling us cheap, you meant we're smart! I agree with you that WE ARE CHEAP(smart)😉 Call me cheap or call me smart ALL ARE SAME! THANK YOU..😃 Who else think they are cheap(smart)? Comment below!
adhi shakthi (1 month ago)
Marlon at 3:48
Mohammed Anwar Hussain (1 month ago)
You cheap
Shubham Bafna (1 month ago)
You suck
Rzk Zkr (1 month ago)
I just dont understand how Russell looks like mexican when hes young and looks very Indian when he's older.
Night King (1 month ago)
Go to a bar tell a white guy he's cheap get free bear. That's how Indian mind works. Smart isn't it.
Jordan Lee (1 month ago)
A bear? No thanks i dont wanna be eaten
Shakaal (1 month ago)
Pakka Madharchod hai tu..
green boi (1 month ago)
Abe isme Kyu offend ho Raha hai
Michael Orlow (1 month ago)
Russel is the Hindu Richard Pryor...he even sounds like him.
Jason Price (1 month ago)
khan imran (1 month ago)
I like cheap Cheap is good
Mommy Pearl Toomer (1 month ago)
still today my mom call skim milk, am like mom you almost out of milk, ohhhhh she full it up with water and say see now we have milk.
Eddy parker (1 month ago)
Your to funny bro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ketan Jha (1 month ago)
From when bargaining and being economical is termed as cheap. You'll be tagged *fool* if you pay 100 for the product that worths only 10. Still great show.
Lil Black Sun (1 month ago)
Bro believe me, we italians also are proud to be cheap/smart 😂😉 the art of arranging
Gorgoroth Bergen (1 month ago)
Actually is Terribly True 😂 In Norway " Yesssss We do Have Indians in Norway , Are very Well Known about ' Savings ' Yesssss, Unfortunately no more jokes on Jews. Sikhs, are totally Nuts on money. 😂 , Buy 5, 6 items in their shops Oslo" Tks Odin We are from BERGEN Town " they will Ask you you..." Need a bag ?" Really.🙄
markus rose (1 month ago)
Naveen Mohanty (1 month ago)
Dear Russell peter...no doubt u are funny....but making fun of India always....is it good....what kind of image u r reflecting about India on other foreign people
green boi (1 month ago)
Not India but India people
The WebheadGT. (1 month ago)
Learn to take a joke my dude
Tugging Chicly (1 month ago)
why you such a pussy about it?
Damian B (1 month ago)
Indians are just terrible people, ugly inside and out.
Shiva Thakur (1 month ago)
Very offensive title. Deserve much more dislikes.
green boi (1 month ago)
Infamous (1 month ago)
Indians are cheap bastards Lowballers
Gary Rojas (1 month ago)
No shit? I've never would've notice.
AsiA I. (1 month ago)
if you are a bhinder get out of our India poojabs are not indian and not welcome to  our country.
AsiA I. (1 month ago)
fkg Bhinder quit talking about Indians pOOjabs are not indian remember motherfucker your people emigrated to our country you are a minority and us rightwing ultraconservative hindus want you smelly rugbhirs out of our country poojabs are not indian.get out of our country. @/@]/]/
Watch TV (1 month ago)
That beer story doesn't that fit on white people it's more on indians tbh
Active James (1 month ago)
And they take a bath 1 every 2 weeks
Aura (1 month ago)
@Active James Some of us Smell because of what we Eat. Our food is full of spices and the smell isn't bad... Not for taking shower . And when do u guys wash ur god damm butt after having sex????
Active James (1 month ago)
@Aura I'm not complaining. I know for a fact Indians are the most smelliest people in the world because I have met them 😂 we clean our buts with tissues and then wash it. You're discusting and good for nothing so stay in Indian mate
Aura (1 month ago)
@Active James Yeah Exactly. We wash our bum with Water. We don't Wipe it with a Toilet paper (That's Disgusting). And everyone takes shower everyday in India(sometime 1 time in two days) unless they r sick 😷. If u know someone who takes shower 1 time in 2 week then he is mentally sick go and help him instead of complaining
Active James (1 month ago)
@Aura I'm talking about showering and ur talking about cleaning your bum. Doesn't everyone clean their bum and if not they're discusting.
Aura (1 month ago)
@Active James Truth is truth. No need to hide it 🤣😁
Culvea Solvere (1 month ago)
I dunno if this makes me cheap or not but I make my own milk too I buy the dry packets though and mix them in cold water the night before put it in the fridge and it's whole milk Vitamin D LOL
Lisomi li Yeng (1 month ago)
Mew half blood but Mew is cheap with gets stuff. and mew white part yellow. ^..^
P.V. Chandrasekharan (1 month ago)
Bastard,being born in Canada and learning English to communicate is not to insult your own origin to make money.Fucker do something useful to earn your livelihood.Indians intellectually are superior anyway despite your fucking indecent jokes about them.
Mine Yours (1 month ago)
I am indian...come on guys chill out...he is a comedian and he is supper funny ..i dont feel offended... Reality is mass of india is cheap...and 99.0% of our people get triggered very quickly...why you bastards need the constant validation from foreigners...bhen ke lodo sab isleye hamme chutiya samajte h....
Gautam kumar Jha (1 month ago)
Madharcod ,first see inside you
Ojasvi Agrawal (1 month ago)
Russell Peters is cheap
Adhya Kejriwal (1 month ago)
This man....he should just change his nationality. Shame on you man, how can you be so cruel to the people from your motherland.
Jason Taylor (1 month ago)
Most Indians don't understand humor
ShadowZ (1 month ago)
Chill it's a comedy show
Love Niggas (1 month ago)
Indians are too cheap they comment to justify themselves.
Apple smasher (1 month ago)
He ain't lie about that I honestly don't like dealing with Indians they don't like to pay...
voice88out (1 month ago)
Russel has a shitty taste!!
Khushiorlando (1 month ago)
lamo u guys take it as a joke😂 y so serious watching stand up comedy
MSA 212 (1 month ago)
This is nothing I deal with this shit on a daily basis bunch of brown monkeys getting offended at everything possible to get offended at
Vandit Dixit (1 month ago)
I Just Reported It. 😎
green boi (1 month ago)
Congratulation , YouTube removed the video you reported. Thanks Team YouTube
Mr. Ravindra Misal (1 month ago)
i see in delhi, the markets where Indians not even Peep to buy anything ,it become fav destiny to shop for foreigners..and shame on this actor saying black and white.i want to tell him till date india have 5 miss wrold titles..then tell who is cheap ?
Darnell Magruder (1 month ago)
This guy is truthful and hilarious, dude is very funny.
Riya Patel (1 month ago)
Only if he could make jokes about Islam and Muslims, then I will see real jokes.
green boi (1 month ago)
Well Muslim count as well when he joked about indians.

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