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5 Shoes Every Guy Should Own - Absolute Must Haves - White sneakers, Driving Moccasins, Boots, etc.

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http://awest.me/shoes - for my article that includes all my favorite shoes for each type in the video, as well options for any budget. http://awest.me/ebooks - to download my free ebooks about the style mistakes you're probably making and the seasonal essentials you should own. The best shoe cleaning kit, as I mentioned in the video - http://fave.co/2d2C4ar Videos/Articles Mentioned In This One: ● How To Clean Your Sneakers → https://youtu.be/ntYwKXN82QU ● Top 4 Sneakers For Men → https://youtu.be/Wb6-bcTAE4U ● 5 Shoes Every Man Should Own → https://youtu.be/o-b2QM4CR5c ● Best Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces → https://youtu.be/3dG7dimILmM ● Top 4 Men's Shoes For Spring → https://youtu.be/9CGKCJ7mLLE ● 16 Accessories Every Guy Needs → https://youtu.be/LMQ6ZZ-1ypI Wardrobe Essentials - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCBY2ZswqeiP27d697feCyaYize8tjtz Socks - https://youtu.be/tpJXJPU8lQc Dress shoes - https://youtu.be/oPrKcoNblDg White Sneakers - https://youtu.be/7-rtOd4_A-o How Your Sneakers Should Fit - https://youtu.be/01zFpcXK1Gg How Your Dress Shoes Should Fit - https://youtu.be/wQQMSQiV68k The One Suit You Should Own - https://youtu.be/anVL82IUR5M Blazers/Sport Coats - https://youtu.be/_V8O0wbeclI Wool Trousers - https://youtu.be/aSr85ip-JpI Dark Wash Jeans - https://youtu.be/A8rPbNwtLn4 Best Ways To Tie Your Shoelaces - https://youtu.be/3dG7dimILmM Follow Me On: SnapChat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/ashleypweston Twitter - http://twitter.com/ashleypweston Instagram - http://instagram.com/ashleypweston Facebook - http://facebook.com/ashleywestonstylist Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/ashleypweston
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Text Comments (518)
J Wallace (11 days ago)
Options 1,2 & 4 I would wear. You'd never catch me in 3 and 4. lol
Richard - (1 month ago)
Crockett and Jones a good footwear maker in the UK. I just got 3 boots (black, brown fade and oxblood) bespoke made. Also have Air Force 1 and Converse for dressing down down
Amber Katyal (1 month ago)
Your channel is amazing...your videos are amazing and so is style of presentation and personality..Thank you for making the boys to men!!..
Zareli Noise (3 months ago)
Driving mocs should only be worn inside a car or as house slippers. It's a lot better to get either loafers, boat shoes or 3-eye logs. I mean the driving mocs on your video are almost already penny loafers, just replace that ridiculous sole for a more stylish slim composite sole and you got a much more versatile shoe that can be as casual but a lot dressier as well (I recommend regular leather as well, I only pick suede for a second shoe in the same style).
Someone else (3 months ago)
Make one about shoes you should NOT own
Dave DyO (3 months ago)
Julius .A (3 months ago)
Ultra boost's, Chelsea boot's, Stan smith's are great.
Donald Kennedy 'Ken' Do (3 months ago)
i like your opinions
ROB NATION (3 months ago)
I don't have those boots but I do have that floppin' around problem.
M. M (3 months ago)
Stan smiths or continental 80’s?
Sr Vb (4 months ago)
I will add a pair of boat shoes, and a pair of closed toe leather sandals to complete a men's basic collection of footwear.
David Malinovsky (4 months ago)
These fashion guru types never mention casual shoes or work boots. They are often a good look for a guy plus you look ridiculous using a chain saw or working on a car while wearing Nikes or dress shoes.
Ian (5 months ago)
Driving Mocs are the ugliest things I've ever seen. Im all about dressing well not cosplaying a pilgrim.
Michael Enns (5 months ago)
And kow please a more realistic version (at least for youngsters) because there is no situation in which I need a dress shoe, sporty sneakers only for sport and in this video wasn't one shoe mentioned that fits into fall or spring
Mark Perry (5 months ago)
You totally missed the mark here... your sneaker recommendations are good, but a pair of leather loafers is much more essential than suede. A suede pair should be secondary... specialty. Double monks is an essential. Oxford over Derby for SURE! Finally, a pair of Chelsea boots should be the first pair of boots that a man should own... much more versatile.
Sango Jeevan (6 months ago)
Anyone know the name of the Nike’s? Or where to get them?
Najdorfa6 (6 months ago)
Really? white sneakers...soooooo NOT! The Nike's are tolerable. What I don't see is a nice pair of designer slides. Covered feet are notorious for becoming damaged...and a man's feet are covered far more than the typical woman.
Lucas Nicolini (6 months ago)
Is that okay if I switch the Drivin Mocs for Penny/Tassel Loafers? I mean, they're more stylish compared to Mocs (in my opinion).
Benjamin Currin (8 months ago)
4:46 “what the fuck is the third point?”
Darin pugliese (9 months ago)
I mentioned you to Allen Edmonds
PileOBone (9 months ago)
Your opinoin on Vans Peanut Collection ?
Gabriel Bento (9 months ago)
Girls can't tell what are the 5 essential shoes men should own, as well as we can't tell them what are the best shoes they should own... this video is on some bs...
Jim Walker (9 months ago)
Good video. Thanks for the post.
Matthias Freimann (9 months ago)
How about penny loafers instead of mocs?
mason (9 months ago)
I don't like moccasins, so I replace those with black leather sneakers, I know its not the same, but I think black leather sneakers looks great with an elevated casual outfit. a nice mix between white sneakers and black/brown dress shoes.
Raul Montoya (10 months ago)
What if I'm wearing a penny loafer should I still wear no show socks?
Vatsal Sanwaria (10 months ago)
Kya phoonk ke aai hai be...?
qarhsi (10 months ago)
athletic looking sneakers don't look good with casual outfits. they are meant for sporty outfits unless you wanna be trendy and follow everyone else
derpasaurs (10 months ago)
Sneakerheads would disagree with this shit so hard lol
Quentin Little (11 months ago)
I like the Stan Smith in Velcro. Velcro got a bad rap for being old man or young child but it's way better for casual. It's a like a sneaker monk strap :)
Khadar my channel (11 months ago)
Kkk Tnx
Khadar my channel (11 months ago)
Hey thanks for this girl
Vaibhav S. (1 year ago)
Sports/Gym Shoes even with casuals. Never ever!! Sorry Dear.
Jarrueche Tran (1 year ago)
Your client is a horny dog, I can already tell.
Geever Ambadan (1 year ago)
Shorten your intro... Please
Fred Calabrese (1 year ago)
Leather in the burgundy-oxblood palette pairs well with a lot of fabric colors. My issue with burgundy is it's hard to find watch straps in that color range.
J M BEAMER (1 year ago)
you tripping girl I dont wanna wear those shoes
Sergio Maseke (1 year ago)
hey there just started watching ur vids i have a suggestion for ur next vid can u pls make a vid on starting out a basic wadrobe on a budget for teens
Sbayo9 (1 year ago)
So for just shoes you need at least budged of 1000 pounds/1500 USD. Then next video about suits probably Navy and Black. So 1000 pounds each. Then shirts and ties. Then jeans, casual shirts, shorts, tops, socks aaannnddd we done, after spending 4500 gbp you will look stylish!
Santhiya Amarnath (1 year ago)
Dont follow any fucking rules just wear what u like ...tats it
Santhiya Amarnath (1 year ago)
2 pair of shoes should more than enough
Dandre Lewis (1 year ago)
Always A Pleasure AW.
AliveWithPassion (1 year ago)
White sneakers & moccasins are for old ass men, I never will own them, they’re tacky and awful looking! Terrible! Come on, Ashley! I always like your videos but this one is Thumbs Down. 👎🏼
robo931 (10 months ago)
AliveWithPassion being a grown adult and dressing like a teenager is much worse.
T Swart (1 year ago)
Great video. Just bought me the Stan Smiths :) really comfortable and classy shoe
97ChoreiRegal Chorei (1 year ago)
Stan Smiths are great.
TheSushiraw (1 year ago)
Since when WOMEN tell MEN what to wear?
Jim Walker (9 months ago)
Who do you think men dress for, if not women.
AWxInc (1 year ago)
You might want to google me before saying anything else...
KBowWow75 (1 year ago)
I can't fit them in the closet because any woman would take up 95% of the closet.
Gasagara n thacien (1 year ago)
I didn't aspect you to say 4:46 f*c*
amos lenbaite (1 year ago)
I like only Nike
FatTurTleMusic (1 year ago)
Never wear running shoes unless you're running! Good grief!
Warsrogue (1 year ago)
well Realtree Xtra green is my favorite color so you know I have fashion sense. I have driving crocs, I wear them while driving to the woods & put on my stylish rubber boots( I wouldn't wear them with a suit either) when I get there. I have Timberland fashion works boots that smell of blood sweat & tears, Nikes for the gym that just collect the sweat dripping off my muscle. I do like the dress shoes but just like you don't wear sneakers with a suit you don't wear dress shoes with camo shorts. Because I am a man & not a snowflake.
pjamese3 (1 year ago)
I hate all-white sneakers. It's too much of an '80s back to the Future look. For me, black sneakers with white soles look MUCH better. And she forgot hiking boots. They work very well as casual boots either with shorts or long boot cut or straight leg pants.
Justin C (1 year ago)
For white soled sneakers -- use a Magic eraser, store-brand. Does the trick and super affordable.
Pryme Fyre (1 year ago)
Will vans be good for a white sneaker
singh vlogs (1 year ago)
I have superstar I don't have Stan Smith should I buy it or superstar will work as same please reply
Hamilton3 (1 year ago)
I had watched a few of your videos before this one and had a positive view of your channel and yourself. However, swearing and dropping the f bomb for no particular reason tends to point to a reduced vocabulary. In turn, this sometimes points to an intelligence deficiency. At the very least, it is unbecoming.
Zidny Zidan (1 year ago)
i love how "sneakerheads" thinks like they're the yoda of shoes. even when someone talking about dress shoes they're still be like "fuck off my J's are a lot comfy you know nothing bla2..."
Lza Tlau ツ (1 year ago)
Which particular shoe is the first one?
Zach Tonndorf (1 year ago)
Would it be okay to substitute the driving moccasins with sperry boating shoes?
Scott Pollei (1 year ago)
Every sartorially minded guy needs to own a nice wingtip and cap toe. And, if a guy wears his workout sneaker out in normals clothes...red flag! Workout shoes should never be worn outside of working out. Make a new video and correct that!
George Ginev (1 year ago)
0:35 to 0:41 Ok i have them: https://www.google.bg/search?q=funny+shoes&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjr4qLR8MXUAhXsDpoKHVX4B4wQ_AUIBigB&biw=1024&bih=715#imgrc=cCu44VlHC_ubdM:
Ervin Lopez (1 year ago)
starving musician. do something on a budget.
N1G4T 0w1_420 (1 year ago)
A girl doing a review on what every man shoe a man should have interesting
[Solo] Pro (1 year ago)
When she said not to wear the white sneakers with the suit, it reminds me of the Canadian Brass lol.
Tuấn Huỳnh (1 year ago)
From an AF1's owner I find this offensive. How can you even compare Stan smith to Air Force duh 🙄
HaVoK BS (1 year ago)
can you do a video about how to pull off the classic 50's look, kinda like G Eazy??
BadAl (1 year ago)
Good video with well advised general style guidelines. However, there are some suits that are better matched with loafers than shoes. I have a light grey 'Don Johnson' (Miami Vice) style slim fit Calvin Klein suit with a summery, non business/dress vibe and would not look right with shoes, it can only really be worn with loafers.
Bash B (1 year ago)
Great style
Shakti Singh (1 year ago)
if not an athlete you are cartoon in sporty stickers in sneakers loafers in loafers real men in oxfords stand out in derbys.
MCR241 (1 year ago)
Sneakers with blazer? I guess I'm a sneaker minimalist.
Agimus78 (1 year ago)
Some of these shoes are horrible and old fashioned 😅
mark haynes (1 year ago)
what is the name of those Nikes?
David Chang (1 year ago)
Hey Ashley, a little late to this video but I just wanted to say I really appreciate the advice from this video. When watching videos on Youtube, I try to avoid the comments section because they're usually filled with teens or idiots who believe they're experts on everything. Unfortunately I did read some of the comments, some were good, and others were just hilarious. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I 100% agree with your advice. And for those trolls who wanna talk down this videos by asking where all the super trendy shoes. Sure, some people can look great in them but please learn to read the title of the video. Not everyone can rock a pair or Jordan's nor is it necessary in a individual's wardrobe. Imagine what your date would think of you if you wore a bright, ostentatious pair of sneakers on a first date (i'm referring to adults) or even worse, a job interview. I guess all i'm trying to say is, (others have mentioned it), there is a difference between Style and Fashion. The sooner you learn, the sooner you'll stop looking like a damn idiot. I guess my next advice is: grow up. If you're 30 years old without any of the shoes Ashley mentioned and the only purpose on why you're watching this video is to talk down on it, grow up. Thanks Ashley!
Joel Gutierrez (1 year ago)
"the white sneaker", gtfo the 3rd and 5th shoes are ugly
Gianni Young (1 year ago)
Besides the black dress shoes..the rest are just awful..maybe the boots but that's a long shot
Bearlobster (1 year ago)
1. Nike tanjun 2. Adidas Stan Smith 3. Suede Moccasins 4. Derby ( plain toe ) 5. Florsheim Mogul Chukka
Chocolate Bleach (1 year ago)
How about ultra boost, air max 90s, nmd xr1, Stan smith, yeezy, air max 2017. Yep that list looks better than hers
Tony Mendoza (1 year ago)
a pair of jays...white air force ones...pair of stacys....pair of wolverines....pair of vans for the beach/river
Nasty Vinyl Cun7er (1 year ago)
why no double monk strap?
VenomousGamerYT (1 year ago)
What do you think about the greats royal all white shoe?
Jollopukki2 (1 year ago)
where are loafers ??
Tom (1 year ago)
i'd say avoid the stan smiths at all cost, unless you want to be a walking meme. go for other white sneakers instead
imi89imi (1 year ago)
spot on review
MarshalPoole (1 year ago)
Thanks Ash. I dislike white leather athletic shoes as they have become the old man sensible shoe these days. I dislike the dress chukka boots, too. Any laced up boots are unattractive to me, but that's just my opinion. You gave out great advice and information! Like your office, too.
ianxx (1 year ago)
Gucci models do wear suit with loafers, watch the men's spring runway 2013 so are they doing it wrong ?
Irfan m (1 year ago)
great video ashley
KJG2ndComing (1 year ago)
"Oxfords not Brogues"
professor KB (1 year ago)
Except for the suede slip ons those are sharp the other dress shoes are corny.
OutlawOmg (1 year ago)
I love your channel. Keep up the good work. :)
American Gurkha (1 year ago)
be reasonable and be yourself, wear what you can afford out of necessity not for the sake of style.If a woman wants to change that , she doesn't love the real you the way you are .leave her cuz she is judging you by the way you look and materialistic wear ;not the amount of wisdom in you..
Dirk Starbuck (1 year ago)
Those "boots" don't look utilitarian. They look like elf shoes...
ulas deniz cansu (1 year ago)
gym shoes out with casual? gym shoes are for gym only!
Juan Montilla (1 year ago)
Nice vid and suggestions. How about timberland or caterpillar honey colored 6" boots. Do u recommend them in place of the brown boots?
Matt Hartman (1 year ago)
Dress shoes (among many other types) feel so "beta-male." Is it okay to wear cowboy boots with suits? I'm not a big fan of cowboy boots either (they constantly scrape your calves), but all of the dress shoes gracing the store shelves across the country seem to be either extremely gaudy, or have this weird, elongated look that you'd expect to see on an elf. Cowboy boots in Texas may be a little gaudy, but in NYC, where it isn't a trend? I'm not trying to walk a runway for a living, just negotiate money transfers. Suits these days are almost a thing of the past, but unfortunately, that's just "almost," so until then we must keep shelling out thousands of dollars per [monkey] suit, which to me signals stupidity since it is an extremely depreciative investment. Women have it easy, as they can spend a couple of hundred dollars and pull off a professional look easily, but for men, a cheap suit is spotted a mile away.
MrAcrobot (1 year ago)
omg u r the best u keep everything simple, honest, organised and straightforward! Also thanks for all the different recommendations !!!!!
arcanonove (1 year ago)
you lost me forever with the third pair. suede mocassins: the horror. mocassins are evil for masculinity byebye bad taste girl.
Innes Boesch (1 year ago)
At which age should I buy my first pair of dress shoes
Idfk (1 year ago)
I wonder if she has watched Kingsman
Joe H. (1 year ago)
Bread Knight (1 year ago)
secret advice to run circles around your gal: get A PAIR OF TWO RIGHT/LEFT FOOT SHOES and thats how you get around, round and round

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