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Would You Save Me Now (feat. Aaron Marsh)

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►Buy the album here: http://smarturl.it/listenrebirth The official album 'Rebirth' will be released on January 11, 2019. ►Substream Magazine Article: https://substreammagazine.com/2018/11/exclusive-jon-hill-save-now-2018/ --- VIDEO CREDITS: Starring Jon Hill & Stasha Gray Video Directed by Tom Flynn Produced by Spencer Bradham, Tom Flynn & Mike Watts Storyboard by Spencer Bradham Edited by Tom Flynn, Spencer Bradham & Mike Watts Extra Underwater Footage by Drake Sweet Make-up, Wardrobe & Hair by Stasha Gray Photoshoot Location at Motion State Media Album Artwork by Dan Miller --- MUSIC CREDITS: Drums & Aux Percussion: Jon Hill Lyrics & Vocals: Aaron Marsh Piano, Keys & Synths: Spencer Bradham Guitar & Bass: Spencer Gill Instrumentation written by Jon Hill, Spencer Bradham & Spencer Gill Lyrics & Melody written by Aaron Marsh Produced & Recorded by Spencer Bradham at Clear Track Studios Mixed by Mike Watts at Clear Track Studios Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound --- LYRICS: Would you save me? Would you save me now? I’m spinning in my head again. Would you save me? Would you save me now? We’re static, blinking in time, just black on grey pixels alive. Erratic, wherever you are, you circle back to me in colored lines. The dream that I awoke in was fine but half my heart remains still asleep there. The dream that I awoke in was fine. Would you save me now? Cause I’m spinning in my head again. Would you slow me down? Cause I can’t stop my mind from wandering. Turning around. Take me back home. In a room full of friends, I’m always alone. So would you save me now? Cause I’m spinning in my head again. I’m just dizzy in my head again. In phrases repeating in time, your words fall back again over mine. But silent, wherever you are, you circle back to me in perfect rhyme. The dream that I woke up from was fine. Some nights I still return in my sleep there, your face in the dark. Would you save me now? Cause I’m spinning in my head again. Would you slow me down? Cause I can’t stop my mind from wandering. Turning around. Take me back home. In a room full of friends, I’m always alone. So would you save me now? I’m just fucked in my head again. I need a new dream. Mine loops over and over. Would you save me now? Cause I’m spinning in my head again. Would you slow me down? Cause I can’t stop my mind from wandering. Turning around. Take me back home. In a room full of friends, I’m always alone. So would you save me now? Would you save me now? Cause I’m spinning in my head again. Subscribe to this new channel for more music videos and future videos from Jon himself! Follow The Jon Hill Project on social media! ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonhill822 -
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Text Comments (2150)
Laurie Lees (12 days ago)
s_ j (14 days ago)
Jon, so this is what happened in ur life? 😭😭😭 Everyone else who didn't knew the reason about their break up now u guys knew. So just stfu. Don't talk anymore.
Terri James (16 days ago)
Sobriety without that nothing
Anna Shum (18 days ago)
This song straight gave me goosebumps. Amazing ❤
chele10580 (20 days ago)
Love you Jon!!!
Katie Lynn (20 days ago)
& he just stated he’s going back to rehab 😭 I hope you get this Jon you are amazing.
m_amz (20 days ago)
Hope you get sober soon Jon. Learning to love yourself will be the first step to that recovery. We are all rooting for you to get better. Even though my journey is different, I thank you for this song. It has helped me in my healing. Hope you heal soon ❤️
Kimberly Clark (20 days ago)
This is absolutely amazing. It is so heartfelt and honest and you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. I truly wish you all the happiness in the world.
Morgan Whitt (21 days ago)
This is so hard to watch, my mother past away from addiction.. I then was in a relationship and had a baby with someone who had an addict. It’s crazy what happens behind closed doors and I feel the pain in this and it hits so hard bc home is where the heart is. I love Jaclyn and hope the best for the both of you.
Megan Bennett (29 days ago)
Would you save me
Megan Bennett (29 days ago)
Megan Bennett (29 days ago)
I love you
I hope eventually after everything in another life you guys find your way back to each other
Holly Celeste (1 month ago)
I’m commenting a second time. I’ve seen this video so many damn times and it breaks my heart. My ex and I recently broke up and he moved on quick. And seeing him with someone else kills me, and I know him being gone from him doesn’t bother him. I’m so sorry you and Jaclyn didn’t work out. This guy and I only dated 9 months....I can’t imagine 9 years. I’m so sorry Jon 💔
Heather Ryall (1 month ago)
Any addict in recovery is feeling right now . I just saw this . I’m a year sober today !!!
AbutifulNightmare (1 month ago)
This song literally brings tears to my eyes! I know that Jon and Jaclyn are both happily with other people but it breaks my heart that it didn't work out with them. I know the years together were hard but you can see how much he truly loves her in this video. 😭 The end when it shows them letting go and he still has a wedding band on...
Jaritssa Martinez (1 month ago)
Omg you are talented! Loved everything! Lyrics, voice, music video!
Katia Arzola (1 month ago)
I need this on SoundCloud please !!!
Lilian Lima (1 month ago)
Keep fighting Jon! Every day. Don't give up!
Upbeat (1 month ago)
This collaboration is so good! I'm going to listen to the whole album this weekend. Can't wait. Congrats to Jon on the full release! I added this song and "Take the Next Step" as songs I love on Upbeat (www.getonupbeat.com), a new music sharing and discovery platform we're building that connects you with fans who love the music you love. We're building a great music sharing community--please join us and find me on there--username: upbeatryan
Dana Shea (2 months ago)
This makes me so sad. I have tears in my eyes. Addiction is fucking evil... I dealt with it most of my life from my parents and it’s so heartbreaking because you can love your kids/partner so so much but your body wants the high... so proud of Jon for staying clean. My mom has been addicted to drugs for as long as I can remember and still is, 20+ years. My father was addicted for as long as i can remember as well, recently passed from a heart attack. It takes a strong person to get through addiction. Never give up the fight to stay sober for yourself and your loved ones. No one should live a life they can’t remember.
Alisha Rose (2 months ago)
He had a alcohol problem sometime after they got married, she left and he got sober, she said with tears that she could not make him happy. That she went to bed alone many nights crying herself to sleep! ! She couldn't make him happy and yes it's sad. But at least Jon is sharing why they broke up
midget gem (2 months ago)
The fact he put someone else on his sobriety you can only do much and go through do much for someone if they have to get clean n stay for themselves not others they truly want to do it they will sometimes you can't save someone you have to look out for yourself lm sure she did love john but
midget gem (2 months ago)
He put her through hell lied broke her heart you get too a place when your done and you need to let go x
Larissa Guerra (2 months ago)
Loved this so much ! Stay strong JON❤️
EverlessDesire (2 months ago)
I’m sorry you had to go through this jon :(
I don’t think a piece of music and artistry has ever hit me like this. Beautifully done. Of course I don’t know what went down in your relationship but having loved an addict... walking away is THE HARDEST decision you ever have to make. It isn’t selfish at all... I used to tell my ex at each of his stints in rehab and whenever he’d get arrested, I was actually happy because I knew where he was and I wasn’t going to lose him that night, I could sleep..... It’s such a fine line you walk between watching your loved one destroy themselves and helping them do it. My stomach is in knots talking about this many years later. It NEVER gets easier. You blame yourself for all kinds of things. You wonder what you could have done differently, the what if’s eat you alive until you force yourself to move on, because you know the truth is if you don’t, neither of you make it out alive. Love cannot cure addiction. My ex is healthy and happy today, but it took walking away for it to happen, we both have since come to understand this, and he’s a wonderful human being and I wish him nothing but the best...there is something that happens to you when you’re with someone who’s in active addiction. Coming back sometimes isn’t possible. I’m pulling for you, Jon! You should be proud of yourself and the work you’re doing on this album is not only going to be healing for you but healing for all of the rest of us affected by addiction. ❤️
KatieLizz_ Tx (2 months ago)
The "I'm not".... 💔
Shana Skyz (2 months ago)
This was amazing. Wow. I feel like I was right there experiencing all of those emotions. Beautifully done.
Daisy Girl Joy (2 months ago)
I’ve watched this video on a loop. Added it to my Spotify playlist. You did a great job with this, it’s so poignant. Wishing you continued success and healing.
RayRayMUA Xoxo (3 months ago)
Wow. This was so emotional. As a former opiate addict I 100% relate to this. Hang tight handsome. Xo
Summer Rose (3 months ago)
Jon more than likely has deep rooted issues he should address(loss of a loved one maybe, or possibly not feeling personal fulfillment within himself) My father is 47 and addicted to meth and has been since I was a child(now 21) It sucks big time that my brother and I missed out on the chance of a normal childhood but I try and remember that my father obviously has more going on inside himself than I realize. Other times I hate him and think about how selfish he is. It's difficult for both sides. I wish the world granted you and Jaclyn with more privacy but I felt the need to write this... Good luck and remember we only have one life to live
Meagan Constantino (3 months ago)
Can we get the lyrics please?
Xo ENiGMA (3 months ago)
Cesar Cardona (3 months ago)
Who's the guy actor? Looks like the guy from 13 reasons why! Also im new to this artist who is he and what's his story? I hear people commenting stuff about his life and his x and etc.
Cesar Cardona (3 months ago)
+L p Awesome I did not know, the only reason I found out about him is because he made a song with Tillian from DGD. Dude's Hot!
L p (3 months ago)
Cesar Cardona not an actor, jon hill actually the drummer on all tracks & bis project
amanda redding (3 months ago)
some times you can have everything and its still not enough
Helen Maree (3 months ago)
Just WOW!!!
Audrie Ashby (3 months ago)
Real, raw, & beautiful. 🖤 Thank you for sharing this.
Haley Adkins (3 months ago)
This was too powerful for my pregnant hormones to handle 😭
XxAmyxX Brown (3 months ago)
Yup I cried.....
Icynox46 (3 months ago)
I'm in. Give me more!
Natalie Herrera (3 months ago)
This is such a beautiful video! Very touching especially when you have lived something similar. My soon to be ex husband has an alcohol addiction and I had to let go exactly like Jaclyn did. I couldn’t live like that anymore. I’m way more happier now raising my kids without his help and with him hardly around. Thank you Jon for the song and video. Definitely hit home!
Pita Chavira (4 months ago)
Wow this made me cry so amazing I loved it! I’m a new fan!!
Sandi Steele (4 months ago)
Hold tight.
Britney Allen (4 months ago)
I can feel so much heart and meaning in the lyrics,It’s heartbreaking but most good stories are because the raw soul of it all.
JessieA (4 months ago)
You are so talented Jon!
Jennifer Leonard (4 months ago)
This is very much about his relationship with Jaclyn the woman even has a lot of similarities and interest. Jaclyn had mentioned in her videos many times and then there was the dream she had which clearly was what John was trying to Shell in this video he admitted that he was the blame for their divorce and that is why he is angry in the video as he is he knew he fucked up but it still breaks my heart because they were so in love you can see it in their videos together and I don't know marriage is just one of those things that no matter how far down one kids you help them as much as you can you don't let go its commitment help them get the help they need but you can only do that so much and I feel Jaclyn definitely helped a lot but then she got huge and she just couldn't have the time to be all about him anymore so that I believe played a part in it her giving up when she did
Tianna Rivera (4 months ago)
Lauren Dempsey (4 months ago)
Love this song and video. Been there. I wonder what Jaclyn thought if the video. Bet she cried her eyes out. I even wanted to... gr eat music
Katrina Morales (4 months ago)
You write this beautiful ass song which everyone knows is about Jaclyn and then you let your new chick just sit there and bash Jaclyn 🤔🤔🤔 someone you were married to for 10 years who still loves and cares for you 🤔🤔
Katrina Morales (4 months ago)
Yeah ya know AFTER They were done and over with😀
JessieA (4 months ago)
Katrina Morales if she cared for him she wouldn't have banged his friend.
Brittany (4 months ago)
This is absolutely amazing. Raw. You are truly talented. Can't wait for your album
Cazzle Evo (4 months ago)
The album was released 4 days ago on itunes, amazon and other retailers xxx
Samantha Carter (4 months ago)
I love this!!!!
Frances Grace (4 months ago)
Wow!! So raw so real!
Jaded Muse (4 months ago)
I love this song and keep coming back to listen to it. Would love to hear a collab with Lukas Rossi... he can sing anything and his voice blended well with Tommy Lee's drumming. 👍
Ria Soulz and Nymeria (4 months ago)
waterdiamond9 (4 months ago)
Wow! This was so real and deep! Jon I’m so proud of you and this is amazing!!!!! thanks for sharing your story. No one should feel alone in this journey 💙
Glam By Tatiana (4 months ago)
Damn this shit is deep ❣️😭
Stephanie Mclean (4 months ago)
The opposition of papa roach scars...... addiction is a medical sickness and its not fair to bring "a loved one" into that. That life sucks, it's not glorious, its torture, and sick. People in relationships with drug addicts need so much support and need to know what they're going through is not normal.
amanda cruz (4 months ago)
As the wife of an addict I could barely breath watching this video....seeing her pain having lived her pain was hard...I can’t blame her for letting go in the end I’m at that point as well 💔
Nada Bosnjakovic (4 months ago)
Amazing Jon you nailed it... I have no words🙏💪
Heather S. (4 months ago)
I get it...I have seen my husband through addiction and I feel so deeply for both sides. My heart goes out to both of Jon and Jaclyn. Wish you the best Jon, you can beat this monster. You’re amazingly talented, believe in yourself 💗
Amanda Torres (4 months ago)
This was beautiful
Jessica Long (4 months ago)
I miss Jaclyn and Jon together 8( but everything happens for a reason I suppose. This broke my heart ow
jh (4 months ago)
Pretty sure this is one of my favorite songs.
Larilyn Crist (4 months ago)
Yeah i cried 😭 and still crying.
Jessica Gibson (4 months ago)
This is so beautiful, heartbreaking but beautiful! It’s so crazy how so much is hidden behind a smile and social media! I truly wish you both the best.
Budda Baby (4 months ago)
This song gives me Blink vibes. Especially the drums. Side note: drummers are so f****** hot.
jellybabyASMR (4 months ago)
Watching and listening to this broke my heart for you man. It was beautiful and painful and completely wrecking. I hope you manage to stay one step ahead of your addiction for the rest of your life and can find total happiness with or without a partner
German Soccer (4 months ago)
sending prayers. stay strong and trust Jesus. God bless .
Ashley Sullivan (4 months ago)
Addiction is tough.... I’ve been through it all but I’m you in this video. I can 100% relate. I wish you the best Jon and I’m sorry for what your addiction robbed you of... it’s not worth it my friend... if I had the money you guys had I would’ve no doubt be dead. Good luck and please stay clean 💜
kanza malik (4 months ago)
This just noise
Alicia Wistrand (4 months ago)
All I want to say to every addict out there is "Drugs dont love you, Go home. Your family is waiting" My dad was murdered over a 20$ crack deal gone wrong. I know addiction too well. Plz get help if you're struggling. There is help and resources available. I know fighting addiction is like fighting demons. But life without drugs/alcohol is possible. Dont lose your family. Dont lose your yourself. 💔
Larson Fam (4 months ago)
I hope @Jaclynhill watched this to atleast get his view point on the crumbling of their marriage... this video was beautiful Jon.
Nenalovesmac Nenis (4 months ago)
😔😢 so sad way to go jonh take ir easy and breathe U have such an awsomw support now no no knows a strong love could help but qhen they gave up is sad.
Ruth Garcia (4 months ago)
You put Jaclyn’s dream in the song 💔💔
Yari Selbo (4 months ago)
❤️ This is powerful.
Jeniffer Jacquez (4 months ago)
I still love this song and video Jon! I’m in school for substance abuse counseling. I love the 🥁 too !!
Iraiz Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Jon, this is amazing!!
Kathryn Cervantes (4 months ago)
I lost my boyfriend of 3 years due to my mental illness. I struggle with depression and severe anxiety. He put up with it as long as he could but I think he just couldn’t do it anymore. All the times we would drive somewhere for vacation and I didn’t even feel like leaving the hotel room. I feel like I relate to this so much. Popping depression pills hoping to feel better to no avail. Although I have not struggled with addiction, I understand how it feels to lose someone you love because of your personal problems. You’re not alone Jon we love you.
Tammy M (2 months ago)
Kathryn Cervantes anxiety is a monster. You’re not alone!
TheUberDoll (4 months ago)
Jamie Rojas (4 months ago)
Love this song ❤️
Xylese Means (4 months ago)
Literally cried watching this, I just kept thinking about how you and Jaclyn were supposed to hold tight, and you both let go and it breaks my heart but I hope you both find someone you can hold tight with💔
AbutifulNightmare (4 months ago)
Still loving this song Jon.
Ebony (4 months ago)
steffy steff (4 months ago)
Beautiful song amazing video.
amanda michelle (4 months ago)
I cried.. stay strong < 333
Ariana TD (4 months ago)
Fight your own monsters Jon, learn to overcome it and to be a better man, for yourself and for someone who will come in your life to love you. Good luck!
You've gained na fan
B (4 months ago)
karina quin (4 months ago)
I'm sorry but what's up with her damn lips
Kimberly Rose (4 months ago)
thank you peter moon this just became my new favorite song * , *
Gabriela Marcano (4 months ago)
So beautiful... why on Earth does this video not have more views?!
Beautiful Disaster (4 months ago)
This hit home. Not the girl & every aspect obviously. But how I've seen addiction made me look and what's its caused to those who loved me. BTW, is this Jon singing?
Beautiful Disaster (4 months ago)
+Dina I ty
Dina I (4 months ago)
It's Aaron Marsh from Copeland/The Lulls In Traffic on the vocals
Jessie Stevens (4 months ago)
Beautiful Disaster yea it is
lynnb (4 months ago)
As the wife of an addict who lost his battle with addiction, I wish you only the very best!! Keep fighting those demons don't let them win, please!!
Brooke Caitlan (4 months ago)
On repeat everyday 💕 if anyone out there is suffering with addiction, there is hope. It does get better, if you take being clean one day at a time.
NotAGamePlayer Summerlin (5 months ago)
Powerful message Jon ❤️❤️❤️ Laying the truth down like this is Brave as hell. Addiction ruins lives and even the deepest of Loves. I pray you find Love for yourself to beat this demon for good because it's obvious you have a Great heart that's full of passion.. My son is a recovering addict (you name it he was on it but mainly opiates) and about to make 3 yrs sober after 10 yrs using so I know with God's help it's possible. Best wishes to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great song!
Torrie (5 months ago)
it's a beautiful song
Jillian Saunders (5 months ago)
This brought tears to my eyes immediately. I'm going to love this album. 🖤
tieranibryan (5 months ago)
the hold tight reference got me 😣
Stephanie Marie (5 months ago)
Such a deep video. I really hope your doing okay John, definitely one of the coolest people to talk to about ink with. ❤️
MeganT3 (5 months ago)
This girl looks more like Carli Bybel than anyone else. It's crazy!
KT KD (4 months ago)
MeganT3 thank you! That’s exactly what I thought!

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