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Train Driver's View: Winter Wonderland on the Bergen Line

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First I want to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support! You guy's are AWESOME! I'm so glad and humble my videos means so much to you. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ Each year marks a change in both roster and duty list. So we're now driving some of the long hauls from Voss to Ål on a regular basis. This trip goes, as mentioned, from Voss til Ål with the regional train from Bergen to Oslo. Had to use the wipers in the lower parts but as we got higher and further away from the coast the temperature dropped way below zero and the snow became dry and light. With other words, less need of wipers. Haha!. It's always fascinating to see how the weather changes at Finse. From snow and overcast to fantastic and beautiful winter sun and light. Trivia: Finse is the location for the ice planet Hoth in Star Wars "Empire Strikes Back". The train stops at these stations 0:00 - Voss (Driver change) 46:13 - Myrdal 1:00:19 - Hallingskeid (Only on demand) 1:11:43 - Finse (Highest situated station on the Bergen Line 1222m / 4009ft amsl) 1:30:30 - Haugastøl 1:41:09 - Ustaoset 1:51:29 - Geilo 2:15:09 - Ål (Driver change) information about signals can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_railway_signaling Enjoy! PS: Sorry about the sucky headlights on this engine. ► Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/skcDZC ► 🔔Remember to tap that bell to get notified!🔔 ► If you want to support the channel you can donate here https://goo.gl/R2LLL1 Donations will be used for: - More/upgraded camera - Editing hardware upgrade
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Text Comments (247)
gary vinson (5 days ago)
ive drivin trains in sydney australia but to drive a train at that speed and comming out of a tunnel at that speed into a snow storm where u cannot see the tracks takes guts and confidence in your track maintenance crew
ksanurse (20 days ago)
Thankyou I really enjoyed the ride. I’m completely disabled and your train took me to a place I could only dream of. One of the prettiest rail journeys surely. I do so love the trees.
Patrick Hanners (1 month ago)
There's only one problem,,,,, too many tunnels.
Dick Kehoe (2 months ago)
Loving every second. 36 DEG. C here in Brisbane, Australia.
mr Olsen (2 months ago)
Der er så smukt i Norge.
laeubchen (3 months ago)
I found Castle Gray Skull at 1:20:10 :O
laeubchen (3 months ago)
I use these videos while studying. They just run in the background. Very relaxing.
Thomas White (3 months ago)
Really enjoy your videos. One question--in Voss, there is a track that takes off from the mainline and appears to curve down into the town. Is that a spur track to an industry, or a branch-line to another town? Just curious.
HinduCowGirl (3 months ago)
That is the old Hardanger line. Today it ends at a depot at Palmafossen. Mainly used by Bane NOR these days. You can read more about the old line here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardanger_Line
Marlene Silvano (4 months ago)
I don’t mind the windshield wipers at all. They are relaxing and comforting in their own way. But, yes on having brighter headlights, as it would improve the tunnel experience. Love from America!
Tom Mc (4 months ago)
HCG? Are you the train driver? I didn't realize that until I read your comments.
HinduCowGirl (4 months ago)
Thank you thank you :D It would be pretty hard to get updated imagery from the Cab. :D The videos are up to date and follows the seasons :D So glad you like them :D
Tom Mc (4 months ago)
+HinduCowGirl Wonderful! I was wondering how you got the drivers to let you put the camera in their cab. LOL! I have been watching for a couple weeks and only started to read the comments today. I have emailed links to several friends already.
HinduCowGirl (4 months ago)
Would be futile to have a channel like this not being the Driver wouldn't it? :D One of the few LEGIT channels here providing everyday imagery from my "adventure" the rails :D So please do share and spread the word :D
vstol (5 months ago)
Thank you HinduCowGirl for uploading your videos. They are a pleasure to view. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Best wishes from the UK.
Marlene Silvano (5 months ago)
Thank you again HCG!!! You have enriched my life immeasurably with your videos! They are so relaxing and beautiful. I’m so glad there is no music - that would ruin the experience. God bless you!
world king (5 months ago)
every time I watch this I feel like going under my blanket
Mike Kinsey (5 months ago)
That was simply one of the most breath taking rides EVER! I love your videos! Thank You!
HinduCowGirl (5 months ago)
Thank you! :D
Derek Ayriss (5 months ago)
Wonderful Videos,Thank you so much.
Claude P (6 months ago)
You talk about relaxing these videos always lull me to sleep every night when I can't yet I don't wanna Miss anything but that's when I realize I can always keep watching the rest the following day.keep up the great work big man or Lil lady.
Chico de Moraes (7 months ago)
Congratulations on your excellent work. Your country is really wonderful ! (I'm brazilian.)
Ray sull (8 months ago)
Great video absolutely love your videos, great to see all that snow, down here its only on the high mountains down south...
glennsgirl71 (8 months ago)
I'm here again. Can't stop watching these beautiful videos! Take me away to a beautiful place on the Bergen line. Dreamy!!!!
draculasgirl1 (8 months ago)
Wow, what a beautiful winter day!!! Perfect for a relaxing train ride!!!
Manish Mishra (8 months ago)
From 1:14:45 to 1:17:00 is surreal .. another planet !! Thanks for sharing
Anton Palanadis (9 months ago)
Mysterious trip...
Luxe (10 months ago)
when i finally crack, i'm moving to norway to become a fuckin train driver
J Hutch (10 months ago)
So beautiful and breathtaking!! I just love the snow.
Gardner Smith (10 months ago)
Thank you. I prefer my train videos without music, but I happened to watch this one with the Holberg Suite of Edvard Grieg playing in the background and found it to be quite pleasant. This recording was by the Trondheim Soloists conducted by Bjarne Fiskum.
ronnronn55 (2 months ago)
Yes, to be able to choose your own music is an advantage. Or have none sometimes too.
Christopher Daniel (11 months ago)
Love this and your other videos. I would give up a lot to live in Norway, especially as I was only able to cross-country ski three times this past winter due to lack of snow... Your trains, and scenery, and snow, are fantastic!!
Jeff Schroeder (11 months ago)
I thought HinduCowGirl was just a silly name until your videos made me realize I'd rather be a cow in Norway than an angel in heaven. I love Train Driver's Views and HinduCowGirl's are the best.
sardu55 (1 year ago)
My grandfather, an old Nickle Plate Railroad engineer, used to say the worst job on a rail trip with beautiful scenery was the engineer, because they're the only one who can't relax and take it in. And, when he'd deadhead, he'd complain that he couldn't see anything.
Gerri Moser (1 year ago)
Such a peaceful video. So relaxing. Thanks a bunch!!
Joey Nuff (1 year ago)
You have a nice and playful way of starting your videos. In this one it appears as though your personal All Electric, All Terrain Vehicle has arrived at the platform with no one at the controls. Did it sense you were there at the platform and then rush to meet you? In several other comments people have asked for more info on the videos. When I went back I realized that you already have provided most of what they are asking you to provide. Remember - less is more. Take a look at a video posted within the last few days - "4K CABVIEW Bijelo Polje – Bar, Produced by dulevoz published April 10, 2018." He provides essential info in the lower left corner and his ID in the lower right. His ID is clear and very readable even though it is transparent. The info on the left has 2 items that remain the same and then as needed he adds then removes other info. The speed of his train engine looks very similar to the speed you drive yours at. Average km/h varies between 50 and 80 km/h depending on conditions. A minimum speed of about 35 km/h when conditions require it. You do not jump ahead and get started as soon as the lights change in your favor - VERY GOOD. Even though you can start you seem to be looking around and rechecking whether it is safe to start. The other train driver is not as careful and seemed to stop without reason and start before the red light gave him permission. Then the signals seemed messed up - inconsistent and confusing. Then the biggest crime was that he posted the video without removing the scenes that showed all the trash and debris that was all around the train depot and some of the residential areas. If that video he posted has anything good in it that was completely accidental. The lighting problem in the tunnels is due to your camera lens f-stop number. It must be too high. Reduce the f-stop number and the image will immediately become more visible. Unfortunately to do that you have to replace the lens and/or the complete camera. What camera are you using? And what a wonderful ride - smooth - quiet - but then you have locked yourself away from all the chatter and confusion in the back with all the "unwashed masses," the less cultured and uneducated educated. Final thing - my first romance was a clumsy effort with a Norwegian girl. Pity it did not last but thank you for bring back those memories and feelings.
Bas Finnis (1 year ago)
Great video, again :)
Stuart Muir (1 year ago)
Hya Hindu Cowgirl that Beihack Snowblower at geilo Network Rail has three of these one is based at Eastleigh one is based at Carlisle King Moore and the third is at Inverness in Scotland
Roger Kaalaas (1 year ago)
This was enjoyable to watch, I have made the Oslo Bergen train run three times while visiting relatives, but always in the summer. It was fun to see the winter conditions going over the plateau while following the route on Google earth at the same time.
nickweiserfolz (1 year ago)
Beautiful video of yours, as always...Keep Going!
Frank Schulze (1 year ago)
A great Thank you for your excellent films. I´m a fan of your cab rides.
Laurence Cahir (1 year ago)
I am completely obsessed with visiting Norway as a result of your videos such a beautiful place. Thankyou.
Tamas Mihaly (1 year ago)
01:16:25 You know you've watched too many of these awesome videos when you recognize places from other videos that are covered by snow, though you've never been there!
David Griffiths (1 year ago)
Another fantastic addition to this wonderful series.  Out of interest what is the sound like a buzzer which you can hear several times starting around 1:03:07?
David Griffiths (1 year ago)
Thanks.  I'm in the UK so I'm not familiar with what happens in America.  The Uk has something called TPWS which is probably similar.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Hey David, The buzzer you're hearing is from the ATC. As we at that point cross over from D-ATC to F-ATC (partly surveilled to Fully surveilled train Control). It resembles something like the PTS in the states. If you do not comply in speed reductions the system will intervene. On our D-ATC the system will only intervene when driving towards a signal in red, diverted track on station and temporary speed reductions. We hear the beeps when the speed limit change. Like at the spot you marked we're going from 60km/h to 95km/h then 160km/h :) Hope this helped :D
MsSoundguy (1 year ago)
Again, just a wonderful, wonderful trip. Two things: Your videos mean so much to me (I can't speak for the other 10,000) because you obviously care. Your windscreen at least starts the journey free of bugs, you tell us where we are (whether that means anything to us or not) and the elevation (which DOES mean something to me). You present your journey, whereas I get the feeling other drivers at best take us along for the ride and at worst ignore us, and those who clearly love trains sometimes edit at awkward times. You are our host. The other thing is that I have a friend in Bergen and back when I was starting to take the NRK trips, I asked her if Myrdal were the center for railroads in Norway. Apparently, she had a great laugh at that, but it does seem like all tracks lead to Myrdal. Anyway, thanks again.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Hahaha! All tracks leads to Myrdal 😂 Sir, you made mu day! We’ve heard lots of things at Myrdal :) like, “where can I find the mall?” I broke down there once, and the dispatch told me he was going to get a taxi for the few passengers. I was like “Are you serious? This station is on a ledge 866m above sea level with no road connection.” Then a looong silence and “oh... well, I guess this is going to heck on 1st class. hahaha!”
Per Erik Akerjordet (1 year ago)
Can you drive all types of engines when finished Your education og do you have to "be certified" for each type? Thanks again for Your videos!
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
When you come out of the academy you have zero certification on engines. Certification on engines is part of the company training. You only get the certification needed for the line you're going to be working on.
amtrakharry (1 year ago)
Ah, just finished watching ! My stress level has gone down... :) Thanks for sharing , till we meet again... !!! :):):)
Bunky34 (1 year ago)
Love this one, the start especially as you get in the cab. Just started watching your videos, all been excellent.
Alasdair Blackmore (1 year ago)
Jeg håper å se mange troll i denne videoen ... "mange" ... [I am 5 minutes in, but so far I have not seen one ...]
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Haha! They are all engaged in the battle for Minas Tirith and Hogwarth School of Magic🤣
David Gibble (1 year ago)
Drug-free therapy for a stroke survivor. Helping to improve attention span while traveling to far away places.
Robin Kopetzky (1 year ago)
How long did it take you to become a train driver??
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
It's a one year education on the rail academy then up to six months of internal training in the company you get hired by. So in total about 1 1/2 - 2 years before you're out there on your own.
DChi JEllis (1 year ago)
Nice office.
slycat1939 (1 year ago)
Awesome as always really love these videos. Just wish they had soothing music ha ha so peaceful and so beautiful. Keep them coming I am subscribed and do enjoy them. I am hooked :) god bles and safe trips.
ronnronn55 (2 months ago)
The benefit of NO music in the video is that you can choose your own music. Or just let the train provide the background sound.
Karel Šumbera (1 year ago)
thx 👍🏼 👍🏼 👍🏼:)
Vladimir Fortakov (1 year ago)
I have enjoyed this beautiful winter video just as much as your recent one on the Myrdal to Flam trip. Since both the Bergensbanen and Flamsban are liked by so many, it would be perhaps possible for the railways to initiate a project asking for voluntary contributions to collect enough money to equip the outer walls of galleries on both ends of tunnels with strong glass panels. Then instead of wooden structures we could enjoy impressive mountain views.
Vladimir Fortakov (1 year ago)
Thank you for the information provided! We shall be able then to enjoy even more videos taken in warmer seasons.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
They are working on that on several places. They do it when they change the wooden constructions to steel. The only problem is, you don't see anything through them during the winter because of the snow :p
colin palmer (1 year ago)
Thanks for another great video...deep deep snow...!
Dietmar Lindner (1 year ago)
Schönes Video Wunderschöne Winterlandschaft Norwegens Danke
randysgrl76 (6 months ago)
I'd like to know what Dietmar said in english . Anyone out there who could translate for me?
Douglas Kerins (1 year ago)
thanks so much, stuck in the desert and this is soooo much nicer :)
Chris Tuft (1 year ago)
Thanks once again for uploading them.. We are very lucky to see these views. Keep up the great work HCG x x
Desert Piper (1 year ago)
Now I understand the troll thing. I was beginning to feel like one as much time as I was spending in the tunnels.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Haha! Yep, mountain troll becomes you ;) hehe
Wayne Coolidge (1 year ago)
By the way I love your videos, I have fallen asleep to a few.
Wayne Coolidge (1 year ago)
You should show speed and distance.
bill seymour-jones (1 year ago)
I have been watchng the NKR videos of the Nordlandsbanen and I must say that they do not come close to your for quality of image, quality of sound or quality of information. That broadcasting company could learn a lot from you. Maybe your talents are wasted !!!
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Hahaha! That could possibly be the case :p I rid make this one as a teaser for someone :) https://youtu.be/mZmuJQ9DRJs
Checkers X (1 year ago)
HCG, you have the best job!! Thanks for the uploads.
Julia John (1 year ago)
Ray sull (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing enjoyed the complete journey, superb.....
tact86 (1 year ago)
You may think we're awesome, but you're pretty awesome yourself! Another beautiful, but it sure looks cold!
Rick F (1 year ago)
A cab ride is the holy grail of any rail fan and you not only give us a cab ride, you give us entire trips! In beautiful country at that. And WITHOUT music!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for that!
ronnronn55 (2 months ago)
YES. Without music. The train noise is the ambiance. If I want music I can choose my own. I wish the makers of motorcycle videos would take a que from this.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Thank YOU! :) Spread the word! ❤️
ktpinnacle (1 year ago)
I don't see any fences along the line. Ever any problems with wildlife or knuckleheads?
ktpinnacle (1 year ago)
I guess I'll just have to look at one of your spring videos again! Shucks.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
There are lots of fences... just buried in the snow :)
Сергей Лис (1 year ago)
HinduCowGirl You're cool I love trains thank you Norway is beautiful but harsh country in Russia, too much cold but beautiful places I think we need to make friends
Froggie24546 (1 year ago)
Hi could you film a winter journey from Al to Oslo. I have watched your summertime trip Oslo to Al . What horsepower are the electric locomotives hauling your train . They seem to speed up quickly from station stops . My father used to drive electric in the 1970’s from London to Manchester
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
7.500hp and 275kn :) I have put in a wish to do so, but it belongs to another base.
Jeff Polman (1 year ago)
Your train videos are spectacular, and I'm happy to announce I'll be taking this same route this coming summer! Will be strange to watch it all out of a side window...
bob hennis (1 year ago)
the pc and moriality police have my ability to reply blocked. only liberals have free speach rights. california at it's usual level
Peter Peter (1 year ago)
...another perfect video ⚘ many thanks. And I have a question,close to one of the stations (sorry cant remember name) I saw two or three caves,with tracks leading to them however they had been cut off from major track and are not reachable. What was the purpose of those caves? Shed for locos? carriages? Greetings from UK
Michael Reid (1 year ago)
A lot of underground construction was done by the Germans  during the war years employing Russians, on the Island of Jersey (UK) and the small island to the north called Alderney.  I was thinking that perhaps it had been similar with the tunnels on your railway system.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Well, depends on where you're thinking :D The Bergen Line was built before the war, but the Germans wanted the Flåm Line finished two years before planned, and so it went.
Michael Reid (1 year ago)
I would b interested to know who in fact built the tunnels along the Norwegian Railway System.  They were built during World War II were they. not ?
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Generator halls for the catenary :) 38KV 3phase 50hz in and out comes 15KV 1phase 16 2/3hz
mwell17 (1 year ago)
You mentioned in the description of the changes in the roster and duties, will you still make runs on the Flåmsbana? As always another amazing video....Takk!
ronnronn55 (2 months ago)
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Hey hey, I will most definitely do. :)
Kristina Sundqvist (1 year ago)
Lovely videos. Keep them coming and gratulations to one of the worlds most stunning views "from the office". Looking forward to spring, the snow melting, and summer views videos. Any chance of a short video from the drivers cabin to se your workplace? 👍👍👍
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
The cab is shown in some videos, but might make one just for the cab :)
JRoque250 (1 year ago)
Nice intro with the 'live' camera swipes! Very creative. Keep the vids coming!
Lyle watts (1 year ago)
Wow very nice scenery. Reminds me of the rocky mountains and some of the flat prairies of Canada
Samadhi Sheol (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this, stunningly beautiful winter landscapes, I would love the chance to ride such a journey. It is hard to imagine trains here in England running in such conditions.
Christopher Duckett (1 year ago)
This is the most beautiful video I have seen on YouTube, thank you so much.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Thank you :D
Simon cox (1 year ago)
Do you not have sanders to control the wheel slip?
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
We do, but you must remember that we do not have infinite sand, and the "singing" is just because we're on the limit of slipping. I seldom use sand. :)
Arne Lie (1 year ago)
Takk for nydelige opptak fra arbeidsplassen din. En flott representant for NSB og super norgesreklame :-)
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Tusen takk :D <3
ian taf (1 year ago)
Great stuff as usual. You are a YouTube superstar - Hollywood beckons!!!😆"And the Oscar for best train driver's view goes to HinduCowGirl for..... well, all of them!!!" 👍🏼
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Hahahaha! Yeah, I'm pretty sure MTV cribs will be at my door soon. LOL!
Robert Adams (1 year ago)
At about 1:37 are a lot of dwellings that seem to be summer vacation places.  Haugastol appears very nice Winter and Summer.
crab5mt (1 year ago)
Another marvellous video. Thank you very much indeed for the videos you have posted! I love the Norwegian scenery! I hope to visit Norway some time, before I get too old. (By the way, I am British, but I had a Norwegian Great -great -great grandfather!)
David Poor (1 year ago)
Yet another beautiful video!! Keep up the good work young lady! Made plans to get over there is coming summer and ride a couple of your trains! Really want to see the country in person. Sure is different than our MBTA trains!!
Nils Normann (1 year ago)
Feeling a little home sick... I notice that a lot of the signage is completely covered with snow. Is this a problem for you as a train driver?
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Nah, not really. As long as we can see the aspect, everything is good :D
Robert Adams (1 year ago)
At about 1:14 gliding over the snow covered tracks was great.  Picked up some speed on those long rather straight runs. Looks fun.  Best of luck
Robert Langford (1 year ago)
What a great office you have there HCG. :-)
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Beats any screen saver :p
TheRahsoft (1 year ago)
I wonder what will eventually be the longest video you make? there was 6 HD hour video i had from a documentary group of a train video in Norway( can't remember where other than a very high peak). your video of the mydal trip( fjord?) made me look up in google maps and find the tourist trips that people make ( by train and ship) thanks again for these videos, its nice to see what parts of Norway look like off the tourist trail.
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Yep. The Flåm line is part of the Norway in a nutshell and Fjord tours tickets :D Tourists usually take to Bergen - Voss - Gudvangen - Ferry to Flåm - Flåm line to Myrdal - then back to Bergen :D It's a very nice tour :) And in Gudvangen you can see Base jumpers doing their thing too.
peter davies (1 year ago)
Brilliant filming.Thanks. Tasmania. Aus.
Timsvideochannel1 (1 year ago)
Excellent, I enjoyed watching this fascinating trip.
Arjun Chakraborty (1 year ago)
I just listen to this and drift off to sleep. Thank you very much! :)
Raff Grimm (1 year ago)
Wonderful winter trip! Thankyou so much.
Shrek The Ogre (1 year ago)
Hello @HinduCowGirl. I'm from Australia and have come across your videos over the past few weeks. Been watching them and enjoying the beautiful scenery. As a man getting old now, I still have that kid in me who always wanted to drive a train, plus Norway is one country I always wanted to visit if I ever had the money. So you are helping me fulfil 2 of my dreams with these videos. Australia is such a hot dry country and in my state there's not much of a rail service. Some in the city, but in the country it is mostly used to move grain during harvest time. Please keep them coming. They are such good quality and very mesmerising, to say the least. Well done!
Traler Tresh Games (1 year ago)
I've been watching all your videos completely engrossed. I kind of want to move to Norway now <3 Thank you so much for uploading these amazing videos!
K1W1fly (1 year ago)
impressive locomotive!
Keith Scott (1 year ago)
Gorgeous scenery and gorgeous camerawork. I hope you keep posting for 50 years, after that I might become bored.
Haze Radio (1 year ago)
Another great one : )
MeTaz (1 year ago)
Always awesome to see these journeys, HCG!
LINYTrains (1 year ago)
Hol station appears quiet and abandoned for the winter. On coming train shows how light and fluffy the snow is. 2:04:00
귀부인 (1 year ago)
한폭의 그림 같아요...^^
귀부인 (1 year ago)
설경 멋있어요~~^^
Andy Powell (1 year ago)
It doesn't matter how many times I watch your various videos on the Bergen or Flam line, they are always compulsive viewing and beautifully recorded. Thank you for providing these.
Andy Powell (1 year ago)
Mind if I ask some questions? (Nothing personal). The tunnels are extraordinary but they are old. How often do they check them? Also, do NSB move you around or are you based in the Bergen/Voss area by choice? Finally, I figure some of your colleagues must know you do this but I also know that in some countries, railways frown upon videos being made. I don't know the NSB rules but please be careful!
Anne Montgomery (1 year ago)
Spectacular ! It's like one giant inter changing post card
1929modelagirl (1 year ago)
Living in Colorado, we have immense problems with traffic year round in the mountains. Tunnels, such as Norway's would be a solution but I can't see it ever happening. Would allow electric trains, but, politics and engineering. . . too bad. I love the tunnels!
HinduCowGirl (1 year ago)
Norway has A LOT of tunnels, think you would THRIVE here :D hehehe

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