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Heidi Klum Victoria's Secret 2005 Fashion Show

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This short video is just a partial or a draft that i made featuring Heidi Klum and her husband Seal.. With the song Love's Divine/Crazy by Seal.. Hope you enjoy! and hoping that i could upload the whole video here! :D
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Familie Hemmerling (3 years ago)
Nice klum!
Ches Mangibin (7 years ago)
@moanmoan88 Sonnet 116 :)
Montaz Ermar (7 years ago)
...Sonnet no. 42..William Shakespeare..Am I right?
Jhee Hong Koh (7 years ago)
Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks... They're goddess
TheHpTVShow (8 years ago)
i love her
christarz03 (8 years ago)
@organicstorm I was too young too :) ... i've only heard one of his songs... not my type of music either lol but ya maybe.
organicstorm (8 years ago)
@christarz03 yeah, you're probably right about heidi's popularity elsewhere .. but 1. I'm from germany and 2. far too young to know about Seal's earlier hits (or more precisely: I was too young in the early 1990's when he was successful over here and "decided" to become a metal head too early to witness his comeback ;-) ..just not my type of music) I didn't know he's an Emmy-winner .. but still: topmodels make more money than soul-musicians I think? whatever - if they're happy: good for them.
christarz03 (8 years ago)
@organicstorm other ppl might not have heard of heidi before she married seal... I found out about them at the same time though. You can prob say mayb she earned more but not way more at all! I think maybe he earned more but I dunno for sure but I definitely would not say way more. Plz don't forget he won 3 emmys. I agree with monkeyman198 though... I think he seems like a really nice guy...
Aly90 (8 years ago)
she really looks like an angel... what a moment when she came out.....
Matthew Okert (8 years ago)
Camilo Toro (9 years ago)
i love heidi klum the best top model 4ever.
organicstorm (9 years ago)
i bet she earned way more than him. she's probably richer than he is. it's really ridiculous to assume she married him for money when she's already rich herself. i never heard of seal before he married heidi.. really. and i'm not even into fashion.
Doreen Braun (9 years ago)
nothing so ?!
Doreen Braun (9 years ago)
i live in the city where heidi is from (Bergisch Gladbach in Germany) and i know her parents.
Camilo Toro (9 years ago)
heidy klum the best top model of the world.
Ali M (10 years ago)
isn't that the diamond encrusted bra?
loved your video. Very very well done. I love Seal and Heide and they're one of the cutest couples on earth!
Ricardo Cortes (10 years ago)
heidi Klum is just perfect
Mimschi (10 years ago)
You're all english/american I don't know but I'm german so =): Heidi ist die BESTE!! And for you which don't understand german =) Heidi is the greatest model!! hot, hotter, Heidi XD
daarkside (10 years ago)
are u an angel?(hope not) or a victorias secret model?(icq: 114415495)
Lionel Rell (10 years ago)
An African with perhaps the sexiest White woman on earth... Welcome to the 21 Century.
Elsa B. (10 years ago)
She looks amazing compared to that she already has had couple of kids! Goddess!
Mark Spencer (10 years ago)
u bunch of perverts ^^
CMGW (10 years ago)
in germany she alreaddy had a song called "wonderland".it is a christassong and it has been made for a commercial from DUGLAS. the cash receipts(i dont know if its the right word im from germany and im 14 years old)she collected for a charity company.i think both songs are great because her voice is not so bad as i thinked before!!i think she has a good voice!
sue01234567890 (10 years ago)
Felixng06 is just jealous that he can't sleep with a pretty girl unless she's been roofied.
Felixng06 (10 years ago)
seal is the luckiest guy on earth.
Jessica Espinosa (10 years ago)
Raptaur (11 years ago)
Its actually two songs... Artist: Seal Song: Love's Divine (0-48 secs) Song: Crazy (48-1:15 secs)
Californiachik85 (11 years ago)
I love this couple. Both very supportive of each other.
luke villarreal (11 years ago)
is this guy rich??????
SXL (11 years ago)
That is so sweet.
Felipe Casagrande (11 years ago)
she's gorgeous.. omg :x
Ryann Reyes (11 years ago)
hala heidi klum jud. idol. hahaha.
kdigga1977 (11 years ago)
That was really cute! I loved it :-D

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