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How to develop the sweet spot between 3 Cs – community, content and commerce

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Zeno Pellizzari, General Manager, Mondadori International (incl. Graziashop), Italy; Ellen Snijder, Founder and Brand Strategy Director Fashionchick (Sanoma Storefronts), The Netherlands; Mike Hewitt , MD of Adaugeo Media and moderator of the FIPP World Congress, UK. Certain magazine media brands and ecommerce is a natural match, other special interest ecommerce plays develop organically from the ground up, without the help of an established brand. But they often have one thing in common: they focus on the sweet spot between content, community and commerce. Our participants discuss how they drive their ecommerce brands forward, aiming at the intersection between content, community and commerce, the lessons they’ve learnt as they started and continue to build their businesses and how successful they have so far been at achieving their goals.
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