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Akon Angel Victoria's secret HD

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Akon in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010 HD
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Text Comments (33)
jazzdupre (1 year ago)
This this idiot EVER sing without auto-tune or some form of electronics?!!!! Clearly, he must not be able to sing.
Spotina V.M (1 year ago)
nitrobucky (1 year ago)
get the autotune off!! Yuck!!
Paradee Sujiparadee (2 years ago)
His song is perfect for this show :)
Lucas Reis (2 years ago)
adriana always a star!
David De Vicente (5 years ago)
adriana lima es jodidamente perfecta!!!!!
Carlos Delgado Garijo (5 years ago)
Adriana Lima
Carlos Delgado Garijo (5 years ago)
Adam Grenier, Actor in the Show "Entourage"
tin kaulitz (5 years ago)
who's the guy on 1:53 ?
Gabriel Ospino (5 years ago)
3:13 the most beautiful women in the earth
Emin gültekin (5 years ago)
Dyrssen (5 years ago)
Como????? tu estas zumbada o que¿?
La ultima chica es Trans. .
Arya (5 years ago)
Adriana Lima
Ing. Ernesto Rodriguez (5 years ago)
3:15 who is?
eduardo Falcon (5 years ago)
Adriana lima, the goddessssss
gkhinduatheist (5 years ago)
Why?? you feel like making out with her?
gkhinduatheist (5 years ago)
Man, you females have massive trouble understanding heterosexuality! Sorry lady, bi-curiosity/bisexuality aren't the same as heterosexuality! Just imagine a guy talking abt. a male model in the same way: "I totally love this video! I am a straight guy with an awesome gorgeous partner,but we both look and decide which one we would have!!! Love it thank you! Gorgeous eye-candy!!"
carlos otero (5 years ago)
name of the girl in the 3:16?
Jebsus David (5 years ago)
perfecta presentacion (Y)
V. Miteva (5 years ago)
thank you
Schnejl23 (5 years ago)
got that whole place glowing
Iván GR' (5 years ago)
Alguien mas se dio cuenta de la ereccion de Akon xD
Iván GR' (5 years ago)
really? is CHANEL IMAN
V. Miteva (5 years ago)
does someone know what the name of the first model is 0:55 ???
Diian Tovar (5 years ago)
thats Flavia de Oliveira ♥
Lu Li (5 years ago)
me encanta ver cm caminan.
nico sc (5 years ago)
2:52 whats her name?
KyleBroganUK (6 years ago)
The fake radio conversation is so irritating.
Joanne Lewis (6 years ago)
I totally love this video! I am a straight girl with an awesome gorgeous partner,but we both look and decide which one we would have!!! Love it thank you! Gorgeous eyecandy!!
Shinel xo (6 years ago)
i pray to god that one day my dreams come thru ♥
dasha0mandy (6 years ago)
At last !!! .. thank you for really upload only the Akon song..... at Victoria's Secret Fachion Show .... I love it =)
AntonioRuizTV (6 years ago)
De esas canciones que alegran el oído y la pupila...

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