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Seal - Amazing & Wedding Day

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Seal - Amazing & Wedding Day from Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007
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A Voz da Legalidade (2 months ago)
Canal de babaca! Só retardado assiste algum vídeo Aqui!
Cal Andrade (2 months ago)
most are brasilian's girls!!!
Cal Andrade (2 months ago)
Seal's voice is perfect!!!!
Daphne Chili (3 months ago)
Seal is the best, wow absolutely brilliant!
Adrianna Devonne (3 months ago)
awww cute💗
CLAUXX28 (4 months ago)
I love Seal & his music so much, but I can't forgive him how could he abandoned her, gorgeous woman!!
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leeoh moon (5 months ago)
big public statements of love and forever and ever, until we die and now...divorced :(
Dream Time (5 months ago)
the ultimate shallow and low class
Kisse De Oliveira (5 months ago)
💞💗💔💖💟💓💕Huauu..que Lindo...
Número Teens TV (5 months ago)
Que casal chocante! pena que se separaram.
OMG 🎤 oh 😯 he’s a sweetheart
Cleidiane Brito silva (6 months ago)
city5productions (6 months ago)
Love both of em
Stefan Viiol (6 months ago)
You see
Jesica Van Aertselaere (6 months ago)
Oooh so handsome ,seal and heidi💏👌
marcelo candido Siqueira (6 months ago)
He is amazing
Anamika Ahmed (6 months ago)
Amazing couple in the world Love comes from respect Not form face or abilities
Architecture Whisperer (7 months ago)
So romantic! Really over the top.
Layla Jo (8 months ago)
What is the last song name ?
Jesica Van Aertselaere (8 months ago)
Super mooi😍
catherine avrain (8 months ago)
La belle c du cinéma !! C franchement nul ! Aujourd'hui peut etre plus avec lui les americaines tous des salopes !!
Leslie D. (9 months ago)
The model with the snowflake that design is truly amazing
Praetorian 61 (9 months ago)
Seal is a one ugly mothefucka. If a pregnant women saw him she would drop her baby imao
jocileide Morais (9 months ago)
Casal lindo... pena que tudo terminou... mm
Will Pollard (10 months ago)
stupid woman
Vilma Pereira da Silva (10 months ago)
Okechukwu Onah (10 months ago)
Oh my God so amazing
roxana liendo (10 months ago)
Vi defile victoria secret espectácular
Ricky Villardi (10 months ago)
Amazing song
см (10 months ago)
Спасибо,роскошно,с новым годом и Рождеством !
Ai Seal me mandou um cd e uma foto autografada.Amei
MAGNUM (11 months ago)
Nothing is Forever :(
subo nakkai (11 months ago)
nice Seal
idania graterol (11 months ago)
te amooooooo
Miss Sunshine (11 months ago)
He can marry me, any day.
Heki A (11 months ago)
Why did they break up?
Anita Arismendi (11 months ago)
INCREIDIBLE VOICE, BEAUTIFUL SERENADE, GREAT BODIES, BEAUTIFULL BODIES, OH GOD! an magnifique show, goyo arismendi, desde puerto ayacucho, estado amazonas, venezuela
Claudia Manola (1 year ago)
Emocionante!!! Seal perfeito!!!
ThOth SumAntra (1 year ago)
And the biggest mistake he made was marrying and breeding with that cave creature.  This was the beginning of the end of Seal.  This is what whites do to blacks...a damn shame.
Reluctant_Fundamentalist (11 months ago)
wow..you must be sad!!
Juan Silva (1 year ago)
I loved the yellow bikini girl absolutely lovely young girl.
Paulo Duarte Ramos (1 year ago)
Alicia Maria Rondán. (1 year ago)
jorge wozniak (1 year ago)
A parte de cantar excelente, yo de grande quiero ser como el , jajajajajaja, un crack .Toda la Onda
laurence blee (1 year ago)
Seal was not enough for her so she got the her body guard
Uke Cena (1 year ago)
nice couple beautiful but they are different spices seal you deserve better woman the German girl is a s***
actorzone (1 year ago)
too hot for my body.
Seo Savers (1 year ago)
Who's the lady in red?!
235 U (1 year ago)
Poor Seal on this ..
Paolo Ciarpaglini (1 year ago)
If a would choise, the second model is amazing. She have the most beauty and magnetic body i ever seen .. About Seal what i can say; he have'nt for sure the best voice, but his style and personality are amazing..
Okechukwu Onah (1 year ago)
seal you are .grande muy grande ....
MegaSusanne100 (1 year ago)
mah sieht er war mit heidi klum verheiratet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lorly 3D (1 year ago)
MUITO TOP!!!!!!!
Seal tem classe ,estilo inconfundível.
Vânia Regina (1 year ago)
Seal você é o melhor adoro você
Saleem Kader (1 year ago)
How come I see all these beautiful girls when I'm old it's not fair.
rita shelby (1 year ago)
If Seal just didn't say want chew!😥😝🙏🏻
mdk 12 (1 year ago)
Dommage ils étaient beaux tous les deux
Laila Bekkali (1 year ago)
Good staff
Jennifer Reed (1 year ago)
Heidi's face looks she strange loving the 👬 Men model in bra and panties.
Jennifer Reed (1 year ago)
Seal is 6'5 Heidi's
Jennifer Reed (1 year ago)
Seal that the White cheerleader seal that's your wifey seal who really cares your from Great Britain. Seal that trick Torre secrets angels new groupie line up fall seasons seal ask wifey does she knows Johnnie mae on.
colsome miah (1 year ago)
Seal is beautiful:; fab bone structure, cheek line,, and those lips!!!!! elegant manner and that husky voice is outta' the stratosphere.  Not to mention the bod
Marie-France Dorgueil (1 year ago)
magnifique epoustouflant j'adore seal et heidi klum et je les regarde en boucle.belle musique qui va très bien avec le rytme de la présentation de ces jolies filles.bravo.merci.
SAMUEL KIBIRA (1 year ago)
This couple was so nice
sil sa (1 year ago)
i love her shoes..
Cecilia Navarro (1 year ago)
No cabe duda que una gran voz y talento engalana cualquier evento por muy frívolo que sea este.
Leah Swee (1 year ago)
OMG!!! His voice is very sweet and cold to listen and i am so sweyed feel sleepy. I love the voice of this man. Just feel sad his split up with Hiedi. They really meant for each other. 😢😢😢
Leah Swee (1 year ago)
Seal really has an amazing voice.
missdjdanger89 (1 year ago)
When Heidi goes out with the snowflake and Amazing song ends... The way how Seal look at her is shocking! So beautiful, I cry with that scene.
Lhaila (1 year ago)
How i wish they will be back each other arms again😘😍❤️i super like them❤️😘💃🏻
stars love (1 year ago)
They were beautiful together. i wish they can get together someday.
Johanne E. (1 year ago)
Just too bad
Around Midnight (1 year ago)
Heidi is only pretty when she is standing next to Seal...Otherwise she is just a tall slender plain Jane!
alfredo alessi (1 year ago)
Difficile cantare fra tutte queste fighe che gli passeggiano intorno ...
Beibei XU (1 year ago)
Did you know Heidi is a judge of Americas got talent
Doeshell Wilson (1 year ago)
thankgod sakpege (1 year ago)
was this before plus size models were acceptable ? lol
Wonderful woman pretty sexy hot SEAL fantastic
Marie pavlikova (1 year ago)
supééér Seal......
CHANDRU SHAHANI (1 year ago)
mmnbvcxz moisture just
julie miller (1 year ago)
they look so beautiful together-- i love it when 2 skin colors come together in love-- its the way GOD designed it. ITS PERFECTION
Norat Bruixola (1 year ago)
geminiminded (1 year ago)
I miss them as a couple so much.😪😪😢
Ernesto (1 year ago)
Pouco brega?
heleonora7870 (1 year ago)
lindos, amo ele ♥
estarás sempre nos nossos corações...felicidades
Dak D Jonsey (1 year ago)
there goes the neighborhood, B+W, gimme a F'n break. lasted 4 yrs, now NB back on tv -F her, she's lower than whale shit!
Emil Patryk (1 year ago)
ich finde Heidi schaut wie eine Barbie aus
Back when the VS Angels were hot not just tall.
Elsa Estrela (1 year ago)
Elsa Estrela (1 year ago)
Shaylyn Magnusson (1 year ago)
I like how Seal sang softer when Heidi sang with him, as not to outshine her on their special day..
thandiwe myaka (1 year ago)
..seal have a divine voice, take me to another universe
Anna Yakovenko (1 year ago)
Olivia Gisbert (1 year ago)
A.S. (1 year ago)
Seal was The luckiest man on earth but why did he let her go😘😘😘😘

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