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When Someone You Love Dies,There Is No Such Thing as Moving On | Kelley Lynn | TEDxAdelphiUniversity

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Her proudest accomplishment continues to be when she was blocked on Twitter by President Donald Trump. Lynn has a B.F.A. in Theatre from Adelphi University, where she went on to teach courses in acting and stand-up comedy for the past 16 years. You can see more of her work at ripthelifeiknew.com. Stand-up comedian, actor and writer Kelley Lynn has performed in the same lineups with Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan and Elayne Boosler. Lynn is probably best known for her comedy videos on YouTube; her most recent video, “I’ve McFallen,” has been viewed over 50 million times worldwide. She’s also known for her scathingly funny TV reviews of shows like “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars.” The latter show’s host, Tom Bergeron, tweeted that Lynn was “witty and wonderfully snarky.” Lynn is also a regular presenter at the “Soaring Spirits International” annual events called “Camp Widow,” a three-day conference held in the U.S. and Canada for widowed men and women. She is currently writing her first book, My Husband Is Not a Rainbow: The Brutally Awful, Hilarious Truth About Life, Love, Grief, and Loss, with a tentative release date of winter 2017. Her proudest accomplishment continues to be when she was blocked on Twitter by President Donald Trump. Lynn has a B.F.A. in Theatre from Adelphi University, where she went on to teach courses in acting and stand-up comedy for the past 16 years. You can see more of her work at ripthelifeiknew.com. Follow Kelley at @kelleyiskelley This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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madhu srigiriraju (9 hours ago)
I lost my husband on November 10th...felling very bad...he was the one who thought me how to raise up in life and to be bold ...I love him a lot ...missing him badly
carol Burke (12 hours ago)
Stumbled upon this. You are spot on. Thanks for the reference to Soaring Spirits. Sudden loss of my husband in April.
Phumenapat tpK (2 days ago)
Excuse me , if u please , can you make the subtilte of this video in thai and many other language ? They might be a lot more ppl out there who need this message but having difficulty understanding in english language .
S Whitaker (4 days ago)
Love is stronger than death. We that suffer need to recognize the ignorance around us and keep honoring the ones we still love .
Lolita Girl (5 days ago)
My boyfriend went missing recently.. His name was Ethan, hearing her say his name really hurts🌧I hope he isnt dead.. But i feel like he could be.. Hes bin missing for 2 days.. He was only 26🌧🌧 im really scared and sad that he might not coming back🌧
Cheryl G (6 days ago)
Grief = fear excellent speech great ideas thanks
Hilary Lewis (8 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your take on grief. I am feeling a total deprivation at the loss of the love of my life. October 5th, 2015 is a day that I will never forget.
Sam Whitten (8 days ago)
It’s been almost a month since my mother passed.. feels like it happened an hour ago... 💔😰
Madison Bartolome (9 days ago)
In a span of 2 years i lost my grandma, my dad, and first love all to heart related problems.Only now im finally opening up about losing these 3 important people
Kiosumi (9 days ago)
when my boyfriend died i always got so mad when people would tell me to move on or find a way to get over it
Sue Stevens (9 days ago)
I lost my Darling husband 12 years ago and still miss him then 5 years ago I lost my Darling son Jamie can't tell u what this as done to me I am 66 and don't know how I carry on but I do l now have a little job in a school just at dinner time get me out and meet people I have a daughter and four lovely grandsons thank God Xx
Space Cadet (9 days ago)
Wait, 50 bucks to remove every picture from the counters in my house. Heck, I would do that and my wife just died yesterday morning. First let me go into my house to make some adjustments, and then I'll let you in. And of course, as soon as that person is gone back up come the pictures. Funerals are expensive you know.
Randy Alfred (9 days ago)
Great lesson, great speach. I recently lost my mother on 11-1-2018. Due to neck surgery to remove 3 lipnoods. She went for surgery Oct 30th,and was released next day on Halloween evening. She looked so exhausted and tired. We helped her get comfortable as possible and put her to bed and awaken 6:30am nov. 1st and was dead. She will be dearly missed every day for the rest of my life. R.I.P. MoM. Love you.
Mariam Iyen (10 days ago)
My mum died July, she was my best friend... thank you for this.
Tom De Scheemaecker (10 days ago)
Moving on does not excist. It'js just a choice where you found yourselfe and made it work.
Peter Griffin (10 days ago)
My girl died on November 1st she would've been 17 😭😭💔
Peter Turley (11 days ago)
It is not only through the passing of a loved one that one grieves, the loss can be through loved ones that are still alive but for whatever reason, divorce, separation, you will not or cannot be together, I am one of those people. The sadness and grief is killing me daily, and I know that one day my life will be ended at my own hand. Just to add that I have always felt uneasy with the term 'closure', when used in the context of a relationship ending, again through passing or divorce of a loved one. It is a cold and calculating word, the opposite of what draws us all near to the people we love and cherish - Love xxx.
Auva Stratos (11 days ago)
I lost my grandpa a few days ago, and I can't stop feeling so sad. :'( he seemed to be the fittest of all my grandparents and it was so unexpected. It hurts more because he lives across the world and just three months ago was the first time I got to see him since I was a baby. We only spent a couple of weeks together but I really loved him and felt like we connected. I was looking forward to spending more time with him and getting to know him more so much. He was such a charming, smart, funny, and unique person. I just wish I got to spend more time with him. The last time I saw him was saying goodbye at the airport, which was also the last time my mum saw him, which makes me feel even sadder for her. :'( The last thing we said to each other was 'I'll come back soon' or 'I'll see you again soon'. I really thought I would. I never even got to know him that well and it makes me feel so sad and a little bit angry at the world. I still can't believe he's gone.
Jac K (12 days ago)
Thank You...just..Thank You!!!!!
Sandra E Straume (12 days ago)
Manny people out of no where would talk about there mom before my mom passed
wp4866 (13 days ago)
bottom line - nothing helps
Sabah Amal (13 days ago)
Only Jesus can help, our lifeline! 🙏🇦🇺
Rableen Singh (13 days ago)
I lost my wife after 1 year 10 month marriage..and I waited 9 year for marrying her ...whatever you saying here .... I am also feeling same ..every day every time ..every minute...
Faye Pellegrini (13 days ago)
beautiful, so very true
Tim-J.Swan (14 days ago)
This is exactly what people told me when I lost my girlfriend, although it wasn't due to death. I simply lost her as a girlfriend and had no idea why for 10 years and she told me much later on that she simply had never loved me.
Duncan Ndege (14 days ago)
I am and will forever share in your ever spot on, honest and realistic sentiments for those who have passed through the experience of loss. on 1.7.2018 I lost my dear loving wife of 14 years to a Gangrene condition, Indeed those words like, it was Gods plan, everything happens for a reason, be strong for your children, life has to continue, you must now move on are all familiar and frequent words. We were extremely close as a family and his loss has and is still taking a toll on me, the only relieve is when I speak about it. Thank you and continue helping many more. my 3 lovely kids has continually kept sobbing whenever they feel the void, especially on those family day outs seeing moms space empty. Nyasaye(God) kende (only)
David Paulsen (14 days ago)
Never ever tell someone how long they can love someone. The one thing that has always bugged me to no end is when people tell, suggest or whatever you want to call it others how they should be feeling. Normal behavior? Who can define normal? I think it is easier to define what is good or moral behavior because I call that the golden rule. My definition of normal for me is my own drummer and that is for me only to understand and live by. Right now I have it all, but it is always sitting on thin ice, the future is not known...so I love my wife with everything I have and should I find myself alone because she was called on before me, dear lord no one could ever tell me to stop loving the best part of my life...anyone who can just move on never knew the greatest gift life can give...love...what else matters in the end.
FourWomen (16 days ago)
Wow! Thank you! When we lost our son and I lost my baby brother, I never thought I would understand this so much. I am not a widow(er)...but I have lost loved ones. Your words are such a comfort. Thank you so much!
moe joe (17 days ago)
I am male from Iraq but living in north america for two decades ,married with three kids. my mom died two months ago .I am so sad .I cry everyday but I don't let anyone see me .I remember her everyday ,I dream about her .the sadness in my heart is very painful , it is getting really worst ,I lost interests in too many thing . do you know how long does that last ?am I going stay like that for long? please anyone let me know because it hurts and it's very painful.thanks
Luba Shteyn (18 days ago)
Thank you so much for sharing 🙏🏼 it really helped me....
Frances Andrews (18 days ago)
Thankyou x this was beautiful x I recently lost my nana 6 days ago, she was 96yrs old - an amazing lady x theses words are very inspiring x Thankyou x 😍
Sylvia Azi (20 days ago)
I'm so grateful i watched this video. So I'm not going mad, it's normal....
PHANIPRASAD H K (20 days ago)
My mother passed last month
Sunshine (21 days ago)
Can't agree more. So beautifully said !!!!! Last year on this day my dad was fighting a massive stroke in ICU. I was in Germany. It was a peaceful morning of beautiful Fall in Germany till I get a call from home that I should visit home as dad is hospitalized. Just the day before I chatted with dad. He was all healthy and hearty. In my life I very seldom saw dad sick. At the most, it used to be cold or fever sometimes. So, I couldn't believe the grimness of the situation at that moment. I never understood dad was getting old or he might fall seriously ill someday. Nevertheless I rushed to my home. On October 27th, 2017 my bravest , strongest , best of best dad passed away. It's been one year now. I still can't believe. My dad just got the attack and fall unconscious and passed away. I couldn't talk to him for a last time. From that day my life has changed completely. There is not a single day I don't cry for him. I generally never say about this to anyone as people often talk insensitive. I don't like the words , "death, dead body" etc.........I believe, he went for a long vacation and has decided to watch us silently how good we learned the values he tried us to imbibe lifelong. I know he is flowing in my blood, in my gene, in my thoughts, in my gestures, in the way I talk. I will make sure I will never let him down. I will make sure, I will never fall weak and forget all the lessons I learned from him. My dad is a kind man and helped many people. I collect stories from these people, from my dad's friends, from all the well wishers. My very humble,modest dad never showed off how he touched people's heart through all his goodness. Their stories melt my heart. I find my solace and strength. I try to help people as much as I can......... He may be not talking to us everyday but he showed us the path how to live life - the path of gratitude, kindness, humbleness, the path of respecting life for what we have.
jolene4health (21 days ago)
WEPT....Thank you.
LusiLuArt (22 days ago)
"You can't move on from love, love is the only thing that never dies." Exactly!!!!!! ❤ Half a year ago my little son died a short time after he was born. However the love I felt for him was immense and it's the most beautiful memory. I remember him every day and I'll always do. 10 years ago my best friend died and we still meet and celebrate his birthday with my friends, remember him, talk about him, laugh about our stories. And the more we do it, the less painful it is and the more it's just a lovely memory. Thank you Kelley, great speech!!!!!!!!! And very helpful! ❤
Lee Francis (24 days ago)
For the last 3 months l have lost someone l cared about, and the emptyiness that l feel is aweful. I'm the survivor of my family and l miss my Dad, Mother, and 3 sisters l once had. I guess l'm next and.its ok with me l'm tired of living this way.
Catherine B (24 days ago)
This was inspiring beyond words, I watched it three times and will be watching it many more times. I almost never leave comments but this was right on. I recently lost a parent and this really helped me, thank you.
bloatedman (27 days ago)
My sweetheart died in 1972 and I still can barely stand it. I have no one to express my sadness to. She is still alive in my heart and always will be till I go. I want to add one more thought, in these years one awful thing has happened to my memory and that is I gradually have lost the ability to remember her voice. Not because of lack of thought of her but for some unknown mental weakness it is gone. If I could recover that precious memory I would be very happy. I agree with your ideas, thanks.
Philip (27 days ago)
My mom passed 5 years ago from cancer. That feeling of being told she's gone, it felt like a part of me was just ripped out. The feeling doesn't go away, I deal with it but it's never easy. I refuse to talk to anyone that hasn't lost a loved one because there's nothing worse than a person pretending to know how you feel
Pete Privitere (27 days ago)
Love grows love
charcoal Angel (27 days ago)
I lost someone very important reccently. They werent related to me but they helped raise me. Thank you so much for this video it made me feel a little bit better.
Nancy Desch (28 days ago)
I go out to the cemetery about 4 times a year and take my lunch and eat it there.  But you know what?  Nothing will ever make me stop missing my parents.  It's like being stabbed and when you love someone and then lose them there is no moving on.  People have said to me well did you expect that your parents would live forever?  I always say "of course I didn't" but that doesn't make these loses any easier.  I can't talk to them, can't sit with them on the deck, can't call them up on the phone any longer and the pain is real and it never, ever goes away.  No birthdays, no Christmases, no Easter, no anniversaries, nothing will ever be the same.
Mrs Madness (28 days ago)
My dad passed away today
Phyliss Kahihu (28 days ago)
Rest in peace uncle you've left a dent in my heart.
Angela Bowens (30 days ago)
Every Saturday before Mother’Day I go out shopping .When I see a Mother’s and daughter shopping. I asked the daughter can I give her mother’s something . I always give that special Mom 50 dollars as a gift . I remembered all the times me and my went shopping.
N kaur (1 month ago)
One boy 22 year old was dead last year . I heared his death news I don't know him personally i just saw his post ,videos . I feel very sorry for him . I am missing so much i don"t know why . He came in my dream before 2 days when my mother 's father dead may b he gave me any sign . Plz tell me why i am missing him so much even i don't know him . plz tell me why
LoveMe,com (1 month ago)
There are just things that are beyond our control. Just accept the fact that all of us will not stay in this world forever because later on you'll get over that heartache and move on.
SnoopyDoo (1 month ago)
My wife died and I loved her immensely. But I cannot agree with this woman. At some point you really do have to move on. Moving on does not mean simply forgetting about the one who died. It only means that you have decided to live the remainder of your life with happiness in spite of the loss. My moving on did not happen overnight. It took around 4 years. You will always have grief and never truly get over it. I never remarried because I loved her too much.
T Harvee (1 month ago)
Thanks for taking the time to do this it really helped me
JESTER`S QUEST (1 month ago)
Such a lovely speach!
carolina G (1 month ago)
Good Talk! So you were blocked! By trump? Heehee your my hero!😀
Anna Iris (1 month ago)
my friend passed away 5 months and 8 days ago. i love him so much. i miss him so much.
Arch (1 month ago)
Thank you... I will watch this every night to stop the pain that occurs
Justice 31 (1 month ago)
This is one of the best Ted Talks I ever heard.
Isabella Evans (1 month ago)
My godmother passed away suddenly over the summer from stage 3 pancreatic cancer. She meant the world to me and it is so unbelievable that she is not here anymore. I have become lost with myself and cannot see the light on the other side. Your talk really hit home and helped tremendously!
minute codes (1 month ago)
My aunt is suffering from cancer and got a few days to live. I lost my father when I was 9 and 11 years later I will have to deal with death again. I feel so bad and I do not know how would I be able to handle it. I want to ignore it but I can not. I want to forget about it but I can not. It is a scar that I have to carry until I die. And those scars carry on the legacy of my loved ones.
Fred Ew Zuffo (1 month ago)
Thank you.
sigco 101 (1 month ago)
My mother passed away a month ago. At first i was in denial and carried on. I got stuff done. Then it hit me, i was angry. Now im depressed, not eating, constantly sleeping and all of this is normal. Im tired of people giving me motivational speeches about getting it together. No one knows what you are going through until they have been through it.
Bridget Gonzalez (1 month ago)
where can I find this in Spanish?
Jeffery Daggs (1 month ago)
"Her proudest achievement continues to be being blocked on Twitter by President Donald Trump." That's the opening description to this video. A video about grieving and the loss of loved ones and that's opening statement. I commend her on her work but I just don't know if that's something to name as one's proudest achievement. To each his own. With that said she does bring up some really good points
Heather Perretti (1 month ago)
I lost my maternal grandma in 2010, maternal grandpa 2013, uncle/godfather 2014, mother jan 1st 2016, uncle feb 2018, paternal grandma july 2nd 2017 and the worst my younger sister was in a car accident that took her life and 2 other friends 1 month ago....my life is like a never ending funeral...i cant take much more
Muny Gulyamova (1 month ago)
My loved one committed suicide
tom thorn (1 month ago)
Here is the truth. Everything ends. Everything ends badly or it would not end. Avoid love! Love brings death and loss. The less you love the less you lose. I can NOT take another loss!! No more love for me!! I hate love more than anything!!
tom thorn (1 month ago)
The comment that made me furious was "you will get over it." I wanted to punch them in the throat. I am sorry but it's true. I was 13 and my big brother who was 14. I wanted to crawl in the casket with him, go to sleep, and never wake up. I wanted to go with him SO BAD!! I was so gone that I asked my mother at the funeral while we were in front of my brother laying there "I can't do this. Can we take him home for a day? I will stay down stairs with him and we can burry him in what ever the next day is going to be? I was gone mentally. I never got better. It does not get better. I loved him more than anything on earth and now......I can't remember his voice! I'm sure there are people out there far smarter than I am. In that case listen to them. My experience has me do it this way. Smile as long as you have to. Smile until you get home. Then drink just enough to dull the pain so you can sleep. When you get up the next day do the same. When your big brothers birthday comes up take a few days off and get DRUNK so that you can glide past it in a haze. There is a sadness in me that will never go away. I will never forget it. I have accepted that. Now I just deal with it the best I can. I don't want to "get over it" I love him and miss him! My mourning for him is how I love, respect, honor and cherish his memory! Messed up isn't it? That's life!
Dalton Hampton (1 month ago)
The last words I heard from my mama was I love you and she hugged me and when I woke the next day she was gone
Will M. (1 month ago)
My first thought when she said her husband, Don, had passed away was to tell her that Don still loves her and she can talk about him as much as she wants too. I never tell someone to get over it about a death of a loved one. Instead I say talk about them with me as much as they want. You don’t have to a certified counselor to listen.
michellea333 (1 month ago)
I lost my Dad 2 weeks ago. Thank you for this
Cassandra Rose (1 month ago)
Thank you. I loved this. I lost my son a few months ago and I will never move on. I love him more than words can explain and I know he knows that. I am trying to live a good life for him. I miss him so much.
Eileen Napier (1 month ago)
A very much needed talk. Thank You.
steelmagnolia 1085 (1 month ago)
My son died Aug 5th 2018.His name was Will, he was 12. He died from a rejected bone marrow transplant and sepsis. He suffered for 6 yrs, he had xlp2 a primary immunodeficiency disorder and Crohns Disease. He was beautifully brave and wounderous..He loved everyone and his love far reaching. He recorded his life from the icu the last 2 months of his life..He gamed, talked about things he loved and shared his life. His channels name is Ripped Pheonix. He Lived he lived and he lives still in my heart and the heart of all that loved him.He will never die, When I am asked how many children I have..I have 3..I will always have 3..I will never get over it...I will make my baby proud....I love You Will....If you would like to see Wills channel and share in his memory and bravery...Ripped Pheonix
Amanda Isom (1 month ago)
I've never equated fear with what I felt when my mom died unexpectedly- but it's true. Its that fight or flight hysteria but with nowhere to fly and no one to fight. This is one of my favorite Ted Talks. Thank you.
Beautiful! Grief is a form of love....
Terri Miller (1 month ago)
Good message hard to listen to her so out of breath just standing there
Lisa Walter (1 month ago)
Omg this is so beautiful yesterday was my moms death anniversary she passed away from brain cancer and im so heartbroken my boyfriend was killed in a car crash. My dad died from lung cancer. I feel their spirit its a beautiful feeling that i feel them around me
Bonita Jukes (1 month ago)
My husband died in April of this year. He was my carer, ad i am physically disabled, he was and always will ne the love of my life. I am taking one hour, one day at a time. But dont think I will ever 'move on'. There is no camp widow here in the uk. Where do I go from here?
Alanna Mendez (1 month ago)
So so true.
j. lapp (1 month ago)
thank you very much for your speech.... i’ve been losing 5 love ones within these past years. i’ve lost both my parents and my mom recent loss had effected me the most since i could say my life literally evolved around her. Being told that you need to move on or get over that had been one of the most cruel and worst thing ever. for unfortunate reasons a bunch of my close friends would keep saying that i should move on or stop grieving or get over it stop feeling sad. they would tell me that they don’t want to hear sad things they want to hear fun stuff rather. it was to a point where i almost think there’s something wrong with me for wanting and wishing my love ones were still with me, for not being able to move on and stop thinking about them. your beautiful speech means a lot to me and i truly don’t know how to thank you more 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
margaret johnson (1 month ago)
my husband died a week ago. he liked bananas. i can't walk past the fruit section of the grocery store, see bananas and not start weeping. if anyone tells me to get over it i might have to kick them.
Aleksa (1 month ago)
Thank You... it really helps..
Blossom Bug (1 month ago)
My friend Shandel passed away a couple of weeks ago. We all miss him very much. Never get into a car if you know that person can't drive well.
Τζενη Παππα (1 month ago)
God bless you. You've touched me even i m so far away. Thank you.
Armando Aviles (1 month ago)
My mother died in February 10, 2018 of colon cancer. My stepfather is currently on hospice and is dieing of cancer as well. I am Deputy in Houston,TX. The loss of my mom has destroyed my heart. I miss my mom so much. Im still trying to cope with the pain and I cry alot.
Roseanne Pickering (1 month ago)
In the past year and a half, I've been dealing with grief over the loss of both my mother and sister. My mother died on my birthday 2/8/17, and my sister died a year, two months and thirteen days after my mother. A month after that, our pet cat had to be euthanized because it was full of cancer. I hit the trifecta of grief. Well meaning family members told me to "keep busy" "get involved in some kind of activity" "get on with my life...." I had the overwhelming desire to tell them to go screw themselves but didn't. I'm the only one of my immediate family left alive. My father died when I was in high school. I feel like a ship that had been anchored in a safe harbor and suddenly had the rope to my anchor cut---now, I'm adrift in an ocean of unfamiliar water just hoping to drift somewhere that feels like home. Hearing this video gave me hope and encouragement. It let me know that I'm not alone in my grief and just knowing that makes me feel less alone.
Swizzle Stick (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this video. <3
Lori Self-Gross (1 month ago)
This hit so close to home.
Chooselove 4all (1 month ago)
Loss is loss. Unfortunately, this focuses only on people who were widowed. However, people who are abandoned by a loved one go through the exact same feelings. I was supposed to marry a boyfriend of 4 years, who suddenly left me without warning. I went through the exact same shock, grief, and deep loss, which was probably worse than if he had died because there was a layer of betrayal as well to grapple with. I felt like I died for several years before slowing putting my life back together, and even then I was forever changed. That is great that there is a widowed support group, but there is no support group for people who are abandoned. Not only that, society does not acknowledge our grief because we weren't officially married. The attitude is, well you weren't married so it couldn't possibly have been as bad for you. Even worse than hearing "you should just move on" is hearing "well at least you didn't get married and have kids before he left." People think that is kind, but they are assholes. I would have preferred to have had the joy of walking down the aisle and having kids with the person I loved so deeply before enduring the loss I endured. This makes it actually more painful to not have got to have those things, not less. And if I was to endure the loss anyway, at least I could have had more joy first. I'm glad this woman gets it that you never get over a loved one. It just would have been nice if she hadn't specifically focused only on her own situation as a widow and broadened it out to losing a partner for any reason.
Cherielle Snowden (1 month ago)
Absolutely 😭😭😭😭😭😭
alice rumbidzai tiwana (2 months ago)
this really helped me im from zimbabwe and i lost my boyfriend 3 weeks ago in a car accident im tired if those people who wil alwayz say move on.. people don really understand.. thanks a lot it really helped me
Apex Tide (2 months ago)
I just cope with alcohol.
meisha gaye (2 months ago)
So helpful. Thank you 😘💕💕
Jabu Dlamini (2 months ago)
Lost my nine months old only daughter and it's so hard to move on
Pete Chan (2 months ago)
I've mcfallen
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
lol yup thats me. Ill never live it down!
Ebony Knight (2 months ago)
I lost my wife a little over two years ago. This blessed me tremendously. I rarely cry, but this had the water flowing like a faucet as I can relate to all of this. Thank You.
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
youre welcome Ebony. I love that name.
Court Jenkins (2 months ago)
Grief does feel so much like fear!!!
Dee Dee Bico (2 months ago)
I was told I was better off..... WTF...
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
people say cruel things when they dont understand. Im sorry .
jaboo82681 (2 months ago)
Mannn I just lost my father yesterday and I am so lost right now, this sucks....
Mr Blue Lamp (2 months ago)
as one my self  who has had loss a parent  as a child I can tell you this woman speaks the truth
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
thank you !
TORATORATORA (2 months ago)
I lost my older brother last month..I didn't get to tell him how much I loved him.
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
That is hard. My husbands death was sudden so I didnt get to say anything either. I know how hard that is forever. Try to remember the connection is still there and always will be. The love remains.
Gopal Krishnan (2 months ago)
I am Gopal from Hyderabad in India. My wife the love of my life left me alone and passed away on August,7, 2018, leaving me broken, lonely, not knowing what to do or where to go. I have no brothers or sisters or children and my wife Kay's extended family have ignored me right from the day of her funeral. Listening to your talk has made me feel lighter and has given me a meaning to Life. Thanks a Lot.
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
I am so sorry. This is my talk, and I thank you for your kind words. Im so glad my words could bring you a bit of comfort or validation. Family can often times say the most hurtful things or treat us badly because they have no concept of how life altering and hard this is. Keep loving her.
lorraine smith (2 months ago)
You are welcome Sir
Gopal Krishnan (2 months ago)
+lorraine smith Thank you so much for your kind prayer madam. It is prayers and messages from well wishers like yourself that provides succour to my broken heart. Thanks once again. May the Almighty God Bless you
lorraine smith (2 months ago)
So sorry for your tragic loss Gopal, I have said a prayer for you, God bless you,
Christian Dudash (2 months ago)
I’m only 13 and my uncle who I was very close with passed on 2 days after Christmas of 2017 and I’m still having trouble but reading your guys comments it’s letting me know that me and my family are not alone
kelleyfunnylady (2 months ago)
you are definitely not alone.

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