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Turn 0 Win - BEST Magic the Gathering Deck Ever

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Text Comments (247)
Mr Ginger (2 months ago)
Can we get some suggestions to make this deck viable with the restrictions? Like instead of 4 lotus petals, you can do one each of Lotus Petal, Black Lotus, Mox Jet, and Mox Sapphire. To account for mystical tutor and flash being restricted, you can add in cards to help you find flash faster. I’m thinking a ponder, 4 copies of preordain, brainstorm, time walk, ancestral recall, demonic tutor, vampiric tutor. Also removing the simian spirit guides to make room for the extra draw spells. What do you all think?
신봉자붉은 헌신 (2 months ago)
If u lose the dice row
the DICKENS (3 months ago)
...hmmmm... ...this is the most powerful/consistent deck ever, right? CALL IT WHAT IT IS!!!! HulkFlash(or the HulkSmash variant)!!!!!
icyboy771z (4 months ago)
my best deck ever was a red spell deck with ensnaring bridge, lightning bolt, incinerate, fireblast etc...its was impossible to lose
sinner1565 (4 months ago)
You dont win on turn 0 there is no turn 0
SAEuropean Patriot (4 months ago)
Discipline of the Vault
Unstoppable ROB (5 months ago)
no deck list in the description?
dustin green (5 months ago)
Discipline of the Vault wtf?
dreimann (5 months ago)
You need more discipline!
Budgetgravy (6 months ago)
Michał Klimiuk (6 months ago)
Best? I'd say annoying.
Lovuschka (6 months ago)
I came! Err, I mean, uh, nothing.
daniel pardenilla (7 months ago)
what about just "counterspell" instead of "force of will"? it's much cheaper
dreimann (5 months ago)
daniel pardenilla - you can play Force of Will without mana.
Confused Canuck (8 months ago)
As a past magic player, I found your explanation not really clear. You need to setup all the concepts in order, not haphazardly. Also, I'd try to work on your speech, as it sounds like you're talking with an impediment. You can correct this easily, however it takes time and dedication.
Lacking in Gravitas (8 months ago)
Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline. Disciple, not discipline.
DeaTh-ShiNoBi (8 months ago)
A little more miscellaneous history on Flash -- Lion seems to recall that the deck was around for a few months before they banned it, but its errata was removed about 1 month before it was banned, assuming we're talking Legacy. It famously dominated GP Columbus of 2007 (known as GP Flash) and was banned 1 week after the GP. A lesser known fact about Flash is that it actually lived on for a while in Vintage where it was a consistent roleplayer but didn't dominate the format. The Flash kill was upgraded in Vintage with the printing of Reveillark and was considered by some people to be 'the best deck ever'. Flash was restricted in Vintage in 2008 (along with Brainstorm, Merchant Scroll, Ponder, and Gush -- this was one of the most controversial set of restrictions in Vintage history), almost exactly 1 year after it was banned in Legacy. The deck in this video is fun for its gimmicky ability to win on "turn 0", but nobody ever actually played this version of the deck in real tournaments. Instead of playing cards like Gemstone Caverns and Simian Spirit Guide, real Flash decks played tons of hand fixing cantrips like Brainstorm and Ponder, played Merchant Scroll for consistency and flexibility, and played tons of counterspells to disrupt the opponent's game plan and protect its own combo (including, yes, Pact of Negation, which was particularly powerful because you could win the game with Flash in response to the lose-the-game trigger on Pact of Negation). As for the creatures used in the kill package, Disciple of the Vault was one of the options, but there were several options at the time, most of them probably better than Disciple. The biggest disadvantage with Disciple, of course, is that it takes 12 deck slots for the kill, not including Flash and Hulk, which means that 20% of your deck is automatically dead draws... not ideal. Steve Sadin's winning Flash deck at GP Columbus used Kiki-Jiki, Karmic Guide, and Carrion Feeder as its kill, which has the primary advantage of requiring the least deck space of any Flash kill, but has the downside of relying more on the graveyard and wins with an attack (meaning no instant speed kill). The most notable other kill is the Sliver kill (4 Virulent Slivers and 1 Heart Sliver), which was sometimes used as a sideboard plan because it relies less on the graveyard than other kills, but could be used as a main deck kill too. Flash was banned only 1 week after the GP in Legacy, so while Flashy, didn't have a long history. On the other hand, it was played in Vintage for another year before being restricted. The Flash kill was revolutionized during its Vintage tenure with the printing of Reveillark in Morningtide. The kill is sort of complicated, so I'll explain it for the curious: Flash -> Hulk -> Hulk fetches Carrion Feeder and Body Double -> Body Double enters as a Protean Hulk -> sacrifice Body Double (Hulk) to Carrion Feeder -> fetch Reveillark and Mogg Fanatic -> Mogg Fanatic sacrifices itself to ping something -> sacrifice Reveillark, triggering it to return Body Double and Mogg Fanatic to the battlefield -> Body Double enters as a copy of Reveillark The loop at this point is: -> sacrifice Mogg Fanatic to ping something (i.e. their face) -> sacrifice Body Double (Reveillark) to Carrion Feeder Note that Body Double is a legal target for its own Reveillark trigger because it is in the graveyard and has 0 power by the time the trigger is put on the stack, so it can legally return itself. -> return Body Double (again, copying Reveillark) and Mogg Fanatic -> repeat as many times as needed This kill was exceptionally more powerful than the other Flash Hulk kills before Reveillark because it could kill at instant speed just like Disciple of the Vault, but only required 4 dead slots for the combo (though it requires 5 slots if you include the highly recommended Body Snatcher) instead of the 12 slots that the Disciple kill requires. This requires only 1 more deck slot than the Kiki-Jiki combo, but makes up for that with the massive advantage of being able to kill at instant speed because that allows the deck to more reliably and even aggressively use Pact of Negations because you could win in response to the trigger. You could also win in response to, say, your opponent's Ancestral Recall before it gets a chance to resolve. Flash was finally restricted in 2008 in one of the most controversial restrictions in Vintage History, as Brainstorm, Merchant Scroll, Ponder, and Gush were all restricted alongside Flash. It's unlikely that Flash will ever be unrestricted because it was one of those decks people generally considered unfun to lose against, though I have my doubts that it would really be a good deck anymore without its friends Brainstorm, Ponder, and Merchant Scroll.
Diekefirts (8 months ago)
i loved the game when it was battering ram, wall of bones, pit scorpion and wall of spears. the crazy cards are ruining/ruined the game for me. btw, search for shandalar 2015 update, a good mtg rpg ;)
Block Dude (8 months ago)
I can't believe hulk was actually released...
Rage Fuel (9 months ago)
i used to play a turn zero dragon storm shit was insane.
aiRCoft (10 months ago)
Not a turn 0 win but ok....
aiRCoft (10 months ago)
Not everyone; some of us go by the turns of the game, making turn one the quickest win possible. :P
Peter Peterson (10 months ago)
It isn't, because normally, you only count your own turns to measure how fast a deck could possibly win.
aiRCoft (10 months ago)
So it's during your opponent's turn, i.e., turn 1.
Peter Peterson (10 months ago)
It is a turn 0 win though. The opponent starts, so you didn't get your turn 1, so you are on turn 0. In your opponents upkeep Gemstone comes down with the luck counter, meaning it can tap for any color mana. You tap for blue mana, and discard ssg(or)epg for either a red or green mana, it doesn't matter. With the two mana you know have, you play Flash selecting Protean Hulk. Protean Hulk goes to the graveyard, his ability triggers meaning that you now search your library for 6 TOTAL mana worth of creatures and put them into play. (X) cost creatures count as 0 mana. You select all 8 (X) cost creature in you library, and all Disciple of the Vaults, and they enter the battle field together. Due to being cast for 0, your (X) cost creatures enter as 0/0 creatures and die instantly and are sent to the graveyard. All of your (X) creatures are also artifacts meaning that for all 8 of them, each triggers each of your 4 Disciple of the Vaults ability. 8 * 4 = 32 damage to your opponent GG.
Blake Young (10 months ago)
How can you have 8 cards if you can't draw on the starting turn?
Joshua Miner (10 months ago)
Sick deck sick
Kabba45 (1 year ago)
This deck is pretty much junk due to not having a lot of mana specially for the 7 cost card which you need to use and you only have 8 mana so you need to get the 0 cost cards first and you need to have them at the right time so.....chances of winning are probably pretty slim and you need to get at least 6 mana within 3 turns so 0 turn win deck is pretty much impossible for the most part.
isaac sanchez (1 year ago)
pepecorn (1 year ago)
You can win On turn -1 if you hold everyone in the shop at gunpoint before the game starts until they say you win
Andreuu Masimovc (1 year ago)
Best deck ever -> includes banned cards.
Nate Winchester (1 year ago)
Marionette Master from Kaladesh set could also top out this combo instead of disciples.
Mr Galaxy (1 year ago)
Well good thing they raised the prices of the cards so it's kind of a huge chomp out of your wallet.
MGE Dawn (1 year ago)
Ah, the Flash Hulk deck. One of the most infamous decks that EVERYONE was glad got banned, because there's no point in playing Magic if you never get to play one of your turns...
C Gaston (1 year ago)
Bro in madern everyone plays leyline,which you would loose pretty fast right off the bat ,plus this deck is a glass cannon deck
rickybelli75 (1 year ago)
1)FROM 2009 flash is restricted in vintage and BANNED IN ANY OTHER FORMAT.............THIS DECK NOT IS PLAYABLE IN ANY TOURNAMENT 2)the most overpowered flash deck combo in reveillark combo or sliver combo this version is for noob
Andrew ? (1 year ago)
Is this legacy legal?
LyseanEmpire (1 year ago)
The only Turn 0 "kill" that l'm aware of is your opponent going first, playing a fetch land, and you playing 4 x Archive Traps at that turn, which still doesn't win you the game before your turn but your opponent would probably concede anw on the end of their turn.
unknownkw (1 year ago)
This deck is ok until they sideboard four Leyline of Sanctity into their deck, because you have no answer against enchantment already on the battlefield. Opponent mulligan, drops the leyline at turn 0 and it's over. Although you still have four 1/1 at turn 0 I doubt you could beat anyone with just a bunch of inferior creatures and only expensive counters to back them up. That's one stupid matchup of MTG, but everybody sideboard leylines nowadays as defense against turn 1 combo. Ronom Unicorn etc won't work against the leyline if you search them in by the combo, because if you search for 4x DotV and 1 unicorn (which is 6CMC total), they all come into battlefield at the same time and because DotV trigger requires a target, it will fail to trigger before you can use the ability of the unicorn to destroy the leyline. You have to somehow remove the enchantment first before you pull the DotVs and X artifact creatures using the combo.
FeelsBadMan (1 year ago)
How can i win?
Megalobytes (1 year ago)
Can someone explain to me what the hell this deck supposedly does, I don't understand based on what I'm seeing, he plays protean via flash, and is able to get its effect triggered...does he then just have a deck of cost x's?
Gray Tiamat187 (1 year ago)
Starting hand 1x Flash 1x Protean Hulk 1x Gemstone Cavern 1x SSG or EPG No more than one Disciple of the Dead in starting hand. Hopefully, the last two cards aren't the X cost Artifact creatures. On your opponent's turn, before they play a mana, play Gemstone Cavern with Luck Counter and tap it as a blue mana, along with discarding either SSG or EPG(doesn't matter which). Play Flash and summon Protean Hulk, which then is sacrificed because you didn't pay the additional cost. This triggers Protean Hulk's ability, allowing you to search and play up to 6 mana worth of creatures onto the field from your library. The X cost Artifact creatures will technically have a cost of 0 in this context, and the 3 to 4 Disciples of the Dead will be played as well. Each of the Artifact creatures will die due to not having any Toughness and the Disciples of the Dead will deal in the worst case scenario 8 damage and in the best case scenario 32. This depends on the opening hand. 1 Artifact creature in opening hand = 28 damage 2 Artifact creatures in opening hand = 24 damage 3 Artifacts in opening hand = 20 1 Disciple of the Dead in opening hand = 24 damage 2 Disciples of the Dead = 16 3 Disciples of the Dead = 8 1 Disciple, 1 Artifact = 21 1 Disciple, 2 Artifact = 18 2 Disciple, 1 Artifact = 14
KumaPz009 (1 year ago)
Shows the list but not it in action. I know it's not legal but I would have liked to see what it did
Gray Tiamat187 (1 year ago)
Starting hand 1x Flash 1x Protean Hulk 1x Gemstone Cavern 1x SSG or EPG No more than 1 Disciple of the Dead on opening hand. Other two cards are unimportant. On your opponent's turn, before they play a land, play Gemstone Cavern and tap it for Blue and discard SSG or EPG(doesn't matter which). Use the two mana generated to use Flash and summon Protean Hulk, but you don't pay up the additional two mana, so it's automatically sacrificed. Thanks to its sacrifice, its ability triggers, allowing you to search your library and play up to 6 mana worth of creatures. Summon all of the X cost Artifact creatures(which have 0 cost) and all of the Disciples of the Dead. The Artifact creatures will have no Toughness, meaning they'll die, so the either three or four Disciples of the Dead will do 24 or 32 damage to the opponent on their turn... before they play a mana.
anthony cannet (1 year ago)
Did anyone else catch the RWBY music in the open and end scenes?
loreermejo (1 year ago)
so I guess if you play against a deck which has leyline of the void it's a turn 0 lose, right?
Hoopy Frood Jay (1 year ago)
As Garfield intended.
Swolaire of Swagstora (1 year ago)
I've never understood why people call turn 1 win turn 0 win. it's turn one. the only way to have a turn 0 win is to kill someone before anyone has drawn their hand. not possible
Brett Jenkins (1 year ago)
Our Lord and Savior Mountain Dew Supernova the reason is because for the person losing it is turn "0". This deck wins before the first players endstep
Atem (1 year ago)
Fun and Interactive LUL
Blkarrow (1 year ago)
As everyone's said this isn't a "best" deck it's not fun at all, however having it is still nice so that when you do have loads of friends over you say "wanna see if you can beat this unbeatable deck?" Then everyone gathers round to watch you turn 0 the guy. There's some "that's so OP" then you get on with playing proper magic :D it's a party trick or a showcase deck nothing more
Colgate Lampinen (11 days ago)
Well, it is not legal in any format anymore besides Freeform and Freeform this is actually quite bad deck. There are far more conistent turn 0 decks.
Eric Downing (1 year ago)
Fun and interactive.
John Mraz (1 year ago)
This deck is banned in legacy and isn't even the strongest version of itself
Adam Rodgers (1 year ago)
If you are going to talk about a combo you need to actually show the combo going in order. Not a haphazard explanation of all the various pieces.
James Casali (1 year ago)
This deck is gay
HermanToribioGaming (1 year ago)
Serpent's Heart (1 year ago)
Is this band?
CerealKiller216 (1 year ago)
Last i heard if X counts as 1 when it comes to converted mana cost. So how does this combo work then considering u can only grab 6 cards then when X = 1
K Olson (1 year ago)
CerealKiller216 202.3b When calculating the converted mana cost of an object with {X} in its mana cost, X is treated as 0 while the object is not on the stack, and X is treated as the number chosen for it while the object is on the stack. Spells don't care about alternative costs: 117.9c.
Tiago Moreiras (1 year ago)
This is so old lol. And istead of 4x Island, go 4x Underground Sea. It's a damnt 0turn win deck, u need to show off ;)
Sumner2514 (1 year ago)
During the time that this was legal, I use to play a Bomberman list. Leyline of the Void and Force of will made this deck cry. Back those up with some Hand disruption and this deck had to have the extra nuts to win.
thenamedoesnotmatter (1 year ago)
What you are posting about as a deck doesn't actually win turn 0. Magic is a game of priority, not reflexes.
Nathaniel Rines (1 year ago)
This deck is actually crazy weak. You need to have BOTH protean Hulk AND flash in your opening hand. Then you need at least 2 spirit guides if you want to win on turn 0. The chances of getting all of that AND not having your combo countered is almost impossible. Even if you don't go for the turn 0 kill, it's still really really hard to get all the combo pieces you need. This deck is probably the most unreliable deck I've ever seen. I don't mean to trash on it, but the honest truth is that I would never ever ever play with this deck. Ever.
Jessie Gashler (1 year ago)
this is a 'potential' turn 0 win. this is not even CLOSE to the best deck in the game. My dredge deck can win on turn 0.
CoIdnestea (1 year ago)
Found the weird kid at the local card store.
Dethmunki (1 year ago)
Good deck, bad video. You took too long explaining things, specifically list the qualities of the X mana cards you are going to sacrifice. We don't need to know anything besides that for those cards. You don't need to say that it can't attack or block
Commander Replay (1 year ago)
I believe the best magic deck ever was the Wheel of Fortune deck prior to the rule where you could only have a 4 of a card. It played like 72 cards all of which were moxen, black lotuses, and wheel of fortunes. You just keep playing wheel of fortunes off the lotuses and moxens, and mill your opponent out. Ive heard that it had a 99% win rate.
merrinh123 (1 year ago)
Couldve gone for just Black Lotus + Ancestral Recall
GraeYstaG (1 year ago)
How does mental misstep counter force of will????
Ray Beyer (1 year ago)
"hey wanna play Magic?" "yeah sure" gets everything set, card shuffled and cards drawn. "I win. game over!" WTF really? did we just play a game?
GaaradancepartyX (1 year ago)
cant use it in edh hulk is banned.
Jayzues Alucard (1 year ago)
depends on what you define as "best" i guess if you want your friends and others to never play magic with you, yeah, this deck is pretty good. theres some killer starting off combos, but if im gonna be beat at the very start before i can even make a move why should anyone even play? its not even a game at that point.
HumanityLost (1 year ago)
win on turn -1. before you even show up to the shop you've beaten everyone.
Block Dude (8 months ago)
Fayejealousy fuck lol they won't even let you play or in the shop
me5141 (1 year ago)
Kind of like that unhinged card that has super haste. Attack with it the turn before it 's played.
S_picyBlu (1 year ago)
I already have a Liliana! Got it in a booster pack nerds!
Quinn Reynolds (1 year ago)
I am so glad this deck isn't standard legal.
Jean Morais (1 year ago)
Thank god the deck is banned in every single format. On vintage "flash" is restricted to one and in legacy flash is banned.
uiuiuiseraph (1 year ago)
Turn 1 kills... so much fun in magic. 8[
eirenmann (1 year ago)
That intro music, RWBY remix ?
War Machine 800 (1 year ago)
As much as I want to build this deck. Its just too expensive. Are there are any budget alternatives for the cards over like $20.
tacoboi091 (1 year ago)
No. Also, building this deck would be pretty pointless since the only place you can play it is in a casual group. It'd be good for a laugh once or twice but after that it'd be boring.
moose bear (1 year ago)
you can't bring a creature with x to the battlefield because it'll die. it has 0 +1 counters
moose bear (1 year ago)
nvm i just rewatched it. disciple of the vault x3 is 24 dmg that's game
moose bear (1 year ago)
War Machine 800 i wasn't asking about the ruling. i was asking which card was the win combo
War Machine 800 (1 year ago)
Rule 107.3b basically states that an effect allowing a player to cast a spell without paying its mana cost, and the mana cost has an "X", then the only legal value for "X" is "0". Rule 117.3a states that players can always pay zero mana. Basically if you're casting a creatuer costing "X" for "0". You first declare that you are casting the creature and paying "0" for "X". If the creature resolves, the game then checks to see if the creature has toughness and will remain on the field. When the game sees that your creature has zero toughness (directly following its resolution), it will instantly move to the graveyard as a state-based action. You can cast a creature with no toughness and it will immediately die.
moose bear (1 year ago)
War Machine 800 which condition is that?
War Machine 800 (1 year ago)
The creature enters the battlefield because it was tutored regardless of any other effects. The stack then checks the creature's power and toughness, sees it has neither, and the creature immediately dies. The creature enters and immediately dies which immediately triggers the win condition.
Zane Landrigan (1 year ago)
You say you use to play this deck yet you barely know anything about it. First going first is still the better option as it doesn't let your opponent sculpt a hand to stop you from going off and if you are just going off in their turn anyway why not go first and not give them a chance to play anything? Secondly you say that you grab all your lotus petals with your hulk, have you actually read how hulk works? It states creatures on the card. Thirdly what do you mean there is repetition? How do the piece repeat themselves? Finally you don't even know to name of half the cards in the deck. Also BTW turn 0 refers to pregame effects so unless you are winning before the first players untap step then it isn't a turn 0 win
SiphonicAtom (1 year ago)
how is this the best deck without STORM CROW
Sean Metivier (1 year ago)
I'd like to see this against vintage decks. It might be better then belcher and crush everything, or it might be another glass cannon. Though you could play it with one flash as it's restricted and then it's just a bad deck. If you ignore deck building restrictions the best deck is 60 Chancellor of the Dross.
joe sunshine (1 year ago)
Or just play vile bile deck
Turn 'Em Sideways (1 year ago)
So does this deck bounce around anywhere anymore? I mean, is it legal in anything?
Hugo Fontes (1 year ago)
Turn 'Em Sideways nope
sebigrell (1 year ago)
back off the mic. I don't want to listen to you swallow.
Ghost (1 year ago)
Flash is restricted in vintage and banned in legacy, so no.
spyOx (1 year ago)
Miko Thanks Mr Obvious for letting us know
MisterJonnyG (1 year ago)
So many salty nerds. Some of you were too busy being smug to hear where he mentioned several times that this deck is not legal anymore. Also, in case you haven't noticed, English isn't his first language.
DonConSenapi (1 year ago)
Joshua Robbins but he doesnt say that you grab 4 lotus petals, thats not even how the combo works. Also he states that when this deck was legal there was no mental mistep. He just did not explain the combo clearly which is a shame, but if you read the cards you might figure out what protean holk tutors.
J R (1 year ago)
MisterJonnyG also I'm going to counter force of will with mental misstep? This guy is a fucking clueless clown that doesn't know shit.
J R (1 year ago)
MisterJonnyG except his first language is irrelevant. He doesn't know shit about the cards or the deck... I don't give a shit what he sounds like, anyone that tells you to grab 4 lotus petals off protean hulk is fucking retarded and needs to be completely overlooked by the community and stop trying to teach people when he doesn't know shit.
Knightly_Valor (1 year ago)
It's still legal in vintage, it's just you can only play one flash so you have to get lucky
RedCloud2012 (1 year ago)
you just heard about about Flash Hulk? why bring this up? been banned for a million years
Phuc Bug (1 year ago)
actually this deck doesn't work since flash has an errata
Hugo Fontes (1 year ago)
+Orys Baratheon now that is a very good reason on why it's bad
Phuc Bug (1 year ago)
+Hugo Fontes and its like a 10% it works
Hugo Fontes (1 year ago)
Orys Baratheon so, not go against blue and win. more specifically, against blue running these spells (which you could, in a very poor splash, use yourself since you only need the cavern, flash and a creature in your hand to do this) and I think daze doesn't work because the opponent won't have an island to bounce plus, this isn't even competitive so... please don't kill the fun
Phuc Bug (1 year ago)
But the deck is still weak cuz all you need is mental misstep or force of will, or daze or foil and the 0 turn deck won't work
Phuc Bug (1 year ago)
Never mind I can't find it I guess it was that crack I smoked earlier
Dong Bird (1 year ago)
this deck is also known as i hate having friends. another varient of this deck runs sinkhole and isochron scepter
Jessica Zane (1 year ago)
I did a few 1st turn wins with Vintage Dredge. Oh the good times.
UninvitedGhost (1 year ago)
Malachi T'lonborne (4 months ago)
If the picture at the end doesn't indicate to you that he knows it's Flash then you might have some issues. Because everybody here knows he is saying flash with the lisp
TechWolf (1 year ago)
ur not able to play this deck ...
Ike Torwald (1 year ago)
In the event you don't get gemstone cavern, I think manamorphose would be a good thing to have so long as you have two spirit guides. It's an idea at least.
Tyler Rumple (1 year ago)
Doesn't even show the combo played out.
Dohyden2 (1 year ago)
this seems like a pretty poorly done video. why are you talking about the deck that's banned in so many ways you can't even play it in Legacy, Vintage or Commander. and then you go ahead and miss-pronounce disciple, i know English isn't your first language but come on, put more effort into it. you could be talking about a much cooler deck, like high tide, that's a deck actually worth breaking down and explaining.
Dohyden2 (1 year ago)
mental misstep doesn't counter flash and probably isn't that good against this deck unless the flash-hulk player is really counting on their lotus petal. also it's disciple not discipline.
merrinh123 (1 year ago)
Mental Misstep would've done nothing against this (Caverns) version of the deck. Misstep cant counter Petal.
Chad Sideris (1 year ago)
Derk Cast (1 year ago)
i wanna build this deck...
adam roy (1 year ago)
The deck lose to Leyline of Sanctity though.
bruno edwards (1 year ago)
Stupid combo, instead just do this: 1- get body double and viscera deer Body double copying protean hulk 2 - Sac body double to get reveillark and mogg fanatic 3 - sac mogg fanatic and ping opponent for 1 4 - sac reveillark to reanimate body double and mogg fanatic Body double copies reveillark 5 - sac mogg fanatic to ping them for 1 6 - sac the body double (copy of reveillark) to reanimate body double and mogg fanatic. Body double copies reveillark. Repeat 5) and 6) to ping your opponent to death
Dohyden2 (1 year ago)
it still relies on Flash and the other half of the deck that is counterspells and flash support. what's stronger about this deck is that you can still cast disciple if you don't draw a hulk, use the street wraith to draw into 0 cost artifacts and burn out your opponent that way. it's not a great plan B but it's more than what your combo offers. But flash is banned anyway so i'm not sure why MTG lion is even talking about this deck.
bruno edwards (1 year ago)
It only takes up 4 deck slots instead of 12
Nerf10Guy (1 year ago)
What do you do if you never draw a protein hulk? Can you win without it? Is there any way to cantrip into it, or tutor for it?
Pupalah (1 year ago)
Nerf10Guy he forgot the serum powders
Christopher Marquez (1 year ago)
Nerf10Guy he has summoners pact also
Berend de Liagre Bohl (1 year ago)
Nerf10Guy You need to have it in your opening hand, otherwise the combo can't go off.
Vivamort Valkhan (1 year ago)
Great intro music! RWBY!
Lone Yoshi (1 year ago)
Vivamort Valkhan IKR
ihwaste137 (1 year ago)
why didn't you just name this video pretean hulk man? ugh
David Miller (1 year ago)
you can't win on turn zero. during the untapped step, no player holds priority and thus CANNOT cast spells. get your facts straight. stop intentionally lying to people
Steven Augustine (1 year ago)
If you haven't had a turn yet, then it's YOUR turn 0. Anyone saying T0 means this definition.
Jovarx (1 year ago)
I dont understand why people say turn 0, you cant win a game before you start, as soon as your opponent starts its turn 1 not 0.
Lovuschka (6 months ago)
Technically anything before the first main phase is also turn 1 but considered turn 0 by people as nobody got to play yet.
tylerx2f01 (8 months ago)
Jovarx thats round 1 not turn one. And turn 1 wins are designated as winning on your turn. If it was their turn and you had some crazy instant that can deal 20 damage for 0 mana, card you would in fact win on turn 0.
Elijah Odell (10 months ago)
No it is your turn 0
A Smock (11 months ago)
Jovarx you could bribe your opponent to concede before you start
MGE Dawn (1 year ago)
Appreciated, thanks for the understanding
Sam's luvin (1 year ago)
Ok so how do you win with the deck? What do you do?
Sam's luvin (1 year ago)
+Ark Angel HFB Games Thank you! That was a perfect write up. Didn't understand it before.
Ark Angel HFB Games (1 year ago)
Your starting hand will be... 1x Flash 1x Protean Hulk (A way to make 2 mana one of which being blue, meaning at least 1 Gemstone cavern and ether 1ssg or 1epg.) (You will also need for the remaining cards to NOT be more than 1 Disciple of the Vaults.) Game starts with you on the draw. On you opponent's upkeep before they even play a land. Gemstone comes down with the luck counter, meaning it can tap for any color mana. You tap for blue mana, and discard ssg(or)epg for ether a red or green mana, it doesn't matter. With the two mana you know have, you play Flash selecting Protean Hulk. You do not pay the extra two mana that flash ask for, so Protean Hulk goes to the graveyard. Protean Hulk's ability triggers meaning that you now search your library for 6 TOTAL mana worth of creatures and put them into play. (X) cost creatures count as 0 mana. You select all 8 (X) cost creature in you library, and all Disciple of the Vaults, and they enter the battle field together. Due to being cast for 0, your (X) cost creatures ether as 0/0 creatures and due to having 0 toughness, die instantly and are sent to the graveyard. All of your (X) creatures are also artifacts meaning that for all 8 of them, each triggers each of your 4 Disciple of the Vaults ability. 8 * 4 = 32 You know have 32 damage to assign as you see fit and you over-kill your opponent by 12 damage on their upkeep, before they can even play a single land.
Tally Marketer (1 year ago)
Use Flash to put Protean Hulk onto the battlefield without paying for it's mana cost. When it dies, tutor for four disciple of the vaults and a bunch of X cost artifacts that immediately go to graveyard, killing them with disciple triggers. Turn 0 is possible with Gemstone Caverns/Spirit Guide/Flash/Protean Hulk in hand.
jonrmahnke (1 year ago)
I only play decks I create. I hat net decks and people who claim a win using a deck that isn't theirs. I come up with an idea and look to see if it has been done. It is the reason I don't ever play standard. this deck wins, I will use it.
MaxPower (1 year ago)
It's not really a problem. To each their own. It's just, to me it's not really fun to win if I wasn't the one who put the deck together. If you just buy decks that someone else put together, it just boils down to who put more money in. Might as well just compare bank statements. It's inevitable that metas start to form, but I still think it would be more fun if it was different.
Eravar The Slayer (1 year ago)
MaxPower but at the end of the day, it doesn't change the fact that you've won the damn game. I like building decks as much as the next person, but the fun of magic is watching the life drain from your opponent, and if netdecking gets me that, all the more power to it. That's why I play control in standard, I can literally see my opponent dying inside a little as I play my third counterspell in a single turn. And at the end of the day, I'm winning fnm, I'm winning standard showdown. What's the problem?
MaxPower (1 year ago)
The point is that it doesn't require any skill or knowledge of the game to rebuild a deck that someone has already designed and everyone is playing. You don't become a better player by playing preconstructed decks. Especially if they spoon feed you with information on what to do every step of the way. You could give that deck to anyone who knows the basic rules of the game and the outcome would be the same. I get the competitive aspect of the game, but I also see that as with every game, any sort of meta kills part of the fun. Thankfully everyone can play in the format they like.
John Helmes (1 year ago)
The point is to win!! I play chess, fighting games, magic... I play so many different games. To not do research to become a better player is idiotic. If part of the fun of playing magic is to build your own decks I totally get that, you do you, but don't plan winning a lot, and defiantly don't condemn others for wanting to be better. MTG like any game has rules and as long as everyone is not breaking the rules, and not cheating you have no say in how others play the game!!!!
po1980 (1 year ago)
wow this deck is sick thank you for making this informative vid!
zorbratron (1 year ago)
ok so you have a deck that wins on turn 0, whats the point of playing magic?
Running Arctic (2 months ago)
+Peter Peterson that's turn 1 win, at best. Actual turn 0 would be killing before anyone has had a chance to play lands, (ur or ur opponents first upkeep). t0 wins would be all instant speed stuff, still not that hard (mana monkey/elf x 2, mana morphose, flash, hulk into viscera seer and 5 cmc reanimate on a stick, bring back hulk, sack hulk for mikhaus and balista for infinite damage). I mostly play cEDH for my competitive kick, so I'm used to those piles
Peter Peterson (10 months ago)
It is very unlikely to draw all the cards you need on your starting hand. And Flash was also banned quickly, making this deck impossible, but there are still other "turn 0 win" decks out there(see "oops all spells") but they are very luck dependent, and won't win most of the time.
John Helmes (1 year ago)
the point is to win!! duhh!!!
LoL Hugs (1 year ago)
I feel the same way about blue white control. It feels cheap to lose vs. Competitive PC games struggle with the concept of mutual gratification on both the losing and winning side but are able to ease the situation with balance tweaks. Magic on the other hand is cast in stone and can only issue bans, which have to be issued sparingly because removing a piece of content completely is not optimal for the secondary market.
McKendry2 (1 year ago)
The point is to show off how much money you're willing to devote towards cardboard

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