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Tips for Asking the Right Questions on a First Date

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Are you having trouble getting a second date? Dating expert Matthew Hussey offers some insightful tips on how to win over a potential love interest. For more follow the hashtag #RachaelRayShow
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Text Comments (51)
Devil's Advocate (5 days ago)
*Being fat was her real problem.*
Fabio Raton (4 months ago)
She is gorgeous! Great outfit
Melissa Rose (4 months ago)
I need an ear piece with him on the receiving end the next time I go on a date.
Melissa Rose (4 months ago)
Jungyeon Kim (5 months ago)
Is he a British? I feel so in his pronounciation.
Bina Walburn (23 days ago)
Yes he is.
Ananta Chakravorty (5 months ago)
Americans live there relationship like using a car or mobile ... If you are boredom in 5-7 years buy a new.... Very pathetic and inhuman
Inkdraft (19 days ago)
@Ananta: so you've met all Americans and think that you have a complete understanding of their way of life? Good for you.
Andre Cameron (10 months ago)
I have the same problem with order woman and by the way I love older woman. I think it's because they like bad boys when they we're young they have so much baggage when they get older
redrumax (11 months ago)
Her dates are probably scared she is gonna eat them :))
Jefferrrson (10 months ago)
wow LOL
Knowledge is power (11 months ago)
Excellent advice.
SWIFTzTrigger (11 months ago)
I find it funny how the dating advice for women is reasonable stuff but for men we are expected to bend over backwards to not lose their interest after six hundredths of a second of meeting them.
Mandy G (2 months ago)
Fish Thighs Yes I agree. I guess that is what I mean by 'nice'. I must've been tired when I wrote it....Anyhoo thanks for the reply.
Fish Thighs (2 months ago)
+Mandy G "nice" doesn't constitute a quality person. Anyone can be "nice" if times are good. What makes someone a good partner are rare qualities. Things like integrity, humility, introspection, good communication, perspective, kindness, intelligence. A persons true character comes out when times are tough. The problem is most ladies don't care about any of that, because they just don't think about it. They look for guys who are "nice" and "funny"; The laziest expectations because they just want to find a boyfriend/husband immediately. What you said about women and time is very fair. That is something women always have to think about. But if women aren't willing to take the time to adjust their expectations to a higher standard than "nice", they're going to be confused for a long time about men.
susanne anique (5 months ago)
SWIFTzTrigger give an example of dating voaches for guys who ask them to bend over backwards
Mandy G (6 months ago)
ITzDecort Not all girls in their 20s surely? My neices are nice girls with lovely boyfriends. They do go out and get drunk at weekends which I never did. I guess it's where and when you go to meet them . Pubs and clubs probably not the best places. Things are different to when I was in my 20s tho. We wore more clothes and this fake body bits etc wasn't a thing. Well good luck. Keep your standards high.
ITzDecort (6 months ago)
not in your 20's Mandy. Girls in their 20's are the worst
Julie Holmes (1 year ago)
Great advice about talking about passions!
Aashish Hamal (1 year ago)
Has anyone used the Troplusfix Dating Secrets to become badass with women? Simply do a search engine search. On there you will discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can get laid by hot women. Why don't you give it a shot? perhaps it'll work for you too.
BlaCkBurN (1 year ago)
The girl in pink is like, "Nobody ever approaches me. All I want is to find some guy who wants to start a family. " Hey, listen. You need to contribute to the relationship. Find out what the guy likes.
Yahaira Sagastume (1 year ago)
hey Matthew i see you having ur own show. have u thought about that? @matthew Hussey
Emily Greene (1 year ago)
This guy is a joke
Monica Levy Tyler (1 year ago)
That girl is just afraid. That's why she is doing that. She should allow herself to get to know a guy better without being afraid of liking him. And then find out if he wants marriage.
Varun Sawhney (1 year ago)
Forgiven 87 (2 months ago)
+nupur naina last names Is hussey
nupur naina (1 year ago)
Varun Sawhney he has his own show, check out Matthew harsley
Mik K (1 year ago)
I would of been like no I'm not helping you. Why the fuck would she let her old relationship drag out for 7 years, what a waste of time.
Mandy G (6 months ago)
Mik K She obviously thought that he loved her enough to eventually marry her especially if he was nice to her in other ways. He may have even mentioned marriage to her as a future thing. Many women think time means commitment and usually have had such bad experiences with past men they are happy to be in a steady relationship.
Gingerbread Girl (1 year ago)
I'm so in love with Matthew hahah.
Meg Mon (2 years ago)
Omg.... 😋😘😍 He's fucking gorgeous
Camis Might (2 years ago)
reaaalyyy good
slytherin girl (2 years ago)
this guy is a genius
Lucy Davidson (11 months ago)
There is a hidden, emotional need in a man’s heart that he craves more than anything else. A man will go overboard to prove his love for the woman who can satisfy this secret emotional need. HisSecretObsession9.blogspot.com
André Rothweiler (11 months ago)
Yep, take the money from old cunts who passed the prime time and think they are the one. In the time of feminism this is just a gold mine and in the future it's only going to be better for him!
Art loka (2 years ago)
All hоt girls arеeе heeere => https://twitter.com/09665a7966d8783f2/status/801992405775826944 Tiррs fooооr Аsking thее Right Quееstiоns on а First Dаte
Kwality Kontrol (2 years ago)
I love how no one put their hand up.
M.D. Newell (6 months ago)
Kwality Kontrol you must’ve blinked
Inna Balykina (3 years ago)
I disagree, I think as adults who may not have the time and the energy to date many people who aren't on the same wavelength it's ok to be upfront with what it is you're ultimate looking for in the near future. This doesn't mean that you have to be super serious and snobby about it. Just lay your cards on the table, obviously there should not be any pressure but if the man is out for just a good time it's best to let him know that you're looking for something more serious so that he doesn't waste your time. If it's the right man for you he won't be scared off since he's looking for the same thing, and if he is scared off it most likely means he's not ready for commitment anyways. By being upfront you're not pressuring the person, you're just being real and honest with yourself and the person you're on a potential date with. What's wrong with that? It would be another thing to be like "So, when do you think you and I can get married and start pumping out babies? " than a simple mention of what you're all about and where you see yourself in the near future. The bottom line is this, if the guy is into you for real and is a mature man looking for serious commitment and love, relationship leading to marriage, he won't get turned off. But if he's just into a short term good time type of situations, he probably isn't for you anyways and it's better not to invest too much time , energy and emotion into something that won't go anywhere anyways. Also, marriage and kids shouldn't be the first 5 words of your conversation, but somewhere an hour or so into the date I think it's fair game to bring that into the conversation casually to see where the other person's at. Who has time to flirt and play all day without getting into an adult conversation about expectations and goals? I feel only immature men would not be able to handle this.
thrilla72 (23 days ago)
+Bina Walburn Right, how does your anecdote counter my point though? When your bro met his wife they were young and innocent. More likely it was the first relationship for both of them. They had spent 3-4 years together by the time they got married. After that time it's more than reasonable to expect marriage. Most men want marriage and children...if the RIGHT woman comes along. Trouble is it is nigh impossible to tell at all, if it's the right woman in the first 6 months let alone the first date.
Bina Walburn (23 days ago)
+thrilla72 Some guys want to be married and have a kid in 5 years. My bro met his wife when they were 15 and 16 in driver's ed school. They were married at 20. They wanted kids but waited for 10 years so they could save more money. They have been married for 19 wonderful yrs so far.
Nikki CTU (3 months ago)
Being that up front is awkward like how do you even rebound from that...
Mandy G (6 months ago)
pvaz Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately only saw part of it as comment only showed in my notifications. However, what I say to that is...no excuse...girls have the same drives and hormonal surges too but they are taught from a young age to control it or they could literally be left holding the baby. Having a child takes a huge toll on your body physically and is life threatening even in this day and age in western countries...so girls and women have to try to control their sexual desires. Add in to that all the unfair social stigmas. But believe me it is just as hard for us too! I can testify to that. The biological time frame is too short in my opinion. I missed my window waiting for the right man and trying to obey church rules. Plus every woman s window is different depending on health or hormones etc. Anyhoo am not bitter but if I had to do it again I would have had a child and screw my reputation.

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