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10 Mistakes and Secrets You Never Knew About Famous Logos

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You’d think that the most successful companies in the world invest good money for their logos to be picture-perfect, yet even Google isn’t immune to messing up a logo design. Pay attention to 10 super famous company logos that are hiding something or have design fails and mistakes in them. We all know what the White House looks like, and you’d think there’d be no possible difficulties recreating it in an image. However, there were at least 3 attempts to create a logo, all of which resulted in mistakes. Wikipedia’s logo representing knowledge has a really embarrassing mistake right in the middle of the image! You wouldn’t catch it unless you know Chinese, so we’ll let you in on the big secret. Some people saw a man bending over vomiting in the London Olympics logo, while others were joking that it looked like Lisa Simpson in a compromising position. Salvador Dali hired to design the Chupa Chups logo put the brand’s name on a bright daisy and insisted that the logo be placed on top of the wrapper so that everyone could see it. And it’s basically stayed the same since then! When asked about the imperfection of letter “G” in their logo, Google chose the best route a person can when explaining his or her mistakes. They simply said that they’re aware of the inaccurate “G”, but that was all part of the plan! This slight imperfection makes their image playful and approachable. Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS The White House 0:38 Wendy’s 1:29 Wikipedia 2:20 Hershey’s Kisses 3:28 The London Olympics 3:54 7-Eleven 4:42 Chupa Chups 5:17 Walt Disney 6:01 Pepsi 6:47 Google 7:17 SUMMARY -The designers of the White House’s logo made mistakes depicting the arch shape, mixed up the order of the windows and even lost pillars on the roof. -You might see nothing special in Wendy’s white and blue striped collar, but a closer look will reveal the word “mom” right in the center. -Wikipedia logo’s designer meant to write the Chinese word “wi”, but one tiny yet extra stroke made the symbol gibberish. -Lean your head towards your left shoulder, and you’ll get a sweet surprise: a chocolate kiss between the “K” and “I”. -Iranian participants in the London Olympic Games were upset by the peculiar style of the numbers 2012 because they read the word “Zion” in it. -All the letters in the word “eleven” in 7-Eleven logo are capitalized, except for one: the “n”. -The creator of Chupa Chups Spaniard Enric Bernat picked the most famous surrealist artist in the world Salvador Dali himself to design the new brand logo. -Those elegant swirls in the “W”, “i” and “y” in Disney logo look exactly like three sixes in a row. -If you wanna see what Pepsi can potentially do to you, just add a little circle on top of its logo, some arms and legs, and voila. -The letter “G” in Google logo doesn’t look the way it should. It’s not the complete perfect circle it’s supposed to be, and the inner circle is also far from ideal. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (7440)
Wendy Alvarado (3 hours ago)
I love Wendy's because my name is Wendy without a S in the end
Yaquelin Rodriguez (3 hours ago)
No. Alphabet is the worst company that can make a Icon.
jaanu2222 (8 hours ago)
i wanna comment on google's logo , i am an intermediate graphics designer and after seeing troll memes on the internet i also fall for that thinking how such a multinational company can do this ? later after digging some research into it and watched a video where an expert graphics designer debunked it and explained it why their new logo is actually smart and deliberately messes up geometry to look great , after all i got a lesson that not everything on the internet is true , first research it and then believe it
Michele Buckhanan (18 hours ago)
LOL shamone
Michele Buckhanan (18 hours ago)
666 Disney
DeLora Kauffman (23 hours ago)
I found an Illuminati symbol on a one-dollar bill
Who's here before 5M views?
Your Name 5736 (2 days ago)
lavaxio (2 days ago)
I didn't know Google's logo was a G!
Jackson Miller (2 days ago)
🚥⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠🚥 ⚠🚚🚓🚕🚲⛵💢⚠ ⚠🚃🚗🚙🚌🚓🚒⚠ ⚠🚤🚑💢🚚🚲🚙⚠ ⚠🚓🚒🚃🚕💢🚗⚠ 😡 TRAFFIC  JAM 😡 🚧⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠🚧
John Doe (2 days ago)
Sees Picture on Video: Oh my God, it's a circle
Ranbow- Chan (2 days ago)
Google was meant to be 3 o but they forgot the third o so its meant to be gooogle i think or googole. I know this story a long time ago
Laura Andersson (2 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Yay I got my first like But why is it blue?
NicknsYT (2 days ago)
Secret behind the bright side logo is.... It contains a bulb full of ideas!!! Like if u agree!!!
Zuhair Wali Khan (2 days ago)
What about bright side does it have any special meaning
MrPringles :3 (2 days ago)
3:21 The O Is God of war logo In God of war 4
chris mir (2 days ago)
2:26 pause and look at the photo
Green Shadow80 (2 days ago)
₩A 3
Green Shadow80 (2 days ago)
2 0 1 9 Anyone??
eZ Badger118 2.0 (3 days ago)
I knew about the Wendy’s mom thing
Face Clan (3 days ago)
Why do you care?
Siony Villamor (3 days ago)
At 4:25 that's my son's name Zion paulhendrix G. Villamor
Akeanong Tingnapan (3 days ago)
Anootah secret for pepsi flip da logo upsidedown and you will get isded
Tine Ortiz (3 days ago)
Do you know that walt Disney has secret for you
Rick the man (3 days ago)
Pepsi : if you tern the writing upside down and you read it it says isded Edit: that’s mean
PSVR BUSTER (3 days ago)
7:17 the G
Yoyopoopsg ROBLOX (3 days ago)
I If If y If yo If you If you a If you ar If you are Did you actually think I was going to waste my time on this
there is 1 more on Wendy's (there's the big dipper on the right side of her cheek with freckles)
LittleMissUnicorn (4 days ago)
Please like me it’s my birthday
SuperCoolTV (4 days ago)
I know Chinese... I didn’t notice it...
Livia Munk (4 days ago)
0:32 next to the Bright Side logo it says 11,753,109 subs but the red button says 10 million subs, what a coinkydink
Abbas Khan (4 days ago)
Put Pepsi upside down it says isded
Tim Gamer Plays Chute (4 days ago)
About Pepsi, If you have A Logo Of it On A Can or Glass Turn It Upside Down It Will Say ISDED It Means PEPSI IS DEAD....
M & K (4 days ago)
DiD yOu KnOw ThAt ThE aPpLe SyMbLe Is An ApPlE. Not appie apple
The Hacks (3 days ago)
Yes appie appie
JB ZeroTvツ (4 days ago)
0:32 where it says it YouTube name it has 11mil but at the sub button it has 10 mil 🤔
Kiwers Martinez (4 days ago)
In pepsi if you see the logo (the words) upside down it looks like ‘ is ded’
BOSQUE S (4 days ago)
Pure fake nesssxssss
ODD SIDE (5 days ago)
Wikipedia sucks......Cuzit lies....
Nicholas Silacci (5 days ago)
If you flip Pepsi around, you will find is ded
PinkyTae (6 days ago)
wait this is from 2018?
Eagle TheAssassin (6 days ago)
People just assume these things none of them were probably unintentional
xoxomia123xoxo mia (6 days ago)
YES at 1999
Donnetta Grayson (6 days ago)
<😀------👉 Click below some of these I have found and would you not know that because it will be sometimes big error or small error and who is here of 2019 and people do be finding errors quit sometimes they pop out of nowhere and sometimes they would of been they're I've been finding alot of errors since its been 2019 there been more and more errors I have been finding and you can check it out on the internet and other stuff I have been typing so much that my hands been hurting I have been tired I think I should rest okay ima stop typing to much so shout out to the people that is watching this man I'm tired okay bye I have saw a lot of errors I have seen a Hershey secret in at bright green red and I have saw Walt Disney secret some of these are dark the Pepsi I saw and Google logo doesn't look like a G to me that all I have to say so bye man. My hands hurt and bye
D.I. Meow. (7 days ago)
the n in 7 eleven is not capitalized because the owner's wife thought it looked to harsh for them to all be capitalized.
Athena Biscarra (7 days ago)
2019 anyone
Max Playz (7 days ago)
Also for Pepsi if u flip it over it says is dead.... Illuminati confirmed
stormy relxx (7 days ago)
I think u forgot about apple
Wendy’s gotta roast you
Vibe (8 days ago)
Choopa choops Cups chups
Jalena Isobel- Lilly (8 days ago)
5:34 Do you realise that between the u and the p in 'chups' creates a y?
Jalena Isobel- Lilly (6 days ago)
D.I. Meow. (7 days ago)
Peggy Wang (9 days ago)
I am Chinese
sageethan dayananthan (9 days ago)
trying to get subs but fail!!!!!
Li Xun (9 days ago)
pepsi inverted is ded!
Li Xun (9 days ago)
means if you inverted the pepsi logo's letters its will be turned out isded
Alex Cruz (10 days ago)
I knew it said mom
Hailley Nichole (10 days ago)
Fun fact: Starbucks Tells its expensive
sean mccarthy (10 days ago)
Pepsi looks like Daddy pig from Peppa pig
Mary may Morris (12 days ago)
Google Chrome is the same thing
Alex (12 days ago)
0:33 it says 10 million subscribers but below -bright side- it says 11 mill you fotoshop is trash get a life
BlayzPlayz (13 days ago)
Success agoal (13 days ago)
Everyone makes mistakes ;) Maybe you are making a mistake right now :D
CrossyGate * (14 days ago)
Did you know when you smile you can’t breathe? yes you can! I just wanted to make u smile c:
Monster GamingRB (12 days ago)
Aw thanks :)
Atlas Majagah (14 days ago)
by the way BEST VIDIO!!!!!!
Atlas Majagah (14 days ago)
If you flip pepsi upside down it says isded
Bailey Pleasance (14 days ago)
Google just put a capital letter on
Sean Altamirano-Rios (14 days ago)
I been knowing wending showed the word mom
Eevee Doodle (14 days ago)
Why do Americans pronounce chupa chups like that 😣
hi k (14 days ago)
I don't understand the Google??
hs5hen (14 days ago)
this might be annoying, but the way you pronounced the Chinese word means a different word. The word you said is (Ji), the word is supposed to be pronounced as (Ji-e) <- the "e" is also pronounced. So once you say it together you hear how it will be spelled, thus knowing which word it will be.
ultima phantom (14 days ago)
Wat about the 6 6 6 in disneyland
Danny Playzz (14 days ago)
SuperDude66 (15 days ago)
"inaccurate g" look at this: G
Mohammed Khan (16 days ago)
Pepsi is ded it said isded
Viktor (16 days ago)
The last fact is totally false. The logo being imperfect has to do with how all fonts are made. Capital gs are never completely round, it makes it easier to read, and looks better to the eye, etc.
David Berman (2 days ago)
Exactly. Thank you. 🙏 ... They have no idea how hard typographers and excellent graphic designers work to make things look geometrically correct by carefully making them not so.
JamoKapo (9 days ago)
Thanks, someone has a brain
Colin Melville (16 days ago)
Duo Trix (17 days ago)
Wekepeedia is what I heard
Cutie Pie Lol (17 days ago)
The olympics one I held the torch
A Kate (17 days ago)
26 mil wow
Rafaqat Ali (18 days ago)
2:16 is so hilarious
Tareyaa Canoz (18 days ago)
6:41 guess what sinister if you look really close you'll see an upside down cross😬😈😢🤫😰
THE BURNOUT (18 days ago)
After watching the video I knew that😁😁😁😁😁
Adam Schaser (18 days ago)
Bibi Hamid (18 days ago)
Me to
T D (18 days ago)
The thumbnail is a lie
Mohammad Hardan (19 days ago)
do you have a mistake in your own logo bright side
Grace Ma Mika (19 days ago)
Now... I get annoyed with the google logo >:(
KIRSTIN VLOGS (20 days ago)
Stop liking my comment itsd blowing up my phone😑
Hennessey venom GT (20 days ago)
Anybody wants to call 666
KeepingUpWivJodss (21 days ago)
now I can't unsee the mom on the Wendy's logo
Only truth (21 days ago)
Jews rule and run USA and Europe and all the international community and community groups and companies
Jeannie Looman (21 days ago)
Jana Mabrouk (21 days ago)
Google is a g dumbo
SugarIce Tea (21 days ago)
When u see the 7 eleven, u can't unseen it
Edward Davis (22 days ago)
This video was made on my birthday ....
Steven May (22 days ago)
BANANA KID SHAWN (22 days ago)
BANANA KID SHAWN (22 days ago)
USSR Mapping_1 (22 days ago)
this video made me hungry cause of wendys
The Phantom Forces Pro (22 days ago)
your saying chupa chups wrong
Hazren Tengah (23 days ago)
At 6:31 the 666 is the same as roblox guest 666
abinnav ashnnaa (23 days ago)
YOU should turn the pepsi upside down then it shows isded

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