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Create Custom Product Pages Using Elementor *FINALLY*

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In this video I show you how to create custom product pages and custom archive pages for your WooCommerce Shop. You can try it already using the beta version of Elementor Pro and soon it will be released in the new version of Elementor Pro! You can get Elementor Pro over here: http://ferdykorp.com/elementor WooCommerce is an amazing tool that helps you to create webshops on your Wordpress website but the downside is that it has quite some limitations when it comes to designing the product page. Using Elementor Pro you can eliminate those limitations. You can style the product and archive pages of your WooCommerce tutorial exactly how you want this! In this video I will show you how it is done!
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Text Comments (65)
Hello. When i try to add products in my shop page or related products under single product few products goes outside of my webpage. Cannot even resize the images of products to adjust. :(
karim sahraoui (1 month ago)
hi Ferdy thanks for all your support i am a beginner in eCommerce sites just want to know the difference in creating product in woocommewrce and elemetor thanks again
Genèse Music (2 months ago)
hello ferdy, do you know why i dont have any access onto the my templates tab within the elementor tab on the dashboard ? im using the last version of both wordpress and elementor, thanks!
Coconut03 (2 months ago)
Very helpful ! thanks
Michael Yong (2 months ago)
Thanks Fredy for making this great video. I have purchased Elementor Pro to test the features in you show in this video. Except that I have problem that 'Query' option is missing under the 'Content' tab. Can you please advise if there is extra step that we need to do to get 'Query' ?
Bachchar Yassine (3 months ago)
Brendan Nagle (3 months ago)
I have potential clients who wish to use Shopify instead of WooCommerce. There is a lot of documentation on WooCommerce integration with WP / Elementor, but I don't see as much for Shopify. Any thoughts on one vs the other?
AK Creatif DESIGNS (3 months ago)
Andreas Szöke (3 months ago)
I have a single produkt in diffrent colors. When I create a single product page you can not see the option to choose the color properly. You only see a narrow line. What am I doing wrong?
jacko89d (3 months ago)
Do you answer questions on your video? The product page you did is very limited, make another video with a cool product page like shopify's product pages, actually having a funnel in the page and not just a pic and price (testimonials, full width pictures, text etc..)
Matt (4 months ago)
Thanks for this, Ferdy! You say that it will "pull a random product" at the start of this video. I want it to pull a specific product - how can I control that?
Sandesh Chauhan (4 months ago)
But this is not dynamic solution you can not edit this template for each individual products.Do you know any solution where we can edit for each products?
dante grassi (5 months ago)
Hey Ferdy... Nice video as the others you,ve done. Please add some templates for a "single product"
Andrés Sillas (5 months ago)
only for elementary pro?
Thia is what i want to know. I have elementor but cant edit the product page too well. So i think you do need pro. Did you ever try the pro???
Raju Barman (6 months ago)
How to create a Woocommerce Digital Download Products Page using elementor
Niklas Greasby (6 months ago)
I get the message "The style of this widget is often affected by your theme and plugins. If you experience any such issue, try to switch to a basic theme and deactivate related plugins." How do I fix that? I tried to disable all plugins. I use the basic Oceanwp theme.
João Petersen (3 months ago)
Go to Appearance, Costumize and in WooCommerce disable the OceanWP Default option, You will loose the Quick View though
William Boggs (5 months ago)
Same here, would love a solution!
Him (6 months ago)
why i can't edit woocommerce Shop page( i setting the shop page is the home page) with elementor ?(not elementor pro) ,i try few times when i do it show "the preview could not be loaded" ,but the others page are ok with elementor , i want to know is it just for pro edition ? or someting wrong with me , thanks for helping me
Radwane Deghaia (6 months ago)
Hi, i have a question, can we sell an article customisable with her name on the back ? how ?
José Carlos de Camargo (6 months ago)
Both my Elementor and my WooCommerce have been updated but I can not see the "Single Product" and "Product Archive" tabs. What can I do to fix this?
director1111 (8 months ago)
So, I have Elementor Pro and no WooCommerce widget or whatsoever integrated. Look at my screenshot https://ibb.co/kFW5TV How can I probably access at this feature??
Anton King (8 months ago)
Well that's 18 minutes of my life that I won't get back!
Matt (4 months ago)
Did it take you until the eighteenth minute to figure that out?
Dawn Simpson (9 months ago)
I'm so confused. The breadcrumb is pulling a (and only this one) product I haven't published. A design fee; which I don't want to publish. I can't seem to pull any of the published products to update. What am I doing wrong?
Molo Market (9 months ago)
Thanks for the great and extremely helpful video Ferdy! You have helped me tremendously and I am sincerely grateful. Every time I Youtube a question or need a tutorial, and I see you have made a video on that topic I immediately click on your video because I know you produce quality content. Thanks from South Africa
Tom Brian (10 months ago)
1:23 My Elementor Pro isn't showing the: 'single product page' and 'product archive' in the Elementor templates section and my plugins say there up to date. Any ideas?
Me too. Did you ever get a fix for this?
RAY PEREIRA (10 months ago)
So Frustrating! Pro's First, on YouTube to explain (in part) Custom Product Pages using Elementor Pro Con's Need to rehearse before sampling on YouTube (create a pro-active structure) Need to breakdown subjects by giving examples on each element clicked. Stop! saying "Do it like this! Do it like that!" without giving examples Maybe, start with the explanation of advantages and disadvantages instead of "Finally" and getting all excited! Just because you (Ferdy Korpershoek) know what you are doing and why? Try and capture the audience as thou, they may not know... Q. Do I need to apply a back-end (products) before using front-end Product Building with Elementor Pro? Q. Are all the product elements pre-calculated? Sadly, overall, I have given this video a thumbs down! But with simple adjustments in communication, you could be one of the leading Web Designer's Tutorial Instructors. "When you know, you have made a good video? There will be no questions! And only appraisals" This is of course, only my opinion. Have a nice day!
Ferdy Korpershoek (10 months ago)
Hi Ray, thank you for your feedback! To be honest, I think I rushed this video. I was so excited about the new functionalities that I started recording too soon without digging deep in how things worked. Hace you seen other video's of my? I hope you see that are way betrer. Again, thank you for your feedback. Have a great day too!
Ritzkeen (10 months ago)
Anyone know how to customize the product snippet view https://youtu.be/iwmrE3AV4qg?t=923
Bloodyroots (10 months ago)
How to make Filter menu like descending price or category ? Great vid tho!
agustine abuan (10 months ago)
Hi! I'm having a problem with regards of the canvas of the product page. It seems like that my default theme is appearing in the said page. I can't seem to find the option change it into the elementor canvas
Nadrah Youssef (10 months ago)
Instructions if you please
Nadrah Youssef (10 months ago)
which pro of elementor product tthe one for $49?
Ferdy Korpershoek (10 months ago)
The left option. $ 49.- for 1 website and one year.
Jaque Raymond (10 months ago)
Thank you, Ferdy! Can we use elementor Pro to customize checkout /cart page?
windyrain storm (10 months ago)
I purchased an elementor pro three weeks ago for my personal blog and thinking to create an online shop, can i use that elementor pro for my online store?
Yasien Sarlie (9 months ago)
Yes you can. You can do almost anything now with Pro.
Jana Kotfaldova (10 months ago)
yes https://docs.elementor.com/article/96-woocommerce-widget
UXGamer (11 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, nice video, can you help me with Elementor please, its driving me crazy, clients not happy https://bit.ly/2nFmvfZ please see this video, thanks mate
Easthall Design (11 months ago)
Hey I'm really stuck - how to use this when using a custom header? When I create a single product page the header is default? How would you embed the above into a custom page? That would show when you click from a product archive? Any ideas?
Nigel Pye (11 months ago)
Ferdy ive bought elementor pro to get the products but i cant get the product pages, ive got pro v 2.1.0 and in the the pro log it says they are available, 2.1.0 – 2018-08-07 New: Introducing WooCommerce Builder (#1690) New: Introducing 12 new dynamic tags & widgets for WooCommerce: Gallery, Image, Price, Rating, Description, Breadcrumbs, Data Tabs, Stock, Related, Upsell, Title & Archive New: Introducing Cart Menu widget (#4220, #4600) New: Added integration with Toolset (#2949) Ive accepted beta versions. So what am i missing??????? Please help this is so frustrating such a great way to work but so hard to make it happen!!!! Elementor doesn't have a search facility, to find out about beta releases. I cant log onto their messenger what is going on, totally no support.
Mansh Hamed (11 months ago)
Can you make a video tutorial how to create a forum with avada theme?
Dillon Jacobs (11 months ago)
Hi Thanks for the video, i am having the same problem as what some of the other people are having, i have read trough the comments but cant find single product anywhere. Please could you assist if you dont mind.
Ferdy Korpershoek (11 months ago)
Hi Dillan, in the description I say that this function will be released soon but is already in the beta version. If you want to play around witht he beta version, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhHkJH17B_A
ACCESS (11 months ago)
can add Buy button and Add to cart button?
Laercio Civali (11 months ago)
Hello Ferdy, how you going? My Elementor Pro there´s no Single Product, is it a new plugin to be installed? Tks.
Jakub Pepliński (9 months ago)
do you have woo commerce installed?
manish Rauniyar (11 months ago)
Hey.. can you provide your template? It will be better
olee khan (11 months ago)
Sometimes theme and elementor both sucks...Wait for the final release!
dazurit (11 months ago)
Hi, did that and still no product category
olee khan (11 months ago)
Go to Elementor>Tools>Version Control> Beta Tester>Enable and save changes...Update your pro
पिताश्री (11 months ago)
Hi Ferdy, i want to know how to install HTML5 Bootstrap Templates in wordpress. i've downloaded some from https://freehtml5.co/ . Waiting for your reply.
Dalton Baker (11 months ago)
Am I able to make the product page without pictures of the product and just make them lined up like a list with an add to cart button beside them?
Thomas Bartlett (11 months ago)
Ferdy thanks a million. I am using Elementor Pro with Generate Press and it is not giving me this Product option. I have turned product on in settings . Is there something I am missing. the tabs across the top when I click on my templates are slightly different? Thanks T
Thomas Bartlett (11 months ago)
Hi, yes. I needed to update it. The single product is now showing. You?
Mark Gajilan (11 months ago)
Hi Thomas! Did you resolve the problem? I also have generatepress theme and elementor pro but it doesnt have an option with singe product.
Thomas Bartlett (11 months ago)
Maybe it is because I am not using the Beta!!
larutanrepuS (11 months ago)
Nice video! Very helpful. How can i style the my account, cart and checkout page with elementor?
Nang-oo Sari (11 months ago)
Ferdy, please make a video on how to make Phlox theme into news website
Rajeev K Shetty (11 months ago)
Thanks for new Video

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