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Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo - Is Motorola Now Chinese Or American ?

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Motorola is name of Innovation & Simplicity. The #Motorola Brand living it's life from more than a decades. Unfortunately, Motorola Mobility is now under the Lenovo's hood & making Smartphones under the Motorola Lenovo branding. Motorola Phones are coming with a solid & rugged build quality. So, it gives you an ultimate performance. Motorola Company & #Lenovo Company, both are doing Smartphones business separately. But why Lenovo Brand is interfering in Motorola's Smartphone business ? Here's are some consumers/fans doubts, related to Motorola Brand. Here, the doubts like : :: Is Motorola a Chinese Company / Is Motorola a US Company. :: Why Google sells Motorola to Lenovo / Why Lenovo buy Motorola. :: Where are Motorola Phones made / How Motorola Phones made. :: Are Motorola Phones Made in China / Are Motorola Phones Made in the USA. :: Is Motorola a Lenovo Company / Is Moto a Chinese Company. :: Motorola is a Brand of which country / Motorola Chinese Company or not. (Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo - Is Motorola Still A US Company ?) We have covered : 00:07 Is Motorola Now An American Company Or A Chinese Company 00:36 Reason No.1, Motorola Phones Made In The USA 00:51 Reason No.2, Motorola Mobility's Privacy Policy 01:50 Verdict - Is Motorola Now An American Company Or A Chinese Company Explore more, on Playlists. Motorola - http://bit.ly/2BIs4Rx Lenovo - http://bit.ly/2TtV8Ua Special Thanks to Motorola & Lenovo for their great video clips. We have used them in this video, for an educational purpose only. Thanks a lot, again. Special Thanks to Audio Library, for providing us this incredible background music. Music - Still Back Artist - ZAYFALL Link - http://bit.ly/2RF1ZcJ Special Thanks to Vexento, for providing us this incredible background outro music. Music - Mid-Air Artist - Vexento Link - http://bit.ly/2RxBBVl Take a look at these YouTube searches, which are searched from peoples & related to this video. :: Is Motorola A Chinese Company :: Is Motorola A US Company :: Is Motorola And Lenovo Same :: Is Motorola Still Good :: Lenovo Ruined Motorola :: Lenovo Killed Motorola :: Motorola Before And After Lenovo :: Motorola Company Kahaan Ki Hai :: Motorola Company Kis Desh Ki Hai :: Moto G Company Country About us : The Pankaj Bhatt !™ is a YouTube Tech channel, comes under the category of Smartphones & Gadgets. In this channel, you will get Technological videos in 'Hindi' language, so that you & everyone can understand everything about Technology, in a better way. Also, if you want to watch a video based on your suggestion/topic. We will definitely work for it, because we believe in a 'Viewer Centric', content & channel. To know more about us - https://youtube.com/ThePankajBhatt Don't forget to give us feedback, related to our video or content, in the comment section below. If you have any type of problem, related to our videos or content on The Pankaj Bhatt !™, YouTube channel. Please write about that issue on our Mail at - [email protected] If you want to do a suitable Business with The Pankaj Bhatt !™, YouTube channel. Please send a Mail at - [email protected] Come closer with #ThePankajBhatt, on Social Media platforms. Facebook : https://fb.com/ThePankajBhatt Instagram : https://instagr.am/ThePankajBhatt Twitter : https://twitter.com/ThePankajBhatt YouTube : https://youtube.com/ThePankajBhatt Thank You very much for watching our video. We are glad to see you here. Have a good day, friend !
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Helping Mind (1 month ago)
Motorola is an American company.
#beast boy 2 sahibjot (1 month ago)
Plz subscribe karbaado mere bro😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Parichay Amit Bhadana (3 months ago)
Motorola = American

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