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Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip & Slide Winter Weather - Part 1

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The video posted to our Youtube Channel is NOT sponsored and Youtube Advertising deems storm chasing and natural disaster videos as not advertiser friendly. If you would like to support us, click on the link below to visit our merchandise store. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/ Compilation edit of ridiculous Car Crashes and winter weather "Slip and Slide" on the roads by Professional Videographer, Doug Kiesling Footage of numerous car crashes, spin outs, stuck cars, and even some guy falling on Nicollet Mall. As far as we know, nobody was killed in any of the accidents in the crashes in this video. But A LOT of ego's were probably bruised :-) All footage shot while working freelance for various television news networks. *** Update *** We have posted Part 2 of this video on line at https://youtu.be/XavVVS1IYyY Contact StormChasingVideo.com to license the clips in this video. http://www.stormchasingvideo.com/scv-merch-store/
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Text Comments (5285)
Deckinickinic (16 hours ago)
Wondering where all the snow plows were, sees that they themselves are stuck. lol
sepäse (20 hours ago)
Did they have winter tires at all?
Leslie Taylor (14 hours ago)
sepäse many places in the us, winter tires are not an option. In the Midwest where i live (southern illinois), a winter weather event only lasts about 1 or 2 days, and winter tires are illegal when it's dry.
sobhan gholamey (22 hours ago)
Are these black Ice?
Anthony Keegan (22 hours ago)
Dodges suck
Petr Novak (1 day ago)
AMI TROTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Ramsey (1 day ago)
A whole lot of reasons why i endorse global warming!
matthijs maris (1 day ago)
1:10 thats one way to get the snow off your rearwindow.
Venkatesh babu (1 day ago)
People think they can drive all cars.
flat cat (1 day ago)
The first vid tho
emma marshall (1 day ago)
5:16 dude was allll ready to make a scene and then he started to slide lmfao
Philip Kane (1 day ago)
I wouldn't care if it was August year round. Slowing down and paying attention are essential---but Old Man Winter can still get you. And then there's the "other guy" to watch out for.....the SUV driver who thinks because they have all-wheel drive they can skate like an Olympian on an icey road.......or the jerk who's texting and/or going over the speed limit when the road conditions are total crap. Sorry----but give me summer any day.
JAX JAMESON (2 days ago)
Abandoned Hights (2 days ago)
Bag of cat litter, bag of salt, 4 towels, 2 comforters, portable battery charger, 4 day foot supply+water, medical kit, shovel and a portable radio.
Tom Staunton (2 days ago)
very impressed at the SUV at 2:55
ta bow (2 days ago)
At 9:00: "Ummm, not good!" LMAO!
Marcus Corvain (2 days ago)
Props for showing your own mistakes
meme kid (2 days ago)
For those wondering why the dude lit up a cigarette after hitting the lamp post, nicotine somewhat helps you calm down by releasing dopamine, but he might also be drunk.
Felipe Rodea (3 days ago)
I just don't get why people speed when it snows....
Keith Sage (2 days ago)
The answer is:: They don't get it.
Rose Ouellette (3 days ago)
Man vs Machine
Ibrahim Abdullah (4 days ago)
People's don't care when it's minus temperature, good driver can feel very quickly road situation,
Ben Whoever (4 days ago)
That's why i bought a 4x4. really really help in such weather. I was slipped and stuck in the snow. i couldnt get out. But once i activate 4x4, i could slowly get out of the snow and better control when running in slippery road.
VectorNinja1 (4 days ago)
*Winter tires*
VideoVEGAS (5 days ago)
What about Snowtires?
Chuck 45A (5 days ago)
Please put those 4-way, emergency flashers on when you are in an auto accident. Look at all the cars piled up on the interstate. very few emergency flashers to warn people coming up behind them.
Mr. hrfister (5 days ago)
Forgive my southeast Texas ignorance when it comes to this weather, but don't the people up north know about tire chains for driving in these types of road conditions?
Paulus MANKER (5 days ago)
0:37 when lights go out . . .
Петр Шубин (7 days ago)
Даа вот точно еба....ки!
Coletta Hughes (7 days ago)
The world would be a much nicer place if all the people tailgating in a rush would just die... Absolutely all BMW drivers and their offspring too.
Steven Zapata (7 days ago)
3:47 when you forget your wallet
Dick Hertz (7 days ago)
When rear-ended in a snowstorm do you: 1--stay in car and call 911 2--get out and check on other driver 3--light a cigarette ????
\GER E39/ (7 days ago)
2:00 min, that guys reaction -1000
Cool Duck (8 days ago)
That's why I like winter tires
Miranda Ceballos (8 days ago)
I really hate driving in the winter
Revelation Disciples (9 days ago)
4x4 and chains
EnderIsland HD (9 days ago)
5:42 Brah I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure that he has chains.
JF R (10 days ago)
Before work this morning, sit here watching with my coffee, in FL, and start my day with a smile. Who chooses to live up there? Dumb.
Steve Hobbs (10 days ago)
Put your chains on stupid!
James Whittaker (10 days ago)
Robbie Hernandez (11 days ago)
4:42 you can tell this was back in the early 00s. :)
moanastasia (12 days ago)
First of all, why would you drive in this kind of weather. The roads should be closed. Second of all, why video tape the license plates and not blur them. And third of all, wow. 2:27, sees a parking sign down. *Zooms out* 2:32, oh my dear heavens. I hope the person is okay.
Vip3r ShoOtinG (12 days ago)
... oder gibt es im Amerika keinen Winterdienst?! :D
Vip3r ShoOtinG (12 days ago)
Haben die Leute keinen logischen Menschenverstand?
Tyler Heinisch (12 days ago)
Something that I would like to recommend to all drivers regardless of experience, is that, when conditions start to turn sour for the season, find a secluded spot on a road with little grip, go about 20-25, and slam the brakes (if you have abs, if not then modulate the pedal yourself) to learn where your grip levels are. This can help you to better judge when you need to brake in bad conditions.
Krzysztof Golczewski (14 days ago)
Wincyj gazu, wincyj, wtedy ruszy.
It ain't just idiots that cause accidents it's idiots that cause accidents!!!!
Vernon Atkinson (14 days ago)
Oh I can't wait for winter time!🤧🤒🤕🎅🏼☃️🌬🌨
Magic Benson (16 days ago)
0:32 oops something went wrong here.
chippledon1 (16 days ago)
I had to stop watching this because I know it's coming!
Jonathan (17 days ago)
Some people are just too stubborn, or lazy to drive more carefully, or get snow chains.
Ali Aydın (17 days ago)
Fast and furoes Drift
رجل المهمات (17 days ago)
good night
Nickolette Spicer (17 days ago)
Living in Canada where the winters are brutal every year, I honestly cannot imagine owning a car that isn’t 4WD
melvin goodhew (17 days ago)
Democrats should not be allowed to vote or to drive.
DoubleSmackJack (18 days ago)
1:32 it's nice to see people using their indicators to let everyone know they are about to lose it
Sketch EM (20 days ago)
the guy at 2:50 and thats why i own a jeep XD
Khalil Tabaza (21 days ago)
الحمد لله
Duane Hartleb (22 days ago)
.48 dude lit his smoke lmao
xdverrillgamer (23 days ago)
Tokyo driftttt
xdverrillgamer (23 days ago)
When you have no rear brakes
The Three Brave Men (24 days ago)
0:50 that literally wasn't a good time to smoke a cigarette
norm lor (24 days ago)
guaranteed not ONE of these idiots have Winter tires on their cars!!!
Herpeslip Herpeslip (25 days ago)
What's that white stuff all over the ground?
Todd White (25 days ago)
Maybe this is why we live in Hawaii! I no like drive in this stuff!
Carter Pearce (25 days ago)
Have these people not learned their lesson?
George Santiago (25 days ago)
That looks like fun !!! Can't wait to get the heck out of Florida to have real fun and socialize with normal people !!!
Dus Scentmater (26 days ago)
2:23 guy has a sense of humor
Hong Junhwa (29 days ago)
Put snow tires and slow down .
Tk Racing (30 days ago)
2:20 so do i still get a ticket for parking car here ? XD
smitty3973racing (1 month ago)
Lol alot of minnesota on here!
luka 017 (1 month ago)
95% of the cars are american made (:
JennIsCrAzY101 (1 month ago)
And people up north make fun of us down south for not wanting to drive on such little snow. It doesn't take that much for an accident. Better to be safe then sorry.
DVincentW (1 month ago)
Great job Doug!
Ouch Boy (1 month ago)
Funny to see americans drive in winter
Steve Barrett (1 month ago)
I love when the guys first reaction to hitting a pole and getting rear ended it lighting a cigarette
Pablo Rendon (1 month ago)
when you think all season tires are fine
Lilly Muñoz (1 month ago)
in almost every clip i spot a minnesota license plate
Cody (1 month ago)
3:40 - 5:40 How old is that footage? It looks to be from the 90's. Look at the age/models of all the cars.
坂井泉水 (1 month ago)
Jake Emery (1 month ago)
How are we meant to walk to work with Climate Change warnings now? Prius is stuck. Maybe get the new Electric Jaguar 4x4? Hmm
محمد 518 (1 month ago)
لو ذا بالسعودية يجيك ماشي٢٠٠وينطل😂
vladlen vashtin (1 month ago)
я этак полагаю это мастерство вождения демонстрируют мммддаааааа
James Rice (1 month ago)
What is the number 1 contributed to most of these accidents? SPEED. Going too fast FOR THE CONDITIONS.
grey goose (1 month ago)
homos get 4x4 and live happy
Hot_Scenes_TV (1 month ago)
Snow Drifting😍😍😍 (*CLICK* *on* *the* *TRIANGLE*)
musix 4u (1 month ago)
Why're these videos so enjoyable to watch. I understand that it sucks to be in these situations. I've been in one or two. But still, it's fun to watch. 😂
Levi Perry (1 month ago)
Starts sliding, slams on breaks, gets stuck slams on gas... seems legit
Tim Knops (1 month ago)
Makes me Love Florida that much more! 😂🌴😎👍
Help Me (1 month ago)
Semi truck is doing a ice out in the snow 2:06
TigerZero aka Allen (1 month ago)
For those that just KEEP SPINNING THOSE TIRES. "And it burns burns burns,,,,, the ring of fire,,,, the ring of fire.."
Dominique Battle (1 month ago)
World's most Dumbest 🤦🏾‍♂️ 0:35
lantismannen (1 month ago)
2:42 4WD FTW
Samuel S-Moua (1 month ago)
I see good old Minnesota! Lol!
Kenneth Niswonger (1 month ago)
1. Find really bad spot in road. 2. Don't warn ANYONE. 3. Film people crashing. 4. Post to YouTube.
Theo Luckita (1 month ago)
Buy Subaru
kbucher1977 (1 month ago)
I always light up after a wreck lol. I want Chinese food!!!!!
Donna S (1 month ago)
I know the drivers are freaking out and such but seeing these cars skating down the roadway looks hilarious
Proxy290 (1 month ago)
Our first time driving in USA/Canada we hit one of these storms, lucky my husband knew what to do. Where from Australia, it was amazing to see so much snow.
Barney Fike (1 month ago)
'Wow, not good ' as the momentum carries him through open off-road area and back up on the ramp he was on. 'That sucked ' but you can almost hear a smile and relief in his voice
Chris Cage (1 month ago)
So instead of warning people or salting the roads you decide to videotape people in dangerous situations you are a b**** if I've ever seen one
Kaun Troap (1 month ago)
this is the reason why i will take hot summer days instead of ice/snow anyday

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