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5 Questions Made My Crush Say Yes!! (Texting Story)

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Text Comments (1621)
Ya Boi Diglett (1 hour ago)
Yo go easy on the ads
Rickie Becker (11 hours ago)
Amazing turn it into a movie
William Marshall (18 hours ago)
Wow that is a lot of ads. Sorry, I’m skipping
Gaming Battleship (22 hours ago)
That was beautiful
Sparkle Diamond (1 day ago)
He sounds like my dream guy if I found someone like him I’d skip the 5 questions and start planing the wedding
Reality (1 day ago)
There is some videos in UR ads
Jes-C Grande (1 day ago)
The music didn’t go with it but I still cried at how cute this is 😭YES I CRIED
Thaleia Guertin (1 day ago)
If you died to morrow what's one thing you'd regret.. Living so long
Thaleia Guertin (1 day ago)
House on,fire choose 1 treasured item.. GO!! MY HOUSE!!
Why do they text instead of talk in real life
Miss Codex (1 day ago)
Why does this let me think of a book wrotten by Nycola Yoon?
suna ! (2 days ago)
this sera person literally made me so annoyed with her attitude oml.
I think the answer of those questions doesn't matter, it's all about you can answer those straightforward mean that you feel comfortable with each other. This, I think is really important.
Holy (3 days ago)
This video has more ads than I have insecurities..
Joshgaming85 (3 days ago)
Ad apocalypse went crazy on here
Daniel Schuurmans (4 days ago)
of course he would save a bible, his name is CHRISTIAN
Gamer Sorry (4 days ago)
Wow... It was so f*cking good i need to try this out...
OhItsSlayz (5 days ago)
this is a love story i want to be part of but like one of the main persons
Emir Erdoğan (6 days ago)
So he messages what he speaks and WHO IS HE MESSAGING TO?
Seriously instead of questions it's a story
shyguyshow (7 days ago)
The girl is the real jerk
Bazerk cedeño (7 days ago)
Why is coco in this😹😹😹
nikhil wanjare (7 days ago)
Hat's off my man the way he got it going dammmmm......
Nolan S. (8 days ago)
NO MUSIC!!!! Lol yall know what i mean
Sebz (9 days ago)
15 ads
Ryan Johnsonn (10 days ago)
Jesus why it so long JUST GET TO THE POINT
SyntheRMX00 00 (10 days ago)
illput somethinghere (11 days ago)
omgg i cantt😭😭😭
Indestructible guy (11 days ago)
Dude youre dreaming too much. Thats impossible .
Seamour Butts (11 days ago)
Ladies and gentlemen, the 21st century where people still text on their phones when their two meters away from each other, Can I get a round of applause!
Sava Kirilov (11 days ago)
Wow nice
Jan Heric (12 days ago)
Being insulted that guy likes porn and dates girls is retarded. It's like saying you're insulted because fish can't fly. Why try to date a person like that? No wonder she is single. I want a guy that isn't a guy. Retarded!!!
CryptoDaughter (12 days ago)
G e m j i G e n j i (12 days ago)
You just LOVE ADS :D
Rosalyn Barber (12 days ago)
Why can’t this be my life...?😫😫😫
Albin Krasniqi (12 days ago)
Tf why did you choose that burrito music tho??
Yes. (13 days ago)
''One thing you should save from a fire what is it?'' *me: uh my house*
naenae349 (13 days ago)
I loved this so much !! 😭💕
Beware Jade (13 days ago)
I wanted to watch ads but this crush texting story kept coming up
Not Stupid (13 days ago)
I dont think ive ever seen a vid with no ads. But this one definatly has the most...
TheSpaceDoge (13 days ago)
*makes it as long as possible so you can put as much ads as possible*
damicko bonimy (14 days ago)
who thought it wouldnt work
brefif (14 days ago)
The fucking ads tho
Mr_Deja Vu (15 days ago)
This is literally just an Ad 16 ads for a 25 min vid wtf
LeopardLlama (16 days ago)
Ads my nigga cmin
Victor Craine (16 days ago)
Fortnite Gameplay (17 days ago)
Is this a video with ads or ads with a video in between?
PAUL MCKAY (17 days ago)
1. Too many advertisements. 2. If this is your only job you don't need like, 17 ads in one 27:49 video.
mike smith (17 days ago)
I dont know why but all of these ‘crush’ and the person talking to the ‘crush’ usually sound and talk like idiots. And what’s with the despacito song?
ImNotCringe07 (17 days ago)
My crush would say no before I could say the question
Ava Nimmett (17 days ago)
Sera’s responses were just painful to read
Aarogamer349 (18 days ago)
When Coco turns into a love story,you get this
Thekilleur39 (18 days ago)
27:49 video 16 ads. 1:08:26 video 3 ads.
Ben Gaming (18 days ago)
I was trying to watch an ad about Walmart, but some clip of two people texting each other kept interrupting it.
Dark Star (18 days ago)
If only I had a chance to talk to my crush again 🙇
Zoco Playz (18 days ago)
Suk Mike Hok (19 days ago)
8:55 yeah
Abril Canales (19 days ago)
The only problem that I find here is the background music, it doesn't really matter how the story but oh well
Dave (19 days ago)
This is amazing, thank you. I subscribed 😁😁
Allen Dave Relacion (20 days ago)
I'm not into this kinds of thing but why the hell am i watching this. and i watched the whole video, and i'm frickin smiling. i hate myself😥
Anonymous Asian 가차 (20 days ago)
6:33-6:48 Coco? (The movie)
Jayden Lupo (20 days ago)
My brother is named Leo......
AWESOME PERSON 121 (20 days ago)
Rubix cubes are black and white?
SummerrDayyzz (20 days ago)
This is why Adblock exists. 16 ads on one video
CRAZY Me! (21 days ago)
I thought arent u nervous was the last question xd
Adalaya (21 days ago)
I was trying to watch my 15 adds but some texts game up so annoying smh
Doughnuthatalks (21 days ago)
The 15 ad was my favorite
Katinia Talasinga (22 days ago)
I just wasted 27 minutes of my life.😂😡😂😡
Der py (22 days ago)
Jc e s us christ 13 ads Oh yeah yeah
1roseZlor _ (22 days ago)
Sid anybody else get a coco vibe
Alexander Orr (22 days ago)
i love the mexican background music
Alexander Orr (22 days ago)
It woulf be great of this was real
Cereal Box (22 days ago)
Holy fuck how many ads are in this shit video
Bentley Parish (23 days ago)
I love your stories, but all those as just destroy it. Sorry
Explosive_ Turtle (24 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Kay Fry (24 days ago)
More ads then content???
Sssniper Wolf (24 days ago)
I kinda hate this sera girl tho, tbh... she seems annoying...
Ibrahim Eltoukhy (25 days ago)
*Click here to view the photo* Clicks on screen but nothing happens* Me:OH MAAAAN WHYYYY DID U DO THAT TO MEH
Mysterious MyMy215 (25 days ago)
I’m getting high school musical vibes
John Zheng (26 days ago)
Sorry but I have a life and I can’t spend 30 min watching this
Bleach. (26 days ago)
the sheer amount of fucking ads, holy goddamn fuck
Puffy Crew (26 days ago)
14:00 I’m dying 😂
Paul0n0n (27 days ago)
I've had better conversations with my dumps.
Parislover 825 (27 days ago)
Did sera and Christen get married or what
Fletcher Reed (27 days ago)
16 adds??
Eliza Malapote (28 days ago)
Save the fucking house first Godmamn it
Brandy Vlogs (28 days ago)
I was trying to watch 16 different ads but a texting story kept interrupting
Gacha Girl (1 month ago)
Is this a true story
KawaiiKermit 196 (1 month ago)
27; 49 minute video *16 aDdS* *wut*
Arpita Bharangar (1 month ago)
SuperMusicForever (1 month ago)
OMG I know where is this bar called a Karaoke it's a singing place at Tampa in Florida. How funny I've been went there every on the weekend then I found in this video is an random choose to watch it's crazy right? Wow.
Goldengaming (1 month ago)
Holi moly 15 ad's!!
Unamed Child (1 month ago)
He asked more than 5 questions
Caver Gamer (1 month ago)
Unamed Child just realized that
Elioenay ramos (1 month ago)
I love how they are texting while they are right next to each other 😂😂
Zig Zag (1 month ago)
When I'm around slow dancing in the dark. Don't follow me you'll end up in my arms.
Cyan Love (1 month ago)
I’m feeling them intense coco vibes atm
PubGamer (1 month ago)
Too bad mine didn't went out that way cuz I'm not that too good with conversation
Gravixx Animation (1 month ago)
5 questions, 27:49 minutes
A Yummy Cake Baker (1 month ago)
Wtf...this is so cute...wtf
KoopahTroopah (1 month ago)
16 ads? Wtf lmao

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